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we complain about reddit mods but imagine if your life depended on it


Even China recognizes life is better without the Kardashians.


If I had gold, I'd give it to you but I can't be showing off that wealth on social media.




-1500 social credit


I will never socially recover from this


It's the fear of celebrities spreading enjoyment that makes people not like work but enjoy


I'm not sure celebs showing off their private jets and Lambos as "spreading enjoyment".


Well that’s what’s happening in the US. Enamored with celebrity culture. People thinking they’ll become millionaires and billionaires without putting in the work. I am no fan of the Chinese government or China but I think we need to look at them and arrest the influence of social media in our own country. Maybe we need to step back and take a look at where it is taking us and make the necessary changes.


I’m fairly certain the logic is that watching people have things you can never achieve creates unrest because people who may otherwise be happy are exposed to comparisons that show them they’re not as well off as they feel. It’s a legitimate concern but this is definitely too harsh of a way to go about tackling that issue in my opinion.


Spreading enjoyment? That’s all that brain rot in there from ig fb and TikTok.


Yes, because watching celebrities have what we don't is enjoyable. 🙄


They didn’t say anything about *having* extravagant wealth. They just have to hide it from the mudpeople, or they might start getting ideas. Edit: this post blew up! Someone got so mad they reported me and I got banned! I would love more people to tell me if I’m wrong or right :) I even pasted links!


They don’t want people to think they can get wealthy, that’s a fools errand


Yet here in America we have a nation of aspirational millionaires who will never be rich and won’t tax the wealthy because “one day it can be me”. Meanwhile the entire country is falling apart and China is surpassing the US in every way.


This is the way


Life was better before social media exploded


and they're right, our culture definitely has a problem with celebrity worship and over the top conusmeristic approach to life, maybe we shbould stop idolizing being super rich


People really think they’re all gonna be wealthy one day. And vote against their best interests because of it. America is fucked up.


90% of the time I hear about them it's when people who don't like them talk about them.


God the mindless Reddit hate for them gets old, as if there aren't much more extreme examples.


I mean can we really be surprised when the communist government actually tries to enforce communist ideals? It's like a r/LeopardsAteMyFace situation.


The interesting part to me is that they specified celebrities. Does that exempt the oligarchs and Uber rich party officials?


Uber rich party officials absolutely do not display their wealth or they could be made an example of by up to execution on corruption charges.


Like this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ling_Jihua#Son's_Ferrari_crash


Just like in the US. The few billionaires on everyone's lips make more money because of their notoriety. The vast majority stay properly hidden from the masses, guarded by private militaries on well designed compounds, so that angry mobs can't pull them out to the guillotines.


Where are all these mobs with guillotines? Look dude, I grew up around some of these ultra wealthy 0.001% folks and there's no private militaries or bunkers, just extra fancy houses that have a good police response time.


as a wise man once said "the Hamptons are a low lying area".


Sun Tzu


I guess I'm dumb but what does this mean?


its a comment about them being a strategically hard to defend place full of our countries wealthiest pieces of shit.


Sometimes you spend so much time on reddit you forget that killing billionaires is still a crime and they can just call the police to arrest you.


It doesn’t really matter if it’s a crime. If we as a society hit the point that we are executing the ultra rich, I doubt the police force would exist in the capacity it does today.


Depends on who. There are people that a lot of competent people would like to harm. They often travel the way the president would if the position wasn't public. I doubt that oxycontin family is allowing ADT to handle their safety. And I've known a few guys that have done armed details on big yachts. Full kit, full auto, NVGs, I can't remember if they said they had rpgs or the pirates might have had RPGs. People didn't want to wait for whatever naval force in the area that might respond. Big money living in or traveling in less secure countries 100% do. Or they use the cops. And personal armed security services are a thing in every state. Poor and middle class people aren't their target demo.


Maybe not billionaires you were around. Worked with a guy who did private security for a billionaire before. Everytime he was on his yacht, they would have two teams armed in rafts follow it.


I guess it depends on who and how many whos wants your head.


Yep, most armed guy I knew was rumored to have connections to the cartel. He always had a plethora of ex-special forces dude alway hanging around his house, but it was no army and he usually had them doing coke with him. Forgot about that guy, probably because I met him through a mutual acquaintance during college and not going up.


or to make people think this


I mean the line is blurred A reality tv show featuring a nouveau riche family was banned after footage of their spoiled brat kids aired and triggered the fuck out of everybody, as spoiled brat kids do


Bingo. Keep your head down (or amass political power) and you're gravy.




Some dude got nailed cause he had a Ferrari a long time ago. RL hasn't been safe from the anti-envy laws for awhile


I think it's important to get this out there: _most Government officials_ in China are corrupt. Officials in China have been corrupt from Qin to Qing and from ROC to PRC. In fact, the Chinese idea of a folk tale is that an official who is merely _competent_ at his job and not corrupt. The thing is selective prosecutions. The Government doesn't bring charges against anyone; only those where the benefits of disposing of them outweigh the drawbacks. But once charged, a conviction is guaranteed, not even because the system is rigged (although it is), but because the accused is almost always actually guilty.


In fairness, I think this is legitimately the case with Western politics as well. Most politicians are corrupt, and when you see corruption scandals like the one you are seeing in the UK now, it's often part of a clearly factional power move. (There is clearly a civil war in the Tories right now and everyone is leaking and briefing against eachother)


Well, show me where the uber rich party officials have instagram accounts with millions of followers showing them flexing a diamond covered lambo with a snow leopard in the front seat.


> Does that exempt the oligarchs and Uber rich party officials? Have you been paying attention to the news? The wealthiest men in China have been punished for their behavior as well. And Party officials are held to a much higher standard than non-Party members.


The wealthiest men in China have been punished when they went against the party or Xi Jinping, those are the real reasons. And the standards are mostly appearance based


Its not even the party its just be threat to current faction in power. So if you support faction A and its in power but faction B comes into power you will likely be purged. So you need to do everything to make sure your faction says in power otherwise you run the risk of being purged, which often involves purging other factions.


Or amassed enough wealth to be a threat to ping


Off topic but his name is Jinping and his surname is Xi, so calling him Ping is like calling Elon Lon.


This is something you people seem to have not learned from history Anybody, and I mean anybody, with great wealth, inevitably becomes a threat to any government




This doesn't seem like enforcing communist ideals. This is basically going "hey, stop showing all the wealth inequality.". If they were actually enforcing communist ideals, there would be no need to order people to hide their wealth.


China only cares about perceived image. They don't care about how things are actually happening, just what it looks like on the outside. They don't truly care about communist ideals, they care about people embarrassing the nation.


> They don't truly care about communist ideals, If you include Hong Kong, they have more billionaires than any other country. The US slipped to #2 since covid hit. China hasn't been communist in a very long time. With the oppression of the Uighurs and Tibetans, one party system, and the state control of privately owned corporations, it seems like they are a lot closer to fascism than communism.


Kind of since they're not actually enforcing those ideals, just making it less easy for everyone else to notice how pointless they are. They aren't telling the rich to hand over their assets to be redistributed amongst the people, just to enjoy their opulence without taking as many selfies while they do it.


I don’t think forcing celebrities into not showing off their wealth, on social media, is a communist ideal. Pretty sure this is just saying, don’t let the poor people see how much money you have or they will start asking questions. Which again, not a communist ideal. This is a bunch of powerful dickheads doing what powerful dickheads do, trying to stay powerful dickheads by keeping the people uneducated and complacent. Again, not a communist ideal.


>This is a bunch of powerful dickheads doing what powerful dickheads do, trying to stay powerful dickheads by keeping the people uneducated and complacent. Again, not a communist ideal. What a totally unexpected outcome of a totalitarian central power government


I mean I’d say the Chinese Communist Party is neither communist nor socialist, they are a dictatorship/authoritarian regime, so…


They’re also capitalist. The CCP has sold out the Chinese people to western corporations for a profit for decades. It’s the same reason they keep the Yuan depressed- to entice corporate investment. Anyone who thinks a Chinese peasant has the same rights as a CCP official is delusional.


Thats one thing thats been a constant throughout time and all societies. You'll never be as equal as the people with the gold and/or power


Isn't part of Marxist philosophy that capitalism is a stage through which u go through to get to socialism


Yes, capitalism was a necessary step in creating a commodity surplus and tools of industrialization.


Too many people in this thread are more anti China than they are anti capitalism. Finger pointing....


Right. It's just authoritarians hiding behind "socialist" values (just like the Soviet Union). This has nothing to do with socialism except for wanting to surround the demands with some kind of halo of idealism.


China is communist like North Korea is democratic. They're a fascist state with a capitalist frosting.


Maybe in a communist nation, that treasures core socialist values, there shouldn't be super rich celebrities...


Facts. Although, even socialist and communist countries need bread and circuses.


China might be communist in the way the government controls all the property and companies... but they have a very capitalist economy.


Then its not communist, its authoritarian. Communism and socialism are economic systems.


China is communist in name only. It's better than lots of communist countries in that they seem to actually have "a party" ruling rather than a true dictator, but they simply do not hold any of the values of communism. This isn't the classic meme "well, no one has ever actually tried real communism" either. They act just like any capitalist country, except the government MIGHT seize all your assets and socialize your company/ industry. Its just straight authoritarian.


Socialist in name only... SINO... I think you might be on to something!!!!!!


This feels too clever for Reddit...


Battle of the bots ?


This is one of the more clever geopolitical jokes I've ever read.




State Capitalism Internally it's free market, but if you get big enough to deal internationally, the State wants a cut (and to help)


China is communist in the same way that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democracy.


Check out [this reddit user's compelling case that they're actually a successful fascist state](https://www.reddit.com/r/geopolitics/comments/o9jp9q/is_current_china_an_example_of_a_successful/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Wait, that wasn't obvious to everyone?


Nobody has any illusions about the Chinese government being authoritarian, but fascism isn't interchangeable with authoritarianism. It's a rectangle square situation. Most non-Chinese people don't have any reason to know the specifics of how the CCP does things so aside from hyperbolic use of fascism as a general insult yeah; most folks probably don't realize that China ticks a lot of the fascism boxes.


Most Chinese don't care as long as the system work as intended and it delivers prosperity, food on the table, roof over the heads, kids going to school, a job to do, and money for retirement. Can you really blame them? For that matter, most Americans don't give a shit about the rampant corruption and plutocratic control in our government, the incessant fascist-lite propaganda and how one party tried to destroy democracy just months ago.


> and how one party tried to destroy democracy just months ago. ...as if that was a one-time thing that's over and done with now.


Even according to the CIA the CCP is incredibly popular in China. Perhaps despite the oppression (which they have no illusions about) they want the oppressive government.


Fascism isn't just Nazism, that's just a subset specific to Germany. It doesn't even necessarily need to be racial in nature either, as was the case with the early fascist movements in Italy. Modern China is definitely far closer to that than a Communist state in transition.


What's less obvious is that strong fascist states *might* win because all that inefficient stuff that plagued early attempts at centralized planning could be largely eliminated by instant communications, better processing capacity, and AI. (If Yuval Harari is right) There is nothing preventing a better system outpacing "Democracies" with strong emphases on human rights and individual freedom. It just happens that democratic ideals have beaten all challengers so far, with a few big races still in progress.


> What's less obvious is that strong fascist states might win because all that inefficient stuff that plagued early attempts at centralized planning could be largely eliminated by instant communications, better processing capacity, and AI. Nah. Even if you can solve the calculation problem (which is dubious, AI or no AI), you still have to solve (1) the measurement problems needed to set shadow prices, and (2) the ole' fashioned problems of corruption and malfeasance within the state itself. Without some sort of market-like mechanism, the former is extremely difficult, and the latter is of course no better solved today than in ancient times. Command economies today are going to have the same problems they had yesterday; alas, it may be needed to learn those lessons over again....


by design, fascist systems don't end up ever big on human rights and freedoms. What are you talking about?


That's what he said in the post you're replying to. >There is nothing preventing a better system outpacing "Democracies" with strong emphases on human rights and individual freedom. It just happens that democratic ideals have beaten all challengers so far, with a few big races still in progress. They state right here democracies respect human rights far better than fascist regimes. You're in violent agreement with them.


Fascism has always been efficient, because only one opinion matters. The efficiency is both it’s blessing and curse. Both good and bad ideas are implemented with the same speed. Democracy “wins” because it’s slow, deliberating, and allow for course change when enough pple agree they’re heading down the wrong path.


> they seem to actually have "a party" ruling rather than a true dictator You mean, other than the current dictator-for-life who changed the constitution and threatened to kill anyone opposing him to make himself dictator-for-life?


He's not there without a wide base of support (among powerful people), otherwise he'd find himself dead.


That is true of any dictator


Yeah what the fuck. No dictator is in power without a massive support net underneath them


So’s Putin.


Like who? Genuine question. In an oligarchy for example a dictator presumably needs to have the support of the oligarchs. But if a Chinese dictator can just seize the assets of the oligarchs on a whim, imprison and even execute the entire billionaire class (Jack Ma for example), AND they are a non-democratic one-party State with no elections, then individual wealth has basically no political value. So high-level CCP people are who I assume support Xi. But if any of them spoke out I assume they would probably get disappeared. I guess my question is: what would him losing support look like?


>what would him losing support look like? I'm no polisci grad but I'd assume the only way to arrest power from Xi would be a coup. Like you say, any attempt to speak out would be a one-way ticket to a camp.


i still dont know why the reddit china understanders dont know that china as is now does not see itself as a communist country/society; instead it sees itself as a socialist country/society, and claims that marxism/communism as its ideals (with modifications to its local conditions).


You’re surprised ignorance spreads easily on social media?


Well, they are trying to develop in line with historical materialism, where developments under industrialization are supposed to turn into communism. But people don't understand communism to begin with, let alone different schools of thought and theory in it. I personally think it's a bunch of bullshit, but it's an interesting philosophy in ways, especially if they try to actually implement it like they seem to actually plan on. Big if lol


I mean they're explicitly not communist for exactly the reason you give. By just the definition of what communism is you can never have a communist country.


China isn't communist at all. Communism, is, by definition, stateless. China calls what it has socialism, not communism. The party in charge is the communist party of China, because they claim to be working towards communism eventually. I'm a bit skeptical of that myself, but that's the stated goal.


more like capitalism funded authoritarianism


It’s very good to keep loyalty per turn in their cities


... or ruling party members


True, but communism is an economic ideology, first and foremost. The political structure can vary (as long as the members of the government have, more or less, the same rights than everyone else).


Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was talking about *super rich* ruling party members.


It's almost as if the communist party isn't communist after all, just authoritarians larping.


In the United States, the amount of the country’s wealth held by the top 10 percent of households grew from 67 percent in 2000 to 71 percent in 2019, while the bottom 50 percent of wealth owners’ share dropped from 1.8 percent in 2000 to 1.5 percent in 2019. In China, the top 10 percent of households owned 48 percent of the nation’s wealth in 2000, and by 2015, those households owned 67 percent. The bottom 50 percent of Chinese households owned 14 percent of wealth in 2000 and 6 percent in 2015.


Where could I find statistics like these?




You're not wrong, but this irony here is the communist inequality. Not which country is more shit.


It's almost like their economy might not be communist.


B-but if we can’t call them commies, and are forced to admit it’s just another oligarchy, how will we continue to indoctrinate our children to the dangers of health care, free education and market regulation?




Yeah, well that's cause China isn't really socialist.... There's been a clear divide in power since Mao. They just used communism as an excuse to gain political power


Are you complaining or realizing the issue with calling them communist?




If this was really about socialist values they wouldn't let them accumulate that much wealth. This is about the government feeling threatened by private citizens becoming potentially more influential than they are. This is about power and control and the communist party reasserting its dominance over society. The Communist party isn't going to have society dictated by celebrities.


It's not just that their influence would disrupt the social order, because I doubt many of them would go against the CCP, it's also that celebrities flaunting their wealth highlights the wealth disparity that's only getting worse in China. A huge chunk of CCP's legitimacy comes from Chinese citizens feeling like their lives are improving and over the past few decades, the overall improvements in standard of living have been nothing short of incredible. Now that much of China is urbanized, that growth is slowing for those citizens. That's dangerous especially in the big cities which have insanely high housing prices, part of which is based on the assumption that wages will keep increasing, but wage growth is slowing down. So celebrities flaunting wealth while the average worker struggles to afford housing can easily spark a wildfire of discontent with the social and economic order.


Now they get to deal with the same problem as the US in terms of wealth inequality, just a couple of decades later. It's probably not going to be good for their government and current status quo. I just hope it gets better for the Chinese people, and the same to the US.


And that’s why they are working hard to cover it up, per the article.


It is also the time where Xi is gearing up to change governing rules and either rule a third term or indefinitely. So they crack down on a lot of stuff like wealth display, male singer groups who are "too feminine", private education, having a historical view not agreeing with the party, eating too much on media etc.


Xi is already President for Life. He changed those rules a few years ago.


That's for a ceremonial position that doesn't actually really do anything. Similar to say a Governor-General or the Queen. The actual positions of power is the General Secretary of the Communist Party, and the Politburo. (The Politburo as well should not be underestimated, they aren't shy about removing the GS when they have served their purpose or for a power play etc)


Tbh this is a big problem in the states now


The difference (in very broad generalizations) is that the American core ideology is about rugged individualism whereas the Chinese model really is about the State providing social uplift. So a large chunk of the American working class can be placated by the theory that if you are poor you deserve it. While you're seeing pushback in the US against that, neither major American party derives *as much* legitimacy from the expectation of social uplift as the CCP does. Again this is a huge generalization.


To go with that generalization further. A lot of Americans' goals when entering the work force is to become super rich to have money for themselves. Not spread money around to the people around them in a way that makes them only kinda well off


I mean this is the goal for many Chinese people too. The difference is that from their perspective the State is meant to help facilitate this much more than it's expected to from the American perspective. From the American perspective the underlying assumption is that if you're poorer than your parents, you have failed, from the Chinese perspective, you have failed and the State has failed you. Again these are very, very broad generalizations.


> People voted to become worse off? Yes.


Exacerbated a hundred fold in China by dense population, low resources per capita, and high competition.


This. As someone who lives in China, I can say this post deserves so much more upvotes than the one above it, which misses the point.


The CCP's greatest fear are the chinese people. The censorship, the concentration camps, the surveillance. It's all geared to keep the population in line. If you carry influence, the CCP will take control of it, voluntarily or not.


I don't like the CCP, but even I know that CCP is enjoying pretty high favorability amongst the Chinese people rn. They've lifted the most amount of people out of poverty in human history, and China is still growing. The concentration camps are bad, but its not widespread news, and most people are fine to turn a blind eye to it sort of like how first nations/African American issues are sort of ignored as long as the economy is going well.


People on reddit just don't understand China, probably because they've never been to China. They just see what the news and other redditors write about China. They fail to realize that in the 80's China was fucking dirt poor and its average citizen was dirt fucking poor. Now in 2021, a normal average citizen can ride a high speed rail train to most places in China. (meanwhile in Canada, we don't even have a SINGLE high speed rail line). They've gone from a whole village sharing ONE SINGLE TV (it was like that in the late 80's when I visited my mom's village) to everybody having TVs and Cellphones of their own. You bet people would be willing to turn a blind eye to certain things. Just like in Canada how we've turned a blind eye to our first nations problem...and still do. Our "Truth and reconciliation" bullshit from like 10 years ago hasn't really brought any real change, the average Canadian doesn't care about it either. People don't understand how far China has advanced in the past 30-40 years, and they still thing all the jobs that the Chinese "stole" are coming back if we just boycott their shit. I'm not a big fan of the CCP and I hate that my dad watches so much of their TV, but people in the western countries gotta get real with it.


You act like that's a bad thing. Every government should fear their people. In America their government fears the corporations.


The CCP doesn’t fear the people in the way of We must do right by them or we lose our job. The fear them because they want to stay rich and in control. Those big party boys are like kings.


>The fear them because they want to stay rich and in control. Those big party boys are like kings. What you think our politicians aren't partying with sleazy oligarch money?


There is nothing in the above post that makes it look like they were “acting like that’s a bad thing” with respect to governments fearing people. Why do people jump to conclusions like this? It was simply an theory of why China is doing this, and probably a correct one at that. Because China fears it’s citizens. Simply saying that does not in any way mean I endorse China. People assume they intimately know a person based on a single comment without enough context.


This and they’re probably setting the groundwork to start taking away the wealth from these wealthy individuals. If no one can see their wealth they won’t know when it’s taken away.


Side note that there's nothing in socialism that makes it illegal or immoral to accumulate wealth. What *is* immoral in the socialist view is to *take the wealth from the labor of others*. Becoming rich from your own work is A-OK. It's just that 90% of the time, it's impossible to generate that much value from your own work. Singers, artists, and athletes are pretty much the only type of work that can do it.


This 100%. It’s insane how many individuals fail to understand socialism. This thread alone is filled with it.


It's because the average redditor *wants* to believe socialism is Denmark.


CCP leaders: Stop reminding our socialist population that their leaders are filthy rich.


Meanwhile the property you invested in deflates another few percent.


There's speculation that austerity measures are incoming. If so, then you can't have the wealthy elites reminding the plebs of what they're missing.


They can be rich and privileged, they just have to pretend they aren't.


China in a nutshell. All about appearances.


Like when they dubbed the girl’s voice who sang the national anthem at the olympics because the original singer wasn’t pretty enough. Insane.


If I was a developer I’d just write a private app just for the wealthy to share with each other. Boom I’m rich too


I'm glad, they secretly can remain super wealthy - core socialist values.


"Please don't draw attention to income inequality..."


Rich Guy: "Welp, guess we're driving the Mercedes then. Ugh."


It's going to be hilarious to have a super cheep outside of a car with billionaire insides worth even more than the regular billionaire cars.


I am mildly obsessed with the Aztecs/Central Mexican indigenous civilizations, and it’s interesting to me that they had similar laws about displaying wealth. If you were a merchant you were allowed to become rich, but you weren’t allowed to openly display or flaunt your wealth in the same way that the nobility was allowed to. No fancy jewelry or clothes made of really nice fabric, etc etc. Sumptuary laws are funny in that they give off the vibe of a ruling class trying to flex their power, but they come across as fearful when they reveal their need to openly flex that power. Anyway, tangential thoughts, just kind of interesting to see where sumptuary laws pop their heads up throughout history.


Translation: "Y'all. You're making us look bad and the fucking poors are starting to wonder why billionaires exist in a "socialist" system. Cut that shit out"


Lmao this.


Alright so I’m gonna enter an idea here into the void. Is it a reach to surmise that China’s leadership has evaluated World + Internet and decided that: * “Every single person on the planet…able to say every single thing and thought in their mind…at any time…ever…is a global & national disruption machine…” * “…Therefore, the best path forward at the current moment is to speak to the globe as One Single Unified China and slow everything the fuck down in our house…” * “By implementing systems, structures and brutalities to get every single person under our power to only funnel speech to the rest of the globe via our systemic and controlled channels.” Which has some pretty fucked up results, but viewed through the long lens of geopolitical power is worthy of *some* type of discussion. Or is China acting on some other strategy with their approach to stomping down speech that’s viewable on a scale of \*gestures to everything\*? Interested in some conversation and analysis if anyone reading this comment wants to chat it through.


it is definitely interesting. I do feel it is more about avoidance of hating the 0.1% that eventually happens when things go sour


Do you believe their strategy is so external focused? From what I know about China, the focus would be internal. Keeping calm waters is how they transition to the eventual ideal state. Means to an end.


The good old Elon Musk, “I’m not your typical millionaire, I’m just like you” strategy


But he's right, he's not a millionaire like the rest of them...he's a billionaire


Fuck, he's not even a billionaire like the rest of the billionaires. He has THREE HUNDRED BILLION. He's 1/3 of the way to being a trillionaire.


To put the unfathomable number into perspective, a trillionaire is a millionaire of millionaires.


> He's 1/3 of the way to being a trillionaire. So just 2-3 more years then....


3/10th. Stop exaggerating!!


You got me. But remember when Dairy Queen released a 1/3 pound burger and people didn't eat it because they thought it was less meat than a quarter pounder? I was fudged it to 1/3 to, uh... simplify. >.>


That’s not counting what he owns in crypto…so think T-rillionair.


5 more pump and dumps


I, too, have $50k hair implants.


Bro are hair implants really 50K?


No they're 10k about 10k in the US and I think 2-5k in Turkey where people often go for similar quality.


It probably doesn't even cost 10k in the US depending on how many grafts you get. Also not only Turkey, many countries have affordable hair transplant procedures, especially in Asia.


lol hey guys stop letting the poors know how busted this system is over here. We need to pretend our brand of capitalism is better thsn the Americans.


-500 social credit score


Shit let me fix that. Nothing occurred on June 4, 1989


Double social credit gain for next 24 hours


Bing chilling


I'm gonna fucking die laughing if they do some COD-style extra XP weekends.


But they still have the money…


In China it’s all about keeping „Face“. It doesn’t matter that there is income inequality as long as it is not visible to the common people.


If you can read Chinese the actual announcement covers a lot more than flaunting wealth. Basically it’s an attempt to control the culture of celebrity worship, because the party fears that it negatively impacts social stability and thus its rule. These blunt large scale social engineering efforts are nothing new of course, though the practical results achieved is always debatable because people are people. When Kris Wu was arrested for sexually exploiting female fans (or as political scapegoat depending on who’s reporting it) there were zealous fans who refused to believe the accusations or attacked the alleged victims. Pretty similar to how the metoo movement played out in the West.


Psssh celebrity worship worked out great for the US! Wait, we’re still doing great right?


>Escape goat Is that like an escape room with goats?


That’s more fun than scapegoat for sure.


I wish more Western channels would pick up on this... ALL the shows about Housewives can go the way of the dodo...


In fairness people flaunting wealth etc on social media is one of the worlds biggest issues imo— social media in general is a massive cancer.


Can I just say to totally deviate from the point at hand… As someone who is wealthy, From humble beginnings, I’ve always been told it is trashy and classless to display or flaunt wealth, I don’t think it’s good and it’s in bad taste..


The common message of "dont create unrest" from rich elites to the rich elite children


Reddit very confused


You know what, I’m fine with this. Celebrity worship culture has gotten way out of hand. Oh and fuck the Kardashians and Kanye.


American here. Is it bad that my first thought was “good”?


The comment section here is ridiculous


Aawww man! What fun is being rich when you can’t show everyone how rich you are? Total buzzkill CCP…


Hm. What if they are actually broke but pretending to rich like many influencers.


Wonder what people in the middle class of China feel in relation to this?


Mostly nothing. Sure it’s going to generate some debate online but majority will focus on the “positives” of tamping down on celebrity worship over the negative of more government control on speech. Prevailing cultural attitude is just different over there. Average Chinese tends to be apolitical unless something impacts their personal lives directly: https://ash.harvard.edu/files/ash/files/final_policy_brief_7.6.2020.pdf


This is a very misleading and sensationalized headline on a website of people known for forming internalized options based on a sentence.