Who has the worst camera in all of souls ?

Who has the worst camera in all of souls ?

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Centipede Demon is a pretty strong contender as well (I have no idea wtf is even going on whenever I fight it).


The 10 fps also doesn't help


Am I the only one who never experienced any problems with the camera in the NK fight?


I think people always try to do the "get between legs and hit the feet" move, which imo makes it harder both with the camera and the downward flame attack. Fighting it head on is less problematic. That said, there are some camera jank regardless of this, like one move causes the camera to tilt backwards away from the head for example.


I assume it's about the first phase. Locking onto that dragon can really throw you for a loop.


yea you gotta lock on to the one thats actually attacking you and stay by the dragons head, any other method seems very cumbersome and not as effective


i never play with lock on, but NK first phase is the only place in the game where i did it, every time he went for the diving attack, def felt easier with that, maybe this is what they mean?


I can't remember having camera trouble with any of these bosses. The bosses I did have camera trouble on were O&S (first time), Centipede Demon, and Burnt Ivory King


I never have, but that's only because I'm not even good enough to get there yet.


capra demon by a mile


Stupid ass tree


Absolutely. Those fucking dogs, the camera, the demon, my shit skills all add up to fuck this boss.


Fucking Darkbeast


Lmao I was surprised Darkbeast wasn’t on the list. So awful


Bloodletting Beast


Definitely. He just keeps walking towards you blocking your entire screen


And the arena is small af compared to his size and range


Not Nameless King, but King of the Storm. Nameless King is a cheff’s kiss of a fight.


Darkbeast Paarl. Just don't even bother, even the framerate tanks.


I still have nightmares about the cursed loran darkbeast....


Wait Manus has a bad camera??


Personally I don’t think he does, it gets a bit weird when he jumps but it’s not hard to keep track of him


Yeah, I've never heard anyone complain about the camera during that fight. It's perfectly fine unless you camp under him, then it might get screwy, though I've never fought him like that.


To me, it was the cleric beast


It doesn’t really matter much because it’s an easy fight and the issues only occur during a completely safe time, but the camera in DS1 absolutely cannot handle when the Moonlight Butterfly switches sides.




Nah fam all of you who said Nameless King prob all didn't even face that bloodletting beast. That camera is a menace to society. Pls don't hate me


There’s also a lot of people here who probably haven’t played bloodborne, including me, so from my experience, nameless king. But if I were to be able to play bloodborne, perhaps my opinion would change


Litterally every "giant" boss in DS1 that you have to fight in their legs (centipede demon, Iron golem, even Kalameet sometimes), and Kapra Bullshit


To be fair, every game in the series has bosses like that. Even the camera in Ludwig's fight janks the fuck out sometimes


Hands down, the Lone Shadow Longswordsman from Sekiro (guy in the well). Camera kept getting caught on the terrain AND breaking my lock on, especially if i found myself in the corner.


I play unlocked for most fights, I choose bloodletting beast because it’s just too big to fit on the screen I wish the camera would zoom out like for ludwig


Capra demon EASY!


Belfry Gargoyles.


Midir, i think this is the hardest thing about his bossfight


Bloodletting beast is the worst.


The Amygdala's head lock on camera is the worst by far, I've died to the camera doing a 180 and Changing where I dash so many times


Nameless king, but only the first phase. Fighting nameless himself isn’t too bad regarding the camera




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Darkbeast carrrrrrrrl Is the only right answer


King of the Storm, not NK


darkbeast paarl by far especially the chalice variant, that shit made me pull my hair out


Amygdala... have mercy on the poor camera...


Darkbeast pearl, DoH isn't bad, king of Storms is only shit when nameless is attacking while the dragon is on the ground


Ur all just bad unlock for first phase EZ


People talk about Nameless having bad camera in thee 1st phase, but does nobody remember how almost all of his charge attacks cancel your lock-on, as he FLIES our of the stratosphere? Also the thing where you have to LOOK AWAY MANUALLY in order for his lightning not to hit you.


Never noticed it. What move r u talking about?


When he does the move with his spears where he charges it and then throws a huge lightning to the sky that then comes down to you. There is a bug (so funny of op to think it's not) in which if you don't look at the boss when he's doing that he won't hit you - but it's possible, and intended, to dodge that attack anyways.


That is a bug, you are supposed to dodge that lmao


Yeah, I know, but how do you even program something like this? Somewhere in that code, there is line responsible for checking if the player is looking at the king or not,and uses it to anchor the lightning's position, like wtf lol


No, there is no "checking if you are looking at the king" code, it's only that some things load weirdly/not load at all if they're not on camera. It's the same reason why the big dogs teleport.


Yeah, the hitbox thingy arrives faster, and the model, I heard about that, but... what's the logic behind unloading the nameless king when you're not looking at him? You know what, nvm, I don't think I'll be satisfied with the answer.


The answer is "some bullshit" Since we're talking nameless king bullahit, hang on a sec, I'll show you a nice video by zullie the witch


https://youtu.be/QeMJc_K8bJQ Have fun


Damn, the souls community really is as toxic as any greatswamp...




For me it's bloodborne, especially with ludwig