So that 1 person who doesn’t own next gen or pc. Say something like this?


I think its more that a lot of people didnt bother coming back after Gears 3 ended Marcus' story, especially not after Judgement.


This is exactly what happened to me. I played so much of Gears 1-3, and the ending of 3 felt so final I never went past it. I played a little bit of Judgment and it didn't really do it for me, so that was the end of that. So I don't know what I'm missing with the newer games.


You’re missing Marcus’ tomatoes.


Oh no! :(


They were from Dom’s seeds


Fucking baird


I’ll tell you this. Not much.


I just finished Judgement. It's seriously an excellent game and you should definitely give it a go, if you enjoy the campaigns in Gears. As for Gears 4, it quickly became one of my favorites again awesome campaign and great multiplayer. Gears 5 shows the absolute potential of this serious, just done wrong imo. The open world aspect felt like it just wanted to add time to the game. They should have trimmed it. As far as controls and looks, absolute blast. Multiplayer is way fun. I never have a bad time when playing. If you enjoy the world and story of Gears give those 3 a play. They really are special games and keep me in love with the Gears franchise


I promise you that 4 and 5 have so much value to this world and story and talk so much about Marcus’ era besides they are gears of war games they’re still fun.


I can see that


Yep! I was a Gears addict. Then everything changed and it wasn’t the same game anymore.


Or 99% of the Gears 1-3 playerbase.


Will they remaster the remaster of Gears 1?


I'd like to think so. Didn't it run terribly?


No, it ran fine. I hear more complaints about 5 than UE.


Ue was awful for me on series x. Frame rate during campaign was terrible. Mp was ok though. Just didn't age well with the fluid movement we have now. And im saying that as a " GoW is my favorite game of all time" guy


Huh, maybe it's because I played it on pc. But I never heard any complaints from console players.


You played on PC and never heard any complaints about the performance for UE?


I don’t think a remaster will bring back many people. I don’t really think this is a series that needs a remaster. The player base for gears is already small. It will have a spike at launch, but within a month, it’ll have the same players we see today. Unfortunately, the trends of gaming have left gears behind, I don’t think a game like gears can be as successful as fortnite, cod, halo in todays day and age


Gears skill gap is enormous. People want instant gratification and this isn't the MP experience for that


This is the sad reality. Im just thankful that we had 5 titles still fairly faithful to the original gameplay.


Right. I'll always be a gears guy and I will always want more games. But I know to expect that it won't be the sensation it was in 06.


Yup, people don't want to put in the time to get good and compete. New players get wiped out and simply leave.


When I first picked up Gears 1, it definitely separated the high skill players from the low. 1 life, quick rounds, first to 5+ execution games, you either got stomped, or you had a madman on your team that was filthy with snipe. I had to lose so much before I even understood wtf was going on. Then after that, you have to then get familiar with the Gnasher, and how wall bouncing works, an trying to learn how to use the power weapons, which was damn near impossible with you having to fight for it, then trying to practice mid game. This is why there were so many sniper only lobbies too. Plus, the shotgun was the dominant weapon, and a lot of new players tried to play Gears like a traditional shooter. Gears was never too casual friendly, and I don’t think that style would drawn in a huge crowd like it once did


I’d love to play the campaigns again with a fresh coat of paint, but I will say the multiplayer has never been something I cared for


I don't really want a remaster but I just want a pc port for 3 at least


Fun sold separately


Your username reminds me of the old iAmTrooper back in the dizzayyy


That is him lol


kinda thought so but been almost a decade


It is. It will be officially announced in a few months.


Not next month at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase?


Probably yeah.


True as shit. Guarantee you a Master Chief collection type thing would have a larger playerbase than 4 and 5.


Gears 4 just needs updated maps, maybe. The gameplay is the most simple yet complex, gears 2-4 beautiful. Gears 5 & judgment no good. This is as far as multiplayer/online gaming.


remasters - selling nostalgia - then the game dies - repeat - sad how much people pour into it but all it leaves is an empty shell of something that could have been brand new gears 5 had plenty of potential but they fucked everything up, from gameplay to micro transactions and dishonest policies regarding micro transactions. never again