Boomers 🙄

Boomers 🙄


So, every year my family and I would vacation up in Canada. We'd drive 8 hours from lower new york, and rent a shitty cabin on a lake and chill. They're very fond memories and we've been going since I was an infant. I'm now 31. Growing up, and even now, I've always liked the smell of skunk because it reminded me of Canada. I don't particularly remember any skunks, but I figured there must have been some since it was a very rural part of Canada. I had a bit of an epiphany the other day and realized that it wasn't skunk smell at all that reminded me of those Canada trips, but it was fucking dank-ass weed. My uncles smoked what I thought were cigarettes, but really they were getting straight up zooted infront of me.


Lol this is hilarious.




I always associated that smell with being "deer camp". My dad went hunting yearly, and when we cleaned the camper it smelled...strong, I guessed it was some scent covering stuff for hunting. He'd come in from the garage sometimes and I'd go "you smell like deer camp", hell, I was a pothead myself and if I smelled it unexpectedly (someone else's), I'd go "weird, smells like deer camp". Lol


It's wild isn't it? I've smoked for years and I'm very familiar with the smell, but I'll always smell skunk (or skunky weed, I guess) and my brain will immediately go "Canada!"


It kinda is. I honestly smile whenever deer camp pops into my mind. My dad and I aren't close anymore, but I have told him the story and smoked with him afterward.


Canadian here - my kids and I play a game called skunk or pot? They’ve gotten really good at it, lol!


My uncle had been growing since before I was born. Up here in Northern California, a lot of people smoked and it was so common that it was treated like drinking beer or whatever. People have been getting high af in front of me my whole life. 🤷🏻‍♂️


My dad would light up lavender incense every time after smoking weed while I was growing up. Now I can’t smell one without thinking about the other.


To be fair I'm from Canada and there are actually a lot of skunks here. A lot more weed though haha


This story made me chuckle lol. Canadian here and wondering why your family chooses Canada ? Surely there are great camp sites in your area. Admittedly I’ve only ever been to Buffalo, however, I think PA has some beautiful spots also! Co workers went a few years ago and love it. Pocono mountains I believe. Anyways, glad you guys chose Canada to vacay and when all this crap is done come on back


New York is beautiful and I love my state, but Canada, especially the Seelys Bay (near Kingston) area offers such a different scenery despite being only just over the border. We usually stay near cranberry lake which offers really delightful fishing and kayaking. Canada has always held a special place in my heart and I really enjoy visiting and interacting with the people.


There's tons of great areas to camp in NY. My home County of Delaware was historically known for being an escape for people from New York city, and while the mountains are small, it's still beautiful hilly farm country. The west is a little flat, but there are lakes and gorges all over there. The north has the Adirondack mountains and deeper forests than the rest of the state, and is definitely an adventure. However, for the New Yorkers who live in those places or have grown tired of them, Canada is a viable international destination that remains close to home. I mean, we can head up towards Maine, but someone from Northern NY is gonna want something more than that. Upstaters and City people have different definitions of "middle of nowhere", and will camp with that in mind.


That’s awesome! I really do wanna travel the US at some point in my life and preferably it’ll be in an RV! You should see what the camping is like if I drive 8 hours north lol. Scary ass country and if you’re lost that’s pretty much it. I’ve done that camping a few times and it’s a different feeling for sure knowing the ONLY way back is the pilot that comes and pick you up in a small float plane. Usually a Cessna 172.


I’ve never been to Canada myself (though it’s on my travel bucket list!), but I did spend a week backpacking and canoeing in the Boundary Waters which is right up on the Canadian border near Lake Superior. It was easily the best camping trip I’ve ever had, and the most beautiful. If that’s any hint at what camping is like in Canada, I can totally see why they’d choose to head to Canada for a nature trip.


I would highly recommend planning an Ontario camping trip. Once you get out of the great lakes, the province is filled with millions of smaller lakes that are remnants of the glaciers that once occupied the land.


Even near buffalo there's so.e beautiful state parks and camping grounds (I'm a local) and the city is just beautiful.


Mmm, that 90s brick weed smelled lovely, like burning ass hair


That's funny. I camped most of my young life at a trailer park on a lake here in Ontario, and a group of Americans (with kids around my age) used to rent the cottages at the park every year for a week or two. I remember thinking their accents were so funny. All summer you'd have people coming and going like that, and your friends and the people you'd hang out with would change week to week. When people would leave, you never knew if you'd see them again next year. Good times. I miss being young.


We had a student smoking lounge in my high school. You could smoke if you were 16.


We had one too, but it was outside. Anyone could smoke, there was no restriction that I can recall. That was in the early-mid 80’s.


We had a what we called 'smokers circle' across the street from my HS and that was in the late 90s! The year after I graduated they disbanded it haha


The smokers corner at my former school is active to this day lol


Lol where is your old school


Germany - when most teenagers start to drink alcohol at 15 smoking cigarettes isn't really an issue I guess


We had a smoker pavillon on the school yard. Also still active.


Same but it continued until at least when I graduated in 2010


Graduated 2019, y’all really grew up on a different planet. 😳 We had security guards checking the bathrooms during passing time for kids smoking juuls and wax pens.


Yup 2020 here we had metal detectors and cops


Wtf, when did public education start mimicking our prison system? Gotta get them prepped for a life of legal slavery i guess.


The 2 newest high schools in my area were designed by wait for it..... prison architects!!!


When they rebuilt my high school (around 2009) they designed it basically just like a prison. Only one way in and out (except emergency exits), courtyard in the middle, blocks that could be easily locked down. Some kid brought a gun a few years later and blew his brains out right in the middle of the courtyard, everyone tried to run out the only exit they knew of, was a fucking shit show.


my secondary school was built from a prison template too. that’s efficient, easy to control. not super appealing for sure.. i keep the memory that it really felt like custody, no freedom of movement, no freedom of thought, no freedom to dress as you want… a great introduction to adult life :s


I love that game!!


School is prepping you for a life of 9-5 wage slavery till you die anyways.


I graduate HS the same year as them and our smoking section at both my schools had been shut down since the 90s, we had the earliest versions of e-cig styles vapes too. they were super unreliable, but they’d get you through the day.


You may find it interesting my freshman year we had at an old building that allowed smoking outside for students. The next year we were in a newly built school, and smoking wasn't allowed. We went there for our kids and you now need to be buzzed in.


Yep. I was in class of 17 and I saw people get detentions for even just having cigs on them at school, not even smoking them.


I don’t know where the other commenter went to school, but I graduated in 08 and got detention for smoking on campus. (When I was 18)


Bro you just went to the wrong school. I graduated in 2020 and we lit up on school grounds almost every day during breaks


Yep, went to school in NC. Class of 2010. Remember kids blasting heaters at some benches outside the cafeteria every lunch period


The county over from me in Ohio let kids use dip/chew in HS. Had a section outside for spitters and everything. Mid 2000s.


Same, early 90s. The smoking area was right outside the front of the school, supposed to be way off to the side but over time it crept closer and closer to the doors. The whole lobby had big windows so the smoker’s area could be monitored from inside.


Graduated HS in 2015, if you even got caught with tobacco products you were in deep shit. How times change


How long ago if you don’t mind me asking?


It was 16 in Virginia until I think 1990. But we bought cigarettes without trouble around 13 years old and up


I remember being able to go to the store with a note from my mom to allow me to buy Camel Light 100's for her, I was about 6-7 years old and she let me keep the change so I could buy a pack of Garbage Pail kids with that hard stale stick of gum inside that was amazing! I miss the 80's!


actually where im from that is still a thing


Still exists in France. The kids who boarded at the school on weekdays would go out with one of the adults meant to watch over them and have a smoke break after dinner. Watching 16 year olds roll their own cigarettes and smoke in front of me was really hard to understand. Especially now that they US changed the server to 21.


Fuck smoking cigarettes in restaurants. They smoked half a pack in the car with their kids, with all the windows rolled up.


Hey my mom made my dad roll down HIS window when he smoked with us in the car….. so pretty safe /s


And the heater on!


I actually heard someone in my class state this once, that their parents hotboxed the car with cigarettes. They also were staunchly anti-evolution and possibly flat-earth. In the 7th Grade. This was common, and teachers were usually told not to correct students (at least in the earlier grades), and this kind of ignorance was commonly repeated by the children of ignorant parents. Boy the types I lived near...




I go in my basement or my garage


This guy parents!


I have the best times playing with kids when I'm high! I get more into coloring, play cooking, running around playing hide and seek. Not my kids, friend's and cousin's kids. But we be sure to do a huge dab and blow it outside, then go be kids and roll around the grass and eat popsicles, and dino nuggies, and bagel bites... Ooo squirrel!


This. This is the best answer. I fucking love watching stupid cartoons and playing with blocks when I'm stoned.


20 years ago I was 15. I was volunteering at a summer camp taking care of some of the more "difficult" kids (three kids who spoke Spanish and one who spoke ASL). Every morning, I'd partake in the devil's lettuce, then go to "work" to eat gushers, finger paint, play duck duck goose, and sing the ABC's in Spanish/ASL. Didn't matter I wasn't getting paid, that was the best summer job I ever had.


Yea, I don't have kids but was like that with my dog. Imagine it's similar.


It’s how I got through all those kids shows! We never parked them in front of the tv. God, Bob the builder and Dora just killed me, but we bonded with Spongebob. The boy’s 24 and we still watch it together.


Yeah… keep them away as long as you can without being overbearing. I went 19 years not knowing my dad was a huge pothead or even that he smoked weed. Now I’m following in those footsteps, but didn’t start until I was 18 so I’m glad he tried to keep it away to not influence me to try it so young


So happy there are vape cartridges now, but my kid is grown. He doesn’t partake or drink. It had no taboo allure. He saw an uncle who was an addict and parents that were productive, responsible, and honest


And movie theaters, and in the car, and everywhere


Airplanes is what gets me the most. Who the hell wants to be stuck in a metal tube full of stale old and new cigarette stank.


It really did not make sense Like yeah you can pick the non-smoking section of a diner but you're still going to smell that shit from the other side of the room. I remember as a kid when my parents came back from a night out they reeked of that shit, and neither of them smoked. Smoking was everywhere and banning it indoors was a great thing. Kids today are lucky they don't even understand how ubiquitous it was.


Lol and yet when it happened the same Karens that were pissed about wearing masks this year were mad about not being able to force their smoke on others then


I can actually stop at a bar for a drink or 2 with friends and not automatically be busted the second I walk in the door thanks to the no smoking laws.


Window barely cracked in the car, if at all.


Bruh they smoked in hospitals for awhile


When my mom started as a nurse in the late 80’s she said all the older nurses smoked at the nursing stations/in the patients rooms


Dude, doctors endorsed it.


Ah, nothing like a nice cool menthol to cure the vapors.


And airplanes 🤣


Airplanes wouldn't be too bad. It's a common myth that the air stays stagnant during flights. Planes constantly pull in new air and heat it to comfortable cabin temperatures, so the air in the cabins is being constantly refreshed. They tend to maintain a lower pressure than sea level, which dulls the sense of taste, hence airline food being notoriously bland. Also the air in planes can get quite dry because there's so little moisture at those altitudes, which leaves me feeling like garbage for a day or so every time I fly until my lungs and sinuses re-hydrate.


This person airplanes


Not since 2019, but hopefully soon!


And in the car with kids, in the living room with kids, in the grocery store with their kids in the cart (I remember grocery carts with ashtrays built in), etc etc etc....




That was before my time. But yeah, that too.


Oh man I had forgotten the ash trays in the grocery carts.


In the car with the windows rolled up. I flew to Florida in the smoking section of a plane. My poor Paddington Bear probably reeked of smoke.


And while they were pregnant.


I remember when cars had more ashtrays than seat belts.


I was just outside of the age rage but I remember the older crowd talking about smoking cigarettes in high school like designated areas.


And at school, in enclosed government office buildings, at the hair salon, on airplanes ....


Trains planes and automobiles


I remember multiple emergency room visits because my mom, grandmother, and aunt were smoking with me in the room when I was young. I was asthmatic until I grew out of it in my teens. It really really pissed my father off. As a father myself, I quit smoking when my son was born. Well, I tried. I picked it up and put it down a few times since but I’ve been tobacco free for 10 years now. I never, ever smoked with him in the car. He was asthmatic until a few years ago when he finally outgrew it.


I was a smoker for years. But I never smoked around my kids or anyone that didn't like the smell. I remember my aunt's and uncles smoking inside when us kids were there.


Same here man.


The airplane. Was flying on a double decker as a kid and walked down stairs to the main cabin and you could cut the smoke in there


Strangely, my dad smoked a pack a day my whole life. I never saw him actually smoke until i was 16+.. even then he was embarrassed by it and would try to hide it. Hes now 68 and has quit countless times. He currently says he hasnt smoked in 3 weeks 🙄. I give him credit for trying so hard to keep it from me.. and for trying to quit so much.


Inside airplanes. . . My gosh that smell of stale smoke from the hours of people smoking on a flight who smoke regularly. That’s crazy to think about nowadays how messed up that was to everyone else who didn’t smoke.


OMG my first international flight as a 7 year old kid was in the smoking section of the plane, sitting in a haze of smoke, surrounded by chain smoking adults the whole flight. It was SO gross. I remember feeling super ill from all the smoke, plus my skin and clothes stinking for the rest of the day :/


My first experience was from my great grandfather Tex, he would smoke unfiltered tobacco in his 57 fleet side and would just crack the front slits by the mirror a little. The smell of tobacco and burning fuel will be always a delightful memory of him but the smell still sucks lol


My brother and i have asthma even though there's zero history of it in our family, ever. Coincidentally after i started having seizures as a toddler they decided to start smoking outside. Thanks for the week and a half long stay in the hospital six years later, mom and dad! Also, thanks for giving me a disease and then shaming me my entire life for being "weak and sickly."


My fucking stepdad smoked cigarettes in the house and then out the back door when I told my dad (like that made a difference). I had asthma and regularly had pneumonia, asthma attacks, and steroid inhalers. I was constantly sick and seriously underweight. My stepdad had the audacity to say how I went to the doctor more than any other kid he knew. When I moved out nearly all of my breathing problems stopped. Even when I picked up smoking pot myself I never had any issues.


>Also, thanks for giving me a disease and then shaming me my entire life for being "weak and sickly." fucking what. even though your seizures probably were not caused by tobacco, who the fuck blames somebody for a health condition outside of their control? "only LOSERS get cancer" like what


Fucking gross, imagine you go grab a cart its got a bunch of cigarette butts in it


i remember growing up with movie theaters that had a holding spot for an ash tray in the arm... and i'm 31


I'm 37, I probably used those arm rest ashtrays.


Uh. Pretty sure they learned it was bad. Don't smoke around kids, what is wrong with you?


Smoking around kids in general isn't cool imo


I remember one time sitting in the seat behind my dad while he drove the mini van. He ashed his cig and it flew back in the car, blasted my face with hot embers and ash, and he was just like "lol sorry"


Reminds me of this lol. I don’t remember where I borrowed it from sorry [Elmo ](https://imgur.com/a/Y76bQqD)


It's been 3 years since my state legalized recreational cannabis. I began passing around a pre-roll at my 4th of July party. There was another parent who was a little surprised to see me so out in the open with it. I remember fighting for legalization for years, specifically so I wouldn't have to hide. I suppose I just equate it to drinking a beer while you're grilling. I do make sure there is no chance of second hand smoke and always a responsible/sober lifeguard watching the pool.


Both Both is bad


This is the right answer.


And waaay to far down the comments.


And, even worse, in cars with their kids


Yeah, that was my youth in the 80s. Telephone book instead of a car seat, parents chain smoking with the windows barely cracked, step dad with a cooler full of "road sodas". "How far are we from Grandma's?" "Oh I'd say about a beer and a half away" Not kidding that it was pretty normal, at least for my parents and all their friends.


I was a kid in the 80s and 90s and you're right. My grandma smoked so much inside her house that a few keepsakes of her's I got when she died still smell strongly of cigarette smoke. She's been dead for like 20 years.


You should see the videos when they clean out life long smokers homes, everything in the house is orange/brown. I saw a video where it was so bad it was behind all the switch and outlet faceplates and behind pictures on the walls since there was just a slight gap


I did a 3-week long stint as an apartment cleaner before realizing it wasn’t the job for me. The only apartment I cleaned out had smokers that lived in it. I used every cleaner imaginable to try to restore the fridge to a white color but it was useless. The apartment manager just decided to replace the entire fridge after I spent half a day scrubbing it from top to bottom. The smoke covered the wood cupboards, it laid on top of all the lightbulbs. I took the vent off the bathroom fan and it had smoke all over it. Truly disgusting. I vape and can’t imagine going back to cigarettes but it grosses me out to think about all that sludge in my lungs.




https://youtu.be/r7quU8UgyQU Some people man. That’s all I can say


Do they not mop their houses the entire time?


My wife’s dad’s apartment was like that when we cleaned out his place. There were lighter areas on the walls where pictures were. HEAVY cigar smoker. Sucked those things down to his toenails. Amazing he lived as long as he did.


I was born in 82 and that was my childhood as well


windows up, winter time


Windows up summer time.


This has Ludacris "What's Your Fantasy" energy


It’s so stale in the winter


Holding baby bottles.


That’s now illegal in the UK.


Pretty sure this is the reason I grew up with asthma, constant sickness, and a bad left eye (okay maybe that one was mostly genetics).


I can remember my parents taking me into the "smoking room" at our mall, which was basically just a windowless room filled with smoke 24/7. .....I had cancer at 29 lol








You only yolo once


I only live yolo


On airplanes too


As a parent, edibles FTW.


Oh man, even seasoned smokers often have no clue when it comes to edibles. My old dealer smoked from 13. At 29 he was given edibles, munched an unholy amount and was surprised when he had a psychotic episode...


Huh must be something with some people bc edibles don't do shit for me. Ate a 1000mg one and all I did was sleep for a long time and every other time I've tried it I don't feel any different, same with oil pens. I need flower


airplanes too...


It’s okay to smoke pot and have kids. But it’s not okay to smoke pot NEAR kids.


Nothing more cringe than being friends with a non weed user, acting like they're cool with weed and finding out they just didn't want be that guy that says, "weed is lame". I was friends with a couple and his SO smoked with me from time to time. They had a 3 year old at the time. Beautiful summer day, we all step outside and she starts to spark up the bowl and my guy friend freaks out. Never mind the fact he drinks alcohol in front of her, but his 3 year old is apparently smart enough to understand the entire context of this situation and thought it was "wrong" for us to do in front of her. That dude probably carried his little girl into stores all the time passing by people who smoked cigarettes and never once thought about protecting her from looking at these people chain smoking near the doors...lmao. Or his own mother smoking in front of her all the time. Huge hypocrite.


I mean, shouldn't do either


I mean, you shouldn't really do either. We keep ours in a specific room the kids aren't allowed in. (It's also our storage room, so there's more than one reason they shouldn't go in there)


I get the point but can we agree neither are good?


I'm an avid smoker and life long marijuana advocate, I won't smoke in front of my kids. Maybe when they're older, but not when they're young.


Don't have any kids as of yet but I totally agree. I smoke cigarettes and I know it's bad. Parents are a child's ultimate role model so it's best to keep bad habits out of site if not just laid down all together. If you introduce weed too early they likely become the punk ass kid or the listless kid in school. Neither is great.


The same ones who despise long haired bearded dudes yet sit in a church pew beside a big picture of long haired bearded dude that they are there to worship….


Yeah. Mr wine for the party lol.


or 2 feet away with the windows up in a car


Yeah. Exactly how the boomers grew up.


This is the way


Driving in cars smoking with the windows up.


Cool we agree both are bad.


I think smoking in general near kids is bad tbh. It’s my decision not my kids.


They smoked reefer too, it was shit pot, but it was pot, you seem to not grasp who the hippies were.


My parents smoked cigs inside the house and drank everyday but lost their shit over weed.


Well, smoking anything in front of kids is bad. Like real bad. Just because others smoke meth in their homes with their kids doesn't make weed any better. Let's stay realistic.


I don't think y'all realize how easy it is to get a contact high. Don't smoke weed around your kids, don't let your kids in the room after you smoke in it, don't even go near your kids after you smoke it. That shit stays in your lungs for a while and you can def pass it off just by kissing your child.


Two wrongs don’t make a good.


Two wrongs definitely make a right. Any secondhand smoke inhalation of any kind is bad for the lungs regardless of where it came from. I don't care if you smoke anything but holy fuck what's the argument here. And yes, keeping cigarettes, etc away from children should be what you try to do. My generation is stuck in the past more than boomers what the hell


Smoking & non smoking sections in restaurants, *it's all the same air.*


Lol. Dude. Just don’t smoke anything around babies. Like I blaze every day but Jesus these comments are like “IN MY DAY WE SMOKED WHEN WE WERE 10” and I’m like “um okay??” Y’all. Don’t get ur babies high. Jfc.


Or maybe just not smoke anything around children at all, any smoke would be bad for their wee chests


I see a lot of bs logic on here. Just because something that was bad was socially accepted back in the day, doesn't justified another wrong. We shouldn't smoke cigarettes near children, and we shouldn't smoke any reefer near them either.


Look at the little boy being all edgy. That's cute.


Iam in spain at the beach right now and people are smoking weed/hash in front of their kids and/or other kids and nobody gives a damn. Its outside and its windy - nobodys gonna "get hurt"... Even police doesnt care about it it seems


a joint should be treated as a glass of wine. it pisses me off


Dont smoke either near children pls. Both things are unhealthy. Just keep distance to children. Or do it outside so the smoke cant be contained inside a building/room and will instead fade into the air. Children can get passive highs. Nothing children should be exposed to.


Smoking anything near children is stupid, end of story. If boomers and gen Z want to have a fight over weed/tobacco they can, but they both suck.


This post is retarded


You shouldn't do either...


As someone who's pretty fuckin far from having kids, is it acceptable to let your kids (older obvs) try bud with you? My dad gave me beer when I was growing up sometimes, I feel like that's similar, no?


That is not an excuse to be smoking anything near children....post like this only give us stoners a bad rep


I get the point, but he does know that we’ve learned a lot since then about the dangers of second hand smoke right? I love the logic. Young people: do something stupid Old people: that’s stupid Young people : No! Remember the stupid thing you did.


Just because one generation did something bad doesn't mean we should too. Don't smoke cigarettes or weed near your kids.


My grandpa would smoke cigarettes in the car with my dad as a child WITH THE WINDOWS UP!! Like what the fuck I'm not a habitual cigarette smoker but I have smoked them and I would never want to be in such a small enclosed space with cigarette smoke like that. I told one of my coworkers about this cause we were on the topic of how many people pick up smoking cause their parents did it and she said her dad used to do the exact same thing to her. Like holy shit every time I think about it it sounds even more fucked up


Or in the damn CAR with the windows up or just barely cracked.


They'll say the same thing about us and the garbage we feed our kids (maybe).


I was desensitized to all of my mother's cigarette smoking since I experienced it in the womb


My bf has decreased lung capacity because his parents used to smoke in the car with him as a child, and didn't roll the windows down all the time.


HEY just a friendly reminder that smoke buddies exist. You can literally smoke right down the hall before popping back in and if you use it right the kids, and everyone else, won't have to smell or breathe a wiff of it. Been a life changer for me! *I'm only talking weed here. Don't smoke cigs in the house bad idea. Even with the weed, you will want something that you can contain the smoke easily. A bowl you can cap with your thumb (mines burnt to shit to the point it doesn't hurt me) or a nickel or something (old blanket even). Then you make sure you have a good seal when blowing into the SB. And voila, no smoke. Virtually no smell.


And in their car ! With kids in the car !


And airplanes


I can't role my eyes enough


As someone who smokes both, I would never smoke either around my kids.


So, is the consensus that it is okay to smoke near kids now or no still?


You could smoke in the maternity ward in hospitals in ireland......


or present day: drinkin booze at peter piper, a place for kids.


And in cars with the window rolled up. And in the house with all the windows closed.


Yep I was smokin a joint while on the edge of a forest and I had a guy aproach me and tell me to stop smoking it. He had a lit cig in his hand... I would usually tell people to fuck off but it was a big guy and he was drunk so didn't want to start anything


And while pregnant.


You mean chain smoked in the car with the Windows up and the fucking AC off


my mom and grandma would smoke cigarettes in the car with me and my little brother in the back seat. and they weren't shitty parents! it was juts normal in the 80s!


the generation that bareeellly stopped smoking while pregnant.


Making fun of smoking near children while doing the same??


Eh, I don’t like the idea of either. My parents would have coked up or drunken fights in front of me. I’ll have a beer or a whiskey in front of my nephew who lives with us, but I don’t feel comfortable being drunk in front of him, and you won’t catch me blazing around him. And you definitely won’t find me smoking around a family area, and I very much dislike people doing so (or drinking) around kids. We need to let kids have their own space where they can be children, and not bring our adult bullshit into that.




They smoked in airplanes in long flights, what a nightmare.


My parents smoked cigs around me for like 13 years (until they got divorced and my Dad quit) and I *still* get nostalgic when I smell cigarettes.


This boomer shit is just not funny anymore


I wouldn’t smoke at all in front of my kids tbh, secondhand smoke is legit


Not a Boomer, but didn't that generation start the cannabis legalization movement and expose Big Tobacco? People act like they had a choice of what generation they were born into. STFU!