My group has three attorneys. You can imagine the rules disputes.


So nerds of the party you must conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that invisibility does not grant advantage on stealth checks




I'd love to listen to some of those debates ngl.


Actually I would expect them to be excellent, self-structured by the players, and respectful. After all, all three are actually trained in how to debate and argue.




Not every lawyer is a litigator. Some of them are *actually* nice people. /s




We've got 2.5 attorneys (one is still in law school)


That must lead to some interesting thoughts/jokes on the definition of a "rules lawyer", surely?


Yeah but how many of them are trained in bird law?


My group has 3 anthropologists. When I asked if anyone thought it was strange how much the pirate NPCs questioned their captain I was sent a scholarly article about how pirate ships were an experiment in anarchy.


And now I need a link to that or books about it...please.


Can't find the exact link, but a quick skim of this sight looks like it is presenting many of the same ideas: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anonymous-pirate-anarchy?v=1622026172


My group had three lawyers too!


My group also has three attorneys, including me, and I'm the DM.


Im a land surveyor and I also DM for three attorneys plus a pizza delivery driver. Believe it or not, the delivery driver is our rules lawyer. The other group I play in includes one of the attorneys, a physicist, an IT professional, and a journalist.


My dad started in law school. I’m noticing a trend.


Our group is 4 carpenters and a software developer


I'm betting your group has a sweet gaming table.


We've only been playing for about 2 months but plans are already in the works 👍


Took us like 10 years to make a nice one. I'm the handy guy in the group and it took Quarantine to for me to make a nice one.


And if there's a problem with the lights, the Software dev can turn it off then turn it on again for you.


Don't be silly, that's a hardware problem.


Eh, sometimes it still works


We have a moon druid internal medicine physician, Dragonborn barbarian video marketing manager and graphic designer halfling monk. No career is immune to D&D :)


There’s something very amusing about putting people’s real jobs next to character race/class. “Hi I’m bob, the swashbuckler rogue electrician”


All fear Golrog, the Goliath barbarian accountant


Hi I'm C, the oath of redemption paladin race car mechanic


I'm Eldon! The Goliath Paladin Sandwich Maker!


I am Guppy, the sea elf druid marketing professor ☺️


Hi, I'm a Tabaxi Great Old One Warlock / ER travel nurse. =D


My table is fucking hilarious. It’s a pastor, an artist, a mortician, and 2 teachers which sounds like I’m lining up for a bad joke but I’m dead serious.


"Dead" serious? Are you the mortician?


Yeah, actually! Ironically I’m also the DM, which my players would say is the worst combination.


At least the dead PCs will be mourned properly.


Username checks out...


You favour undead enemies and the pastor is a cleric arent they.


He was! He’s a Druid now!


I find that incredibly hilarious given the history between the pagan roots of druidic teachings and the early christian church.




I bet the pastor is tired of being asked if they play cleric lol. (I hope they play cleric cos it sounds awesome, at least from the outside looking in)


Bro probably playing warlock 💀


He started as a Cleric of Helm and then was a Witcher-esque fighter and is switching next session to a Druid who observes the Celtic Pantheon. He’s a hoot!


Pretty cool hearing about a religious person open enough to play any religious character other than one following their lord and savior.


He’s a great guy! He offered to ordain mine (a trans guy) and my best friend’s (a bisexual non-binary person) weddings when and if we were to ever get married. He’s got a fuck ton of tattoos and practices with swords and throwing axes. He’s also studied Druidism and Buddhism in depth as well as the mandatory theology study in seminary.


Hey there are celestial warlocks...they should play fiend though lol


I have a pastor in my party. He *is* playing a warlock! We also have a pathologist, an art student, a kindergarten teacher and someone who works in game development


This entire comment thread is wild and wholesome. I loved reading every second of it.


Hello fellow mortician. I think the best thing we bring to the table is descriptions of smells.


100%! And I’d argue person to person interactions.


This is really similar to one of my tables! We have a pastor, a designer, a musician, and 2 teachers. Guess who plays the cleric and the bard haha Re: OP - I haven't seen a doctor play, but one of my players is a nurse! The other players at that table are a power engineer, a software developer, and a proposal coordinator.


My table consists of: Federal Tax Manager (me, the DM), Union Lawyer, History Professor, Mechanical Engineer, 2 x Neurosurgeons, and a neurosurgeon’s kid. The real kicker is they manage to solve everything with various lengths of rope, as most of us were Scouts in the same troop…


Damn, that troop trained some overachievers.


This is sweet. How’d you all manage to stay friends through that ? Or did you split up and come back together ? Did you play dnd /ttrpg throughout or pick it up later in life for most of you ?


We scattered after university all across North America, with one heading to England to pursue his PHD. We all eventually migrated back to our hometown though save for one, but he is actively trying to return as we speak. We played D&D as kids, as well as Cyberpunk 2020 until early university, but we stopped when workload became too much and folks started moving away. We stayed in touch, and due to COVID, decided to pick it back up (we started playing in early high school, and now that we’re in our 40s, we’ve picked it up again) as a means to isolate but socialize. Roll20 really helped with that, and it gives us a weekly opportunity to catch up, plus slay monsters and whatnot :)


And people ask why I always find rope so handy In dnd


I went to school for Theatre & a LOT of actors/ artists play(ed)


My group is all professional actors / directors / writers. I doubt it's the most common job among DND players as so few people do that for living. The other way around though: under what professional is DND most common? I suspect most theatre professions score high as DND is essentially a lead improvisation with dice-caused plot twists. Allthough the acting community is mostly not so nerdy, few would view a night sitting around a table as fun, but for any actor who likes games, DND is pretty much perfect. Our DND is very story and character heavy. Rules are just there as a blueprint for ideas. Many sessions without combat. Seen some genuinely touching scenes though.


I bet a group of nerdy ass voice actors could make a sweet DnD stream.


nah, it would never work


So, barrista?


haha YES


Haha, so happy that joke landed. I know a bunch of «theatre kids» who play and half of them would Murder me if they knew I made that joke


Soldiers probably score pretty high on the list, believe it or not. Many of my friends had campaigns going when I was in Iraq ('05). I didn't start playing until around 2016, but I had no trouble finding players in my unit.


Met a couple nukes at a Navy event, mentioned that I'd heard that DnD is popular in the service. Wouldn't you know one's the DM and the other was the wizard. Not like there's much else to do in a big metal tube for 6 months at a time lol


Yep, doesn't surprise me one bit. I'm an army vet, and one of my favorite players is a Marine vet. We've joked about finding a player from each branch and building a pentagon shaped gaming table.


I did have one session during an attempt at starting a West Marches game where we had all the branches. Granted this was just before Space Force became official


I keep forgetting that's a thing.


My wife works for Space command under the USAF as a civilian, and she still doesn't see that Space Force will be a "real" thing in a little over a decade. You're not alone


You know what? That's close enough, probably the closet I'll get. Send her to my house on game night, we'll build a hexagonal table. Three down, three to go.


Heh, if I could get her to play in either my game OR my buddy's game first, I would, sure. She tried it in late high school once and was not interested.


Well, nobody's perfect.


Space Force!


I DM'd a campaign every weekend throughout my stay at Nuke School (Class 8206). Had no trouble starting up another one when I reached the fleet.


No Senior Chief these are not contraband dice these are my clickety clackety math rocks and I do not have a chit for them!


I played some during my deployments in 06 and 07. Big guys sweating in the heat bickering over rolls and mad as hell when theres an alarm for a base strike and we have abandon the map on the picnic tables. Some good role play hanging out in the concrete bunkers.


I was one of the many in the service that played. I still do, it help me with my PTSD. I got a lot of people in the military involved in D&D.


I'm glad you've found a way to help cope. From one vet you another, thanks for your service.


I imagine it's a good game to take into the field considering the low weight and size of a set of dice and a couple pieces of paper. I know know I need to see in the next war movie a bunch of guys in a trench and with shots firing all around you here "YES, 20! That Orc is going down!"


Lol, I doubt anyone was playing on the front lines. But behind the wire we were relatively safe. All the "nerd" hobbies (MtG, anime, video games, Warhammer, etc.)are surprisingly popular in the military. And in 05, being geeky still hadn't behoove as socially acceptable as it is today.


lol aww don't ruin my image. It's definitely a WW1 setting in my head too... Deep trenches, dice rolling. Yup, that's it.


Pan to the German line and it's a the same scene but in German "aww man Nat 1 looks like my paladin isn't killing the lich"


Wait... what if instead of real bullets and explosives we just settle the issue with a giant D&D competition? Let the best dice win!


I am now amused with the idea of a particularly nerdy couple of trenches getting together for a wargame for Christmas 1916.


all wars should be this from now on


With some likelihood the Germans would play "Das Schwarze Auge" which was shamelessly stolen from DND but works the other way round, so 1 is the best you can roll.


Or zweihander. The most brutal rpg I ever had the displeasure of playing.


Warhammer? Guess we know the real reason they have those huge backpacks.


Can confirm. Been in the Army 10 years and been playing for about the past 5. And everyone I DM for is either still in or PS.


My boss played dnd in Vietnam jungles in the late 70s to early eighties doing body recovery for the US.


Steven Erickson (author of "The willful child" trilogy) has space marines play out a dnd session multiple times through the series.


That's hilariously accurate.


I’m currently in AIT (job specific training after basic training) and I’m in a group of guys regularly playing DND. Hell, basic training of all places is the first time in my life I finally got to play DND. “Boot camp” gives you a lot of time to sit around and do nothing, more than you’d expect.


What MOS, if you don't mind me asking?


68w. Finally got to the fun part of sticking each other with needles and drawing blood and whatnot :)


On hot summer days, I'd always go to the medics so they could "practice" running IVs. Cold saline drip on a hot day, oh yeah.


We have an ex soldier, a sales guy, a librarian, and four Programers/Developers(including the ex-soldier).


Lots of teachers, especially among DMs... Lots of similarities between lesson plans and session plans.... Including the procrastination factors.


Teacher DM here feeling called out by the accuracy


Right? I feel personally attacked lol


Teacher here. I had a mock job interview in college where a principal asked me how I apply my teaching skills in my personal life. At the time I was DMing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and I discussed how similar running a campaign was to running a classroom. She was very impressed.


I’m not a teacher, but am a DM… I feel attacked. Sooo true though!


Corporate Trainer/Instructional Designer DM here- not a whole lot of difference between the skills in my day job and being a DM.


My group is almost exclusively mental health workers or former ones. We need our escape from reality.


You roll a 4. How does that make you feel?


Like one year of my life was just sucked away.


Chemist/teacher/current stay at home dad here.


D&D is popular with the chemists!


*waves to artificer crowd*


I'm still in university, but I'm about 1 1/2 years from a PhD in Chemistry.


Which field? Physical organic/photochemistry here 😁


Organic, I mostly work on natural product synthesis, but I have also done some catalyst design.


Nice, one of my professors specialized in asymmetric organocatalysis. Catalysts weren’t my jam lol.


My group is half IT specialists, half analytical chemists!


Teacher seems pretty common. I have 2 in my current group.


We have a physical chemist, biochemist, and two philosophers. The divide is interesting to say the least lol.


What is the most common profession? Because whatever it is - I'm going to guess that that is the most common profession amongst those who play D&D. Roll back 20 years and I would actually have to think about it - but anything around the performing arts, or narrative story telling in general would be up there.


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common job in the US is retail sales, and second is cashier.


Definitely met tons of both in the hobby. Best way to work out your wage slave frustrations is imagining customers' faces on those goblins, after all. Boy I do not miss retail. Or food service. Or tech support.


The goblins in my worlds shall from hence forth be known as *The Karen Hoards*


Now I just have to play a character in my customer service voice


I know two Physicians who play. One works at Johns Hopkins.


Small but non zero chance I know this person. Though never played with them. The office had a miniature in it and a small glass box of beautiful dice. At the time I didn’t put it together I didn’t start playing until over 15 years later . My desk does not have a ministry but a clear plastic box of cheap ass but numerous dice


In my group we have a tattooist (f), a video game developer (m), a police officer (f) and a sound technician (m) :)


My group I DM for actually has two M.D.s in it! I've also played one-shots with a third M.D., a DPT, and some PhDs, so lots of doctors haha. A lot of the Paramedics and EMTs I work with also play, so purely by anecdotal evidence, I'd say the medical field is pretty well-represented, but I obviously can't say my experience represents the hobby as a whole.


I'm a CPhT myself. But Idk of anyone where I work who play


By Doctor, I take it you mean a physician? My group includes two CS PhDs (myself one of them) a Mech Eng PhD and a Biology PhD.


I know lots of people with chemistry (I'll be one of them soon), physics, and biology PhD's that love D&D.


As a physics nut, I love D&D.


As a nut, I also love dnd


As someone allergic to (hazel)nuts, I also love DnD


4 of the 13 English professors in my department play, which seems statistically significant…this time a year ago, that number was 2. Haha we’ll see who else we might convert next year


👋🏼 Medical Doctor here! I played as a child when my Dad was our DM. After high school I became a forever DM to my family and friends.


Yep, here too. And a wife and at least a couple of friends also are and both play.


Lots of teachers


My guess is a lot of groups are going to be 9-5 jobs where extra time commitment isn't required, but have a higher level of education in general. That or jobs that have specified block downtime for the entire party like military or performing arts. I think no matter how you look at it people working 60+ hours a week regularly aren't going to be playing much dnd, even though I am pretty sure doctors/lawyers/video game programmers would love to if time presented itself.


4 of my "table" are OTR truck drivers. We have erratic schedules, bit we make it work, somehow.


My job could easily run 80hrs a week if I let it, but people know by now I am not available after hours on game days. Gotta make time, and be in an economic position to make demands.


I feel this. Especially when I got my first full time job in my professional field. I just didn't have the maturity or experience to manage my time. I ended up taking on too much, and working stupid hours almost every week. It went in for a few years, and almost killed just about every hobby I had.


One of my games is all 5 aerospace engineers but that’s bc it’s a group that grew out of our work.


hrm... I mean, def Cosplayers/Prop Designers are high on the list. Everyone I know in the Prop-Builder community plays DnD, and a large number of Cosplayer Professionals either play DnD, or want to try it out, but haven't found a group. Of course, this is only a high number if the census was determining what percentage of the communities are actually involved in DnD. As far as "out of all DND Players" I'd say that number is still fairly small, because. . . it's not a massive community. Just very large.


cosplayer here and almost everybody i know in the community plays it or wants to play. although i will say most people are into it as a hobby and not professionals. a lot of them are artists or actors though.


Yeah, I interact mostly with the professional side of things, just because of the groups I ran with, early on. I worked for a prop company, met a bunch of photographers quickly after, then a bunch of full-time cosplayers not long after. These are all people who make their entire living off of the art of Cosplay or related industries. I'm currently working for a shop and I LOVE seeing all the amazing costumes that come up to our booths.


I’m the only homemaker I’ve played with. Mostly play with guys that work in tech here lately. Oh, and youth pastor as a DM.


We have a SAHM in our group. Easily the best RPer at our table.


Probably because reading stories to kids makes you develop a bunch of voices “He doesn’t sound like that mommy! You have to do his real voice!”


I'm a SAHM and I love it! It's so nice to have an escape each week and enjoy an activity with other adults. Someone else mentioned their SAHP was a great RPer - I want to do this so badly but I feel like no one else in my group wants to do voices or have inter-character moments. That's okay, I didn't do it much when we started because I was brand new and unsure.


I'm in pest control lol


My group has a Bartender (me), a line cook, a hostess, a welder, and collage student, and a family restraint owner. None of the restraunt staff work in the same building.


electricians would be up there


You?? Me!!


both and more. there are dozens of us, Dozens!




To change the lightbulb.


I'm in a game with 3 nurses, a cop (the DM), and a programmer (me). Another one I run is an assortment of engineers


I can say that I was introduced to it when I was in the military. Then I moved back home and worked in graphic design and started playing with my friends from school. Now I moved and play with new friends and work in customer service.


Graphic design is a great combo with DMng


It was fantastic. I worked at a sign shop so I was able to design and print off so much stuff for my games... The best thing I made was definitely our play mat. It was ⅜ thick inch acrylic 2ft x 3ft. Then I printed off a inch grid on clear vinyl and laminated it with while laminate and applied it to the acrylics back and you can see the grid through the top and would use dry erase on the top... I made 3 of these for my different dnd groups that I had friends in. [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/bcstdi/ocart_toa_map_printed_on_sticker_and_applied_to/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) is one that i made for a tomb of annihilation campaign that my DM used scrathoff paint on and we'd scratch the hexes we travel to.


My game is all my med school buddies 5 doctors we have to work hard at scheduling but it works well


My group has an HR rep, a UPS driver, a lumberyard manager(?), a server, two bartenders and a drug&alcohol counselor… one of the bartenders is dating the counselor. I figure the service industry might not have a whole lot of players considering scheduling is very hard in the retail/hospitality/food industry.


Actually my NP plays dnd and has for 8 years


The DnD demographic skews young and male. So, not a lot of cosmetologists, more than their share of active military. Of course, uncommon occupations generally would still be uncommon. Few morticians, few race car drivers.


Our party druid is a makeup artist!


Our group is 40-50’s and half female :p


That gives me a lot of hope!


My current group: Heating and air tech - DM Lawyer - AG Barb/Echo Knight Stay-at-home-mom - War Cleric Veterinarian - Divination Wizard Retail manager - Hexadin Math professor - AM Sorcerer We are all Army vets, except the math professor. She was an Air Force puke.


Full time union advocate. (A literal rules lawyer.) Probably at the least common end. Started as a nerdy kid with no communication skills, and through years of play using my imagination to visualize success, learned me some of that fine art of Diplomancy.


While not exactly professions, there is _significant_ overlap between tabletop gamers and the furry community, as well as tabletop and the BDSM community.


Ttrpg and furry community make sense, especially with the more homebrew and/or character creation crowd. Both communities share the similarities of not really having a canon and instead relying on themselves for content, especially of the characters they care about (usually their own/friends).


For sure! I’ve also ended up playing with a lot of genderqueer and trans people.


IT guys are probably pretty high up there


Let's see, between my two groups we have two in IT, a lawyer, HR manager, two filmmakers/writers, web dev, nurse, police technician, massage therapist, and a jewelry store manager.


My group has 3 accountants in it. We've invited other accountants in for one shots.


A lot of workers on movies / films / plays / theatre. We get everything set up, we game, we're told the scene is done filming / acting / whatever, we take it all down.


If you had told me in 1990 that was a viable career path I would have gone apeshit. Instead I am stuck writing code.


In the 90s it was the career I was working for. In the 2000's I was going to one the most prestigious schools for it. I graduated Cum Laude, multiple awards under my belt, and yeah...life is going well. Then the economy crashed, and 75% of people in my field got fired. They weren't massively re-hiring until 7 years later. So now I was going against 7 years of college students, as well whatever % of people got fired during the economy crash. So... yeah, I loved what I did, but I lost my career. So, yeah... typing code was a good choice.


Yeah of the theatre nerd friends I had back in the day only one is currently employed in performance, and it’s a side gig. Some others had bad ends. Very hard biz I am sure. If it makes you feel any better, I have also been laid off and also have kids who will do the same job for less money with more current skills breathing down my neck. Good luck!


I play with a vet and several biotech masters/phds but I suppose none of them are MDs. I'm a programmer, which is of course stupid common, as are electrical engineers. I have an architect, a mason, an IT lady, an artist, a counselor (loves roleplaying, natch), a dude who makes pizzas and many more. I encourage friends to play because I see it as a party game. I want to enjoy the company first, do the game second. So the correlations are the correlations of my extended social circle: smart, interesting, weird people who landed in a college town. Many stereotypical nerds but of a variety of subtypes.


our group is all over the place! We’ve got: barista/front of house, supermarket check out worker, disability support worker, only fans content creator, amazon warehouser, liquor store worker, and foster care contact worker. We’re all early 20’s and lots of us are studying, so not many big fancy professional jobs like Drs.


My group: insurance claims agent (DM), a printing specialist for a geological survey company (Artificer), a guy who does something unspecified in finance and just got a job with Morgan Chase (Druid), a guy who made it big on bitcoin and doesn't work any more (Warlock), and me, a public historian (Wizard). I'm not sure we're a good example of anything. We're not even a balanced party.


I would assume whatever the most common job in your region is. Vast majority of people in this world work in retail, manufacturing, customer service, and labor jobs.


We have an orientation and mobility instructor, a behavioral therapist, One of those people who route incoming and outgoing phone calls for military service personnel, a UI/UX designer, an author, A massage therapist, A website QA tester and a customer service rep


All software engineers and a statistician


My fiancé is a doctor and she plays!! I'm a brand designer and there's quite a few of us who play too


My group is talent agents, production staff, and marketing managers


My group is entire made of IT or similar areas. No one for any other area.


Male dominated careers are most common. Female dominated careers are least common. 75% of players are male. Also worth noting 40% of players are 25 or younger which would influence career options.


I work in IT, as do most of the people I play with. The other two are an engineer and a teacher.


Student imo… almost 100% of the four groups I play with are students… I’m a college student but I don’t see why that matters lol jk


..I have no idea what any of my players did/do for a living. Oh, yeah, ones a lobbyist for environmentalism if memory serves.


I’d probably played with an equal or greater amount of PhDs, PhD candidates, and MDs than with “normal” people. Just my experience haha


Retail. Unfortunately.


My partner and I (cop & dispatcher) both play in two games. Group A also includes an electrician, a food service worker, and an internet/cable technician Group B also includes another cop, hospital security, transit driver, nurse, and SAHM


My group has a - Theatre Production Grad Student - Theatrical Lighting Designer and Technician - Dancer - Public Admin Grad Student/House Manager - Filmmaker/Influencer PA - International Ed Advisor/Upright Bassist - Actor and Classical Vocalist (myself, the DM) So, no surprise, all artsy fartsy folks


My table is 3 artists (2 of whom do it fully for a living and one who has a day job and arts on the side), an insurance agent, a banker, and a college professor DM. The character art is on point.


Our group is 4 physical therapists (technically doctors since we have Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees) and a computer programmer


I’m a doctor. Play with 2 other doctors I bet there are more interested but not really able to find the time and By the time we are out of the brutal years of residency ( during which you have schedules that suck and the people you interact with most are on diametrically opposite schedules) we often have demanding careers and young families. Then when it starts to stabilize. How do you make friends in your late 30’s ? Well discord and the covid lockdowns where the only reason I could play. Now I play with and dm for people across the world. I try to keep things anonymous for the sake of avoiding awkward ness. But some of my recurrent players who have become online friends include a military dude a security guard wanting to be a military dude ( opposite coasts USA ) a teacher, a high school student ( would have been an awkward start if I’d known that ) at least 2 people in IT. And a college student who works in cinema. Fun group from the Philippines to India to East and Western Europe to USA and Mexico. We don’t always play together and new people come and go. But discord makes it possible. So yeah. I bet there’s a bunch more out there. But not as many as would like to be. And many stay anonymous.


Of all the people that played with me, there are: Six programmers (Including me, the DM), a rapper, a car technician, a telemarketing guy and a bunch of students. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone I played with started when they were teenagers and still unemployed.