You can do whatever you want. Just make sure you give the irs a cut of it


Sounds like how they finally pegged Al Capone.


The IRS doesn’t fuck around. Would have found Bin Laden IMMEDIATELY if someone had just told the IRS he owed taxes.


Ehh, doubt they would’ve done anything to him. Just look at Al Sharpton for example.


That’s so they can hit you with tax evasion charges on top of or instead of your other crimes.


Easier to prove. Just look at Al Capone


Sneaky, sneaky IRS


It's just another charge they tack on to the list of charges they have against you


Yeah! What this guy said! So for all you criminals out there who don’t want to get caught filing income taxes on your drug and robbery/theft money and potentially go to prison for drug trafficking, possession and the other charges with stolen goods… the really best thing to do is NOT FILE TAXES AT ALL! You can legally get out of paying your taxes by simply filing 0 and $0 for all your income dependents etc. In fact the government will even send you back a check for thousands because you potentially live well below the poverty line. But if you don’t like socialism then I suggest filing your taxes on all drug money and other illicit funds and valued goods you may have acquired so that way you can deduct the value and legitimately get your refund back in full all taxes you paid through the year minus the military fund that obviously will be removed from your tax return since you support our safety and wars.


Ah so if you steal or sell drugs they also have you for tax evasion?


There is a case in Germany of a guy that ran a drug marketplace on the dark web. After his arrest and confiscation of all of his profits , the German irs is now demanding him to pay taxes on it....


This seems like this would violate the 5th amendment self incrimination clause


Except the IRS won't pursue charges, and simply saying you made $x illegally isn't even close to sufficient for any charges.




This is a joke, right?




Sadly it’s not https://www.irs.gov/publications/p17#en_US_2021_publink1000174204


that's funny, thx for the source




… is this for real?? Asinine


You can sex trafficking with minors just let the IRS know what you made. DON'T POST IT TO INSTAGRAM -BILL BURR


This is just so they can get a criminal on tax invasion if the person isn't a moron