dat time of year

dat time of year


Currently surviving in death like state 😪❄️


This hits too close to home, I hate it


One of the primary reasons I moved to a place that doesn’t have seasons (SF Bay Area). Unfortunately one of the things I miss most are the ‘god is angry’ storms in Oklahoma. Not a bad trade overall though.


Literally moved to San Diego just last week from Seattle. I always thought of the holidays as boring and depressing. I can confirm it's just the weather I've hated. It is weird as fuck hearing Christmas music with sunny 80 degree weather though. Seeing people set up Christmas trees and decorations in their tank tops is hilarious. If I want seasons I can fly to them then fly back after I get bored of them after three days.


>I moved to a place that doesn’t have seasons (SF Bay Area) Pretty sure there are seasons in California


California is an enormous state with alpine forests, deserts, beaches etc. So yeah parts of CA definitely have seasons. My town doesn’t, it’s 65F year round give or take a few weeks in late winter or late summer where it can get a bit warmer or colder.


Clearly he meant in his city , I can confirm the Bay Area is generally the same climate all year round


again i state "yours is seasonal?"