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Just use a straw like with a caprisun


I had that yesterday on a 6 pinter. NOT JUST that but also, when peeling of the remaining disk on the bottle itself, I peeled the top part of it. Leaving a thin clear plastic disk. I was like wtf. Then trying to get that little bit off in the lid was like a job and a half. Would it come up? would it bollocks. Yeah, so, I had a bit of shite day yesterday,.


Bought two pints from Sainsbury's yesterday. Put it in the basket and milk pissed out everywhere, all over the basket, my feet, legs etc. Picked it up, quickly and there was a pretty large hole in the side about a third of the way down. Not happy because I was in a rush. Not certain what Cleopatra saw in it TBH.


I fucking hate that. I literally came here to post the same thing. If it happens again, instead of losing my shit I’m just going to take the whole thing back and tell them to give a replacement and to tell the lid and seal company to get their shit together. We are many! We stand united! Pull back seal companies, we’re coming for you.


My cats favourite toy




Thoughts and prayers


Stop complaining, do you not remember those ruddy bloody cardboard cartons?


Moaning old git post... Please stop using the NSFW tag when it isn't an actual NSFW post. This new trend of using the NSFW tag for humorous purposes is actually really annoying - it makes the tag useless and should be serving a legit purpose Gotten to the point where more posts tagged NSFW are not NSFW than are


You just wrote a paragraph complaining about 4 letters on a picture of a bottle cap, let it sink in