They have a dumb glow-stick on their chest to show if they’re friendly or enemies. Wish there was more to it to the characters than that.


I honestly agree that the glowstick is silly. I mean, it does the job, so we can see the differenxe, fine. But having it be a tangible part of the World, like something the soldiers actually wear, what does that mean? To me it's like they had to have met and agreed: "right, you're red and we're green". And it makes it feel more like something out of a weird futuristic kind of sport, than an actual war. The voice lines further enhances this. I'm having fun, but there are lots of stuff that could be improved. This is just one thing.


Just tried it, this is a joke, it's impossible to recognise enemies if being sideways or more than 30 meters away. Can't believe someone approved it without at least adding option for overhead indicator...


Thanks, will try again. The no-HUD looks so much better without all the cluster.


The issue is that when you’re too close, the dot above their head is usually above your FOV. I often fire at teammates or hesitate to shoot enemies that run right behind me


You could create a custom portal server to disable hud elements but still keep teammate markers enabled. Some hardcore servers may already do that. Otherwise, yeah, the game is meant to be played with the HUD enabled, and you’re missing the HUD.


Or even better the severs that disable specialists entirely and use player models from either battlefield three or bad company two or 1942 or all of the above.


Yeah, they should work a bit on HUD customization for official servers. ON/OFF switch is funny to say the least.


Basically, yes. The fact that you can get killed by your clone is such a weird thing.


This will effectively kill hardcore mode. Guess it doesn’t matter I do not plan on buying this game any time soon


Hardcore can just play with legacy BF3 classes


You are correct but it doesn’t change the fact that the base-game is a waste of time for almost half of their fan base.