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So I believe my friend owns this game on steam. Does anyone know if we can play together or does he need to have the game on epic games also?


Yeah u can play together I play on Steam with a mate who got it via epic


> mate who got it via epic how long ago? bet hes like "fuuuuuck" right now


Back in 2013 I bought L4D2 hours before it was free for Christmas


Oh boy I remember that day, got a friend who also did that. Must be the one the worst psychological pains imaginable. Steam didn't have refund at the time, right?


No refund at the time


you probably coulda refunded it, unless that was before steam got sued up the ass in australia and they put in their refund policy


Steam didn't have a proper refund system until 2015.


I doubt he could have, not only was there no refund policy but steam support was also complete dog shit at the time (no clue how it is now).


yeah, you both have to make shift accounts (gearbox 2k thing) and that's how you find and play together


As someone else said, you have to make Shift accounts, and then you can join parties together via that instead of via Epic/Steam friends. Idk if it’s still the case, but initially when it was on the two, you also had to go into Settings somewhere and enable Crossplatform Play (maybe just Cross Play?). So if you’re having trouble connecting just your Shift accounts once friends there, give a look through the settings and see if that’s an option that you can turn on.


Yes. I believed they've established it for all the games




Yeah thats the game+dlc then


Honestly that's why I didn't buy it for $5 on Black Friday; I was hoping to pay $10 to $15 for one with all the DLCs (and on my PS5 so I can play with my friend).


Meh, no free add-ons


Good lord. I *paid* full price for this game on launch and maybe played 5 hours. I need to stop buying games.


We welcome you at /r/patientgamers


This game came out 3 years ago and you're commenting like you paid full price a month before this became free lol, you're fine


> This game came out 3 years ago Wait, wait, wait. How many years ago???


Ah shit the pandemic years that just disappeared


Great scott!! Marty, what year is it?!


Zoomers gettin hit with that 'the 90s were just ten years ago' vibes for the first time lol


If you had told me this game came out one year ago I would have believed without a second thought.


Adjusting to life after 'the blip' has been tough.


EGS exclusives go into a void where you forget about them for a while


yeah lol that's just a bad decision on their part. bl3 had its flaws especially after launch, but it was still quite solid imo (big bl fan so I'm biased tbf) and I don't really think theres any reason to go from "I want this game now so I'm paying $60" to never touching it again after 5 hours, unless you couldn't run it or didnt have much interest in the first place.


Idk I loved Borderlands 1 and 2 and put down bl3 after the first boss lol. It was just too much trash loot. Which is saying something for borderlands. Idk maybe I was just burnt out but that one specifically rubbed me wrong after that. Have been enjoying tiny Tina's though.


eh maybe you just had bad luck lol. tbh the biggest flaw with bl3 imo is that as soon as you beat the first playthrough you will literally never pick up a non-legendary item again. seriously not even one. buuut it's still a ton of fun and hey its free now lol. haven't picked up Tina's yet, will see if I can finally get some friends on bl3 now that it's free and maybe segue to wonderlands from there if ppl are into it enough.


Or just wait till Tina's FREE! lol Every time a game is free, it does bump up the player base but then it goes away again.


Yeah only time I'm paying full price for a game is if I'm going to play it immediately.


I just bought this game on Steam and refunded it after an hour


Now buy Sekiro.


Shadows Buy Twice


I've bought it twice. Once on PS4 and again on PC. Now what?


Sekiro: wallets die twice


you never buy a game before the weekly giveaway


There is a weekly giveaway every week. So never buy a game?




Yooka Laylee has been free at least 15 times lol


yeah, i stopped buying games a couple of years ago. between gog, epic, ubisoft, amazon, i got more games for free than i can play.


The PC game market hates this one little trick!


I bought it when it launched on Steam and I honestly regret not waiting for a large sale. It's objectively not a bad game but it just feels so... Soulless.


It’s definitely one of those games that is better played with friends while shooting the shit. BL2 is most peoples favorite and did a lot of things right. But BL3 felt like they tried to do it again but maybe tried a bit too hard.


Idk how to describe it, I think the best way to is that the story felt forced. Certain things that happened felt like out of character actions/lines that happened because the writers had a story in mind and only so many characters to work with. It felt like they pushed aside the beloved characters we’ve grown to love, in favor of a few laughs or moments of tension that shouldn’t happen with those characters. The mechanics in the game are great, but part of why I play the series is I love the characters and story, and BL3 fell so short for me.


I have stopped buying games completly. Whenever I see a 50% or even 80% or more offer, I simply tell myself. Sure, as soon as I finish the one i'm currently playing. And so, it never happens. If I get an itch, I'll just get a gamepass sub for a month. The only games I currently pay for are FF14, because I love it, and some game to play on my switch, because portability. The steam deck might change that last one once it becomes more widely available.


Thers no need to rush buyin into new games when they yhit 60 $ and they are full of bugs just wait 2 months and get them at substantial marksdown my backlog of games is eternally huge no sense in adding more when these game drop down in price in mere weeks


I still buy new games occasionally but nothing like I had been before steam. My backlog of games is huge like most people, but it's cluttered with free games and impulse buys that I have absolutely no desire to play. First world problems are tough.


the pure amount of epic game store games I Have (all of them) for free I have that I don't even wanna play is dumb.


Yup, games like D3, Cyberpunk, Battlefield 5, etc are constant reminders to ignore FOMO and just chill. Early adopters are usually the ones punished the most since they pay the highest price for the shittiest version of the product.




Average gamer: "They keep giving away all these old games" Patient gamer: "OMG they are giving away all these new games that just came out!!"


It was time to stop buying when I realized that I had gotten the remastered version of a game free before playing the original that I bought. I'll still buy games, but only on sale and if I'm really itching to play it and am gonna play it right away


I went on a low/no buy in 2021 that has turned into a total no buy in 2022. I have barely scratched the surface of my Epic library, been claiming every game since the start, almost at 300 free titles now.


Borderlands has to be one of the most given away and discounted IPs in gaming. I knew $5 for Borderlands 3 would be an eventuality but this soon and for free is a bit of a shock.


this soon? Hate the break it to you, but BL3 came out almost 3 years ago. Thats not exactly recent.


We all lost a couple years when the pandemic hit. I'm still reeling at my time hole where 2020 - 2021 fell.


2021 especially feels like the whole year memoryholed out of my brain. Because when I think about "last year" I still think about 2020


Lockdown does that to you


Ya I remember waiting in line to play it at the last "good" PAX west. I still have the shirt they gave us.




I have never once had a gaming experience that was so good I couldn't have waited a year and still enjoyed just as much. By waiting you also get the added benefit of letting the hype dust settle, launch bugs have either been worked out or you know it's not worth bothering with, and discounts hit so early these days that you can often get even big-name games for half price after 6 months.


Oof, got one of my steam friend bought it literally [a couple days ago](https://i.imgur.com/d0w2XL2.jpeg)


Can refund if < 2h of playtime


She already clocked 20+ hour lol


It could still be alright if she likes to collect her games on one platform, if she doesn’t care about that however… it’s quite the *OOF*


Nice! /r/patientgamers pays off again. Now if I only had friends to play with 😬 I guess it would make sense to play the base game before getting into DLC stuff.


That's the curse of patient gamers, that most of your friends aren't so frugal and bought it. The record low was $5 if you don't count the humble bundle a few months back. But yea, it just happened to me a month back when we played the Tiny Tina DLC stand alone that was free on PS+ a couple months back. He had bought wonderlands and encouraged me to get it, but I'm not okay with spending $60-$70 on a game like he is.


I was *this* close to buying it on Steam the other day, but got Disco Elysium instead. Glad I waited. Now I just have to finish playing through all the Borderlands 2 DLC.


For anyone interrested in this, the gameplay is a better BL2 but the story is utter trash, my advice: put the dialogues sound to 0, it may prevent you from cringing till you shrivel into nothingness


Was this the one where you just run back and forth listening to sirens monologue about each other.


Yes, 4 whole sirens to monologue. They still have their moments (mainly the jungle planet imo) but it doesn't get flushed out or explored more which hurts the story more.


There is *more* story in DLC that dips into some BL3 main story characters, Guns Love and Tentacles. However, the story in DLC *mostly* revolves around entirely new characters or characters within the universe that we were introduced to in BL1/BL2. As a western fan, Bounty of Blood slaps.


Main story was a firm meh, but I think Guns Love and Tentacles is my favorite Borderlands DLC, period. Most of it's usually a one and done affair for me but I willingly played that one twice. Gaige and Wainwright are both top tier and I think out of all previously playable characters, Gaige got the best treatment except for maybe Brick. I wasn't crazy about the Hammerlock's Cold Feet subplot, but other than that, A++. Plus, they integrated the Lovecraftian aesthetic near perfectly. I do like that aesthetic though, so maybe I'm biased.


'bounty of blood is imo the best dlc, just getting a full loadout of jakobs weapons and blasting trough it was really fun


I bounced off this game initially, but then actually really enjoyed it when I turned off the sound. It really is some of the worst dialogue out there.


My biggest gripe was the damn homebase. So hard to navigate. Side note, I already played this on xbox, but you bet your ass I'll give it another go on PC, at max quality.


It’s a pain in the ass the first few times you need to navigate it, then it becomes pretty easy. You usually need to hit like 3 or 4 rooms max when you go back (your room for bank, Marcus’s, Tannis’s, and the main deck for story progression). Other side alleys can be ignored for the most part. And to its credit, I think the game looks gorgeous on PC. The lighting and reflections are *really* good.


Be prepared to cringe even more when you find out how gearbox took a giant shit on Lilith, Claptrap, and Maya. At least Tannis was consistently entertaining for me, imo.


They took Lilith and made her a coward who doesn’t know how to fight. They took Claptrap from someone you loved to hate, and made him into someone you just find annoying. Maya, who was playable previously so we didn’t get too much of her character, was kept as someone who we didn’t get a lot of her character. They tried to make Marcus into more of a main character at times, but it felt like he lost that ruthless business shark attitude that he had previously. A lot of the old stuff it felt like was thrown by the wayside. What I will give them credit for (story wise) is two things. The first is like you said, Tannis is great. I love what they did with her. She felt like the same character, just more fleshed out. And two, the extra story they gave us Jack’s past. It felt like it came out of nowhere, but damn did I like what I got from it.


Claptrap I think came off to me as about the same though not as entertaining. I think it helps that the enemies are so much more obnoxious than Claptrap ever was, so he seems tolerable purely by comparison.


We also aren't forced to interact with claptrap nearly as much as we were in the previous games. Other than a part or two where he's integral to fucking something up for plot reasons, he just chills out on the bridge and you NEVER have to interact with him. Once you've unlocked all the fast travel points you literally have no reason to go up there except to talk to people to progress the story. BL2 had at least 3 claptrap escort quests that I can think of, on top of him being your tutorial introduction and your guide all the way to sanctuary, and then camping out next to the account-bank once you get there and having a plethora of sidequests. Depending on how slowly you progress, you could have claptrap yelling into your ear for a solid 4-6 hours of gameplay.


I was playing it with 3 other friends and by the time we got locked in a room with that guy in his underwear *again* we just stopped playing entirely. The dialogue in BL2 at least had a bit of charm outside of certain characters (Tina, Torgue) but 3 is just plain unfunny.


Vaughn was a giant red flag about the rest of the game, you meet him near the very beggining of the game, and he is tje perfect embodiment of the whole game's writing. It's baffling


The gameplay is so good, even an improvement over BL2. But yes, the story is cringe trash. Thankfully, you don't need to pay attention to the story at all.


Putting the dialogue to 0 isn't a bad idea. It's one of those games where you have to face the character talking directly or it sounds like they are a million miles away. Is there a term for that? I hate that shit.


It’s intentional, if you play with surround sound or speakers than the voice direction tracks from where the noise is coming from for the immersion. If it bugs you then you can typically walk a couple feet away and it’ll switch to mono sound over the ECHO.


> For anyone interrested in this, the gameplay is a better BL2 but the story is utter trash I'm not a fan of games without a story, should I skip BL altogether?


BL 2 is pretty good and definetly the strongest story, imo the jokes are still pretty cringey if you weren't in high-school/early college age when the game came out. It's pretty dated in meme culture from around that time for the humor (dubstep references, fapping jokes) but handsome Jack is actually a compelling villain and the game is paced pretty well imo (kinda drags the last 1/4th imo) Game play is top notch, I'd say 2 is worth your time and if it clicks give 3 a try (combat & graphics are definitely upgrades, story and humor plummet)


2 has the superior story, but I would argue 3 has the better gameplay.


100% agree.


And much better/super cool guns!


Why do you think 3 has the better gameplay? I think I just preferred the various playable characters in 1 and 2 more than 3. The various gun modes were an interesting idea in 3 but honestly not all that useful beyond perhaps Dahl and some different scopes. I also don't seem to recall ever coming across completely stupidly overpowered legendary weapons in 1 and 2 like you could in 3. In 3 I had one that I ended up using for probably 15 levels more than I should have because it would still just absolutely dominate anyone in range. Also ended up with one other that would shoot out corrosive blobs out of the main enemy I shot and I only stopped using it because you could kill yourself with them, but again it was just stupidly overpowered to the point it was pretty pointless to even use anything else for a good 10+ levels.


> handsome Jack is actually a compelling villain Was he, I'm talking about just BL2, if you add in Tales then absolutely. Just BL2 he was just ok.


Compared to their other big bads in the series he's definitely the most compelling.


Low bar though


General Knoxx all the way for me baby. Nothing like a tired veteran who has a baby for a boss because nepotism.


I believe he became a better character over time. When I first played, I wondered how anyone could really behave like that and get away with it. Then Trump happened and suddenly Jack seemed a lot more possible.


I mean, how much do you like LooterShooters? The story is really godawful, it's something that happens AT you. Characters will talk at you while you foot-slog to the next checkpoint to kill a bunch of dudes, then a cutscene plays that you have no actions in, then there's a boss fight, then there's more talking at you. So yeah, it's a fun shooty game. But if you're looking for a good story, try *Tales of the Borderlands* instead.


>So yeah, it's a fun shooty game. But if you're looking for a good story, try > >Tales of the Borderlands > > instead. rip in peace telltale


They've been back for a while. Now this is a hot take, but in my opinion Telltale made the best Borderlands game.


I mean story yeah but you don't play borderlands for the story


Or Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


If Borderlands 3 was a tabletop game, the DM has their own insanely overleveled DMPC who the plot revolves around. They add all their favorite past characters to the game, who are also more important to the plot than your characters. The DMPC kills the final boss (because you weren't strong enough) and then dies in a totally needles deus ex machina self sacrifice to stop a final threat that was never really appropriately explained. The DM then expects you to cry at their character's noble sacrifice not realizing that their players left the table to make a sandwich several minutes earlier.


I wouldn't play any of them for the story, no.


Did you play any of the Diablo games? If so, how did you feel about their "story"? Because that's basically Borderlands: a paper thin story but surprisingly addictive gameplay.


I think the problem isn't that the story is weak, it's that it actively puts people off


It might have a poor story but it's packed with character and charm. Still worth it.


Where does the charm come in? From all the characters spouting whatever memes were popular in 2017-18?


You are right but honestly I find charm everywhere in the game. The locations, the art style, the enemies, the guns and the ship. Some characters fall dead flat but others are great. The gameplay carries the game but there's something there for people who like atmosphere.


Worth noting the [BL3 Redux](https://www.nexusmods.com/borderlands3/mods/250) mod allows you to skip the entire campaign and retools some of the game to make it more fun to loot and raid.


I'm just gonna change the language to one I don't understand


i've never had the story that made me literally cringe until i played BL3. holy christ it's the worst in the series where the story is more of a forethought than anything.


I wonder why they doubled down on it. The cringy humor was the number one complaint about BL2.


There isn't a charismatic character in BL3. Handsome Jack, whether you like him or not, is pretty charismatic and when he's on screen he really captures your attention. This time around, it's some villain streamer like oh wow we've never seen that one before.


Keeping up with their trend of better gameplay loop but worse story i guess.


I have a theory that the people who like the characters/dialogue in the Borderlands games are the same people who thought Jar Jar was funny. I've got nothing to say to those people. We're just too far apart.


First game was at least decent writing-wise with the sarcastic and bleak humor, i have no defense for 2 and onwards, specially the "adapting internet memes into the game" trend.


Since most of the comments here are just repeats about how terrible the main story is, I'll just point out that even thought the main story is pretty underwhelming (and worse at times), BL3 still has some pretty funny background/side characters and interactions, just like BL2. So if you're looking for a compelling and well-written main story, you should look elsewhere, but if you're looking for the most polished BL gameplay experience yet with the classic BL atmosphere, then BL3 is a pretty great buy and an amazing game to get for $0.


The only Borderlands game with a good story is Tales From The Borderlands.


I bought it on release and hated it. Picked it up again on a whim a month or two back and played through it twice within a few weeks. Like you said the main story is meh (though it does have some cool locations) but the side content is still good, and the guns are still mostly fun. I really liked the ship aspect as well, felt kinda like I was back on the Normandy


And that's all 3 BL games that I didn't pay for


Man, ive collected every free EGS game to date and maybe played 5 or so lmao. My library filter says I have 262 games, thats wild. Ill just keep checking in and claiming my games every week, one day ill dive in to some of the gems on a rainy day.


Doing this but with a steam deck


Very glad I didn't purchase the Humble Choice where this was the only game of relevance to me.


I almost bought this half a dozen times this year including in the Humble Choice bundle. Glad I waited now, I sent this to all my friends so that we can play!


I forgot to pause that month :(


"Thank you for buying Borderlands 3" Yes... "buying"


I'm doing my part!


gameplay is miles better than BL2 with numerous QoL improvements.


I almost bought this game when it was new, but I was in High School and poor so I passed. Knew it'd pay off lol


Downloading at the moment and I am surprised to see the game is 99GB big. I presume DLC content is downloaded even if I don't own the DLC? If I remember the steam page recommended around 75GB storage space.


I have most DLC and current space required stated in steam is: 138.2GB.


Damn that's big. Feels massive compared to BL2 which was around 25GB or so iirc.


Borderlands 2 via Storage Manager on Steam, for me, sits at 15.32GB TPS is listed as 10.15GB for me. So, you're in the right ballpark if both are installed lol.


holy fuck 100gigs? guess i'll never play it


2nd year in a row getting a game I paid for only a few weeks prior. Last year was NBA 2K21, this year is Borderlands 3 🤦🏻‍♂️


Damn, this feels weird after BL3 had that early EGS exclusivity thing.


One more on the pile of accumulated games.


Welcome to the Crimson Raiders! Won't really matter where you jump into the community, because the random matchmaking co-op has been trash since BL1 and I never recommend it, but welcome nonetheless. Much better to bring a friend.


I have played every Borderlands game so far and this is by far the most polished. The game play is fantastic. The graphics, sound and music is just perfect. The maps are huge and the enemy variety is really impressive. They've even added bosses that feel like bosses, not just bullet-sponges. The new Vault Hunters are fun and their skill trees are varied enough to warrant a few play-throughs. I gotta say, though, the writing on the game has been the weakest of the series so far. And the characters blab at you more than ever before, often nagging you to hit the objective marker while you're fighting of hoards of enemies. It would be kinda okay if they weren't so... annoying. And the amount of stupid the characters have to be to fall for the "traps" placed by the Twins... it's really the lowest part of my experience so far. Borderlands' writing has always had it's quirks, but I feel like they've leaned into it harder and it doesn't work. And then Gearbox adding a **second** "season pass" with content that was withheld from the main game is the most disgusting, money-grubbing move since Bethesda's Paid Mods debacle. They also then just abandoned the second pass midway anyway, doing the most bare-minimum to count as "DLC" and scarpering with the cash. This has left a foul taste in my mouth and I regret all the hours I've given this series which is clearly just a cash-cow for the vampires at 2K and Gearbox. So enjoy it now that it's free, but it's not worth sinking any money into. Poor show.


Fully agree with everything you said. I recently tried to do a second play through as a different character but didn't get very far. I love the QoL improvements and the weapons with dual elements is awesome, but I found myself just itching for BL2 the entire time. It also runs like absolute trash on my PC. It's just an ACER Nitro 5 but I feel it shouldn't be so bad on lowest settings. So I'm just putting another 100 hours into BL2.


Randy Pitchford being slimy? say it ain't so...


Randy "women squirting is magic" Pitchford being slimy... hell, I'm shocked.


Another mystery game next week. I hope it's something as good as borderlands 3!


You mean better


Of equal or better value, I ain't complaining which lol


I'm taking a guess at Darksiders 3


Only played BL3 once. Played thru BL2 about 8 times. They just don't compare in regards to the story/characters/feel of it.


Similar for me, although I'm at the point where I'm wondering if I just don't have the time or the will to play through the same game that many times anymore.


My computer can't run it and I'll probably never get to play it but that won't stop me from claiming it.


I don't know which thread's more annoying, this or the one when NBA 2K21 was given away. This place can be really spoiled at times.


I'm curious what the issue with NBA 2k21 was? I bought NBA 2k19 on PS4 for like $2 to discover they put in adds in the game... that made it far more annoying.


IIRC, it was a lot of "uGh, sPOrTsbAll"


100% off? Finally a decent price for BL3


Holy cow


wow. Didn't expect this. Played countless hours Borderlands 2 and it is my favorite game of all time. Heard good things about this too. For free, it's a no brainer. Thanks Epic.


Didn't expect this either, although I've heard...mediocre things about this one. But just like free food, I don't complain!


fwiw, I played borderlands 2 for hundreds of hours and just couldn't get into borderlands 3 at all. But definitely give it a shot if you like BL and BL2!


Mega Sale should be starting today. https://i.imgur.com/0dSm6Vz.png


Coupon got nerfed to 25% off


That is definitely a downgrade. I figured the $10 off couldn't last forever, but I am a bit sad to see that it has ended.


Huge downgrade.


It's a downgrade for games less than $40, but it's an upgrade for everything over that.


nobody was really using the coupon to get a $50 game for $40 tho they were using it to get a $15 game for $5


Probably why they took it away, they had to be taking a hit on that.


$40 could feed my whole family for a week


Is your family birds?


Exchange rate is a b*tch. ...And so is inflation.


Good is war is over $40. 25% of it is more than $10. So a better deal.


Yeah just as a test I stuck AC Valhalla in my cart. It's $24 on their store, the coupon is 25% off, so it drops to $18.


you can get it for 14 on the Ubi sale at the moment so that's not quite as good


Not only that, but you still need the Ubisoft Connect software on PC anyway -- so even if they were the same price, better to just grab in there.


> you can get it for 14 on the Ubi sale at the moment so that's not quite as good WTF!? You can't expect gamers to jump between clients, they get overwhelmed.


Guess I can forget about this sale then!


I miss the "$10 off $15+ games" coupons. Guess they were hemorrhaging money.


Glad I got to abuse that deal on 10 games the last time it was available.


Main Story is garbage. Main villains are annoying and the only good reason they exist to hear Wainwright call one a Ratboy. Actually there are a couple of side characters that are pretty well written and their humor hits. Too bad it has the worst character in Borderlands history in a blue hair brat and 2 boring main villains and the story constantly treats the character you are playing like they don't exist because most of the shit would not happen if they included your character in the cutscene. Gameplay wise it's pretty fun and I'm sure there are more fun builds to play after I stopped playing. There are way less guns that suck to shoot since they toned down bullet travel time compared to BL2.


I thought it was pretty awesome that penn and teller were in it. The main baddies were super annoying, though.


For anyone who is wondering, none of the other editions of the game, DLC, or other add-ons are free. Just the basic edition of the game.


This game would have been so much better if you could skip dialogues, especially after completing it. If you are a new player, just pick a character and play around with their builds. Trying on diff characters will be a pain.


Not working for anyone else?


Does it support cross platform play? My friends have been trying to get me to pick it up on Xbox


Yes, there's cross platform play between all platforms its available on


Even for those who bought the base game but not the ultimate, this is one of the best deals on the season passes also. Tempted to pick up the bundle of both since some of the narrative DLC was supposed to be pretty good, especially compared to the main game.


I liked BL3 more than BL2, not because of the story but because literally everything else is better. Theres more flexibility, a lot of loot, and many kf the side quests are really great. Parts of the main story (eden-6 and atlas) are pretty great as well, mainly because the main villains are more distant


Wow I definitely wouldn't have noticed this without reddit. I dont currently play any games on epic but was seriously considering buying this the other day. Epic really does have some pretty solid free releases every now and then.


This is super cool. Personally, I already bought it, so useless to me..BUT if this is any indication of this “EPIC MEGA SALE 2022” then consider me intrigued and looking forward to the next free games.


Next week another mystery game... I'm suprised...


You mean mystified


I couldn't get into BL and BL2. They felt repetitive and pointless. Played with a friend (not for too long honestly). Is this any better?


Borderlands 3 has both the best and worst parts of the Borderlands series. If you thought 1 and 2 were repetitive, you'll still think the same about 3. The writing in 3 sucks, but just bs-ing and playing this with a friend was fun. I bought it at full price and felt that I got my money's worth. For free, it is definitely worth giving it a shot. Turn the dialogue sound off.


A lot of people dislike this game but as someone that hasn't really played the other BL games I really enjoyed it, great gameplay although the story and characters were forgettable.


Another week another $80 worth of free games Merci epic <3333 And we’re getting another mystery game next weeek 😆


By the way the **next game** **mystery game** appears to be **No Man Sky** aconding to this post https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicGamesPC/comments/upacf2/mystery\_game\_clues/


That would be awesome, I was just thinking about that game like a week ago because I saw a video that its actually a pretty good game these days and was thinking about maybe buying it but guess I'll wait a bit


That would be pretty epic! (... No pun intended)


Ooooh, that would be cool! Thanks for the heads up!


Steam link if anyone interested https://store.steampowered.com/app/397540/Borderlands_3/