I’m mostly intrigued by those who are sad/crying because they got A/B’s instead of all A’s. I mean I know grades are important but to be sad to the point of tears I don’t really understand. But hey that’s life and who tf am I?!?!


It’s cute, the science majors who then go to law school are like, “wait, a C is bad?”


I felt this. Haha


I know! I was a confused 1L when my friends were sad about B’s. I got a C in pchem and cried for joy that I didn’t have to go through that again


Cries in wave function


Please, no. I can’t afford to go back to therapy! Hahaha


Wtf is pchem


physical chemistry. or piece of shit chemistry, take your pick


Yeah... pchem was not fun lol


neither was O-Chem. haha


Oh my god I never understood that 🥲 I’m just so happy I’m already done with it


pchem rules ochem drools


I always tell my law school friends about how I was afraid I wouldn’t graduate undergrad because getting a C in pchem was so hard Lolol. I was so happy to get that C!


C's get degrees!


Weird question: do law schools consider the major during applications? Bc I nearly died in heat transfer and was just glad I never had to take it again.


You can go to law school with any major. The only limitation is if you want to become a patent attorney. Patent attorneys require a hard sciences degree, so unless you said in your application that you want to do patent law they don’t care what your major was.


Splitters unite!




It’s entertaining how your comment started a thread of its own for hard science majors back in undergrad 😂


some schools don’t give lower than a B … so yes at those schools a C would mean you absolutely bombed




What kind of science? Geology?


Meh, I was a science major and am still appalled to see B grades on my transcript. Science at an undergraduate level just wasn't that difficult for me...


Bruh if science wasn't that difficult for you you wouldn't be in lawschool in the first place and no, nobody majors in physics with the goal of becoming a patent attorney.


Some people just learn that they don't like it, our class had multiple kids going to med school, law school, or business school.




Thats exactly what I said. People in STEM find out its "not for them" (rarely the ones w/ a 4.0 in their science classes) and go to lawschool as a backup.




Yes its possible for an academic rockstar to decide its not for them and go to lawschool which is why I said rarely. Just like its possible for a lawschool valedictorian to decide law isn't for them and go into medicine. But most people know "not for me" usually means something else in any given field.


Lol guilty as charged


Part of me is glad that in undergrad I had a minor in a subject I enjoyed, but wasn't particularly talented at. Got used to not having straight As real quick lol


So many law school students would benefit from having failed- or at least been challenged- a little more often growing up


These are the ones that really get to me for some reason. People at T14s complaining about "only" getting an A- because their institution simply will not flunk anyone. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of law students in the T100's who are receiving D's and C's and trying to fight tooth and nail to stay above a 2.0. The latter group deserves more credibility posting here IMO. They're the ones who are actually in need of help.


I'm gonna be honest. If you're "fighting tooth and nail" to stay above a C average, maybe law school isn't the right path for you. Hell, my school outright dismisses people for being a bit *above* a 2.0.


> maybe law school isn't the right path for you. If there is anything I've learned from practicing attorneys, it's that law school is nothing like practice and success in one doesn't equate to success in the other.


Schools have different curves and grading systems, and that's something that gets overlooked all too often in this subreddit. Some schools will happily dish out a D-, while others won't go lower than a B. That fact exists independently of how much or how little effort a student puts into their classes. Someone at a T14 could do nothing all semester and cram the night before and get a B+, while someone at a T100 could work their ass off all semester, produce a work product on the final that far surpasses that of the T14 student, and still receive a C-. Saying that law school isn't the right path for someone because of their GPA is too blanketed and ignores the individual grading curve differences between schools. Honestly, I'd *love* to see what would happen if a student in Harvard or Yale was placed into classes at a much lower ranked school.


I think it's probably true that there are quite a few T100 students with more work ethic than quite a few T14 students, but let's not lay it on too thick. There are some objective measures (albeit flawed ones) of which of the two are generally better-prepared for the profession, like bar passage rates - ~95% of T14 grads pass the bar, whereas at the T100 cutoff it's more like 80% at best, and that's while being absolutely ruthless about cutting people. Note that I'm definitely *not* at a T14, so I don't really know, but I would expect that HYS students who are coasting would still probably be able to coast anywhere.


I think the bar passage rate is more of a reflection of the quality of education than anything else. One of the factors behind deciding how law schools rank is their bar passage rate. Schools know this, which is why they try to get it as high as they can. They effectively have two options for doing this. First, they could attract better professors and restructure their courses to improve their quality, as well as being in tutoring services and make sure no student is left behind by actively monitoring grades and reaching out to individuals. They *could* do that, or they can just chop off the bottom 10% of the class and hope a correlation exists. It's pretty clear that most lower tier schools take the latter option to improve their ranking.


Spoken like a true 1L


I was a science major and my first semester GPA *here* is better than my first semester GPA in undergrad. I'm right at median and was pretty happy with it. Meanwhile my friend was slightly above median and was freaking out about how she didn't get any grade in the A range last semester. People are so uptight these days.


Uptight indeed…not to mention you can get straight A’s in law school and be a POS lawyer.


> POS lawyer. no tautologies please


ALAB baby


my favorite podcast


Yeah. Grade inflation is pretty widespread in non-STEM undergraduate programs these days (speaking as someone who was a humanities major in undergrad). Each school/program has an incentive to push the median grade higher and therefore help their graduates compete against other schools/programs. Schools that don’t do so put their graduates at a disadvantage. It’s a problem. And it’s why I take the unpopular opinion that almost everything should be graded on a strict bell curve, where the median grade is generally the same across schools and programs. Grades should just be a proxy for class rank; nothing more, nothing less. That wouldn’t be perfect, of course (some schools/programs are always going to be more competitive than others), but I think it would be preferable to the current system, in which every school makes up its own rules but transplants them onto a common 4.0 scale.


Almost all of my grades were on a strict curve during undergrad. I was shocked when law school people didn't understand the actual concept of a curve, not the fact that they were complaining about being on one.


on the flip side, more than half the science majors shouldn't be getting their degrees because the curve is so low in some of the core classes that a 30% in raw score gets curved to a D... passing. my core physics class gave me a B even though i got 49% on both midterms and a 38% on the final.


Or have higher standards.


I made a B+ in first semester contracts. I’ve never gotten a B in my entire academic life. It’s a big deal for me as well as others even if you don’t think so yourself. Let us grieve. You’re just like the people I work with. They say shit like “it’s alright a B+ doesn’t define you” and “dude you’ve been out of lawschool for a year.” And “you’re not even a contracts attorney.” It’s all negativity and I’m not here for it.


“Let us grieve” ….bruh get TF!


Lol I thought it’d be pretty obvious that comment was dripping sarcasm.


Yoooo lmao the amount of ppl on here complaining/crying about these grades…at this point it’s hard to tell. You got me!


You’re not lying. This subreddit is rough some times.


I know it's a joke but I've never gotten a B- before lawschool and I could almost relate to your comment...


"I got three A- and a B should I drop out?" yes no one likes u


There definitely needs to be a megathread for grades.


I think a megathread is a great idea, and I actually like the grade posts


I think this sub really could use a mega thread for just simple questions. Too many single questions that could just be a comment in a thread.


this is a great idea, especially since the advice in grades threads can be repetitive.


I agree with you. I wish I could filter out all the grade posts. It highlights the most toxic aspect of law school. I’m here for all the people talking about how much they hate law school so that I can share in the collective misery.


This subreddit *really* needs to add support for posting flairs. Few categories that come to mind: * 1L/2L/3L Classes * Question/Advice * Grades * Humor/Shitpost/Meme * Rant Having post flairs would allow people to filter out certain types of posts.


this is also why i join the chat


“I find everyone else’s pain funny but my own” - Flushed Away


the "i couldn't brag to my class but let me brag to you guys" posts... like bruh we're all in law school if your class didn't want to hear it what makes you think a bunch of anonymous law students that aren't in your class want to?


I'm not in law school but I find it boring too


100% agree. I find this sub useful and interesting when it's not grades season, but as soon as the end of the semester rolls around, I'm tempted to unsub. I care about my grades too, but I try not to think about it until the day they roll out (for me that's Monday)... it makes me feel like I'm doing it wrong, but... yes definitely highlights how toxic the whole law school experience truly is.


>I'm here ... so that I can share in the collective misery. If collective misery gets you off, then you are going to LOVE being a lawyer.


^ This is the content I’m here for!!


Doubt people will ever stop, but, I agree. It's lame either way. If you did worse than you'd have liked, you'll get told to keep your head up, your grades don't define you, and to meet with your professors to see where you went wrong. If you did well, it'll be a bunch of you did its, i'm so proud of yous, etc. Everyone knows what they will see going into the post, but can't help themselves.


But that's every post. You want career advice? Ask your counselor. You want to post a meme? Send it to your friend group. You want to share info? Give it to ATL. Reddit is pointless; but not all things must have a point. Maybe someone needs to hear *good job* or *keep your chin up*!


I thought we all learned past high school that only people with no friends are always bragging about their grades, but apparently not... 20+ some years old cmon.. i mean before i entered law school i thought rank and grades were really important because it sets you apart, but after the classes i realized that there's no magic in that, it just means you probably worked harder than others. i mean it's like get my self an ice cream good job not im gonna megaphone it to the world good job...


I mean, this is a bit of a stretch. People post about grades here, anonymously, because it is usually frowned upon to talk about your grades with your circle. Even among friends, it can be weird if someone did far better or worse than someone else, and creates drama. Yet people are often really proud of their achievements and want to tell *someone*. So I think it's perfectly appropriate that people would want to share here. I think it could be condensed into a mega thread, but yeah, people want that positive feedback and I think that's totally normal. Also, I don't really get your point about how getting high grades "sets you apart", yet then you say "it probably means you worked harder than others." Yeah...Exactly? That's what setting you apart means.


it's like this, we have marathon runners that train really hard and get whatever time they get. but it's a very linear kind of hard work. they just run, move one leg past the other in a fast motion for a prolonged time over distances non stop. then we have soccer players that also work hard but are just absolute geniuses on the field pinpointing where their teammates are and where to launch the ball and how to attack the goal, or basketball players/football that are the same way. that's why those sports get more attention i guess what i'm trying to say is that hard work and talent sets you apart, and while hard work also sets you apart it's not really worth bragging about especially to people over the age of 20... this is not "hey i just did this really hard thing" this is "hey i just sat down and read a lot and then i answered what the professor asked for better than others"..... cmon that's impressive but im not going to take it to the internet with it..


I mean for me, even if I know what kind of “pep talk” I’m going to get, just saying (or we’ll, typing) out loud whatever it is that I’m bummed about to another person helps me get it out of my head more, especially to people who are more like to be able to empathize better. I do think so many posts about it is too much, just from a saturation standpoint. I like the mega thread idea, maybe one for people who want to celebrate what went well and one for people who want to commiseration and vent about what went wrong. People who aren’t in the headspace to see other people talking about their successes can avoid it while still having an outlet for themselves, and people who don’t care either way can avoid it all together.


The First Amendment guarantees free speech on this subreddit. Bad law advice


Username checks out.


No, this is governed under the Uniform Commercial Code, because op is a merchant of bad vibes. Unless you're in Louisville, the only city in the union that uses civil law.


>merchant of bad vibes. Thats it. Close the sub. We've hit peak lawyer jokes.


Excuse me sir, The State of Louisiana would like to have a word with you regarding civil law.


Something could be bad law advice but good life advice


The First Amendment applies to the government. Bad law advice.




This poor guy is used to dealing with loud inexperienced clerks lol


He/she knows. It's called a joke. No need to correct him/her.


or them!


…what a weird comment for 8 people to choose to downvote


People downvoted my comment? I wouldn't be surprised tho ppl hate trans ppl


yall just proving me right


Or Xir!!!


Absolutely. Neopronouns are so valid! If lawyers can change the meaning of language and use dumbass phrases like "may it please the court" and "ultra vires" so can trans people!


So valid!


Just wait for legislation on cyber bullying


right, stop panicking about grades, move on to panicking about interviews


I don't mind people discussing grades in the context of asking for advice, but I find the brag posts funny and annoying. I don't understand why telling your friends would be an asshole move but telling thousands of internet strangers in a similar place is fine.


because the liklihood of being on the same curve is greatly diminished. Telling your friends at school would be like saying "hey look! i got an A that you could have had!" Telling random strangers on reddit is more like "look at what my hard work achieved! I have no one else to talk to who understands what I went through, but yall." Mind you, im not top 10. Not even in my dreams haha.


What rank are you in your dreams?


top 25% but above median would be fantastic


Sure I get that point, but I still don't think someone who got a 2.5 wants to hear about another person 4.0 and CALIs regardless of school. If people want to brag about themselves, I respect that, and I've done it too, but I don't think it wise to self-brag to a bunch of neurotic law students.


Totally, I hear you. I would definitely never bring up the 8 CALI awards I have. That would just be rude.


CALI awards are such a random thing to brag about. Who cares what California thinks of you?


Exactly thank you. I agree I would never bring up how my grades were so good I am being appointed to the Supreme Court before graduation.


And I wouldn't expect people who worked hard and did well to keep their mouths shut. That would just be rude.


I don't want to speak for anyone in that boat, but I would say that I think the majority of us here don't let our grades define us as people. We are all pretty much on the same page that law school is brutal and grades don't necessarily reflect your effort or ability. So celebrating someone who succeeds and being happy for someone else is easy. There's nothing wrong with people who want to take pride in their achievements. I have yet to see a post that craps on people for a bad GPA, while "bragging" about theirs (though im sure such posts exist). Imagine what it would be like if we only celebrated other people, because we did just as good if not better. No thanks lol. someone with a 2.5 can be happy for a stranger with a 4.0


Agreed. I was always happy to help someone celebrate grades, even when they were better than mine. People need an outlet, since it’s taboo to discuss them with your actual classmates and non-lawyer friends and family don’t have the context to understand what a big deal it is. It’s one of the things I always offered my 1L mentees - I was happy to lend an ear if they were upset with something, but also to be a cheerleader when they did well since I knew they probably had few.


Then the person who got the 2.5 needs to find a way to deal with their emotional insecurity instead of expecting the world to cater to their insecurity.


Yeah, I don't really get why this is such a foreign concept to people. Students who worked hard and are proud of their achievements want to tell someone. It's not socially acceptable to talk about grades with your classmates, and for good reason. Even among friends who you think also did well, it creates drama and is competitive because of the curve. It's also difficult explaining your achievements to people outside of law school, because they don't really understand how difficult it is to do well on a curve. So telling your family, SO, and friends can certainly feel good, it isn't really the same as telling someone who understands. That's why people feel the need to post here. Because people here know what it's like to put in effort and succeed in LS. But there is the anonymity that prevents it from being rude or awkward.


If that’s how your friends feel about you getting an A they’re not your friends




> but I find the brag posts funny and annoying. At this point I'm pretty sure most of them are full of shite. Based on this subreddit, you'd think 80% of students at T14 schools all scored in the top 10% of their class lol. Everybody lies on the internet, I trust no-one.


i have to disagree 50% here. bad grades are great, keep posting these. bad grades = drop out drama great. good grades = boring don't post those.


Seriously at least the dropout posts are interesting


No I agree, im not even in law school anymore. Im just here for gunner stories tbh


This was my thinking at first but looking at how the r/lawschool community has been supporting people down on bad grades and congratulating people who just want to someone to tell about good grades is so wholesome.


This. I know a lot of law school students come from law families and can talk to people who understand how the whole system works. But I come from a blue collar family in rural Ohio, my friends group I've had since childhood are all blue collar folks, or they are drug addicts now. My wife understands some just due to me explaining...


I received 7 A’s and a Y+ this past semester, while on law review, and working for one of the biggest firms in the world


Literally no one but you cares about grades. B IS A PERFECTLY FINE GRADE.




I got straight B’s. They called me Buzz.


It’s literally a subreddit about law school


We could definitely use a grades megathread or something though. It's basically every other post.


Ofcourse it is. You know this is grade release time so it's relevant.


Hence the need for a megathread...


If it's every post, then it doesn't need to get hidden behind a megathread. I don't understand why we would hide the main purpose of the subreddit, law students expressing their relevant thoughts. If y'all don't like it, avoid it during this time of year. I hate mid semester posts so I avoid it. It's not that hard.


I don't know why this is downvoted. I agree with both of you guys. A mega thread would be really helpful. But also, it is a law school sub during the time when grades are being released and most schools are still off. I don't see the harm here.




I finished law school last spring. I enjoyed the memes, but it’s all definitely overkill now. I feel like I see two posts every time I open Reddit about grades that haven’t been given out, and nobody is bothering to name the schools. People are just fishing for karma at this point.


Once I get them


That bad, huh? That sucks.


I’m gonna unsubscribe over the grade posts honestly. I have major anxiety about grades and don’t like talking about them. Being reminded that everyone is doing great at law school every time I get on Reddit totally harshes my mellow. ✌🏻


This is akin to telling people in r/lawschooladmissions to stop posting about their cycle results right now. It just ain’t gonna happen, my dude. Scroll over posts about grades or unsubscribe until February.


As someone who is still waiting for grades, plz don't- I am living vicariously through all these posts as I slowly descend into insanity


I’m so sick of literally every one of my classmates being so fucking type A I miss undergrad where I wasn’t the only one coming to class high. For god sake y’all need to chill


The only grade I’m crying about is a c-


Yeah as much as I want to feel good for people who do well, all it does is spark comparison. And, for those who do poorly, I’m sure there’s a better place to seek academic advice.


r u trying to tell law students to stop talking about themselves? LMFAO good luck


I completely agree. I also kind of find it as a weird flex because the grade inflation is so high in non-STEM disciplines. Law school isn't actually as hard as people make it out to be.


I don't understand posts like this. Just don't read the posts you don't want to read...


Normally this is how I feel but almost every post is about grades, so it’s either scroll for 5 minutes looking for the one post about interviews instead or unsubscribe & hope you remember to come back next month when the 1Ls have moved on.


Let people be happy/upset on a subreddit fully devoted to this experience that’s unique to law students (including how grading works). Just keep scrolling, friend.


What’s the opposite of sir this is a Wendy’s?


Wendy, this isn't a sir's.


I was on heroin full time during law school. Graduated with a B average. Only thing keeping me from getting employment right out of law school is lack of experience in an office. Only arseholes and biglaw care about grades from what I have been told (past a point ofc). In the end you will have a law degree. It will allow you to practice. Be greatful to have the chance to be a law student and earn a law degree. Be happy that you are there. Be happy that you passed. Many dont.


> Many dont. my experience is that EVERYBODY passes, you'd have to try to flunk out of law school


Academic probation and expulsion is a real thing. They can and will kick you to the curb.


Yup. Leaving the group now.


I just want them posted.


Dude, just unsubscribe from this subreddit then. No one is forcing you to receive updates from r/LawSchool.


*goes to public message board* “Stop posting things I don’t want to see NOW”








I’m applying this fall and I’m more concerned about where to live next fall than what grades I’ll get NGL.


This is why I made a separate account — really helps when I just want to get away from law school


At least you all can post about grades…my school still hasn’t posted most of them


U can just ignore the posts lol


Op got a c.


No one likes a complainer. You can't control what other people say and do. I advise you to find a way to deal with it. Oh, you just wanted an outlet to express yourself to strangers? Gee, almost like the people who post their grades, eh?


You need a nap


No, can you STFU? The purpose of a public forum is to share your thoughts. As Law students at this time, we're only thinking about grades. So you can leave.


Only thinking about grades is super unhealthy. There’s an entire life to be lived outside of law school.


how about mediocre?


My first semester I had a 2.5, my last semester I have a 3.8. Your grades only matter for your internships. Guess what the guy with straight A’s doesn’t have that I do, a post bar job.


Good or bad I just want em lol


I mean imo it doesn’t print your gpa on your diploma. How do you know your doctor was a c student or an a student?


Aww if you are that sour then this isn’t the career for you


Counterpoint: This career is built for this level of sour.


this career is the epitome of sour in all potential careers for anyone.


My bitterness fuels my work every day.


"hey people who post in a way I don't like, please stop, because my enjoyment trumps yours" Just scroll on by. It's easy.


Oh boo hoo


You don't care about grades?