I should've known because it's old Mac era Bungie but that fact that it ties into Marathon is really cool.


The Bungie Mythos is one of my favorite set of Easter eggs and tie-ins to read about. Even Destiny had a good number of call backs, starting with the title of its reveal vidoc being called “Pathways Out of Darkness” Edit: guess I should have emphasized “starting with.” Yes, there’s plenty more including Bungie’s 30th anniversary event.


It's even bigger than that. With the 30th Anniversary bundle Bungie introduced the concept of the Paraverse and it explains how all the Bungie games are connected. It's how there are a bunch of weapons and armor in Destiny that tie back to their other games


Yeah the 30th anniversary grenade launcher Pardon Our Dust is a reference to Pathways into Darkness with the flavor text "When the dead speak, you should listen"


The Forerunner (Halo Magnum) exotic quest has some references too.


It also looks like an M79 grenade launcher, which is the one used in the game.


There was like a whole event that was just call backs to all of there old games.


This game is definitely archaic, but it has enough interesting ideas in it to the point where you can argue that it is the [basis for the plot line of Destiny 2. ](https://electriccartilage.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/destiny-analysis-part-4-the-story-of-pathways-into-darkness-in-reverse/#:~:text=If%20the%20story%20of%20soldiers,called%20Pathways%20OUT%20OF%20Darkness.) For people interested in obscure video game history, it is a huge part of Mac gaming and the Bungie mythos. Absolutely worth checking out.


> the plot of Pathways into Darkness revolves around how an ancient, alien “god”, buried beneath a pyramid, is about to wake up and destroy us all, and you need to travel down through a dark pyramid to put it back to sleep. As the “god” slowly wakes, his dreams become more powerful and manifest themselves in the form of bizarre monsters and strange monsters. Sounds similar to the Pyramid hidden in the Moon from Shadowkeep which in the current season Calus is trying to commune with.


Destiny had a plot?


Destiny does now, definitely barebones for a long time. Last few years has been some of their best storytelling that is actually in the game and not stuck in some lore books


there was a box that gave you ammo??? Wow haha, I played this game a lot, but it was impossible to finish because I ran out of ammo every time. Edit- Found a map here http://www.whpress.com/pid/map/full20/ The level I distinctly remember saying "fuck this shit" was The Labyrinth, because it had the super annoying shocking spheres, and I was out of ammo at that point, and it had THREE separate exits with no indication of which one was the right way (looks like one was backtracking, one was forward, one was a side trip for an item). So I definitely missed the ammo box along the way. The days before Google were rough.


I can highly recommend Macaw45's playthrough if anyone is interested in watching a complete run of the old Mac version. * [Part 1](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/691954163) * [Part 2](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/691955151) To bad the original VOD is gone because the man knows an insane amount about old and obscure games, game design and video game history.


Played when I was way too young for it, couldn’t really get past any of the puzzles. The idea that the UI was just built in OS components is wild to me.


> The idea that the UI was just built in OS components is wild to me. If that appeals to you take a look at Kingsway. It's a roguelike RPG by way of Windows 3.11.


A minute in he shows the actual view of the game, the macs were so slow it was only a small window the of dungeon, the rest was for your gear. even still playing on a mac IIci was a struggle, not as much of a struggle as playing marathon on it was though


I think the version he was playing was faster as well, I remember it being much much slower.


Gotta admit, i thought this was a new Star Wars game that I had missed at first then got really excited, before it clicked.


So not a Star Wars game? Guy really picked an odd name.


The phrase Mandalore was barely a speck in pop culture outside Star Wars fandom when he began his channel.