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I ran into Ron Jeremy once in a bathroom at a saddle ranch barbecue in Hollywood. He was picking lint out of his belly button. That is all


I laughed way harder at this than I should have 😂




That’s exactly what I thought! I’m sure they would have figured that out and treated him before it was too advanced though.


There are drug resistant versions out there.


And God knows if someone would have one it's him.


Could be that severe but reversible mental degradation that comes on right before a trial


[Relevant Drunk History](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b8toOox1No)


We went to the rainbow in LA to go see the lemmy statue after watching our friend play at the whiskey and ran into ron jeremy there he was grabbing up on our friends wife, like 2 months about before he was arrested. Guy is trash.


I didn't know he was ill




My boss ran into him randomly while she was traveling for work and she said that he didn't seem like he was in there anymore.


Dude didn’t even recognize his lawyer. He’s gone


I’m heartbroken for the victims who will never see justice. But mentally, advanced dementia is a prison in and of itself.


I’m not sure why people would feel as though they’ve been cheated out of justice? If he’s mentally unfit for prison then he is mentally unfit for prison. This isn’t a win for him, a mental facility is arguably worst than prison


I don’t disagree with you but they want him to be punished for what he did, which is completely understandable. I’m guessing he’ll be placed in a facility that specializes in Alzheimer’s/dementia care. Or maybe there are state run mental health facilities that have a specific wing for Alzheimer’s/dementia patients? Because even though they can cause psychiatric problems, these diseases are neurological, not psychiatric.


They do have state run facilities for Alzheimer’s. They generally put them with the court ordered psychiatric patients simply because by nature the facilities are well equipped to handle the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Punishment is subjective. What punishment would he have received in prison that he will not receive in the facility? Violence from guards and other inmates is more prolific in the facilities if I recall. His privacy is even more so invaded at the facility and forming social connections with other inmates is extremely difficult compared to prison


He has severe advanced dementia. He’s not going to be forming social connections, and probably won’t even understand what’s going on around him.


Couldn’t think of any worst punishment then. Seems as though justice was served plus some then. I’d be pleased with this result had he effected my life in anyway with his crimes. Short of simply executing him, this seems like the full measure punishment




Justice means to make things “just”. There is a difference between just and fair. It isn’t fair to them that he doesn’t get his day in court but it isn’t about fairness sadly, it’s about justice. By ensuring he will never do this to anyone else is as far as societal justice can take this one. By ensuring he goes mad and lives in despair is the “natural justice” that some refer to as karma if you will. There’s plenty of justice here. Just not a lot of fairness, I’ll give you that


Yeah between mental deterioration and commitment to a facility, RJ will almost certainly never hurt anyone else again. But I can imagine there might still be a lack of closure, at the same time. Getting this far into a very difficult process with the goal of at least having one's day in court or whatever, only to have that process abruptly cancelled? Could be understandably upsetting (or a relief, who knows).


I can see how that could be a struggle for the victims. Yeah but on one hand you could say “I wish he was healthy enough to stand trail so I could give him a piece of my mind and get closure” Or you could say that justice has been served on a societal level and a natural level. He is going to die a sad lonely death guaranteed. My wife’s grandmother has dementia and it truly can be a fate worst than death. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy to be honest.


Unfit for TRIAL


Which is essentially unfit for prison if you know how this works. They can’t send someone unfit for trial to prison, but they can send them to a facility


I don't get it either. We know how a lot of these "accusations" actually go down.


Spoken like someone who’s never been to either


Went to jail for a weekend and in patient psychiatric care for a suicide attempt at 18 Both were short stints but jail was easier Watch your mouth Why would that seem to be from someone who hadn’t been to both? You can find references online from people who had been to both. Mental facility is worst You been to either??


Lawyers send home anyone who could reasonably question the credibility of their chosen experts. So yeah... more common than you'd think- also, literally Dan Abrams's 🍯?


damn, you guys have no idea how the system works. when someone is declared mentally incompetent or criminally insane they aren’t just let out, back into society. he’ll be imprisoned in a secure facility.


Did you reply to my comment in error? Because I did NOT say or even insinuate Ron Jeremy is being let back into society. All I said, is that advanced dementia is a mental prison.


I read somewhere that he had Lewy body dementia.


He seemed sane enough when I met him. He insisted it was his job the feed a colleague’s rabbit and seemed quite gentle. I have read that in rare cases dementia can make someone sexually aggressive. I wonder.


I can't speculate as to this guy's health and my experience is anecdotal, but when my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he declined rapidly and passed in a matter of weeks. Thinking back, there were probably some small warning signs or comments that we should have picked up on sooner. There was a day he was really confused and he went to the hospital because they thought it was blood sugar/pressure or something going on. They got the Alzheimer's diagnosis that week. Maybe 3 weeks later he didn't recognize me anymore, the week after that his body "forgot" how to swallow water and we had to put this powder in it to thicken it up so he wouldn't choke. He passed in his sleep early one morning shortly after that. Pretty horrifying disease, I expect that medical professionals have thoroughly examined the defendant. It's a lot more difficult to fake something like this than people realize. I hope his victims can eventually find peace.


I wonder if it's real, or like bill cosby hey I'm free now and suddenly I'm well enough to go on tour?


Well in his case if he’s ever well enough to leave the mental hospital he will have to go to trial


Dementia, in a lot of ways may even be worse than prison. Especially if he’s ordered to go to a state tan hospital for mentally ill felons.


He’s probably going to die soon, which I know doesn’t mean justice for his victims, but it might offer some solace knowing that he’ll be gone.


how convenient for him


Not really. He's likely going to a state hospital, which is as bad if not worse than prison.


Non-American here, do you mind explaining to me why a state hospital is bad?


American here: a state hospital is where those who are convicted of a felony but are mentally Ill are sent. Essentially what will happen is that they will be sent to one of the state hospitals where they will be treated with medications and different forms of therapy with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and so on, while they are monitored for progress in their mental health. If the administration decides that they’ve improved with treatment and are now capable of participating in a trial, they will then be sent to trial and if convicted, would end up in a prison that has different levels of psychiatric care and treatment available. California has 6 state hospitals that houses people who may have been in prison for years, but their mental health has declined and they will be sent to a state hospital, such as Patton or Atascadero.


Thank you, kind stranger! Much appreciated.


I just realized that I gave a long,blathering description of state hospitals, but realized that your question was why are they bad. Here’s why, in a nutshell: Because you’re locked up with a lot of people who all either say they’re God, doing Gods work by killing someone, have killed somebody and done something like eat their face or eyes or have tattooed “DRAKE” on their forehead.


If you weren't actually ill before, you will be now.


We’re all a little cracked in the head, but most of us can keep it in check.


Same reasons that prisons are bad


You need an explainer on why a prison hospital is a bad place to be?


They said state hospital not prison hospital. Is that what prison hospitals are called in America? Question was from a non American who doesn’t know the difference and probably comes from a country that treats its prisoners humanely.


A state hospital is different from a prison hospital. A prison hospital would be solely for people who’ve been tried and convicted of a crime. Someone who’s been tried, and found not guilty by reason of insanity is usually sent to a state hospital. But state hospitals aren’t just for accused criminals. They’re also for people with psychiatric problems who just can’t afford a private facility. And as you can imagine, the standard of living and care in a private facility is usually much better than a state facility.




So the inference that he's somehow getting off lightly is BS.


The vast majority of people have no concept of how mental health issues affect criminal proceedings. Like being found not guilty by reason of insanity. People hear “not guilty” and assume you get away with the crime. But really you’re still locked up forever, probably with less freedom than regular prison.


Bingo. They don't have to put term limits on mental health institutionalization, and they don't have to afford you parole hearings.


Will Baker cut a random strangers head off and removed his guts. He wasn’t found criminally responsible due to mental health. He’s out in public right now, 7 years after being committed to a hospital.


That's not typical, though. You can cherry pick anything.


Well, you can't really cherry pick apples, I learned that the hard way.


skill issue


There's a difference in a dementia-type disease like Ron Jeremy apparently has, which will progress until he is bedridden, can't speak, can't eat, and eventually dies, and a schizophrenia-type mental-illness that can be treated with medication. That said, I am in the camp who thinks Will Baker should have been committed for life due to the severity of his crime. What if he decides to stop taking his medication?


There’s a state prison here in San Bernardino that, up until a few years ago, allowed both male and female patients to associate on the same yard at the same time. They’d be seen walking the yard, holding hands and just being all in love and junk. But occasionally, you’d see them having sex somewhere on the yard. Between bushes, by a dumpster, middle of the yard. It wasn’t uncommon for females to end up pregnant. The administration and state finally realized it was a problem so now they allow them out at separate times. The yard is like a park setting. Benches, a volleyball court, basketball courts, a paved track to walk or run, etc. it’s not as bad as prison, but it still sucks.


Never seen Cuckoos Nest?


State hospitals were an entirely different thing during the era of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.


This has been an issue for decades.


This is what I’m personally having an issue with. I know he’s not fit to stand trial now and so nothing can be done. But this was known about for a long time, I’ve been reading stories about this cretin for years and years. I don’t know him from his porn, I don’t live in America and yet the news has consistently been reporting on him and his violences for ages. I’m very confused as to why this was never brought forth long before he was unfit to stand trial.


It's possible he took a steep decline in prison. It's common for a massive life change to cause a massive mental decline.


I know you think you’re answering my question but you’re not. For someone in prison, you’re right. But he was free and a terror for ages. And it was over decades and decades. This was something that could have been dealt with ages ago. But now it cant.


He has never been proven guilty of anything. At this point it's likely he never will.




I couldn’t help but laugh when I read Ron Jeremy, 69


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I had no idea he had gotten this bad mentally! This is surprising to me honestly


TIL Ron Jeremy is still alive, not sure why but since high school I just assumed the guy was dead


The “Hedgehog” turned out to be a raper? You would think that the one type of person that doesn’t need to rape to have sex is porn actors.


Will that really matter? He was mentally competent during the time he committed the crimes


Under the law (in America anyway) the issue is his competency to stand trial, not his competency at the time he committed the crimes. I do recall a case where an elderly man who had dementia was sent to prison for drug dealing. But I’m guessing he was in the early stages, or not so far gone that he was deemed incompetent.


Ya let’s go back in time and put that version of him on trial


By the same token, would you put a coma patient on trial? The point is that he has to be able participate in his own defence in court. He might be so obviously guilty that you think it doesn't matter, but suppose someone else was falsely accused, but had Alzheimer's so they couldn't defend themselves. Would that be fair? That's why people need to be mentally fit. If he's ever found mentally competent he'll be put on trial, though seems unlikely if he has a degenerative brain disease.


By the same token lmfao. Thats like comparing a car wash token to an arcade token


You have to be mentally competent enough to help your lawyer form a defense. If his lawyer is asking him questions and he’s talking nonsense and doesn’t understand what’s going on around him he’s not able to go on trial. If his condition improves to where he can, the trial be scheduled again


The problem with prosecuting mentally (or medically) ill people, whether it be due to psychosis or dementia, is there is an argument put forward as to whether you're actually prosecuting "that" person still. If his illness is as advanced as is being reported, then the individual formerly known as Ron Jeremy technically no longer exists.


The amount of pockets his helmet has seen, i'd be surprised to find out he hasn't raped over many decades


Saw Ron Jeremy sauntering through the Burbank airport once. Looked around to see if anybody else knew it was him. Made eye contact with another random dude and we gave each other a knowing nod.






mentally stability should not be a reason for someone to get away with what they have done because stable or not does not change the crime that has been done to the victim


Here in the civilized world we commit insane and mentally incompetent people to hospitals, not prisons. Furthermore, as I have discussed in other comments, going to a state hospital is hardly "getting off lightly."


Everyone has the same rights, which is why this is a thing. You have to be able to defend yourself. Remember, everyone in the U.S. is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


With the type of work he did, you'd think he wouldn't have gone that route, we'll never really understand.


Rape is about power, abuse.




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I'm surprised he wasn't caught sooner