You have 1 min. Can’t get any wrong answers. Will you move on?

You have 1 min. Can’t get any wrong answers. Will you move on?


100, meaning you need more than 1 per second to even survive. I'd die.


Even when I was at my best at this in 5th grade, you'd have to do it perfectly with extremely fast handwriting.


We had to do these as math drills when I was in the third grade. You couldn’t move up to subtraction unless you completed addition with 100% accuracy. This one day, though, I knew I got every one right. I was psyched bc math was always my worst subject. But then the peer marking my test told the teacher that I wrote the letter B instead of the number 13 for one of my answers, and my teacher took her side. I never moved up. If you’re still out there, Katie, you suck.


Katie is a fucking asshole


Why the fuck would you write the letter B as a response to 5 + 8? Context. If you wrote a squiggly line that was clearly a vague cop-out, I get it. But that's so stupid. I hope Katie joins Squid Games, gets the umbrella honeycomb, and doesn't learn any tricks to hasten the process. But we should also be upset with the teacher (Il-Nam) who allowed this system to thrive. Katie (Sang-Woo) is just a symptom. [Yes this us mostly sarcastic lol]


5 mins and most of us can get out alive, I'd be shivering and feeling too numb to hold my pen


I got this! -trips up on 12x12 and dies-




Anything with 0 is definitely a 0 so that saves you a lot of time


Why are you getting downvoted??? there’s nothing wrong with what you said LMAO.


because it doesn't practically save enough time lol


The problem is still that it takes more than a second to simply write the answer, let alone think and solve the others


“Why are you booing me? I’m right!”


That’s what I would do first, find all of the x0 and x1 problems first and shave off time. Maybe even the x9 because then you just multiply by 10 and subtract whatever and that just feels quicker. Edit: People apparently hate coming up with a plan.


In 60 seconds I think this would kill you. ​ It's good on a regular math test (skip the ones you don't know immediately and come back), but in 60 seconds you'd waste more time scanning for the empty spaces you left behind than you would just answering it left-to-right top-to-bottom.


I’m going to try it tomorrow, I bet it takes me 60 seconds to get through 3-4 rows


I did 5 rows in the 60 seconds on my first attempt. Mentally. Without writing anything down. I think you could practice until blitzed through at 1/second and complete it verbally by saying the answers in order, but I don't think anyone would survive it blind or in 60 seconds.


Scanning for the ones with zeros slows you down, plus you’d have to go back and scan back through to get the ones you miss. It takes up time to look for specific ones like that. It was my original strategy as a kid and I would barely get 50-60% done


Just give me the gun let’s save everyone some time.


We’ll add 4 seconds to everyone’s time for your sacrifice


I want my number discontinued in my memory.


They just hang the bloody sweatsuit from the rafters


And the guards have to salute it every time they walk past.


I decided to actually try it, barely got halfway through




bro 1 minute? i dont even think its possible to write that fast lol


Yeah, how are people still not getting this. The math is the easy part. It’s the writing that would fuck you.


Your hand would have to move before you even realize what number you’re writing


Yep, went to school for a math heavy degree and printed this out (cuz I’m bored at work), no problem with the math but only got like 60% through. And that’s writing in bullshit chicken scratch that I’d probably get killed for anyway.


try it. I failed at 71


Why don’t you do it then and prove yourself wrong?


That's 1.67 operations per second. no way


Considering there are a few x0 and x1 questions those could save an incredible amount of time if you went and filled out all those easy ones quickly. Then you’d have extra time for the other ones




Impressive assessment of the challenge. You even considered the likely cramps


The issue is the slow calculations for me not the hand writing lol


No, it depends on how your brain sees patterns.


Let's not forget the stress that would hinder your ability to calculate


If you’re a 4th/5th grader in the United States education system it’s entirely possible.


I'm not a 4th/5th grader in the United States education system.


Nope. I am an American. Nope. Doing the math takes infinitely less time than writing.


> If you’re a 4th/5th grader in the United States education system it’s entirely possible. In 1 minute? Bullshit.


It's based on the idea that kids just memorize all the times tables up to 12 there isn't any work involved.


Yeah the math isn’t the problem for me, it’s the writing. I don’t think I could write 100 random numbers in 60 seconds, much less the correct answers here even if it is just rote memorization.


Fucking Americans thinking knowing their times tables is a flex lol


Even so, I would think that it would take more than a minute to write all of the answers.


The math is extremely easy, writing multiple number per seconds is not, it's impossible for most people.


Yep it became a reflex


I probably could’ve done this in 4th grade, but a minute is pushing it. We did this as a warmup activity everyday in my SAGE (gifted) class. We had races to see who could do it the fastest. It’s just memorization. I probably couldn’t do it now though because I always forget the higher multiples of 12


I work with 4th/5th graders. This is very bullshit


I used to be a 4th/5th grader. Can confirm.


Was able to do this 2nd grade of private school education in America it is entirely possible for a fourth or fifth grader


No you weren't. I don't understand how people are not recognizing how short a minute is. You have less than a second to read, compute, and write each answer. Even if you have them all memorized, that's physically impossible for a child to do.Schools aim for 3 minutes per 100 problems, anything under is good. Advanced kids probably got around 2 minutes give or take, but never 1 minute or under.Here is a representation of how fast you would have to write each answer Won't let me post video link so go through here [https://pastebin.com/PVHk9CdL](https://pastebin.com/PVHk9CdL) 100 numbers, 60 seconds, and that's without even doing any math or writing...


Yeah we would do them weekly and kids in my 1-3 grade class would regularly finish, once I got the hang of it I was able to do it every few tests (nebraska public school)


I’m in the U.K. and we did these all the time, started with 25 sums and when you got them all right in the time you would move on to the next ‘stage’ with more sums or division instead. We had this one kid who would move on every couple of weeks and in the end the teachers would write their own out sums out for him because they didn’t have any more of these pre-made ones for him to do Edited to add: this was Year 6 in England, ages 10+11


It’s really all about memorization. Not everyone in a class would finish but there would be multiple people in my class(including myself) that would finish and flip the paper upside down


Still BS, when I was in elementary we got 50 questions to do in 5 minutes, not 100 in a minute. It'd honestly take most people a more than a minute to literally read the answers if it was given, let alone you're apparently supposed to solve and write them.


Ok let's see it OP, record yourself. If you could do this in 5th grade it should be easy for you now right?


The paper flip so everyone else still working would know you’re faster 😂


Exactly lol it was literally a mini hunger games once a week. Who could get everything 100% AND flip the paper over first. Shit was crazy


It was the best feeling when you did it for the first time! That was probably the happiest id been doing math lol


I'm an engineering student and I could not do this


Tsk, tsk, should've been a 4th/5th grader.


Even if you're fast enough to tell each number at a glance, you have to write them down too, with a gun to your head. ​ I don't know any 4th or 5th grader that solves 100 problems in 60 seconds with writing.


yeah right. Simply writing the answer will take me 1s


I finished this in 1 minute WITHOUT writing the answer, and barely finished half of it when I tried writing it in a paper. The writing part takes more time than figuring out the answer.


When I was that age I could have absolutely done this no problem, I think now I’d be closer to the 1:30 mark. Though none of the games gave you this little time, and none of them really hinged on you having any formal education. So I doubt this would ever be one of the games anyway. I think I’d be more likely to succeed if it weren’t the first game, as I’d hustle more knowing what the stakes are.


memorization and quick thinking can help ngl... especially if the question is a x\*1 or x\*0 but can also be useful in simple ones like 5\*5 or 10\*10


Even if you spent a single second both thinking and writing out the answer, you’d still have 40 problems left by the time the countdown ends. You’d practically need to be superhuman.


tried it to do more than 60, I did 71 so thats a victory ig


just shoot me now, id definitely say that 11x0 is 11 if i’m being rushed like that


Can’t get any wrong? Okay easy, I’ll just put 8 on the first one and call it quits. Didn’t say anything about having to finish it in the minute, just said I couldn’t get any wrong.


Sang-Woo is that you? 😳


Word ^


I mean it’s not really solving the equations that’s the problem in this one. It’s writing down 90 numbers in 60 seconds


There’s a 100. I can’t write that fast.


Clearly not enough time. We would do these with 5 minutes back in school... Which is still only 3 seconds per.


I don't know about doing it in 1 minute, but these worksheets brings me nostalgia of 4th grade when I met my first nemesis, *Chihiro*. He would finish these front and back-sided sheets first about 60% of the time, while I would finish first 40% of the time, usually getting everything right. It was top 10 anime rivalries for sure. You were a worthy opponent, Chihiro.


atleast the maths teacher guy would ace this


I can ace it just fine it's the 60 second limit that makes it almost impossible.


I got halfway through, even with freezing on 7x9, maybe a few seconds over but the games did give a few seconds for the announcement too. ​ And that's with knowing stuff like 12x12 and 9x9 at a glance and finding anything with the number 11 in it (even 11x11) easy. ​ 2 minutes would still get me shot if the guards are particularly anal about it, but I might get in under the wire. In a life-or-death situation I'm pretty sure 3 minutes would be too little though. ​ If it was the 5 minute game timer I'd be fine.


I have a vivid memory where I was on the last one (was the very first time I did) I got a really bad nosebleed all over my paper


Nooo I felt so bad for him 😭😭


Man I wish we saw more of him. He was such an interesting character to me and the actor did a good job as well


I know all but that would take longer then a min


I don't think anyone can do this in 1 minute.


You could if (and only if) you practiced for a while before. You have less than a second each... no time for computation, just rapidly scribbling down answers that you’ve memorized.


Again, the math itself is not the issue. The issue is that no human can write down their numbers fast enough in one minute. Go ahead and try yourself if you don't believe me.


The fact that OP thinks that not only is this possible but that it is easy for children shows extreme delusion.


They seem to be under the assumption that this is the height of private education with a dedicated teacher where you did one of these every day without fail until you don't even have to see the worksheet to fill it out perfectly and have superhuman penmanship.


Fuck bro not 4th grade again


The questions r really easy but the timing might be too short


nobody except sang woo graduated at SNU…


That’s over 1.5 solutions per second. That’s easy if you can just say them out loud. If you actually have to write them down it wouldn’t be enough timr


> That’s easy if you can just say them out loud Record yourself saying all that in 1 minute


as someone whos decent at math, i just tried recording myself saying it outloud. it took 30 seconds for two lines lol


I felt pretty confident but got stuck on 8x12 and lost some time. Finished at 1 min 12 sec. Tell my family they're just ok.


god damn those 12 times tables still screw me over to this day


i decided to time myself and try it and i got stuck at 11x12 and imagined myself getting shot


Multiply it by 2 and add the result to 10 times the number


nobody's going to make this it'd be a slaughter


come on 60 seconds isn't reasonable give me 90


Okay so this thread got me curious as to whether this is possible or not. I tried it myself and couldn't even get past 6th row, albeit I didn't have the multiplication table memorized. My conclusion is that this is impossible to complete within a minute, and this is why: Try writing numbers from 1 to 100 within a minute. 80 is as far as I can go in an almost illegible hand-writing. It is very difficult to write hundred numbers within a minute to begin with. I just can't imagine how it would be possible to read, recall/solve and write the answers to hundred of these.


>80 is as far as I can go in an almost illegible hand-writing Yes, I just tried this before I even saw your comment. I wrote down 99 and 10 over and over as fast I possibly could, hand writing was pretty bad, and I could only get to 80-something before the time ran out. So not only do you need to factor in doing math (or memorization, which requires reaction time), but you need to do even more numbers, 80 won't cut it. Everyone in this thread acting like it was possible as a kid is delusional and misremembering their childhood.


Reciting the answers is possible but writing them down is near impossible.


All those years of being forced to memorize multiplication tables by strict desi parents will pay off but at least make it two minutes


Oof not knowing my 11 and 12 times tables anymore would get me killed. I also sucked at these as a kid. Took me a year to get through the plus minus sheets.


1.67 answers per second? I think my mind can work that fast but my hand can’t. I don’t think I could even write down a random number in each spot there in 1 minute.


Writing time alone will kill me. 2 minutes and it's easy


I'd get to 70-80 problems, but still die. This is a ridiculous time constraint. ​ source: am asian. go ahead call me "not a real asian"


Every Asian kid been thru this. Easy


I remember loving these so much as a kid.


this asian kid failed the fourth question of the second row 😅✋


Yeah. It’s quite easy 😎


I timed myself and got exactly halfway though. 😅 definitely wouldn’t be able to do this under pressure.


Fuck that


How many of you remember how it feels to use a pen very quickly for 1 minute? I think I may get hand cramps. I wrote a handwritten letter, possibly the first time to take notes by hand after college, and was surprised by how uncomfortable it was to use a pen other than signing.


I wouldn't get anything wrong, but even just writing out the answers will take more than a minute.


thats basically impossible


3-5 mins at least


I consider myself pretty good at quick math. This took my 1:32 to do in my head, and that’s not including writing my answers down. This challenge feels pretty ridiculous. It might take me 2 minutes just to write everything out, and I still think it would take an average person longer


In 5th grade yes, now that I’m in calc 3 probably not unless I snuck a calculator in my rectum


I would just give up


Nice try OP. We're not doing your homework for you.


Used to love doing these!


The best part about this post is that everyone is failing before even starting the quiz. >We have 1 minute to do 72 math problems. That’s 1.65 seconds each. I could make it if it we’re for those damn 8s! Screw me over to this very day... Bruh 😂


Easy lol


I’m doing it right now on a notepad let’s see This is not possible I fucking died 11 x 11 threw me for a loop and that was it. Beginning of the 4th row


11x10 is 110 so just add 1 more 11. 121 is the answer


See that takes a bit more time than all the others mentally, it threw me for a loop




cap, there’s no way that you could calculate and write down these problems in MILLISECONDS


That’s cool and all but what does it have to do with the squid show


Games for children


GAMES. Not a technically impossible quiz.


This looks like a voting eligibility test.


That's one problem every 0.6 seconds. Almost impossible unless you've memorized it or you are extremely fast


this is one of my best skills, aka i have them all memorized, still took me 55 seconds just thinking the answers in my head. i’d like to thank 4th grade multiplication flash card competitions for my almost survival


dang i lost my "100 multiplication facts a minute" ability that i had in second grade. literally was on the 9th row when i ran out of time.




Well if I don't write anything down I don't have any wrong answers, right? Hacked.


I died at 12 x 12.


Easiest one to remember, it's the very end of the standard times table and is 144.


dude i would try my luck at glass bridge before i can attempt this I suck at these timed tests


NOPE! I’m dead! I don’t do pressure! I remember when I was in middle school when we had to do these, I’d freeze up and get 40s. I knew the answers. But being timed is not my thing. AT ALL


Time might be an issue, but there are a lot of them multiplying by 0 which you'd clear in less than a second so that buys some time.


Probably not in a minute


Okay there is 10 row and 10 columns that’s a total of 100 problems, with only 60 seconds that leaves… and I’m dead.


I count for a living and I'd absolutely not pass. I multiply by adding dots in my head, I never really memorized tables. Way too slow for 1min


i would move on from this game if you gave me 90 seconds but give me a physical challenge i'm probably dead


I still don’t know my times tables so no


I’m out


I'm not even sure if my answers are right or not, and even without writing the answers I still got only to 80. Welp.


“I’m screwed.”


i wouldn’t even make it out 😭


In a minute? I don’t think many people would move on


There's a pattern but just shoot me already-


I have **ADHD**: there's no way for me to get it all right even if I had 10 minutes. =..= Kids back in my day (Hong Kong, 90's) have been able to do this since grade 3 and I know the math too, of course, but accuracy and concentration required to get it all correct will mysteriously elude me.


I can if it’s 2 minutes




If I had 10 minutes sure but no way in 1 I’m too bad at math


It's the 8*12 for me...I do not have that memorized. Well I know 8*4 but I just tried to practice this and I'm the moment of pressure I forgot about that method lol


Hated this is school


Chinese student may say that I can do it


theres 100 of the meaning youd have to be pretty fucking fast


TBH it took 1:30 for me. And I believed I am good in Maths.


That's over 1 a second, that's pretty much impossible


I tried this a few times (mentally, not writing down the answers) and never made it beyond row 6 (even with the benefit of learning the patterns of answers). Scanning for 0’s and 1’s won’t work because it takes time to search. There’s no way to answer this many questions in a minute


100 questions, 60 seconds. No. I can't write that fast.


"Just give me a gun I'll kill myself"- Rick Sanchez


No just because I’d have to write. On a keyboard… maybe


this gives me the horrible memories back in 3rd grade


Season 2 looking 🔥


Probably but knowing I’ll get killed if I mess up is probably going to fuck up my thinking


100 questions in 60 seconds? 0.6 seconds per answer? Dont think many people will be moving on from that one




I'd be so dead


Mad Minute Math. Fuck Me, I'm dead.


> can't get any wrong answers Just don't do any, no wrong answers then!


I'll try cus I'm good at maths


Oh Jesus Christ my heart 🚑🏥🩺


i did them on my head in about a minute but i think if i had to write them out it would take a bit more




Took me 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and probably had a couple of incorrect answers there. Didn't even write anything down.


you just gave me flashbacks to third grade




No I will die


I would ace it


*nobody* is surviving this. I don’t care how good you *think* you are


0.6 seconds/answer? can't read fast enough