She was an interesting character

She was an interesting character


Watching the dubbed version made my ears bleed every time she said anything. I feel like her English voice actor was screeching 90% of her dialogue, I’m sure it wasn’t nearly as bad to listen to in the Korean version.


The Korean version wasn't much better, was probably intentional.


Yeah she was definitely intended to be annoying


Best acting in the show imo


Not saying she isn’t a great actor, it’s actually pretty hard to portray a character as evil or annoying convincingly. It’s just her voice actors voice that physically pains me.


Yeah exactly.


Was she supposed to be evil/annoying? She was my favorite outside of 001


Really? Her acting is one of the weakest I’ve ever seen.


You are probably a child


You probably don't know anything about acting.


What acting experience do you have lmao you probably didnt like the character and fail to realize that thats the point...


I was on a set in different occasions because I have two relatives who work for Netlix and I got to see really professional actors performing. Obviously I’m not an expert in theater, but I know how to differentiate talented actors from those who don’t know how to act. I like Mi - Nyeo, she is one of my 5 favorite characters... just like Ali. But, they’re the two worst in terms of acting, imo. She has too abrupt changes of expression, and he is too flat and has no reflections.


Do you not understand her character... She literally goes from calling one of the characters babe to another. She's also kind of mental


I loved her character. She was easily one of the best. She confronted almost every character, she faced her problems and she was incredibly brave, bold, funny, intelligent, exquisitely manipulative and stubborn, and she had the most iconic death in the series, being able to bring down the bully that everyone feared. But, in terms of acting, she leaves a lot to be desired.


Lmao you're a sad sack


More like overacting.


Yeah when you hear the actress speak in her normal voice she of course sounds a lot calmer and not grating at all. Tried to link to an example but apparently the sub doesn't allow youtube videos and got deleted, haha.


I thought the original was great. She seemed very believable to me lol.




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First I watched the original with subtitles and later on joined my flatmate who did it with Turkish dubs. I can *easily* tell you that she is so extremely annoying in the original. Top notch acting really. Turkey is one of the very good countries when it comes to dubbing, it was not bad at all, but it is simply impossible to reflect the annoyance and disturbance of the actual character imo. It was just something else. I wanted to punch the screen everytime she showed up. Brilliant job from the actress all around really haha.


She was quite annoying in Korean too


She was annoying but that was the whole point. She sounded naturally annoying if that makes sense


Oh I fully understand that it was very intentional that I dislike her it didn’t take away from the show


Yeye I get you. It’s frustrating because the whole time I was like damn this character is well acted and convincing but also, get this bitch off the screen lol. She was super entertaining though because of how unpredictable she was


So fucking over the top. Especially the I have to go to the bathroom/bathroom scene. Please....just....shut the fuck up. Lol


She saved our bae’s life though


Portuguese dub as well, such a uncomfortable voice to listen too. Luckily the German dub did a decent job, I found their voices super fitting.


Funny because I watched the Korean version and felt her dub couldn’t possibly be worse. The way she spoke was maddening and obnoxious but I think that was the point? Completely baffled by the performance by the actress there. I think she must’ve done a great job because I hated her so much, but still not sure.


Yes, she absolutely did a great job of portraying the character as annoying and even morally wrong in some episodes. It’s actually a pretty difficult thing to do as an actor or actress and most people agree she was genuinely annoying when on screen. It doesn’t just come down to writing because anyone can say the lines, but to actually visually portray them as well, and do it well enough so that no one questions it, is very hard to do. Sometimes actors and actresses will do roles where they’re a villain or annoying character and they’ll do it OK, but most the time you’ll still feel positively about the actor/ actress outside of that role. I’ve seen people genuinely saying they dislike her personally for this role, and while that’s completely unfair to her, it shows just how great of a job she did.


That’s true, I think she was supposed to come across as a little more sympathetic though wasn’t she? Didn’t she have a kid or something? I think her mannerisms made it like that. I’ve never seen such a hateable side character just there to be hated though haha. I mean she redeems herself at the end for sure, but my lord I’ve never wanted a character dead more. I felt bad for deok su.


I kinda viewed her in the same light as Italy in both the World Wars. She was annoying at the start and no one really took her seriously so she joined sides with the clearly more powerful group in hopes that would increase her chance of winning and upon figuring out that wasn’t gonna be the case she switched sides again at the end to kinda redeem herself. Not quite the same story but pretty close.


Pretty sure she was bullshitting the story about having a kid. Her conversation with Deok-su makes it clear that she's at least in her 40s.


The dubbed acting for her was the one from the players that stood out the most glaringly to me while watching. Gi-hun has a few off scenes especially in the dinner with his mum (her and Sangwoo's mum were also 2 that stood out for bad dubbing) but most of everything else went unnoticed for me


Yeah, she was dubbed horrendously and not in a remotely funny way. Hated her screen time, though I think I would hate her personality in real life too to be fair.




they said they would hate the personality in real life, not the actress. reading is fundamental.




It’s not poorly written, you just didn’t understand it. “Her personality” refers to the character’s personality. Nothing about that post implies that OP was talking about the actress, otherwise they would have made that clear.


The Korean version was equally was annoying as the dub


Yes her voice made my ears bleed but she’s funny tho


I LOVED her hellish dub for exactly this reason. It was so over the top and insane that I fell in love. I need to know who her English va is because I need to follow her career from now on too-




I watch every show with subtitles on cause if I miss something it helps to be able to quickly read what was said instead of rewinding the scene. I don’t get why people get so mad over this. I don’t speak Korean, so why would I watch a show in Korean if I don’t have to.


I love Mi-nyeo. She’s like the crazy chaotic girl who convinces you to go out clubbing with her on a weeknight and you end up having to physically drag her out after a fight breaks out.


She's like if My Sassy Girl was middle-aged.


But she’s only 19 according to herself


I LOVE her! (I think I came into this group just to praise Mi-nyeo. Her character is so interesting and complex. Very compelling.) I would want to go clubbing with her and Agatha Harkness (WandaVision). Just be old bad bitches. :)


I absolutely loved her character and the actress did a phenomenal job. She gave no fucks about being exactly who she was.


Same. She was so unpredictable that it made the games more interesting. Plus she took out the strongest dude too, bad ass


And with the best final line ever.


She was way too badass,she had to die for that


I honestly think 1 of them could have survived, possibly the gangster since he was on top, they don't show the bodies from what I remember, but I guess they'd be thrown in the incinerator either way..


People who survive are just incinerated alive. So... better just to die and get it over with.


With all the chaos at the end though maybe one of them slipped out or one of the guards saved them for.. reasons, Idk I know it's likely wrong but if one of them shows up next season I won't be too surprised.


Also all the glass exploding would have landed on them after falling long enough to pick up some solid speed


Right? Everyone says they respect sang woo for acting rationally but for her, she was being rational. Using essentially bullying to get what she wanted and acting too crazy for people to try and calmly turn her away. And I mean hey, it worked for the most part


I really liked her, I don’t know why but I thought she was compelling. That scene with her and Sea-byoek in the bathroom was one of my favorites


i liked her too lmao. i didn't want her to die and was cheering for her


well at least she went out on her own terms.


She totally had the best death. She wasn't betrayed or died from a lack of skill or from bullshit exploding glass, she simply decided she was petty enough to kill someone who betrayed her in a double suicide. She took one for the team while also being entirely selfish and dying for her own reasons.


I loved her! I'm just sad she killed herself instead of having a scene where she just 'made deok su pay'. I thought she was maybe the most interesting character, like I wanted to see what she would do next since she was so unpredictable


She was one of my favorite characters besides Ali


I found her annoying right up until she took out Deok-su. Then, I realized her over-the-top "crazy" was what made her dazzling. What a great character. Love her!


Same. Her final scene was badass and wiped a lot of the annoying shit out of my mind.


A lot of people hated on this character but they were one of my favourites. I found them interesting because they were almost chameleon in that they were whoever they needed to be to survive eg they had sex with that guy for protection, they tried to get Gi Huns team to turn on Ali by saying he’s an “alien” so she could have a spot on the team, when they thought they were goung to be killed they talked about a newborn baby (which we never hear about again meaning she likely invented it)


Yeah,that's true. She was a little...(curse word?) to survive,and honestly,though that certainly wasn't the best method,she was badass because of that 💀


Omg I forgot about the baby thing!! That’s so crazy


Definitely House Slytherin


Why do you refer to her with they/them pronouns?


Idk I didn’t even notice, it might just be a speech habit I have especially when I talk fast, maybe it’s cos where I’m from you tend to use “them” or ‘em as quite an informal way


I found her annoying right up until she took out Deok-su. Then, I realized her over-the-top "crazy" was what made her dazzling. What a great character. Love her!


Same. Something about when they returned to the room and realized she wasn't dead was hilarious, and I couldn't help but start liking her then. Dragging Deoksu down? Fucking metal.


Omg, right? Everyone was wrecked coming out of the marble game (audience included) and she's fucking napping? Bwa-hahaha!!! She's the best!


Bruh I literally thought they killed her I was so shocked to see her still alive after the marble game haha


Me filling in for my manager right now after she quit :)




LOL thanks. Too bad it’s only temporary




Even though she was a racist...she ensured GiHun and Saebyok had a chance.


Most underrated character for sure!


she played so good


I don’t get why people didn’t like her. She was well-played by the actress and wasn’t really that annoying. At least to me she wasn’t.


Her facial expressions were JimCarrey-esque. Such range.


and then there's me who's just bad at everything


I am very sad to say that her character reminded me of a few ladies I've dated .. I liked the character, too. I really did love how she stuck to what she said during the bridge game, though, that was a great moment.


She was annoying but she made the show more entertaining and she was bearable imo


My favourite character


Interesting and pivotal… if she didn’t fall off with Deok-su, what would’ve happened


She would have been able to confirm/deny an additional panel after Deok-su died. As a result even if she did die in the process, the glass maker would not have been short one panel, and four players would have survived. He also wouldn't have spent extra time lollygagging on the last panel, so the guards would have led them away before the glass exploded and Sae-byeok would not have been injured.


Yeah I see what you’re saying. Wondering then if the VIP’s caught it too late then a lot more people survive that game than they expected.


In practice I imagine they already had contingencies. There is a game I play where people run Neural Networks (machine learning basically) on previous events to accurately predict the next set (whether the community votes for A, B, or C across two or three weeks every day). It's very likely that the Front Man can have one of these predict an approximate number of eliminations per game, assuming an average fitness level (because it works even through player's attempt to out-reverse-psychological the Prisoner-Dilemma styled problem; you get the best results if you betray everyone's expectations while they don't betray yours, because the least-picked option by the community "wins"). ​ **Most importantly the order of the games is not set in stone**; games like Red Light Green Light and Glass Bridge have no maximum number of survivors despite the extremes (all die/all survive) being virtually impossible (you'll notice the first round of Red Light Green Light the robot seems to forgive mild traumatized shaking). ​ While games like Tug of War and Marbles have a 50% fatality rate; **they can reorganize the order the games to force deaths**. ​ Lastly; the VIPs don't even know the games in advance; **they can probably substitute in a different game to kill more players**; this also includes them adding in an unofficial 'game' like the steak knives to fuel paranoia again. This is especially true for weaker players that might not want to contest in a game of physical strength like Squid Game, especially if they have to win twice in a row because of 4 players eliminating 2 and then a final 1v1.


Very true. Very true, indeed.


She’s annoying but she get rid of the snake guy. 2 birds 1 stone I guess


If it wasnt for her Gi-Hun and Saebyok would of had to fight Deok-su in the bunk room with a knife


I was actually a bit disappointed we didn’t get to hear her back story. She was such a loose canon who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Loved her.


Love her! 😻😻😻😻😾


Y’all. What was her back story? Why did she sign up? Idkk if I missed it but i just remember something about a child she had to name


Same and I’m genuinely confused about her age like is she 19 or older lol ? I guess she made up the baby thing since it was never mentioned again


She's not actually 19. Its a thing where women are always young, like 21, no matter how many birthdays they have or how old they appear. My mom used to say the same all the time


that's her elevator pitch ") not sure I fully understand it but I think it's meant to come across as she will try her best at anything that is thrown at her, and I think it hints that she will eventually be good at things she is not good at right now 🙃


That show has a way of making you feel bad when scumbags die and she’s an example of that.


I'm doing job interviews now, this is accurate.


I never wanted someone to die so much in my life...


i hated her but liked that she was like The Joker, a shapeshifter manipulator


She was annoying as hell. I could not wait for her to die


I think I have seen this before


This has definately been reposted.




I hate her so much. She’s just a whiny, flip flopping character that wanted to ride anyones coat tails to the final. Which is a strategy for sure she just came off as pathetic. I was so happy when she finally died.


I call posting this tomorrow for karma


I just started episode 7. This woman has gotta be one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen on any tv or movie. Ugh make her go away already 😭


Man 😂😂😂😂😂


She also uses ilnam's tactic when she commits murder suicide at the end






i thought she was hot


I love squid game I even got my parents to watch and they agree that she was a pretty funny character all and all the series was great and I hope there is a season 2


yep she was really annoying but i liked her character, what she did on the glass bridge was badassss


I seem to be in the minority of people who loved Mi-nyeo Like yeah her character was supposed to be annoying, but the actress did a fantastic job The scene on the bridge was bad-ass, let me tell ya


She was so unhinged it was hilarious.


she's my favorite character


I teally liked her character. She was just so over the top! Did not expect her to develpp from the lady begging to be let go so she could name her child!




I hated her. Lol


Best character




She was an awfully written character. On a show that had several really poorly written female characters.




Oh I can't wait for you to explain how this is racist - I'll bet it's going to take all 50 of your IQ points to do it, too.


They meant the character itself, i think.




To be specific, Han Mi-nyeo attempted to play upon xenophobia to try to get the team to choose her over Ali. Prejudice or fear of foreigners isn't racism per se but more accurately xenophobia. I doubt her character was honestly racist or xenophobic. She was constantly grasping for anything that might make her more acceptable to the group than other contestants and would say anything she thought would help her. She didn't realize she was obvious and just making herself look worse. She was resourceful, but her resourcefulness stopped at her social skills.


She was. She was an awful person. But she was interesting in the context of the show, just like the gangster was.


I loved her character and this quote was everything. I plan to use it all the time now! haha


Ugh she was annoying sometimes funny tho I liked how she killed the dude at the end


Boring show