The lion besieges the dragon at the Welsh capital 🦁 ⚔️ 🐉


Welsh capital you say? Make sure you raze it to the ground


English capital*


Attila is one of the few TW titles that I do not own. Is it worth the buy? Mind that I hated Rome 2 and everything it stands for. I own it, and have barely 40 hours played. Just hated my time with it. I enjoyed my many hours played in Medieval 2, and this mod intrigues me greatly.


Watch some videos of the campaign. Attila is the only modern tw game I have and it’s fun and the mod adds lot of cool new mechanics. I lf your really interested I’d say buy on sale


What did you hate on Rome 2, because Attilla is the improved version of R2 but sadly not as optimized performance wise as R2.


it depends on why you didn't like Rome 2. Attila's combat is different from Rome 2, it's faster but also more focused on formation use. 1212 alone definitely isn't worth buying Attila, the mod looks nice but the campaign is bare with many basic features that don't work and braindead AI.


I enjoyed Atilla more than Rome 2, which I have similar feelings about to you. It does need a couple of mods to suit my preferences, like removing settlement damage morale debuffs and AI bonuses, but it's decent enough. the AD1212 mod is really good though and the most fun I've had with any of the newer games.


Is ist still wip??


I believe progress on the mod has slowed massively but it’s fun