110% got an extra row of macro keys far left :)


I Guess i'm in 101% range then. I love volume control knob / wheel. ;)


The dedicated mute key is incredibly useful when parents come home unexpectedly


Underrated comment here


Same, I listen to music a lot when I'm on the computer so media keys could be a deal breaker when shopping for a keyboard


I don't think I will ever go back to a keyboard without a volume knob/roller. It's just too convenient


Can always get an amp with a nice knob


I hit wrong nobs when playing games and trying to do it, the media keys have always felt far more convenient in my personal opinion.


Logitech G915 is the best keyboard I've ever owned.


yeah i stupidly got a new keyboard without media keys, i still prefer to use my old one lol


I solved that issue with a stream deck. I couldn’t find a keyboard that fit all of my criteria, so I just removed some criteria and gained a bunch of useful macro keys


Same. I hate iCUE but I do like my Corsair k95


fuck icue. but i like my keyboard with the macros


Why hate iCUE? I had an EVGA keyboard before and holy shit their software sucks 100x more than iCUE, which I think is good


I love corsairs products, i have a k100 and corsair scimitar is the only mouse ive used for like the past 8 years. But the iCue software ive had so many problems with. Ive had it randomly crash while using it, profiles not saving to hardware, not detecting devices on boot ( like mouse/kb not running through iCue, still works but i have to unplug it and replug it in before its detected). The Void pro i had, idk if it was a hardware or software issue but random disconnects and some of the iCue settings for features of the headset didnt work at all. Overall iCue isnt awful but its pretty buggy but usable. Unlike the Steelseries software for my headset which i uninstalled cuse i had to fight with it changing my default audio device to the headset everytime i booted my pc and didnt play nice with my virtual audio splitter.


Are you me? This is 100% my experience and same peripherals.


Yup 110% represent I think I have a Corsair k95? Idk it’s rainbow vomittey and very clicky clacky and I love it


130% here, 3 rows of macro even more far left :D




Hyper7, hell yeah!


I'm guessing some of those macro keys are still waiting to experience their 10th click.


I’m 110% as well. Are we brothers now?


Logitech G613 here. The macro keys on the side save my carpal tunnel playing wow. Been using Logitech keyboards with the G macro keys for decades.


Absolutely! Moar buttonz!!


100% + 4 more keys in the top right for volume up/down/mute and for some reason a button that opens the calculator and cant be rebound to anything else


had one exactly like that, they were on the left side and I loved them, except I also had one that opened dedicated email app, but play/pause/mute/volume up and down were very much appreciated


hell nah not the calculator button 💀


you will do maths


The calculator button knows where you live. It watches you sleep.


The calculator button is super useful to me as a programmer, I actually find it annoying when I use a keyboard without one and have to type calculator in the search bar like some kind of savage.


Estimator. Same deal - usually at the end of the day I have 40 or so instances of calculator that I get to watch close like old school solitaire.


i also use it a lot but to calculate damage in a roblox game 💀💀


Yup, had one of those then switched to a nicer 100 with a volume wheel+pause/play button




Agreed! I do lots of CAD and run a business. Can't live without a full size keyboard. I see why people might go without the 10-key but not a good fit for me.


I once worked in an industry where I needed a 10-key, and now I can't live without. I get thrown when certain games won't take input from it.


Toggle NumLock then complain on the fourm


When you’re doing technical writing that uses a lot of numerical identifiers, the number pad is a huge efficiency boost.


I'm so used to the num pad that I can't function without it. Type in my CC number? Fuck me if I don't have the number pad.


Honestly would take too much time to get comfortable using the default numbers again. Try to practice typing your CC number here and post it as a reply to me. You know what they say: "Practice makes perfect!"


I'm left handed, so I use the arrow keys and the 10-key for everything. If a game doesn't let me rebind or use the numpad, it's a game that's getting refunded.


100%. I want my number pad.


As a left handed gamer, num pad is essential to our kind.


Ooh. This is a new one I haven't heard before. Can you explain why? I haven't met any left handed gamers before that didn't use a standard setup.


If I had to guess, WASD becomes 8456.


Lefty Gamer here. Yes; 8456 Back in the 90s I used the number pad with my right, 0 for jump, '.' for Crouch, reload on enter. Grenades, torch, ability stuff I'd have in the buttons above and around the 8456. Nowadays, I find there are a wider range of controls needed in your average FPS, 3PS or Platformer, so I've moved over to IJKL on the main keyboard. I also highly recommend Razer's Naga Left Handed mouse - it slopes the correct way (lower on the left) and has 10 mappable buttons on the right for your thumb. It ain't cheap, but I put in the hours to make it worthwhile. Also... 100% Keyboard Size


Interesting and weird. I assumed they'd use PL;' to mimic shift/ctrl/alt accessibility, or maybe shift it to IJKL or similar.


As a lefty. Why?


Some use mouse with the left hand. I still use it the right way.


It's easier to learn to use computers right handed than to be stuck buying specific gear or be uncomfortable at other setups.


For me when I got into gaming as a kid I played games that by default had controls on WASD and the arrow keys so as a lefty I just grabbed the mouse on my left and started playing with the arrow keys. As I got into more games I started being really limited by the arrow keys awkward position and the lack of surrounding buttons but I had already gotten used to holding the mouse on the left so I switched to IJKL. It works great for me, I don't feel like I'm in a disadvantage at all, just means I have to rebind all my keys in every game and I have to buy symmetrical mice with side buttons on both sides.


Lefty here who plays games with their right hand. I guess its a deal breaker for games that don't have great rebinding support


i guess if you were into competitive shooters not using the mouse with your dominant hand could give you an inherent disadvantage. I'm not a leftie and I'm just assuming.


As a lefty, I think it matters more how you’ve accustomed to it. I’ve used a mouse on the right since I could barely understand what I was doing. Using my left hand feels incredibly unnatural and keyboard mouse combination simply isn’t made for left-handed players. I’ve played plenty of CS:GO and while I was decent in competitive I don’t think my hand was the limiting factor.


96% gang here. Guess what? I have a num pad too!


96% gang 🤛


100% full sized. I am a monkey. the more buttons to press the better


100% Full size. It's a desktop, I have the space, I want the functions


Also numpads are quite good to use at macros aside from inputting numbers.


As a lefty, I use my 9 key for what one would normally use WSAD for. For FPS games, it's the only way to go.




I tend to prefer [ambidextrous corded Logitech mice](https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice.html?filters=ambidextrous,corded). I don't like cordless because of the batteries and because the wired mice tend to be literally faster and more responsive; especially if there is any interference with the wireless signal or if the battery happens to be weak. These mice are the most reliable, best for left handed or right handed usage, and even tend to the be the cheapest despite their versatility and reliability.


This is the way


I love having a numpad, full keyboard all the way


It's just so damn hard to build muscle-memory with the number-bar. Numpad is just easier to use while blind.


My hand runs over the num pad like an aggressive spider, I'd hate to have to use the bar.


I got myself a separate bluetooth numpad, so I could use it for stuff like blender, while also being able to benefit from the ergonomics of tenkeyless when gaming.


now that's fine. But using the row of numbers is just crazy


whatever this is https://preview.redd.it/f4fqa698crda1.jpeg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8cb571285c898c3d0cf12fceb091bec9731ad155


Left side - left hand Right side - right hand Mouse - 🍆


What if there is no 🍆 ?🤔


split 40%, looks pretty similar to a lily58


Yeah, that's a Lily58 but from someone who doesn't like thumb keys 😄


lots of people prefer 100%, didn't expect that considering how big the promotion is on buying less keyboard for more money


I'm finding the exact same thing in this thread and I'm equally surprised.


I think there might be reasons for why smaller keyboards get disproportionate representation. For one, they do look more sleek and minimal which many people go for when taking photos of their desk. They are also cheaper, and so collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts can afford more keyboards if each one costs less and get bigger variety than if they were all 100%+. Also, this isn't a keyboard subreddit, and so many here might not have even considered smaller keyboards. Or if they did, they might be concerned that a smaller unit won't meet their regular requirements. You would rather have 1 complete keyboard and not worry about it, versus risking getting a smaller one and not having everything you need.


Smaller custom keyboards are just as expensive as full size. Collectors are not saving on smaller keyboards to have a greater variety in their collections. Some "high end pieces" start around 900 USD and aren't even full sized. Budget/entry level boards can start around 200 barebones but that will still require keycaps and switches which could add another chunk of money. There are some cheap pieces you can get but they may lack build quality, modability, have poor QC/support, or features. Smaller doesn't inherently mean cheaper.


Additionally, I would say the biggest reason that they are disproportionately represented is not for the reasons op listed but that the vast majority of enthusiast keyboard products cater to the 60-75% range. There’s a shit ton more compatible 60-75% keyboard products out there than TKL-Fullsize. If I had to guess almost every single 100% or tkl on this post is an entry level gaming keyboard or office keyboard, be that mechanical, mechanical feel, or membrane.


> If I had to guess almost every single 100% or tkl on this post is an entry level gaming keyboard or office keyboard That would be my assumption as well


If you asked in /r/MechanicalKeyboards you'd probably get very different answers. 96% gang here!


110% double TK


What? Two numberpads?


Some keyboards have an additional row of keys that perform various functions. Mine for example let's you play/pause/skip media, increase/decrease/mute volume. Go to desktop, open mail, open calculator, open notepad etc. It's great


Oh that's what I use too! :D I got confused by the "double TK" part I think! The "ten key" is the numberpad afaik.


100 %. Didn't even know about the 1800 size


100% for work, TKL for gaming


This is my feeling too. If I need to type enough numbers to need a number pad, it’s work. Only thing is, I recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV, and now I could really use some more keys for cool-down spells…


TKL for both, separate mechanical keypad for work.






yeah if I use 100% my arms would be too flared out, also I wouldn't have any space on the left side to put my headphones


I'd be uncomfortable too, with TKL both my arms are at the same inward angle.


I don’t think any of the games I’ve played or currently play have even so much as recommended a numpad. While I don’t miss having one, I can definitely understand the want and need.


Full size or nothing


More than 100% since I have 18 extra keys


damn man, you actually tryna go for the record here, double keyboarding


Old-school K95?




100% but 40 has a nice personality


65% I kind of regret not getting a 75%


Always been a 100% guy. Recently got a 75% +10-key separate. Rely live it for the vast number of games i play that have a second set of controls purely on the numpad. I keep the numpad to the left playing war thunder. Just radar controls on it.


Same, but I did get my keyboard for $10, when it usually goes for $50. It actually feels pretty good.


Love my 75%, feels like the sweet spot between compactness and functionality


i'm 60% but should have gotten 65% i miss arrow keys lol


Agreed, went from TKL to 65, and while its fine for most things, some games like mount and blade suck using FN, and rebinding everything is a pain.




I like my 100% keyboards way too much to give them up.


I developed the habit of using the numberpad at work, so 100% always.


75% (the best size)


Can’t believe how far down i had to scroll for this, all these 100%ers are nuts


I still have not found the TKL comment yet


squad up


It has everything you need and nothing you don't. Plus it's small so I don't have to have my hands so far apart while playing games.


master race.


I have an 80% but want to upgrade to 75% next time


1800, Keychron Q5.


Awesome, I got same keyboard yesterday, loving it so far


Awesome man. I also use an 1800, Odin V2.


100% of the time 100%.


100 % I need the numpad.




100% I need all these keys and I probably need more keys


60% because it’s all I need/want


I was very close to getting a 60% but I spend a lot of time working in a terminal so needed page up+down so settled for 65%


you can have those keys as well as any other ones on a 60% or even smaller keyboard, but then you are working with layers. If you know them you are as fast or faster with them, but it is different. in my home row I have arrow keys and home, end, page up and page down. This makes Navigation so incredible easy and fast on every program, but it is something you have to get used to


This. Pro tip is to rebind capslock to your fn key. Capslock is pretty useless for most people. Also, I find I don’t need the right ctrl, alt, fn or shift keys in the bottom right section of the keyboard, so I remap those to arrow keys.


Full size.


100% and won’t go lower and I’m pretty sure mines bigger than 100%


Any 80% fellas?


75% on my gaming setup and 100% for my work (numpads do wonders for macros/shortcuts)


Can't believe I had to scroll so far to find another superior 75%-er. It's my first keyboard I built and I spent a regretful amount of money on it but I love it. If I ever need a numpad I'd probably just buy a separate one rather than another keyboard


Yes, especially if you don't often use the numpad, an external one instead of a new keyboard is a more nicer approach. Better utilize it for additional mouse space if not needed.


I just got a 75% recently and it's the best layout I've ever used. It's compact so you still get plenty of mouse room, but you don't have to compromise and lose out on F or page keys. Keeping the F keys in particular is huge for MMO's and RTS. It's perfect for everything but number entry, and that can easily be fixed with a detached numpad.


100% or more, because i see no reason to lose some functions.


Space is my reason, it's so much nicer having that extra room by ditching a ton of buttons I never use. The numberpad is missed like, once or twice a year.


I use the numberpad like 95% that I'm typing any number. It doesn't help that I'm using an AZERTY layout which means that the standard number keys (above the letters) won't input numbers unless you're pressing shift/using caps lock. The numberpad removes this hassle for me


Whats on a numpad that you dont have on a TKL?


Just bought a 96%. All the keys without the size of a 100%, came from a TKL and theyre basically the same size. My desk ain't huge but I have really missed the numpad.


I love my 96%. I have an 1800 on my laptop and originally got a 65% for my desktop. It only lasted about a week before I missed my 100%. I feel like it’s compact but large


Small desk gang represent, 96% is really the way to go. Have had mine for a year now (came from full-size 108) and I am never going back.


Full size all the way and RGB too !




100% full size


I love my 40%. The best feature is that no one else knows how to use it


How many layers do you have to have to compensate for the lack of so much functions and keys


Personally, I could make due with 2 layers. The third one I use for F keys and media player keys and macros.


I've got 4 40%s, two ortholinear, a custom layout, and an Alice.. And I can't type on any of them. I just like the way 40%s look.


60% as i like to have my keyboard at an angle


How does having your keyboard at an angle require a 60%? I tilt mine too and I have a full.


I like to tilt my 60%. More comfortable for me and my key binds. And then I have more mouse space for the way my desk is set up


How angular we talking? 80°? 100°?


ah a man of culture I see


125%... I like my 20 extra customizable macro buttons...


100% all the way.




40%, I love not being able to play literally any PC game in existence 🙃


*80% Gang*


Had to scroll so far to find one of us


I was losing hope. What happened to all the TKL enjoyers?




So I guess we're the super minority 😅 I really just don't press number keys that often




The more keys, the merrier. 100%(+). Even with all those and a few extra programmable/media buttons, I still have more combo shortcuts on top. Anything less isnt an option.


Three of my keyboards are 80% tenkeyless; the other two are 100%. I think the real question that needs answering: are you god-tier mechanical... or are you membrane normie.


true dat, only a mechanical switch connoisseur could enjoy every range of keyboard layout and be at peace


60% at home. 100% at work.


Always 100%


100% Full Size


Used to be 110% for a long time but recently switched to 65% and my goodness, my life is changed 🥸


Full size ergo, but with a separate 10-key.


75% with a knob, it’s as great as you think


60%, Caps Lock is converted to a modifier with the following key bindings: \- CAPS Lock + SDFE -> Arrows \- CAPS Lock + WR -> Page Up/Down \- CAPS Lock + GH -> Home/End \- CAPS Lock + JKLI -> Mouse movement \- CAPS Lock + UO -> Mouse Click left/right \- CAPS Lock + \[\]\\ -> Vol UP/Down/Mute \- CAPS Lock + ' -> \` \- CAPS Lock + Backspace -> Delete \- CAPS Lock + 1234567890-= -> Fn Keys


110% full size. Blackwidow


100 or 1800.


80 at home, 100 at work


Nice graphic. TKL gang represent






I have bigger than a 100%, +6 hot keys on the side


100%, I have the space, so i will use it


Dream keyboard would be a 150% (full 24 f keys and left hand numpad sized macro pad) with built in KVM and ATX power buttons, let me control my entire setup for one place


100% but numpad on the left.


96% for work 60% for gaming.


100% because size matters but I don’t want to over compensate with a 110%


I’m a software developer, and PC gamer. I use 110% with an extra row of macro keys to the left. I’d be just fine with 100%, but anything smaller would get progressively more annoying. At 60% or less, I’d walk out of the office/home to the nearest tech store, and get a $10 full sized one before continuing my work day.


100% because the numpad is usefull af


Split You can place the 2 sides of the keyboard however you need for the best ergonomics. Whether you need it for shoulder or wrist comfort.


I type in morse code https://preview.redd.it/i5vi7vyp2xda1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b62fc58791b35e016421e344748060080b441c1b


how tf does someome live with a 40??? even if numbers are bound to some FN key, that just looks like a pain in the ass.


You get used to it pretty quickly, and when you do, you can reach any button you need from the home row, no need for waving your arms around the keyboard so much. You have two layer keys in addition to standard shift, ctrl, alt, meta, and you can access numbers, F keys and special characters with ease. Kind of like a keyboard on the phone, you reach the special characters on the second or third layer.


I just got a TKL as I needed a bit of extra space. If I had more I’d get a full size, but it was also my first mechanical keyboard, and TKL was cheaper lol


125% got 18 Macro keys on the left. The older K95 from Corsair


Full the only way to go


I got the biggest piece of equipment, only time in my life I've ever got to say that honestly.


Full size. But who makes good 90% kb?


1800. Why? An 1800 is 99% of what is needed for a full size but in a layout format that approaches the size of a TKL. This saves desk space and is actually a significant ergonomic benefit (wrist/arm movement of mouse hand is lessened). IMHO, 1800 is what a standard layout should be, it's been proven to be basically as functional as a full size but just objectively better from an ergonomic usage standpoint, and technically is pennies cheaper to make from a manufacturer standpoint due to less material. Problem of course is existing model/type momentum makes that shift at an industry level damn near impossible. My personal model is a Leopold FC980M-PD.


Full size always. I took forever to find a laptop with a full keyboard as well but I did.


Full size, always full size


Full size. I have to have the keypad.