Could also be aggression. Monitor the water parameters and check for aggression.


There’s bad aggression


Then that’s why their fins are messed up


Try doing a big water change and rearranging the tank to break up territories. Adding more fish helps too. In Malawi cichlid tanks you usually want to overstock in order to dilute aggression. Or you can get a school of giant danios to be a dither fish.


You also might want to add to filtration


Iv got 2 filters one external one internal


What are your water parameters? Those guys do not look happy. Any other fish in the tank that could be picking at them?


Yeah and the water don’t look clean either, unless it just had a water change.


I don't think cichlids are ever happy...


Poor water quality... Can you please let us know what kind of filtration you have? Also how often you do water change? This cann help providing you with a better answer.


I have a fluval 307 canister filter a fluval u4 internal filter and do a weekly water change


I have the 307 running in my 150l cichlid tank and it's nowhere near this clouded. Your filter is likely not cleaning the water properly, most of the time due to a clogging of the filter sheets inside the filter. I would open the filter and take a look inside, see if there is a lot of dirty water and if your pads need cleaning. Just be careful, a lot of your bacterial lives in the filter so you may accidentally shock the tank in the process. How many fish are in the tank? How big is it? How often do you feed them? Do you use an aquarium light? If so how often is it on? The aggression is normal in a cichlid tank but you need to find the balance or you run into heavy fin damage and dead fish.


The lights on 11am till 11pm I feed them at lunch time and a little at dinner time and one of the filters is only a month old and the other one recently came out of my lfs after being cleaned for me