Fighting tyranny together!

Fighting tyranny together!


One of the only justified wars the US and UK took part in


Some of their actions in said war however....


please don’t say ‘dresden’


It was still a land grab for the U.K. and U.S. especially. U.S. literally tried to take over europe economically using the Marshall Plan. They also used it as a way to fuck with the USSR simultaneously and slow rolling things etc... It was realpolitiks to ally with two fascists to take out a third.


The USSR literally land grabbed half of Europe after the war.


So, then you don't know the history and what was going down in Europe at the time?


Dude in the middle seems cool but who are the others


Those guys who let you do all the work on the group project and then take all the credit


How ww2 is taught in a nutshell


The good ending


Fighting tyranny is when I give Germany Czechoslovakia


I wish.


Never forget that the UK’s and France’s intentions had been to drive the Nazi’s war ambitions towards the USSR.


looking back on your old friends only to realize they were toxic pos 😢


Not gonna lie this art piece makes me feel a bit sick knowing * British (the literal governor of the Bank of England) and American banks (J P Morgan) financed Mussolini, Hitler and the NDSAP * That the British blocked every attempt the Soviet Union made at collective security from 1933 onward * Lord Halifax declared ["Britain and Nazi Germany the twin pillars in the West against Bolshevism" and that the British, in official cables, considered nazi Germany as a "bulwark against communism"](https://archive.org/details/documentsmateria01germ/page/2/mode/2up) * The British and Americans sabotaged Republican Spain and who's "policy of non interference amounted to Hitlerite collaboration >"One July morning in 1936, Captain Cecil Bebb started his Dragon Rapide aircraft in what was supposed to look like a vacation trip. His passengers were Cecil’s friend, Major Hugh Pollard (a known British intelligence service operative), Diana Pollard, his daughter, and Dorothy Watson, her friend. They took off from Croydon Airport in London and reported that they were flying to the Canary Islands, but their real destination and intentions were much more sinister. The plane was supposed to take Franco from his post on the Canaries and bring him to his loyal troops stationed in Spanish Morocco." -Boban Docevski, The British pilot whose actions triggered the Spanish Civil War, The Vintage News > "I am but awaiting the time when the finally send enough Germans to finish the war." >Sir Henry Chilton, British Ambassador to Spain [Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.198] [Foreign Relations U.S. Diplomatic Papers Vol 1, 1937, p.225] >"England preferred a rebel victory to a Republican victory." -Sir Anthony Eden, [Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.198] [Foreign Relations U.S. Diplomatic Papers Vol 1, 1937, p.369] >"Each movement of the Non-Intervention comittee has been made to serve the cause of the rebellion (the fascists). This comittee was the most cynical and lamentably dishonest group that history has ever known" -American Ambassador Bowes, [Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.203] [Foreign Relations US diplomatic Papers, Vol II, 1936, P.604] >"If democracy is defeated in this battle; if fascism is triumphant, His Majesties government can claim the victory for themselves." -Lloyd George[Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution] >"In England and France everybody has suddenly realised the tremendous mistake which has been made in allowing Germany and Italy to convert Spain into their zone of influence" -Del Vayo, Spanish Foreign minister of the Republic, [Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.397] As the Fascists took over Spain and the republicans seeking escape from Francos death squads at the end of the civil war Lord Halifax said: >"That no country outside Spain could judge whether any Spaniard was guilty or not of any crime. And that British help in the evacuation of the Republicans would prejudice her reconciliation with the victors." -Lord Halifax [Thomas Hugh, The Spanish Civil war, p.597] [Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.204] >“The Spanish Oligarchy was getting all the planes and other equipment it needed from Germany and Italy,but neither could supply the gasoline and motor transport vital to the army. The United States saw to that . .. . An American oil company took a long gamble on a Rebel victory by supplying great quantities of aviation gasoline, ordinary gasoline, and motor oil on credit. It was a successful business venture. The Germanplanes which bombed Guernica, the first blitzed city of history; the Italian planes which mowed downhundreds of refugees on the road to Mataro beyond Barcelona; the Axis air power which smashed theresistance of weary Republican forces on a dozen fronts—all of these planes were powered by Americanfuel . . . . Knowing this, it is easy to understand why I found it difficult to suppress a shudder when JoséMaría Doussinague, Under-Secretary of the Foreign Ministry, told me in 1945, when the Family was shifting its policy toward the victors of the Second World War: 'You must understanding that we do nothate the United States. Without American trucks and American credits we could never have won the Civil War!" Charlez Folts, The Masquerade in Spain, p.51-52 The refusal of the American Company, Vacuum Oil, to service ships of the Republican Navy at Tangiere, as per contract, has already been noted. This act, however, was only the beginning. In fact, two days prior to this, in the very first hours of the revolt, five oil tankers, associated with Standard Oil were on the high-seas en- route to Spain, fulfilling a contractual agreement between TEXACO and Spain’s CAMPSA. The director of Texaco, Captain Thorkild Rieber, sent a radiogram ordering all ships to change routes and to sail to a port occupied by the rebelling Fascist- Military. Once there, they were to unload their gasoline, with all necessary credits immediately extended to the Rebels. 1 One hardly need suggest that this was closer to an act of war than to one of neutrality -[Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.204] Senator Gerald Nye, Republican of North Dakota, deplored a situation in which American policy had been tied to that of Great Britain; saying on the floor of the Senate: >“Mr. President If this action this afternoon is to be conceived, as I am going to conceive it, in the light of an effort to keep the hands of the United States clean and removed from the danger of being drawn quickly into that war or strife in Europe, I am quite willing that it shall be done; but I hope it is not going to be done in the name of neutrality, for, strictly speaking, neutrality it is not” 4 Representative Mauiy Maverick, Democrat from the State of Texas, stated bluntly: “We are now reversing a policy of 150 years by not being neutral, by refraining from sending munitions to the duly authorized Government of Spain” -[Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.204] >"We are convinced that our Law of Neutrality has most likely aided the aggressor and prevented aid from reaching the victims of aggression." -American President Roosevelt -[Arthur Landis, Spain The Unfinished Revolution, P.397] As late as March-April 1940 (**WHEN THE BRITISH WERE AT WAR WITH NAZI GERMANY**) the British were preparing for war against the USSR and sending reconnaisance flights into the Soviet Union to identify targets.(Richard J Aldritch, The Hidden Hand:Britain, America and Cold War Secret intelligence, P.25) And **before the war was even over** there Churchill was planning on re-arming the Werhmacht and invading the Soviet Union for world war 3 in the aptly named "Operation unthinkable" https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/operation-unthinkable-britains-secret-plan-invade-russia-22521 So you'll excuse me if I see little use, beyond the war time effort, of this propaganda piece. I see one noble country that attempted to keep peace in the globe and 2 countries run by monopoly capital and white supremascists that should bear their responsibility for the slaughter of ww2 and who continued to carry the fascist torch after Ww2 in arming and supplying fascists all over the globe - even in [Europe where they committed terrorist attacks to blame on communists](https://archive.org/details/pdfy-_UhNJeq7Rz2kfgOI) and who's foreign policy remained almost identical to that of the fascists seeking lebensraum. The creation of a labour aristocracy class at the expense of the third world And in less than 5 years after the war they would be committing genocide in Korea and dropping biological and chemical weapons on the Korean people to try to cut up through China then into the Soviet Union


Killing nazis is the best thing the US and UK ever did