Yep, weeks to months. If it's an expedited hire it will go much faster (it will mention in the announcement if it is actually expedited).


It took me almost a half a year between the time I applied to the time I started my current job. Ymmv, but expect 4-6 months on average lead time.


My coworker left last month for a city position, it took a year from application to job offer.


Applied for a position in June and just had 2nd round interview last week. I've worked for 4 other bay area cities and it's never this long lol


In the same boat, it’s been 4 months so far.


Months, long process. HR stuff and inpatient (if u applied for acute care) takes about 4-6 months from initial letter of new hire acceptance. County moves slow


My understanding is it takes at least 6 months… it may take months for someone to respond to your application. After you interview, expect a few more months before you hear back. They are very slow with their hiring process


It will take at least 3-12 months, depending on how often the department refreshes their ability to interview new nurse candidates. When you apply, you're put into a qualified pool of candidates as it is Rule of the List ( so your rank doesn't really matter, as long as you qualify for that specific position ) It's hard to determine when SFDPH will want to hire. If they are already in the process, they need to validate why they want new nurses ( like you ). They can't just go back out to the list if they find someone interesting. One tip: Make sure you respond AFFIRMATIVELY to every.single.position.interest.form. They are **all** different. Do not make the mistake of saying "Oh, I already provided my interest form". No, you did not. You gave your interest to a specific position(s). So many nurses give up because they think their 1 interest form applies to all of the positions within SFDPH. You should see 1402,1404 interest forms. Literally one a week.


Took me 3months to get accepted to amazon been there for a year a 3 months til I found a higher paying job within 3months of working and knowing it’s a stable. Job; I bounce from Amazon I’m working as a dishwasher easy money 😂


Find the recruiter and constantly email them for feedback.


Constantly email isn't going to do anything but annoy them.


especially for city employment where the recruiter listed is from DHR (Main citywide HR) and not the HR department of the department doing the selection.




Nurses might be quicker because of such high demand but for non clinical healthcare roles…we had people that applied 14 months ago for positions that are still open that need to be interviewed