Well done, it's a huge accomplishment as you get older. My husband just passed his practical test at the age of 45! I was so happy for him. (And for myself, he owes me 16 years of night out pick ups!)


Ahaha make sure you collect them!


I passed my theory test, then practical test at age 45. Sitting in the test centre among the teenagers felt odd, but it was worth it! Well done, good luck with the practical side.


Thank you!


Not a small thing, it's an amazing achievement, doing it at 17 when your brain is still used to learning is easy, passing when you are over 10 years out of education is a proper accomplishment. Fair play, good luck with your future driving lessons.


Hopefully I’ll get a test sometime before the end of next year so I can finally get rid of the L-plates!


Congratulations. I passed my practical test in January at 32. Never too old to learn imo.


Any tips for me? 😂 congratulations to you as well!


Thankyou. My advice is just to be patient and not let other drivers dictate how you drive because there are a lot of arseholes who won't give you time or space. The only thing that gave me trouble was not taking the time I needed to make manoeuvres. You'll be fine 🙂


Congratulations! I’m so happy for you 😊💕


Thank you! I’m glad I did it!




In the same boat, well done!!! ❤️


Congratulations to you as well then! Thank you!


Well done you! Not a small thing at all! Once you're driving your not going to know yourself. It's the most liberating and useful thing I've ever done.


I’m looking forward to it. Just the matter of the practical driving now!


Congratulations! I've got mine next Friday and I'm quite nervous


The theory is easy. Just a matter of common sense and courtesy. Bone up on some obscure road signs and you’re fine. As for the hazard perception, click when something happens on screen that would make you change speed, direction or both and click again a second later. You’ll ace it.


Thanks! Yeah I've been revising, for the developing hazard practice I kept clicking too early which was really frustrating. I should be okay I just always hated exams at school and avoided them like the plague at uni, this will be my first exam like thing in about eight years so I'm just a bit anxious.


Yeah. That was my issue the first time. Failed the hazard perception for clicking early (and on a couple of videos it didn’t even register a click 🤣). It’s fine to click early if you click again a second later. I’m a naturally cautious driver so to me, anything and everything is a potential hazard.


Same with the cautious nature. My driving instructor recommended a pattern of three clicks I can do when I see a hazard so even if i don't get a perfect score I'll get something. Anyway, well done for passing hopefully I'll join you in that next week 😊


Congrats! I finally passed last year after 10 years of trying on and off (the joys of anxiety). Still feels surreal to drive but is a huge relief to have done it


Good for you!!


Thank you!


When you do you practical try to be relaxed as possible I was chatting to my instructor about motorbikes and other hobbies I have to take my mind off the anxious bit


Congratulations, learnt to drive at grand old age of 43. Was so nervous, but now after having my first car for nearly 2 months, don't know what I did without one. I watched endless YouTube learner driver videos as well as lessons, that helped.


Congratulations! And you are never too old to change things. My husband passed his driving test last month at the age of 47. I'm so proud of him for not only passing, but overcoming the anxiety he's always had over driving to do it. He is now experiencing the freedom that comes with having a licence and a car instead of having to rely on the bus, and is having the time of his life!


Nice one! Best of luck with your practical when it comes around.


Congrats! I passed third time after failing by a point on the second attempt. Hope to see your follow up post in the future when you’ve passed your practical


Can’t wait to follow up!


Just passed my practical this week at 31! You got this! Congrats on the theory though it was stressful!


I passed my test at 39. Best thing I've done in years. Never too late! You can do it 🚗


Getting a booking is an achievement in itself, good job


Good for you ❤️🤜🤛 congratulations