* SEC * In-house * Municipal offices that draft/review city contracts * Or do something lit focused (e.g. judicial intern) and you can talk about how you learned it's not for you


Honestly what you do your 1l summer isn’t super important it’s just important you do something and get some legal experience. I’d say the easiest would probably be to try and find a non profit that helps people with transactional things if you really don’t want to do litigation work even for a summer. Just know that if you can only find something in litigation you’ll still be fine when 2l jobs come around




I feel like in house jobs are really competitive though at least in my market. Probably pretty though to get as 1l. I don’t know how hard it is to get into SEC because I never looked into it but it also feels pretty competitive


I mean 1L internships are pretty chill, regardless of whatever they have you do. I wouldn't cross out a bunch of options off the bat. I worked at a federal court my 1L summer and now I work at a V10 transactional, and that was a pretty fun summer.


You’ll be very lucky if you find a way to avoid doing research and writing memos as a 1L. There’s no secret supply of transactional 1L jobs. Just apply to what’s available. Other than what others mentioned, I think a direct services public interest position or some sort of policy position might give you some tasks outside of just research and writing.


Look for in house positions! I’d also say there are some transactional non-profit options. Lastly, many government agencies will have non-litigation options.


Look at big four internships


No matter where you end up, you're probably going to be writing some memos because as a 1l, there isn't much else you can do to be honest.


I interned at a small local firm with a partner who was an alum of my target firm. The interviewers ate it up.