That could be fun. Like they did in season one with the pug


And the chickens!


Don't forget Ophelia the pig from BB2!




chiquita the icon!!!!


RIP to a queen


Only if they slip it in without telling the houseguests, so the first person who sees it thinks they’ve gone crazy 😂


As someone who is allergic to cats. I love this idea because I love cats. But let’s make it one of those cool creepy hairless one. I bet someone would be creeped out. I know my fiancé hates them. I love them.


They're adorable, but they get cold easily and wouldn't make good TV always hiding under blankets.


How is that different than some of the past houseguests?


This comment is underrated.


Thanks. I thought it was pretty funny lol


Maybe it's time Big Brother removes the sofas and beds during the day, so everyone has to stand and be active


Ya that’s what I was thinking, it’s too cold for them.


most people who are allergic to cats are allergic to enzymes in their saliva so unfortunately a hairless cat wouldn’t solve that problem


It depends. There’s lots of people allergic to the dander too. But usually if you have a mild allergy to the hair/dander it gets better. It’s bad for a little while than goes away.


isn't the dander allergy from their skin tho or did I make that up


It’s from their hair/skin. I always thought it was just like a dry scalp.


I think it’s hard to tell which part your allergy is coming from because they lick their fur which would then make their hair an allergen because the saliva enzymes are now on their hair


Hair isn't what causes allergies (at least most cat allergies), it's the saliva, so you'd still most likely be allergic to a hairless cat as well, I know I am.


I'm definitely allergic to the saliva and dander, the saliva sets off my symptomatic eczema and the dander sets off my symptomatic asthma. For me, there is no way around the eczema, I just have to deal with outbreaks if I'm going to have pets. On the other hand, a regular house cat would put me in the hospital after several hours of contact, but I live with a pair of Devon Rex's and I never even have to use my inhaler.


I, too, am allergic to cats unfortunately, so a hairless sphynx cat would be the one and only option I'd turn to which IMHO is a great thing because I *love* me some sphynx cats! I think they are all just **too** adorable 💘


Dani and Dom love those cats and anytime they post pics of them i get a bit creeped out lol. Reminds me of that Friends episode too


Or even better a robotic cat, or one of the little toy cats that they sell at a kiosk in the middle of the mall


Well they are super ugly, might as well buy a rat then




Genuinely don’t remember this but remember the dog from BB1 and puppies from BBCAN4


Aww, little 'Pugita' from BB1! ❤ And ITA w/ u-- for some reason I cannot remember there ever being a dog on S16 (or any season besides BB1 for that matter), wtf... 🤔


> The dog was on BBUS 16 I don't think so.


How about a pig named Ophelia?




Im not an expert with cats but don't you put them in a separate room then you slowly introduce them to the house and the other people and animals


They’d immediately kill that thing. Remember how quick they used to kill the HOH fish?


Yeah. There are a million potential problems here, but the biggest one is that every data point we have suggests we would have to deal with a dead cat on the feeds.


Are you my mom? We watch BB together and she’s always said they should have a shelter dog on and at the end of every week it goes up for adoption and another one comes in. Said it would add something to the house and get a few dogs adopted.


I love that but I’d be more focused on how sad I was about all the dogs leaving than I was on the game lol


But you’d know they were finally getting a home, so it’s a happy goodbye.


I sadly to evote Mister PussPuss because he shat in my slippers.


Some of the houseguests barely clean up after themselves, it would be hilarious to watch them fight about who’s going to scoop it’s litter box everyday 🤣


I love cats (we have two in my family), but I think a dog would be better suited for the commotion of living in the BB house. I think it would be stressful for a kitty in there!


The poor cat though...




It’s a no for me Litter box cleaning issues will be huge


This, but slowly add more until like 12 cats so it becomes a nuisance


My husband and I have an ongoing joke about how our dog would fare in the big brother house as a legitimate houseguest who could be voted out. She would do terribly in competitions, but no one would view her as a threat. We think final 3, easily. 😂


Maybe during the F4 week when nothing is going on in the house, but not any other time. All it will do is make people talk less about the game and spend more time taking care of the cat, and I don’t really want to watch that on feeds.


i was literally just thinking this! They would get pets for a few days in old seasons of BBUS


I think having a pet would be a bad idea. It would take defer interactions with other houseguests IMO.


I loved how the Big Brother house in Australia got the housemates bunnies bc one person on particularly was begging the house for a pet!


They had a dog, too!


Dog would be much better.


I love this idea and at the end of the season it's likely one of the HGs would adopt it or if they put it up for adoption I'm 10000% sure some fan would.


I like bbcan a lot because of something you touched on. They have segments where the house guests do non-bb related activities together. Basically like team building exercises. I think it helps with toxicity and provides them with some downtime where they can just be themselves. And a cat I think would be great for that too!


BBAus used to put rescue dogs in! I don’t see why BBCan wouldn’t. There’s hypoallergic dogs if that’s an issue. I think Russian blue cats are typically the more hypoallergic cat breeds


There are people allergic to cats. Idk if cats have a breed like some dogs who don't shed which helps with pet allergies. But a dog seems like a better idea.


Or snake named Todrick!


While the upside certainly exists...I think that if anything went wrong it would be BAAAAAD. (The BBUS cast can't even keep fish alive). And the potential downside (no matter how small) out weighs the upside.


As much as I love cats, which are 1000% better than dogs, I actually think a dog would work better in this situation. Cats aren't as entertaining for TV, and would likely spend most of their time sleeping away from the humans. They also usually take a while to warm up to people and new places, so they'd probably hide and be pretty skittish for a while in the beginning. On the other hand, a dog could go in and immediately want to hang out with the humans and start playing.


Adopt an extroverted cat from a cat cafe. They’re used to strange humans interacting with them.


Or put house guests in the house that are actually entertaining. Some people are allergic to cats.


They gotta send me in


Are you serious? You think a house cat would be a good element? The houseguests can barely clean the dishes and keep the kitchen clean, you think they'll be able to clean a litter box multiple times? Plus cats suck. Cats would not be entertaining on the TV at all. At least a dog would make for better TV. And that's not even talking about the fact that there's a lot of people with allergies. Having a cat in the house would not help anything, other than the house guests who do like cats.


How about like 3 cats


I've been hoping they'd do this for ages. It'd help with the insanity that is living with humans in close quarters for 3 months and plus it'd give the HG's some tasks to do. I feel like they'd be a bit apprehensive to do it due to allergies and stuff. But i'd love to see a BB Kitty wandering around!


omg, yes!!!


they would kill it on accident I think lmao- didnt the fish used to die constantly?


Make it a house challenge reward like they used to do with the hot tub/food.


I think that’s awesome. Wonder why they don’t give them at least fish.


Apparently they did but they killed it so people are saying that cats will also be killed but idk about that


Kent , bunky , Ophelia and Chiquita are fun pets but we need more


AU had two poddles that I absolutely loved..


will the cat be eligible to compete in HOH and Veto competitions?


Not if I will get attached to it and then it escapes and goes missing :-(


This is incredible. I've been fantasizing about having a cat loose in the BBCAN house all season this year! I dream that one gets in through the open outdoor space and the producers just let it ride.