Boomers 🙄

Boomers 🙄


My mom smoked through the entire damn pregnancy. I was born smoking a Carleton 100.


Damn you grew up fast


Genuine question, I’ve seen a lot of people say “you grew up fast”, does fast have another definition in this sense? Or does it just mean, you matured quickly


I was referring to him maturing quickly. Not sure how others might use it though.


Yeah, I’ve heard it referenced in another way and I can not for the life of me remember what they said it meant


I’ve also heard it where instead instead of just being mature for their age, it’s also for the kids that didn’t really get to “have a childhood”. Instead of playing kick the can and video games they’re raising their siblings and finding food for the family


Thank you!! That’s it, it was someone saying that the first time they wore makeup at 13, their mama called them fast. And she explained it as quickly maturing and not so much in a good way. Like something forced them to be an old soul/mature etc


Pretty sure my mom smoked her whole pregnancy with me. I was born three months early @ 2.2lbs


My smoked and bowled through the entire pregnancy (she never lost that wide arm swing either). And all the pics from when I was a baby show her, and everybody else, smoking like they had never heard of cancer (it was the late 60's, so they probably hadn't).


Same, also, I can remmeber whan I was a kid, the meals she made to me had sometimes ash.


Ooh my mom smoked the Carleton 120s. I used to wonder why my sister was retarded...


I lol'd take my poor man's gold kind sir 🏅


The generation that sent their children at a super young age with 75 cents to go pick up cigarettes from the corner store. The generation that had their 7-10 year olds lighting cigarettes off the stove and bringing it to them to smoke.


The generation destroying the world with pollution.


Really? Is that what boomers are known for? /gen


My mom did this all the time. She also started to smoke cigs, but had to get her parents brand as the guy from the store would only let underage people get cigs for there parents. It was legal back then to buy cigs if your were under 18 also


Yeah! My mom was sent at 7 to the corner store to get cigarettes for her mama, I think it’s insane to think about.


Back in my hometown in Mexico you can send your child to pick you up a 40 and a pack of cigs without the clerk questioning who’s it for. My cousin once came back with a video of his nephews probably 8-12 years old hammering down a 40. Shits still the wild Wild West out there.


The way it should still be tbh, everything all corporatized and too strick nowadays


I mean, some things should have limitations but I agree


That stove lit cigarette is where I had my first puffs!


i went to school smelling like an ashtray everyday and never even knew. i wish my mom had smoked weed in the house instead. (i smoke outside away from everyone like the social outcast society intended 😘)


Same. This one aid on my school bus has a lot of cops in his family and is extremely nosy. Before I ever touched weed, walked on the bus and he said you smoke. I said no and he said does your parents smoke. It was just cigarettes so I said yes. But yeah my mom smoked in the house all the time so my jackets would smell like cigs. Didn’t realize it tho most of the time


Same. Actually had my locker searched by the principal once because the cigarette smell was so strong they thought I had cigarettes in my locker. Fucking assholes. Both my cat and I have asthma from the long-term constant smoke exposure from multiple individuals.


Good for you ...went through all that and Iraq and Afghanistan for a total of 9 years DEPLOYED.... get a tissue for kitty puss puss


Shut the absolute fuck up nobody asked lmao




I am careful about not vaping or smoking MJ around my kids, by doing it away from them. I won't do cigs either. I didn't want my kids to go to through the same smoke haze I did growing up. I hated it.


For real. While I dont agree with smoking in confined spaces or spaces with little ventilation with kids around, kids dont care if mom or dad is lighting a joint or a cigarette. Edit: kids not mids


Yeah no matter what you’re smoking, don’t smoke it inside if you have kids. On that note, I have been known to retreat to a remote corner of my yard for a quick puff while my kids are around and distracted with a toy elsewhere in the yard.


Thankfully I dont have kids. One year I was at seattle hempfest and someone had their toddler or small kid on their shoulders in the middle of a giant crowd lighting up at 4:20. If I'm somewhere there are kids I'll go away from the main area to smoke.


Yeah no that’s just irresponsible parenting. Those little brains aren’t ready for THC yet. And secondhand smoke of any kind is bad.


Honestly so what, theres worse parents out there than those of us who indulge in a puff here or there. It’s no different to a parent sinking a 6pack every afternoon.


That’s wrong. Yes drinking a six pack is not great, but if all you get is a buzz then no big deal. *because the kids cannot consume alcohol via second hand* whereas with weed the smoke will affect them. Now if you are getting drunk, and causing harm and destruction, that’s different.


With mids around lol. Headies though is alll good.


The generation that smoked in hospitals.


In planes, on trains, in a theater, in an elevator...


Basically anywhere oxygen was present




Humans are detrimental the Human condition.


Facts anti-weeders are the biggest hypocrites in the world


Reefer madness told me so bro!


While I am 100% a stoner and supporter of weed, I have to say, to be fair I don't think children should be exposed to weed smoke in any form. THC is bad for those who are still developing brains.


Kids shouldn't be exposed to smoke in any form. And I'm not an expert on the matter but I think I remember hearing second hand weed smoke has negligible amounts of thc if any because it all gets absorbed on inhalation.


Inside the car with windows up, in the house, in your fucking face


my parents used to smoke inside the car with the windows closed when we were little


I have Asthma and I’ve pretty much outgrown it now but when I was younger my dad smoked cigs inside the house and car and man, I was fucking chocking trying to breath normally.


My parents did not but a lot of my friends parents did. If one of us complained we were just told to shut up and deal with it


same i wanted to die


I mean, shouldn’t be smoking near kids one way or another. Not really sure what this post is trying to prove lol


I’d say don’t smoke inside around kids, if you’re out in the yard or something and they’re playing 15 20 feet away or so I’d say it’s ok to light up a joint. It’s going to get a lot more commonplace so they might as well see it.


OP's just pointing out the hypocrisy of the previous generation


The ones who built the industrial revolution? What have you done?


Is this sarcastic or do you actually think boomers are 220ish years old?


Dude must be old himself with how hurt he sounds 😂


LoL sooo what you're saying is it was just "boomers"? Do you know how long people have been smoking tobacco? Or are you playing word games because you don't know tobacco had been used indoors for centuries?


The post and comment were about boomers. Plus I replied to your other comment where you said boomers built the industrial complex and fought the big wars. So it sounds like you both forgot how old boomers are and when the industrial revolution happened. I'm not the one trying to play word games.


Do you know there's more than ONE industrial revolution right? Second ended in 1914. The war machine and the "boomers" that was WW2 took this country to a much higher level. Space, computer tech, fiber optics, cell phones, satellites, and everything you use today to include the device in your hand right now .... Call it what you will... Those people deserve way more respect than I see millennials generation z give them..... Bye


Yeah I know that and I know your calling the scientific/technical revolution the industrial revolution. Also that the oldest boomers were born in 1946 you know after the war. Meaning they had nothing to do with the technology invented during it or really any new technology till about 1964ish. They didn't invent computers or rockets or satellites.


Yeah they did absolutely nothing you're right......


They did a lot just not what you were giving them credit for.


If it were only "boomers" say so, he might have a point. But for the fuck of it, let's say it is only boomers saying it. Should they not tell people to do the same dumbass shit they did? Or should they just roll up and die because none of their life experience has any value?


Yeah don't smoke either around your kids This post is a bit silly. 'oh you did this bad thing so I can do my bad thing' just shows both being hypocrites honestly I smoke reguarly. I don't smoke inside or anywhere near my kid/other people's kids. They can inhale it/smell it and I shouldn't force that on them


Finally somebody said it




Only the white ones do tho hey


My boomer parents smoked weed and still do. My mom legit rolled me my first joint.


My boomer parents have been weed smokers for my whole life, though they’re pretty subtle about it and always stressed responsible use. I think people tend to forget that liberal boomers are a thing, they are just radically outnumbered (as they always were; counterculture tends to be like that.)


I think a lot of the boomers who were liberal just flipped the script half way through instead of staying true.


I have too much respect for my mother to label her a boomer


The word didn’t have a negative connotation until pretty recently. They openly refer to themselves as such, why wouldn’t I use their own language?


Never heard any "boomer" I personally no refer to themself as such. And simply because it is used in a negative manner to describe wankers from that generation these days means I won't refer to my mother as one because she isn't a wanker she is cool as fuck.


Interesting, my folks have referred to themselves as “boomers” or “baby boomers” since the 80s. The term just doesn’t carry a negative connotation to me. I think my folks are pretty darn cool, to be clear: both progressive activists. Totally hear where you’re coming from though, and happy to hear your mom is awesome!


How does it feel to be so damn lucky?


Luck of the draw, my friend.


How does it feel to have your dick ridden by God


I mean it's not that big a deal. I'd rather have been born independently wealthy but I'll take what I can get.


Shouldn’t smoke anything around little kids, period.


Just because one is more wrong doesn’t make the other right


Was 5 when I started, as I came out of hospital after 3.5 month coma


I've smoked and grown since my first crop of 35 Skunk F1s on Sept 18 1970. Grown Organically since


Boomers can be such hypocrites 😪


Still tho shouldn’t have cannabis smoke around your kids either way,second hand smoke of any kind can have effects on developing children no excuses


Yeah don't smoke around your kids you fucking idiots, secondhand smoke is no joke.


y’all forget they smoked on planes too?


Actually, the generation that put an end to smoking in restaurants.


Probably right there actually


Who do you think taught my adult children how to smoke weed. This boomer. Still smoking. Light em up. Not all boomers are asshats. A lot are, but not all.




Personally, I spent my lunch hours high, in my car, parked near the smoking section. We got away with a lot!


They give kids with serious illness marijuana. They dont give em cigarettes. Yet people are still brainwashed. Tobacco is by far the number 1 killer. And when complications start they are treated with marijuana. Makes so much sense. Only thing that makes sense is population control, like when they create a "deadly virus" just to exterminate seniors.


Id rather for them to smoke trees around them then cigarettes. U can get cancer not only from smoking them but second hand. NEVER heard of anyone dying from smoking trees. Naw he aint dead he jus sleep for bout 30 min n when he wakes gone eat everything in the house up lmao


It’s okay to smoke pot and have kids. But it’s not okay to smoke pot ΝEAR kids.


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The same generation that let kids sit on the armrest of cars


I remember seeing a law passed saying people can no longer smoke inside their car if a child is inside. Kinda sounds like it was a joke but man. These people werent happy they couldnt hotbox a cig with their child behind them.


I used to groom dogs. You would not believe the fucking stench some dogs have. Just straight up old, musty cigarette stench. So gross.


You shouldn’t expose children to anything you fucking degenerates


Don’t forget by they time they got home they were rolling drunk and then beat the wife and children…


THE WAR??? WW2? KOREA? JAPAN? VIETNAM? Or you just talking WW2? Maybe that's the problem here.....


And BTW what difference does it make? Wanna sit here and tell me my father who fought in Vietnam was not old enough to use and change the war machine built for WW2, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam??? Or you just trying to nitpick a point?


And in offices, airplanes, buses, bars, clubs, elevators, I'm so glad I don't have to smell like an ashtray anymore just for working and socialising, well, when socialising finally comes back.....




You shouldnt smoke anything in Front of your kids


And Aeroplanes


Ok boomer


either way don't smoke around your children


and inside homes!


i definitely don't smoke anything around kids especially in a room with them, But to anyone who does i don't judge, just be safe and be smart with your babies/kids!


Just because they did that dosen't make smoking weed infront of your kids ok. Dont set a bad example for your kids.


I had a friend once who would smoke around his 3 year old. His kid was constantly getting stoned. I felt really bad for the kid because 3 years old is way too young to be exposed to weed. Plus, he had no way to consent.


I still remember being in the backseat of the car with both grandparents smoking up front.


And blew it in their kid's faces as they were trying to eat.


Smoked while pregnant.


This boomer taught his toddlers to roll joints back in the 60’s


Hell, that generation smoked cigarettes in their kids' bedrooms (, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and every other location in the house). There was no escaping it.


They smoked while they held us in their laps lol


Nephew: "Uncle that smells like skunk and shit" Me: "I'll take it outside"


Two wrongs don't make a right do they... Also it took Gen X to get rid of smoking on planes and in many public areas.... Millennials and Gen Z win trophies for coming in last and cry because so many of you have worthless degrees..."Boomers" may not have been perfect but they fought the big wars and built the industrial complex you take for granted....😂


No they didn't they were the BABY BOOM after the wars.


Yeah. What do you think happened after the wars? What became of the war fighting industries and skilled labor? Just FYI the SECOND industrial revolution ended in 1914. After WW2 we saw a huge spike in invention like the one your holding in your hand...


Again they didn't fight the wars and that's still about 32 years too early to apply to them. You're mixing the "greatest" generation together with boomers and even they were mostly too young to be apart of the industrial revolution.


Yeah youre right they were after the wars...


Actually pretty funny. Also the ppl that smoke cigarettes with their children in the back seat.


And crack? F they talking about?


My grandmother smoked through all three her pregnancies. My uncle, when he was born, was almost 10 1/2 lbs. My grandmother said it was the smoking that kept him from weighing 20 lbs! My grandmother is 80 now, and hasn't smoked since I was 12 (I'm 40) she's fighting lung cancer. She regrets every cigarette she ever smoked.


Im 110% for legal weed, but tbh, your moms Marlboro couldnt get the entire family HAF.


dont u tell me now cigarette is more harmful than weed


My mom never smoked but my friends parents did... I remember being in their living room watching tv, laying flat on the floor covering my face with a pillow..just wishing it would end.


And in the car with their kids in the back seat...


Or the beer commercials and beer in convenience stores. The CAQ runs legal Cannabis with a boomer mind set.


And on airplanes


And malls. And airplanes. And every fucking where. Born in 83. That shit was everywhere until I was a teen.




I only smoke in the house in vape form. I don’t smoke when the kids are awake and if I’m gonna burn some flower I go out on our back deck and enjoy the day. I work night turn so I get off at 7am home around 7:30 get a work out in then usually go on the deck around 10am to smoke before bed. Sometimes the neighbor kids are out but I live in a rural area so it’s not like they are right beside me but I’m waiting for the day one of them calls the cops (I have my medical card but flame to flower is a no no so I keep my dry herb vape close) but still waiting for them to call the cops. It’s cool though I guess half the neighborhood was lighting off pro grade fire works all weekend potentially killing someone, lighting a house or yard on fire and all that good shit but god forbid I smoke a plant for medical reasons.


So shouldn't we be trying to be better than them?


My dad was a drinker my whole life, that shit did way more damage to me then cigarettes. Alcohol fucked my childhood up a lot, when I was around 10 my dad got wasted one night and stayed in our garage grilling and bumping music till 3am. My mom got mad , went outside and shut his music off and got the food off the grill. My dad got pissed and threatened to kill her in front of me. He said he was going to get a 10 foot rope and hang her, he said it multiple times in a serious way. He’s never laid a hand on my mom or threatened her since that happened 11 years ago, but it messed me up more than any cigarette smoke ever could. Like I said, he’s been a drinker my whole life, I could write a book with the shit I’ve seen and heard from him but I’m trying to leave it all in the past.




And in the cars with the windows up.


Both of them are just as bad


I know someone Who breast-feeds her kid and she smokes a lot so her milk is very potent


Says the generation that spent decades breathing leaded gasoline fumes


Yeah my dad smoked up until I was born and when I started smoking he bought cigarettes when I decided to quit cannabis helped so much with that and it was easy but my dad was like you’re going to stop smoking weed or you’re getting out of the house right now so…yep🙄😂😂


Airplanes, malls, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, department stores, literally everywhere.


True though. I remember when this was still legal as a kid growing up.


2 months ciggi free for me. Planning on having kids didn't even want to show them ciggis are ok


This word reefer resonates for me on the same level as Sublime


“And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes… reefers”


Kent 100 .75 cents a pack made a quater for walking over to great scot


I have clear memories of my parents' card games (early 80s) with their friends with 4yo me hovering by the table with my face right next to the ash tray and my mom's cigarette smoke in my eyes.


I even have memories of people smoking in public transports, lol. I'm about to become a boomer myself!


Mine smoked in the car


I choose not to smoke near kids; but also if i smoked cigs i would still choose not to smoke near kids because courtesy.


Or maybe people shouldn’t do either... crazy idea, but ya know, weed smoke isn’t good for kids.


Worse when you see people smoke cigarettes in a car with children. Added bonus if the windows are rolled up!


The generation that smoked cigarettes in PLANES


Me and my wife were just talking about this, like who thought that was okay lmao smoke and a pancake had a lot more meaning back then.


And in movie theaters.. and at parks.. and in hospitals.. and in dentist offices.. .-.


Right and in the car with pretty much all the windows up expect the one being used that's barley cracked🤦‍♀️


On everything g


I already said it in that thread and I’ll repeat it here: I don’t agree with getting intoxicated around children. You all do what you think is your right, but I believe children need a space that allows them to be children. I’m okay with there being spaces where you can’t get high, drunk, or others.


My dad smoked in the house when I was little, had a lot of cigarette burns in my clothes. Not because he burnt me, there was just ALWAYS one in his hand so I’d just walk into them all the time. Then I got older and realized he was always smoking crack in the house, blew my mind 🤯


2 wrongs don't make a right, don't subject your children to watching you taking drugs getting drunk or smoking. Especially if it's a crutch you rely on to get though the day. Weed Is better than drinking but clean living is best and showing an example of moderation is what children should see in adults.


And in cars, and at work, and at home while you were still eating…


And they'd smoke cigarettes in cars with closed windows with their children.


Lmao I never even thought a this argument


Or rubbing whiskey on babies gums.


Or pouring kerosene on open wounds


No fucking kidding. 🤣🤣


I remember taking a 8 hour car ride with my Dad. He smoked the entire ride with the windows up and heavily used Aqua Velva that AM. Yet I got in shit for puking, lol. I can’t stand Aqua Velva to this day.


The key word being CHILDREN. If you are the designated parent, you probably shouldn't be getting high, since you are responsible for getting the CHILDREN to the doctor/hospital or whatever, in case of an emergency. Comon people.


I mean that really depends on how weed affects you. A lot of people can be moderately high and function fine.


Even an intense weed high is manageable for a normal person. Using marijuana responsible, I see no problem for a parent to smoke with a child home.


Also hope you’re not a paret


Also, learn to spell before saying something so stupid. You have no idea how moronic it sounds of you to say you shouldn't smoke if you're a parent. I'd MUCH rather see a dad light a fat Doobie, than crack another 40...


It's probably also better to slap your kids with an open hand as opposed to hitting them with a fist, but that doesn't mean you should do either. Again, I'm happy you're not a paret.


I don't think I'm a paret


But if there’s two parents then it’s alright


As long as they’re not both high


If there was a emergency life or death then you could call a ambulance or if it’s not that urgent call a Uber if you don’t want to drive high. Hospitals number priority is the patient, they don’t care if the parent is drunk (if there not being a problem that is) same with being high


I hope you’re not a parent


I know where you're coming from but just imagine a situation where kids are asleep and the parents decided to have a drink or few,suddenly the child gets up at night sick for whatever reason but the parents are unable to drive because they drank or smoked,what are they suppose to do ? Call an ambulance or a taxi of course. Now during day time,what if the parent use cannabis to treat chronic pain instead of opioids or any medication while we are at it,same thing. In fact it isn't any different than a parent who doesn't drive at all. Parents are normal people and unless we are talking about really unfit ones it isn't an issue.They can't stop living "in case" . But it is definitely their job to make sure that they can handle it while they do. If they fall asleep,get violent and have overall poor judgement they should definitely not.


If you wanna get intoxicated, get someone to babysit. This is not rocket science.


I wasn't talking about myself. But while we are at it...i don't smoke to get intoxicated but to treat chronic pain and epilepsy (that could be way worst that being high by the way) and do it only at night because i know myself and know that i wouldn't be able to do my stuff during the day.My husband doesn't smoke so we are two. Now me is me and others do not necessarely react like me and i trust most parents to be smart enough to know themselves. You seem full of judgment and should open your mind a little. We aren't talking about heroin after all.


I am not familiar with you or your situation and wasn't talking about you specifically. If believing people shouldn't get f\*\*ked up, when they have kids in their care makes me judgemental, then by all means, I'm the most judgemental guy you'll ever meet.


I know you mean well. We just don't have the same definition of what being fucked up means. It's ok. Have a good one.


We don’t need to have the same understanding. If you’re too inebriated to operate a vehicle within the rules of the law you probably shouldn’t be in charge of a child’s life and safety. I am sorry for whatever your situation is and whatever that means you have to do to get through the day, but if your situation means you can’t properly handle an emergency, then you should change it. Any child’s safety comes before your issues.


As i said i personally don't take anything during the day because i know my limits and i do only at night while my husband is 100% sober (he doesn't like weed). But that's just me and i am no better than someone who can handle a little to be painfree and take care of their families. Cbd doesn't cause any high either.While we are at it let's target any and every medication that could potentially alter the mind,people on anti anxiety and antidepressant,anti psychosis,muscle relaxants sold in drug store or prescribed,legal opioids,allergy medication,cold medication,sleeping tablets etc That would never end lol But if you think that everybody who suffers from chronic pain,ptsd such as veteran,people with epilepsy (ironically even children can be treated with cannabis tincture) and every parents with mental or physical problems should have their children taken away simply because they are treating their disorders while being totally able to do everything than you're just a judgmental asshole what else can we say. Not many people would be allowed to keep their kids lol At least you assume yourself even tho you can't do anything about it.