YouTube University. Tons of vids on there. Ask any specific questions here. Good luck :)


The Autodesk forum is invaluable. I've found it well managed and usually up to date with more recent functions across versions. Look for the tutorials within Inventor, there are additional ones you can download too. If you need/want to take a class, ImaginIt offers paid classes. I found their beginner's class invaluable and the instructor fantastic. Very fast paced, which may not be an issue if you are already fluent with CATIA.


And past lectures from Autodesk University. They often have a video plus a powerpoint plus a handout document. You can often get a topic explained in sufficient depth.


TFI CAD tips all the way.


If you know how to parametric model it’s easy peasy once you dig around for the buttons. You can just google specific things as they come.


This. Most softwares call things the same names. PowerShape however... A whole different beast...


As others have said: Autodesk forums, Google searches, Inventor help and tutorials, Youtube Videos, etc. You might want to start with a textbook, in this case I would recommend Mastering Autodesk Inventor by Curtis Waguespack. There are also many ways to do many things, depending on what you intend to produce. Feel free to ask here for any guidance.


I taught myself Inventor from going through the tutorials in Inventor and watching videos on Youtube.


I’m learning creo at the moment, but the Youtuber I’m watching has video playlists of him going over multiple 3D modeling softwares, including inventor. Vertanux1 is the name if you want to find out more.


As others have said YouTube is invaluable. Pluralsight is also an excellent resource for training for a fairly small cost.


As someone else mentioned, the tutorials that are built-in are awesome. Especially if you already have the principle basics.