The 1Ls have gone rogue. eta: 3L/recent grad gangs get ready. We’re taking over with bar prep, bar, MPRE, NYLE, C&F, & graduation feelings for the next half of the year & they can’t say anything to us, no matter how redundant the posts are! 2Ls, you have dibs on summer associate posts & whatever else 2Ls talk about.


And now we have reached stage 3 of the cycle: posts complaining about posts complaining about posts about the current events in law school.


Lol. I've been here four years now, it really is the circle of life.


You’re just complaining about people complaining…


Is complaint-ception?


Complaint-ception is governed under the secret FRCP section “£¥^”


All for upvotes




I always say people complaining about a thing is always more annoying than the thing itself. EG: [people complaining about grade posts] is more annoying than {grade posts}. And here, [people complaining about people complaining about grade posts] is more annoying than {people complaining about grade posts.}


Nah, someone's gotta shut the haters down


You may have outsmarted me, but I have outsmarted your outsmarting!


My favorite is the people who are like “I don’t want to brag about my grades to my friends, but I want to post here cause I need an ‘atta boy’ somebody.”


There’s some irony in creating this post


Nah, actually there isn't. Complaining about the purpose of a subreddit you willingly joined is weird asf


You’re so close


I don’t remember joining /r/lawschoolgrades


Grades are a part of the law school experience. I can't believe I have to even state this.


I’m fine if there’s a megathread or something for grades, but this time of year the sub basically turns into a Facebook feed full of grade posts.


Sure, grades are part of the experience — but like, only to an extent — and I don’t need to know your GPA and transcript to empathize with you. There’s room for discussion about grades (especially for advising what to do with good or poor grades), but sorry Karen - your “I just HAD to brag about my grades because [im not friends with anyone in my class so] I can’t talk about them anywhere [and I need validation]” is so tacky. I did pretty well 1L too - no posts about it. I talked to my friends. You’re complaining about complaining without even considering the context… it’s… kinda embarrassing.


Right, I don't understand the context as if I just logged in today and my post was only directed towards grades. It's grades today, next week the complaint will be interviews. The point as already stated is why are people complaining about things that can be expected of a law school subreddit


Complaining about law school is 100% a purpose of this forum. No one is arguing with you. Grades are a part of the law school experience, no one is arguing with you. The context you’re ignoring is the content of those posts about grades. Natasha gets a 3.2 GPA 1L fall with an 88 in Contracts and wants to know if she can do big law - dope! Perfectly reasonable question. Tony gets a C in contracts and wants to know how he’ll explain it during an OCI - incredible, great question. Stephen gets 4 C- and gets dismissed, feels like a failure and wants to know what to do next - great! Karen gets a 3.8 GPA and needs to just “get it off her chest.” Uh. Great. Good for you. No one cares. As we said, grades belong in this sub — but when half of the posts are just “I did Amazing!” Or “I didn’t do as well as I wanted!” it’s just tacky. Discussing behavior we find rude or wrong isn’t inappropriate when it’s in the right setting, and when there are posts complaining about the content of posts in this sub — that’s the right setting. You’re literally complaining that people are using the sub appropriately and in a constructive way.


I know but the irony is you are making a post complaining about others posts.


Talking about unique experiences is fine but at some point we all get it. You got some B’s and you’re either excited about that or you’re grumpy because you wanted A’s. A mega thread about grades would be fine but there’s really nothing being added to the sub by making the billionth post about grades


I agree that a megathread is a great idea. That said, there are some posts asking specific questions about how to address an issue rather than complaining/bragging about grades. E.g., "What's an appropriate way to follow up an application now that I have x grades on a x curve?" I find those to be generally acceptable as separate threads. But yeah, grade megathread for grievances/complaints is a good idea. I think it would lead to more communication and conversation on the whole.


Everyone be more like this person…please!


To be fair, this sub is about a cyclical life experience. If it wasn't for covid, there'd probably be no original content being added to the sub in the past few years


If you don't like what other people are posting, can't you just ignore it?


I agree however the posts are discouraging to people that want to share their experiences.


This is Reddit. There’s a button for when you don’t like something. I expect you’ll use it on this comment shortly. Just as folks who are grumpy about a given topic of posts can scroll past them, so too can people who want to post about a topic scroll past posts that decry posting about that topic.


So how do you remedy the discouragement issue I raised. I agree people should ignore things they don't like. But why are we complaining about the purpose of a subreddit.


People should be discouraged from making low quality posts. Saying “i got x grade!” and basically nothing else, is a low quality post


I have literally never seen that happen.


Fuck your experiences, I’m just here for the shit memes.


There’s a difference between sharing an experience and posting “I got all As everyone online be proud of me” like congrats to you but there are also a lot of people who didn’t do well and are devastated.




I don't need to to repeat my general argument: let's not discourage posts that are inline with the subreddit's purpose.


no because it gets repetitive and annoying lmao


Doesn’t this make you annoyed reading about law students relevant experience with being annoyed with reading about other law students relevant experience?


the irony is lost on OP then... Grade posts are welcome, bad grade posts are spicy to read. good grade posts are as interesting as a potatoe. on good grade posts the only comment you will see will be "great job congrats i wish i was like you" what's the point of even posting? just for post karma? cmon my repost of someone else's work got more karma than that


In past years, the good grade posts would sometimes get comments asking what that person did to get good grades, which could lead to interesting discussions. That doesn’t really seem to be happening this year.


If you don't like reading posts griping about other posts, LEAVE. I feel like harmless griping is very much in line with a law school subreddit. edit: typo


If you can't handle people voicing their opinions about other law students on a public forum, LEAVE.


Either this sub needs more moderation or something else has got to be done. Maybe have Shit Post Saturdays and Grade Share Sunday's? Just an idea.


Okay okay. Where y’all getting the time to have all of these quarrels? I still have three more cases to brief for today’s class.


A lot of the people on this sub explicitly don't read or brief


The ones complaining about grade posts aren’t 1Ls & we don’t read/brief anymore lol


…. Lmfao I’m glad I wasn’t on this thread when I was in law school


lol I like your intentions to keep a good vibe. I am on your side. Although, they deserve to be here and be grumpy. I give um a bit of trouble. I also have to give some of the subtle braggers some grief. In the end, I really have to tell myself that not everyone is positive and likes to hear about people. It goes for real life as well. Some people love to hear it while others don't


I will not stop talking about grades.