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No! There are much better ones that protect better and are cheaper.




Spigen gang


Tough armor gang 🙌


Gang gang. Although it makes my phone kinda fat


It's either a fat phone or a cracked phone. But yeah. I still get surprised when I compare my S10+'s tough armor and my S21 FE's tough armor. The bulk difference is hute


OtterBox gang


Spigen gang gang since S7 Edge. And even when I crossed over to Apple. Plus accessories' protection too. 😉


A little too thick (even the "slim" ones) and the buttons a bit stiff for my liking. But definitely well made.


I swear they make the best cases.




Yup. Ever since my Note 5


I foolishly got the s22u silicone case as soon as phone came out. Within a month it cracked and bits of it came off. Samsung called it 'wear and tear'. Bad quality. Don't waste your money.


Oh don't worry I'm not buying it. I said in another comment that I saw the mixed reviews for the Silicone and Leather cases which is why I didn't go for them. Thanks for the heads up though!


I got the silicone one for my a52 and returned it the next day. If samsung got one thing right, its the case's ability to make your house dust free because it will collect every single dust it touches..


100% - they should rebrand them into lint catchers.


Currently using Spiegen Tough Armor but would love to find something good with actual camera cutouts I have the opportunity to get the Samsung official leather black case for my 22 Ultra for a good price but I was really disappointed in how the quality felt so I decided against it. Too bad as I know they have been solid in the past


I find that Samsung's cases have proper camera lenses protection with individual cutouts for each lenses. Third-party offerings though just make a whole cutout for the camera island.


Yeah I was thinking about getting the leather case myself but the reviews were a mixed bag on the quality (especially for the price you're paying) so I skipped it as well.


I tried it on at my local Best Buy and it felt like a cheap $10 case at most. Certainly not $50


I have the UAG monarch, and while it is a bit pricier it does have the camera cutouts you're looking for.


I own a S20+ & have a Samsung rugged protective cover for my case. Going on 2 1/2 yrs. With this case....


Exact same here. Feels like a good balance between good protection but not too bulky. I just wish the stands on the back were less flimsy.


Nice! They don't have it in black for the S22 though and I don't really like the look of the lines on the case (I'm sure it offers better protection though).


Your correct...... I didn't see it in black for the S22.... The lines don't interfere with the grip or feel. I didn't say, the sides have rubber on them.


The Aramid case is dang good, but I'm caseless with dbrand leather now


Cool! I would like to go careless myself because the design of the phone is pretty nice but the risk of damage to my phone is too high and it will cause its trade in/reselling value to go down substantially.


Aramid case all the way!! 🔥🔥 Edit: spelling


Ringke Fusion-X gang




Used them in the past and they're definitely a solid brand (I mean shit they've been around for awhile now) but I just don't like how they put their brand name so big on their cases.


I have the clear Otterbox case for my s22 and the logo is very minimal on the side of the case so it's not super distracting


Was just wondering. I myself prefer to buy first party and/or officially licensed accessories for my stuff even when it’s not better or makes a difference (like Nintendo branded SD cards for the Switch). For the S22 though, I didn’t care for Samsung’s cases especially since I wanted a simple black one. The only two options really were the Silicone and Leather cases which both seem to have issues (Silicone is more gray than black and is a dust/lint magnet; Leather is a bit hit or miss on quality control). The next best thing would be cases with the official “Designed for Samsung” stamp on them, but it can be a bit hard to find out which ones have it. Plus, for a phone case, it doesn’t matter if it’s officially licensed or not. In any case (pun somewhat intended), here’s my journey through S22 cases if anyone wants to hear my opinion on them. I either bought them on sale or got for free and I also sell them afterwards so it’s not like I’m wasting *that* much money just on cases if anyone’s concerned: • Caseology Nano Pop (MSRP $28.99): Good case! Secure fit and feels nice. Got it because it was recommended by several sites but I don’t really like the design around the cameras and it bothered me enough I got another case. • Pela (MSRP $59.95): Nice feel and the flax straw is a neat look. Phone was a bit too loose in the case for my liking though. It’s also a bit on the expensive side but it’s not entirely unreasonable as it’s made in Canada and is more eco-friendly. • Incipio Duo (MSRP $34.99): Designed for Samsung. Overall solid case but while the holes around the button area is a cool look, it also allows dust to easily get on the buttons. • Samsung Clear Standing Cover (MSRP $29.99): Kickstand is good quality but it makes it a bit uncomfortable to hold the phone. It also feels a bit oily after awhile and the buttons suck. • Torras Shockproof (MSRP $25.99): My current case that I got today. Initial impressions are positive with nothing to complain about (I swear I’m not paid or sponsored by Torras lol). Secure fit, good design, and feels nice. Swapping out the buttons to give some pop is also a cool feature. Time will tell if it will suck but for now I’m satisfied with it.


I normally use Spigen cases but right now I'm using the Samsung clear standing case.


How you liking it? Like I said in my comment, I'm personally not a fan.


I like it quite a bit, especially for watching videos at work and handsfree Duo calls. As for the feel it's fine for me, and the feel of the button placement is fine to me as well. The only difference in feel for me with this case and the Spigen clear case is the Samsung case feels like a harder plastic than the Spigen's flexible rubbery type.


Yeah the kickstand itself is good and works well but since it protrudes a bit even when closed, it makes it a bit uncomfortable for me to hold. The button placement is fine but they're just too mushy for my liking.


If you can get a better design and more protection for a cheaper price, I don't see why you would buy an official samsung case


There's not really any good reason for it; I just like to "match" my products. It's not something I adhere to of course; I'm currently using a case not made by Samsung after all.


Dbrand anyone?


I don't have a case, just a skin on my s22+, and I love it.


Same no case and a breakdown skin


Not using their over priced case ever .




Yeah at one point I was going to get the silicone case but I saw enough reviews about the case attracting lint that I didn't buy it.


I use an Encased brand MagSafe case with my S22 So I can take advantage of all the different MagSafe mounts and accessories out there. https://www.encased.com/shop/samsung-galaxy-s22-clear-magsafe-case/


That's pretty cool. This is like the 2nd or 3rd case mentioned in this thread that gives MagSafe compatibility. Didn't know it was a thing until now.


It's pretty cool... I mostly use it for having a removable popsocket, and I have a magnetic mounting arm for my lapdock that works with MagSafe too, I have yet to find a battery pack that fits right because the shape of the camera cutout is different, but the MagSafe wireless charging pads from ESR work better than the Apple branded ones.


I run naked but previously I'd buy spigen cases


Suprised you haven't gotten arrested yet /s Spigen is definitely a top brand. Hard to beat the price and quality.


I did not know they have official cases


Yeah they have had them for awhile now.




Don't know about always but it's definitely been at least several years.


Why use a case when your phone's already broken?


What do you mean? Are you talking about your phone or mine? Cause if you're talking about the S22, it has its issues (mainly the battery life) but I personally haven't had any problems otherwise.


I'm talking about mine.


Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you'll be able to replace it soon!


I do, I have the 22 ultra silicone case with the green strap. It gets dirty super easy especially the strap. And the case always has tons of lint on it from being in my pocket


Oof that sucks. You haven't replaced it though? Or is the case that good that it's worth the downsides?


Haven't replaced yet, will soon enough though. I just thought the 22 strap looked cool but it is a pain. Had it for about a month and had to wash it twice already


Ringke onyx and Dbrand grip leather.


I'm using the Samsung Clear Standing Cover on my s22u. Kickstand is nice and luckily all my wireless chargers work with this case. Pretty small case too, doesn't add very much bulk at all. It's fallen a couple of times off my nightstand and it protected the phone, no cracks or anything. Not sure how it would do with a more serious fall (like on concrete). That being said, anyone have any recommendations for a more ergonomically friendly case, if it even exists? My hand hurts a bit when scrolling stuff on my phone


Does your hand hurt because of the kickstand in the way? That's one of the reasons I replaced my Clear Standing Cover. If you still want a kickstand, I think decent alternatives would be a case where the kickstand folds into the case so it doesn't stick out or adding a PopSocket/those slap wallet things to a case of your choosing.


I don't think it's the kickstand. It's mostly my right thumb. I suspect it might be the hard lower right corner of the phone case digging into my palm as I scroll


I think the sheer size of the phone also contributes to it as it's a bit unwieldy to hold. A slimmer case with soft edges might help alleviate your problem. As for which specific brand and model, I can't really say as I don't have a S22U so can't speak on the ergonomics. I'm sure one of the many comments about their phone case might help or just searching up best cases for the S22U.


Started with other brands. I had credit with samsung,so I got the s22 ultra black silicone case for like $3. Don't regret it. It's real slim, smooth. Love it.


How black is it? I've seen a review where it's more gray. Also a considerable amount of people have said it attracts a lot of lint.


It's labeled as black, but yes, it's more gray than black; that review is correct I guess like a space Grey? And sadly, yes. You always have to clean it. I'm currently using my off brand otterbox.


Yeah doesn't sound good. What's an off brand Otterbox lol. Is it literally just a ripoff of an Otterbox case?


Yeah but for $3, why not. Uhh yeah, I just searched for heavy duty s22 Ultra cases on eBay. That's where I got mine.


I mean, for $3 sure. It has a MSRP of $30 though which is just ridiculous.


Yeah not worth the $30 Maybe the extra $20 for the leather case would be better.




Cool! I thought about getting the Ranger black but wasn't a fan of the corners even if it is better protection.


UAG Monarch Kevlar


I'm personally not a fan of UAG's designs but they do seem to offer great protection!


Yes but it not my main case just one in the rotation


Rotation? How many cases do you have and how do you decide which one to use (it is just how you're feeling that day, match your outfit, etc)?


7 depends on mine mood. All different kinds right now I'm using the clear kickstand samsung


Otter box and uag top 2


Never an official case. Way overpriced. I like Spigen for security and Goospery for color, although right now I'm using a slim case from VRS Design (at least that's what's written on the case). I've also liked Caseology in the past. I don't care about first party cases because the quality seems the same as third party cases, and the third party brands offer more case styles and colors.


If you can get one on sale for a decent price or you need to use your Samsung credit I don't see why not but yeah the MSRP for what you get doesn't seem great. There's a lot of good reputable brands out there (Spigen is definitely like the king of the affordable and good case) but most of the designs aren't to my liking. I'm currently using a Torras case and while I don't think it's really well known (just another smaller Chinese company), the case is pretty nice and I'm happy with it.


The case designs have gotten uglier as the phones have gained more rear cameras. The case manufacturers don't know what to do with the random camera/flash placements on the back, so the camera holes look kinda funky.


I got 3 cases for free just because I got a $100 instant credit when I purchased s22. It feels durable and decent overall. I like the minimalist and thin appearance. Not a fan of bulky designs from other competitors.


I've two of them, clear standing case and clear view case. Both of them are great. Yes they are pricey so was the phone lol.


You bought them at full retail price? I already mentioned it in another comment but I have the clear standing case myself and while the kickstand is nice, it gets in the way of holding the phone, it feels a bit oily after awhile, and the buttons feel mushy for me. Glad to hear they're both great for you though!


Yes. I have the leather one and the clear one with kickstand. I swap back and forth.


You don't have any problems with the leather case? It seems the quality control of it isn't the best. Some people have no issues while others say it's really cheap especially compared to earlier iterations.


Not really. I have the dove grey one, so it's dirty as hell. I had the one for 21 ultra too. I don't notice a difference. I love the clear ones with kickstand, but they get dingy yellow fast.


Went with the Dbrand Grip Atomic Edition for my S22 Ultra. Absolutely love it. It's grippy, lighteweight and was a great price.


I don't use the Samsung cases. They don't appear to be very protective. I use a Pelican Ranger case.


Using Otterbox Strada


I use the S22U silicon case. Can't recommend. It looks great but in the pocket it's awkward because of the antislip touch, and it started chipping after like a month.


Yeah I heard bad things about it. Is it a dust/lint magnet as some people have said?


Ye it attracts those like mad, but I especially dislike how it drags along in my pocket. Its a silicon case, but has some weird anti-slip grippy feel to it, which is nice when holding it, but also makes it 'stick' in your pocket when pulling it out. Just overall not worth it sadly because I doubt it protects the phone much either.


I say yes but because I got the phone used and it came with the case.


using the Peak Design Everyday Mobile case for the s22 ultra, the magsafe compatibility is amazing to have imo.


Makes your phone MagSafe compatible? That's pretty cool.


yup, the magnets are quite a bit stronger too so theres no fear about the accessories detaching accidentally. a LOT more protection than what the pitaka cases offer also, which is why i ended up going for it. no regrets so far.


I use a random case i found in a tmobile store. I think its pretty good honestly. grippy, shock absorbent, slim but protective enough.


I've had several Samsung official cases when I first purchased my S21. All of them were expensive, all of them fell apart with light use after a few months.


No case crew


Maybe one day when I can afford the risk :(


My S10+ is small and have a skin on it for grip. When I upgrade soon. I'll have a case on for a bit then go no case and a skin


I've got an S10e with the official led matrix flip cover. Got it for 15nzd on sale. It's great!


The flip cases don't look bad but it's not for me (I don't want to have to flip it open everytime I want to use my phone). Glad to hear it's great though!


That's fair. It doesn't stay shut with magnets unfortunately but at least it doesn't have a bulky latch flap thing


Spigen tough armor is my way to go case since the S8. The only samsung case i use is the clear view cover cases.


Mous or pitaka for me


Z fold 3 leather case, the back is made out of leather that wears down incredibly quickly and starts losing its colour almost immidieatly. The problem is, the front half is made out of plastic and the colour on that stays the same.


I have a s10 lite with a third parrty case (spigen), I don't even think samsun has ever made a case for this model


Samsung's are more aesthetics than proper protection.


I have been using Spigen cases all my life, from the A9 2018 till now the S22+. Using the Ultra Hybrid Frost Black


I have the Spigen case that holds 3 or 4 credit cards or an ID for my S21+ and before that I had one for my S8!


Yeah, the led folding one, it was like 60% off, and I love the animations


I have a Motorola and use a poetic case


Yes and no, i work in a warhouse so for work i use the sview case for the 22u, but at home i switch to an ultrathin.


I had one, it was shit. Sticking with otterbox


OtterBox Defender, baby! It took me like a year to even find one of these.


Meanwhile samsung investing milions on phone design for you just to put a case on the back🗿


If they offer me full trade in value no matter what condition the phone is in I would be more than happy to go caseless lol


Yes and no. I swap between multiple cases, some are samsung, some are 3rd party


Leather Cover - a white-collar must-have!


I just replaced my Samsung silicone case i got for the pre order promo for the spigen tough armor The stock samsung lasted me for a real long time and took a lot of damage but I'm definitively liking the protection of the camera , screen , and spine the tough armor provides ( still getting use to how my fingers keep getting pushed off the edge of the keyboard due to the high side though )


In the past I have used Spigen cases for my Samsung phones and even tried a case for my S22U but finally settled on using Samsung leather case. It's color matches with my phone and very slim, although drop protection will be very minimal. Using it for nearly 2 months and very happy.


Otterbox every time.


Uag or spigeon


I used one that I got with my Galaxy Note 10+ (sillicon one) and it broke after 1,5 a year. Now I am using Ringke's case.


I used to, especially with the LED covers but because I changed so often, I now go without a case. my last LED case was the note 20 + I might again with s22 ultra, if there is any


There is indeed a LED case for the S22 Ultra.


I get my cases from aliexpress! Seriously, the price can't be matched and you can get anything you want!


dbrand ftw. anyone else? not the cheapest option, but with their grip case, I can drop my phone with confidence.


A few people have mentioned dbrand.


Got mine for free so I use it haha


I use the official clear stand case on my S22U. I'm sure there are better options out there, but it works, looks nice, and I got it with my preorder credit so can't complain!


Otterbox commuter has been on my last three phones and they have never cracked the screen from numerous drops. Also works for wireless charging. At my job for business phones everyone gets otterbox defender cases. Best protection out there but a little too thick for me


I have this Torras I absolutely love. It feels good in the hand, sleep, not too thick, seems reasonably protective, and a kickstand.


I'm currently rocking a Torras myself! The Shockproof model. It is indeed a pretty nice case and probably the one I'm going to stick with.


Dbrand all day


There's other brands that cost less


A random no name 3$ rubber case gang


OtterBox Gang :3


caseless note 5, most slippery phone ive ever used


Haha wouldn't you want a case or at least a skin then?


no im happy with that, slides into my pocket like a wet soup and feels smaller in my pocket than my iphone 5s yesterday i got a nice deal from my friend, a like new s10 for 150$, man that thing is sooo light and satsfying 😢, the only issue i rejected the purchase for was the oled display burn in, it was really annoying. my next phone should be light and slippery.


Hey, as long as it works for you. Just be careful out there.


ok thats another reason why i didnt buy the s10 so i can break my note 5 comfortably 😂


I have the S21 Ultra, and I've been looking for their S Pen covers, to no avail. I've had to compensate with a 3rd party notebook cover.




Ive been using a brand called torras for years now and ive been very impressed with their cases. slim enough while still maintaining great grip and decent protection. EDIT: They dont lay perfectly flat for the s22u though which annoys the piss out of me. the corners on the s21u case had little bumps to ensure it laid flat and this one doesnt. Thats my only gripe


I'm currently using a Torras Shockproof myself. It's my first case from them and yeah it's pretty great. I think I'll be sticking with that case until whenever I upgrade my phone. Based on my experience with several other cases, the Incipio Duo is a solid case that has the little bumps on the corners but it is a bit more expensive since it's from a bigger brand and the gaps in the button cutouts lets some dust in. Maybe check that out.


Ghostek gang


I had a Samsung leather case but it is VERY thin. Definitely minimal but hardly any protection. Returned to bestbuy. Currently using Spigen


I like their 1st party cases a lot. The thin ones (like the silicon ones) aren't very good for protection though, but the thicker ones are solid.


I do now. After mine fell out of my pocket face down and the screen cracked (Note 20U), I bought the cover case. The former case had raised sides too, so I was shocked when I saw it.


For my Z Flip3 I use the Silicone Ring Case :)


Have used and will continue to use otter box for all my phones


I bought a Samsung case and it was shit lol


I mean, the og samsung cases are totally not worth it, but some, more exclusive ones that You cant really get anywhere else per say, are very cool. For example I have been using the black Alcantara one ever since I got my current phone and boy do I love this case.


Got a of free one with the 22 Ultra the clear case with the stand. 0 complaints hasn't yellowed solid would recommend.


D3O zagg cases for me


Nope. I use Supcase's Unicorn Beetle Pro cases. I'm someone who prefers more rugged cases and have been using the UB Pro cases since 2018 for all my phones.


I use an Otterbox Defender Pro for my S21U but for my Tab S7FE I use Samsung's slim keyboard book cover. It's by no means protective but it's lightweight, super responsive, convenient, and it's powered by the tablet instead of charging independently. Nowhere near worth the $160 ask price, but I got it "used" (in perfect condition) on Amazon for $50 and I'd say it's well worth it even after using a few other brands.


I'm a Spigen stan, bought 3 of their cases in a 2 year span.


I usually always end up grabbing an Otterbox case of some sort. Always protects my phone, which I drop more than I care to admit. Never had any issues with this brand.


I'll write a review later, I tried somewhere around 10 cases (maybe more) and found the most appropriate for me the Spigen Tough Armor and the Nillken CamShield Case. Other cases seemed too flexible, too thin, and didn't give me much confidence in any potential drops or camera lens protection. My use case is someone who works in an office, occasionally in the field, and I put my phone in random places like ledges and dirt/rocks for photos. I also have a habit of tossing my phone on tables or on couches. Previously I was a big fan of the OtterBox Symmetry cases, and still am, but the one for the S22 Ultra series didn't have much "lip" for the screen.


Oh you don't need to write a review. Like I said in the post and several comments, I already currently have a case I'm happy with and am not looking for recommendations. I was just curious how many people use an official case.


My bad! I thought this was a recommendation post haha. Cheers!


Samsung, most of the cheap silicone cases stain easily. The only non Samsung silicone case I would recommend is Goospery.




? Is that the case you use?


I have the S20FE So yes I do use a type of case


Smart move. From bitter experience the GG3 screen needs the protection.


No. I have an iPhone