Don't let these people see oregano.


They'd really freak out if they saw a Japanese Maple tree.


Or a False Aralia


Or marijuana.




Marijuana isn't Satan's doing, though... >And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Genesis 1:29 (KJV). So there's no religious argument against weed. I believe Jesus toked lol \*Also, I know you were being facetious when you referred to devil's lettuce... I was just using your comment as a springboard for my argument....


How else can you explain the burning bush that allowed Moses to speak to God?


You mean the burning kush? I believe this is the original wording and you can't convince me otherwise!


Honestly, how many times can you Christians make the same mistake over and over again? It was obviously burning cilantro.... Jeez


I was working at a high school and I drew a japanese maple leaf. One of the teachers thought I drew marijuana. I was confused and told him it's a maple leaf. He understood but explained that I had to be more careful with what I drew.


That day you learned a valuable lesson about dangerous drawings


Just wait ‘till you learn about dangerous thoughts.


> explained that I had to be more careful with what I drew Indeed, imagine if somebody found that piece of paper, rolled it up, and smoked it!


explained that I had to be more careful with what I drew??? ​ Phytomorphology so he would be able to distinguish the difference between a maple leaf and marijuana?? Just a thought.


Or baking soda.


Shortly after the 9/11 attacks there was a spree of anthrax attacks (9/18/2001 ish). I was a sophomore in college at the time. Our chemical engineering building was shut down for a day because a janitor discovered a pile of white powder near one of the chalkboards. >!it was of course chalk dust!<


I worked in a government lab at the time, and we got a package the day after the anthrax scare popped up. When they opened it, a lot of white powder spilled out. It was opened in a hood so the air handler theoretically would have spread it outside saving the lab area. That would have been ok, not ideal, but it contaminated the outdoor smoking area. I was a smoker at the time and had to start prophylactic treatment for anthrax along with a couple of others. It was a desiccant for biological samples from overseas, shipped before the anthrax threat was known. What fun times those were.


Those little packets are serious when they say Do Not Eat!


There were a lot of scares like this at the time. People were freaking out over baking soda, etc. Wierd time.


I recall an office building was closed down because someone found a piece of paper with the word "Anthrax" written on it.


Must have been tough being the manager of the band Anthrax. "Hello, I want to bring Anthrax and 5,000 people into your arena."


it turned out the woman was innocent. Later, the church authorities issued a statement and allowed Ashley to attend prayers from next week. No apology? Allowed her to attend from next week? WTF!


I dont want to be at a church that doesnt know what cilantro is. Their potluck game must be so wack.


I don't want to go to a church that thinks Reefer Madness is canon.


I don't want to go to a church.


I don't want to go to Oklahoma.


I already said I don't want to go to a church.


Organized religion is a bad idea.


ore-ga-no - what the hell?


Ohh, look at that adorable spice rack! Eight spices? Some must be doubles, Or-ah-gah-no? What the hell?


Cheese bacon and potatoes 100%


Potato salad with raisins.


I can smell this comment. Also, the potato salad has miracle whip instead of mayo.


I prefer to believe this is a myth perpetrated by the internet. I don’t want to live in a world where raisins in potato salad is acceptable.


This is Oklahoma. "Salsa" provided in Mexican restaurants there often tastes like either ketchup or Ragu. Maybe it's slightly better in OKC or Tulsa, but this has been my experience everywhere I stopped that served "Mexican" food.


There's some absolutely excellent Mexican food in Oklahoma. And some absolutely dogshit Mexican food in Oklahoma. The best way to tell which is which is to see if any old white lady's eat there. In my experience the old white lady's tend to avoid good Mexican food for some reason. OKC and Tulsa do have higher latin populations so it's certainly easier to find authentic stuff there (theres like 3 great places with a few minutes of my house in OKC)!


I'm not religious, but was invited to a church for a colleague's infant's Confirmation. So anyway, going through all the bits and pieces of the day, there was a point where the priest is bringing the congregation up to speed on the church news. Their sister church in Africa had some news and he rattles off several line items... one of which was two of the priest's daughters were murdered! No-one batted an eye, there was no further mention of it, and not so much as a 'let us spend a moment in silence'. This is your "sister church" and you don't even pause a moment when the priest's kids are murdered? What the fuck is going on here?


Africa. Dead black/ brown people. They don't care. They just want to say "We have a sister church in Africa"


Same with the cilantro. I haven't seen the video but this lady has a Hispanic last name and this is a church in Oklahoma so I'm assuming it's mainly white. It's sad but not surprising.


I know it’s basically pointless to ask but… i want to ask them if they think if Jesus was there, do you think he’d have been dialing 9-1-1 or would he have actually tried to do something else maybe.


They're into prosperity gospel Jesus. That Jesus flies private and believes if you're loved by God, you will get rich.


Why would anybody want to go back to somewhere that they treating you like that.... People are just seriously brainwashed by these places..


Because its their social circle and they can't give it up. I ask my mil all the time about this. She has nothing but complaints. And yet, back she goes every Sunday.


My impression is that its a mix of true believers and people there for the networking opportunities or "community standing."


In these fundy places it has nothing to do with god. Most or all of them specifically preach counter to at least Jesus' teachings. There is no sane reading of the new testament where Jesus would kick someone out of church for smoking weed. He in fact made wine for his peeps. He in fact didn't kick out prostitutes..thieves etc.Ypu know..actual sinners


Fundamentalists usually like to preach fire and brimstone out of the old testament. I attended a very religious school growing up so it was like going to church 6 days per week(I don't attend church at all now). Everything I understand about the Bible is the old testament is more about showing the flawed system that required Jesus coming to earth and giving us a "new deal." Hence why his teachings are the new testament and I become very wary of Christian who does not see Christianity as being about love and acceptance.


I learned that in the very original version of Christianity, "Hell" was for fallen angels and sinners simply stopped existing. Believers got to stay awake forever in an afterlife. Fire and brimstone was a misunderstanding of an example used to convey this because people stopping thinking in symbolism and colloquialism a long time ago and writings back then would be misunderstood now. There are actually writers complaining about how writing styles from just a few decades ago no longer get used because people take it literally and cause twitter mobs to harass the author like how an author "crumbled to dust" (read: I am old af) after seeing books she read at release in the old classics section. Twitter thought she was shitting on good books.


It can be all three, that's why I think religion is so prevalent in small towns across the nation; the church is the center of everything.


Some social circle, kicking you out for bringing cilantro to top a soup you made for everyone


They’re generally incredibly gregarious and welcoming right up until they’re not. A co-worker was telling me about how she announced she was engaged but since the man was a divorcé they just got really quiet and someone said very quietly “well you know what the Bible says about divorce.” The church claimed to be Protestant too.


The Bible says divorce is not okay, but also says it is okay for a man to divorce his wife. The problem is they haven’t actually read the whole thing. If they had they would see how often it contradicts itself.


Yeah that’s kind of the essence of Christianity. “What Jesus said is more important than the stuff in the Old Testament/Torah except where it’s been altered by the early Catholic Church to say something else or where I happen to like something in the Old Testament more than what Jesus taught.”


That's why they break it up over a 3 year timeframe :\^)


I would take the opportunity to go back and just be super passive aggressive to everyone there lol


I’d go back smoking a fat blunt.


Seriously, I'd just let em keep thinking cilantro is weed then get them all to share a blunt and say it's heirloom tobacco.


It's smoking tomato.


Mine tastes like grandma!


Exactly. Bring some real MJ next time.


"Oh hey Helen. Yeah, it's some Sour Diesel wax, your son Kevin sold it to me. Good stuff. Hi to Kevin."


Don’t throw Kevin under the bus like that, dude. I need to pick up later this week!


Fuck Kevin. He puts his thumb on the scale.


Kev always does have that fire tbh.


Yes, and compose some fake bible verses that promote weed! Hilarious!


Oh there's a real one: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” — God, Genesis 1:29 (NIV)


Came here to post this. Decriminalize nature. There are plenty of studies suggesting shrooms can help treatment resistant depression.


"Let he who is without sin cast the first rock, and I shall smoketh it."


The burning bush is already in there


then pop out a big plate of enchiladas verde with cilantro/lime rice and coriander encrusted lamb chops.


It's a church. Half the people there are already super passive aggressive.


Because her incarcerated sister is allowed to go to services there; that’s why she had food in the first place.


No doubt after the incident, the congregation prayed for 30 seconds for forgiveness. They assume Jesus said "It's all cool, now." Then went on like they did nothing wrong. Honestly, though. The only thing the "church authorities" could have done to make themselves look worse was to say "Are we not magnanimous?"


That's fundamentally how many churches operate. Authority, even when wrong, is to be unchallenged and trusted entirely. They use the religion to justify a constant appeal to authority and place themselves above others as the authority.


Modern christians ask god for forgiveness so they don't have to ask their victims for it.


Cult leaders never admit they’re wrong. It shows weakness and jeopardizes their control over their subjects.


My sentiments.. I wouldn't go back.. super Christian of them..


Amazing they found so many without sins to cast those stones.


They checked her tithing records and decided to let her back in. The $ kind of green is acceptable.


I lived on both sides of the altar of the United Methodist Church. Tbh, the Southern Baptists were worse though. There are many reasons I do not participate in organized religion as a result of my experiences.


I think this is a valuable lesson for the lady, stop hanging out with idiots.


How fucking stupid and uncultured do you have to be not to know the look and smell of Cilantro?


Oklahoma wasp level. Raisins in potato salad level. Olive Garden is fine dining level. Duck Dynasty is a fine evening of entertainment level. I'm afeared fer mah life level.


Please tell me the raisin thing isn’t real.


Yeah, in parts of the deep south and Midwest buybull belt areas. It's 'exotic' or something, I guess, when mayo is too spicy for you. Maybe the sweetness of the raisins tones down the spice in the mayo? I dunno. It never made sense to me.


Wait till you hear Mayo Jello Pudding or Bread Pudding made with Rice, or Fruitcake with no Fruit. - source, ex-evangelical at 15 years old because I got an education and smarted the fuck up. These people are actually insane.


That's why they start the brainwashing with children. You bring any adult there who has never been religious and they would instantly think they are nutjobs. Normalize crazy at a young age is how they get them. Ask any religious person when they started believing and it's always the same answer. That or they converted from one form of worship to another.


I know some people absolutely hate cilantro, but god damn.


This reminds me of the time my childhood church boycotted the local movie theater because it was playing XXX movies. The theater wasn't actually showing adult films but was screening the film "XXX" starring Vin Diesel.


Oh my god, you reminded me of my movie theater job days. The worst was when Sharkboy or that same group had another kids movie came out where the title of the movie used the term "4D". So the theme of the movie was about the 4th dimension and the kids get 3D glasses, a special little sheet to use during the movie to engage the kids in the plot, and the movie was only in 3D showings. This isn't too complex of a situation, one would think.... So you know, any cognitively capable adult would surmise that seeing a movie in "4D" is an exaggeration for the kids. But, you know what, some people are just confused for a moment if there is some sort of different theater (and worrying about an additional cost, or different glasses), so question what 4D refers to, they aren't dumb, they're just checking. Or maybe it's been a while since their school days and it's been a long day and they are just wondering if they are forgetting what 4D is, so are checking. These are all good things and no one should be embarassed for asking a reasonable question, I'm happy to explain that this is just the title of the movie and nothing else and is based on the plot of the movie. Aaaand it was a clusterfuck. The kids were easy, they'd ask what is 4D, and I'd say "It's the fourth dimension! Time!" And the kids would be all Ooooh yayyy and run off. The adults...well holy fuck. The adults would get an angry expression and actually get a bit aggressive and hostile demanding me to explain as if a local movie theater has set them up in some elaborate plot. And these are actual conversations I'd have to have, often with a supervisor for backup when things turned a bit dangerous: "What does 4D mean?" Me: It is just the title of the movie. The movie is about the fourth dimension. "What is the fourth dimension?" Me:...it's just a loose usage of the term 4D to make the kids excited. 4D just refers to time. "No! I said. WHAT IS 4D?!" Me already clicking my button for urgent safety assistance: It is a 3D theater with 3D glasses, 4D is just the name of the movie." "Well wtf do these glasses do?" Me: "Those are your 3D glasses. You put them on when the movie starts to see special effects." "3D? Where the fuck is the 4D? I paid for 4D!" Me: Sir, neither you or I can see the fourth dimension- "It's up on your screen!!! See it says 4D there!!!" Me: I see the confusion, but that is just part of the title of the movie. We do not have a theater that has 4D... "Well then why the fuck are you selling me 4D shit?" Me: Oookay I'll let my manager explain. "That's right, get your manager over here." Me: mhm Or it would go like this: Me: This movie is in 3D, here are your 3D glasses, and here kids are your sheets (I am now not using the word 4D at all anywhere near any adult), the movie will tell you when to look at the sheet. Parent: But I don't want 3D. Me: Ah, unfortunately this movie is only available in 3D. I can switch your tickets to another movie or, if you really want to see this one, you can take the glasses off, just the screen may seem a bit funny looking at times. A lot of people don't enjoy 3D, I understand. Parent: But it says 4D up there... Me: Ah yes, that's part of the name of the movie, I get the confusion as it seems like we offer a 4D theater. Parent: So there's no 4D right now? What time is the 4D one... Me: ...No...eh..there is no 4D theater. It is the name of the movie. Parent: well you shouldn't say you have 4D and not have 4D... Me: right, I'll get my manager... Parent: nodding that I've begun to understand my stupidity And a few sad occassions where I had to explain to panicking adults that no, the theater won't let you see the fourth dimension. They would get really pissed that we "scared them" by telling them they would go into the fourth dimension. TLDR: adults incapable of understanding that 2D/3D/4D has more meaning than a movie theater type.


Bloody hell the American education system really is beyond repair isn't it?


>Bloody hell the American education system really is beyond repair isn't it? Our schools reflect the local culture. I live in a college town. Our schools are a place where it's good to be a nerd. If your local community is full of idiots and/or racists, the school will perpetuate that in the name of "local control". You'd think that, in a world of remote work, returning to Rural America would be a good life choice due to the LCOL. However, I have kids -- and I won't put them through the abuse I suffered as a nerdy kid in a Rural American school.


Unironically love that movie lol


🙄 “allowed her to worship there.” Jesus gonna have a sad duty kicking those folks into hell for turning away ANYbody


If heaven exists, a large majority of Christians won't get in


There’s been several studies that point to Christians, especially evangelicals, possessing inferior ethics and morals to non-religious people.


Atheists are consistently shown in studies to have not only [more empathy and compassion](https://www.livescience.com/20005-atheists-motivated-compassion.html), but also [know the bible better](https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2010/09/28/130191248/atheists-and-agnostics-know-more-about-bible-than-religious) than religious people.


Their lack of compassion is what drove me away from the church, the lack of weekly reinforcement of my cognitive dissonance led me to question things more closely. Happy atheist now.


[Link](https://www.tiktok.com/@alimamii23/video/7030503172862987525) of TikTok vid.


That’s messed up. That pastor being a douche nozzle annoys me the most. He won’t even try to listen to her and just says “it’s my policy”. Implying he doesn’t believe her.




>ch, ch, ch, chill chill. when he said that, i almost heard "Woman sh sh sh shut up"


He also doubled down. >[Rogers said he felt he and the volunteers dealt with a difficult situation as well as they could. “I stand by our volunteers 100 percent,” he said.](https://www.umnews.org/en/news/video-of-church-incident-goes-viral-causes-fallout)


A difficult situation? What about cilantro is a "difficult situation"?????


It's difficult because the only vegetables they see are french fries and ketchup.


That’s obnoxious. Can’t even admit he made a mistake. Christianity is supposed to be about forgiveness. He should said sorry, it’s the least he could do.


It's never surprising to see Christians contradict themselves. Christianity is what they preach, not what they follow.


It just gets worse the couple who accused said they have, “Native American ancestry”. Like ok you think you are native, that doesn’t mean you haven’t been white for generations and still are fucking racist regardless of a DNA test.


Chill chill chill. White Conservative Christians know a druggie by the color of their skin.


I came here to comment that, I'm 100% sure race had a big part in this


Man, FUCK THAT CHURCH. Don't ever go back.


That was their plan all along. Worked like a charm


Holy shit, her voice breaking is so sad.


Someone needs to post the followup (I'm not on tictak). She goes back in asking the old kitchen hags for her cilantro and they laugh and tell her to call the police




Yep, found the full video with pt2. Poor girl! https://v.redd.it/byf4hlcg5pz71


They tell her to call the cops if she wants her cilantro back... continuing the imply it is weed.


Absolute fucking morons.


Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chill, chill. N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no, no. Every time she tried to say something lol


Holy shit him talking over her "chill, chill, chill ..." What a bitch!


“You want it back, you have to call the police first” -crazy lady I hope the police talked to Karen, you can’t call the cops for Issues like that (which was to confirm oregano and cilantro was not marijuana) also I bet you Karen’s chicken is plain and unsalted as ever…LOL


You can if someone takes your stuff from you. At least in the suburbs, it might be ignored by a big city police department.




Sounds about right for Oklahoma


Poor understanding of drugs _and_ of cooking!


Fuck I love cilantro. Gonna make some salsa criolla for some pizza tonight and then drink some alcohols


Goes awesome on curries too. We (uk) call it coriander though.


That’s because you guys are evil communists according to the angry men on television


The US uses “coriander” just for the seeds. We use the Spanish word “cilantro” for the leaves because they’re so heavily associated with Mexican cooking, and that’s the name the Mexicans use.


Actually kind of strange seeing as they have a booming medical marijuana industry.


This church is really missing out on a great revenue stream. “Joints for Jesus” has solid potential


Do their Chipotles not have cilantro?


Just mayo I assume


There’s two dispensaries on every corner here now. There’s no excuse for this kind of ignorance in this day and age.


Jesus told us not to smoke the devil’s lettuce! Or put cilantro on food!!


"Sounds about right for Oklahoma" Sounds about right for right wing churches.


I mean that's pretty much what he said


Sounds about right for church


Pastor of the church: Chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill…. Translation: Shut your mouth and stop defending yourself.


I hate it when people do that. It's basically to shut the other person up.


Shut up and let the White man speak.


All these people acting like god didn’t create weed on purpose lmao


I'd bet a lot of them credit the devil with the power of creation. A shocking number of them believe that evolution is fake and dinosaur bones were created by the devil to trick us. They could totally believe the devil created weed. Doesn't have to make sense, just has to fit their biases.


Running into people who think evolution is fake is always fun


I worked with a guy who said if evolution was real then "I could take this iphone apart put the parts in a bag and shake it and it would be an iphone again." I don't even know where that argument came from.


Sounds like a misinterpretation of "the watchmaker's argument" - which basically goes something like this: > If you had never seen a watch before, but found one in the forest, and managed to take it apart, you'd be certain a being of intelligence created it because it's so complex and fits together so well. Therefore, the universe, which is complex and fits together so well must have been made by an intelligent entity. There are... problems with the argument in the first place, but even if it did hold true, it wouldn't rule out evolution. (i.e. if there is a "higher entity" that created the universe, it could've designed the universe with laws and processes that would eventually cause life to evolve.) - but for a lot of people evolution = atheism, and they seem to get their arguments mixed up.


That old argument against evolution about how many years it would take for waves to write a sentence in the sand, most likely. It’s just basically the idea that randomness won’t result in a lack thereof in any kind of finite timespan, even if it theoretically can


After the sermon on the mount, Jesus turned cilantro to marijuana


That's a caprese salad Michael.


> Later, the church authorities issued a statement and allowed Ashley to attend prayers from next week. Very sad that the woman went back to them after they shunned her for an imaginary slight.


Why would she even go back. Those people are clearly ignorant, rude, patronizing and racists. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t have an accent.


because the church has an arrangement with the local prison where prisoners can come to church and share a meal with their family. the woman who was discriminated against sees her sister at this gathering. it’s bullshit, but it’s understandable why she’d deal with a lot of shit.


Goddamn, is this really it? Geez, that makes the whole thing even MORE fucked up... Jesus would be pissed as fuck...


Jesus would be whipping the hell out of so many self-proclaimed Christians if he were around.


That puts it in such a different light. Poor woman.


>because the church has an arrangement with the local prison where prisoners can come to church and share a meal with their family. Wait what, that's sound super discriminatory against non-evangelical people.


Imagine being so bland that you think cilantro is weed


For real though… some of these old people are so ignorant to whats going on around them.


Did anyone smell it? Big difference


She kept telling them to just smell it, but these god-fearing Christians weren’t gonna fall for that devil trick, no siree. I love the fact that todays Christians forget that Jesus hung out with the dregs of society and showed them compassion. Smh.


Don't you know!? Even the slightest smell of weed will get you addicted to the Devil's gateway drug. By 2pm you'll be huffing industrial glue and at 5pm doing crack and meth. Beware the devils lettuce!


When it comes to the homeless, vulnerable and most needy, Christians are often the least compassionate and most judgmental. If Jesus were to come back, he’d be shunned by modern day Christians.


Absolutely *huge* difference in smell. Crazy they didn’t pick up on that, but maybe they didn’t care to.


I'll bet they didn't care to. They could have smelled it, or they could have looked up what cilantro looks like as opposed to marijuana online, or any other number of things to figure it out, but they went with the knee-jerk reaction.


Right? This is the part that gets me. They were so dedicated to accusing her that they didn't think to take 2 seconds to look it up. Anytime someone tells me I'm wrong, I can't help myself but to look something up and verify. I hate when people just double down and stick their fingers in their ears insisting they are right when it is something that can be quickly proven. I'm also curious how they think someone is gonna smoke cilantro. It's wet af. It just doesn't logically make sense even if you know nothing about weed or cilantro.


It doesn't even look the same!




These fuckers don't know what cilantro is, the curing process for cannabis is light years ahead of them.


They probably think anything with flavour or a scent which isn't some MLM candle stench, is 'foreign communist satanic filth'.


A person of color attending church, bringing in the groceries to feed the congregation...is targeted and accused of bringing drugs. #1 reason to never go back to that church. Absolute biggots.


She was definitely better off without the church


Sometimes I get offended by “white people don’t season their food” jokes … but here we are.


"I prefer light Mayo in my potato Salad because the regular stuff has too much kick!" -These people probably


I unfriended someone once because they brought Cilantro instead of Marijuana


As an individual that used to wait tables for a living, the Sunday church crowd was consistently the worst, most entitled, rude, demanding, and unkind group of customers we got. The thing is, I've waited tables in multiple states, including most recently in the bible belt, and it was the same everywhere. I'm not knocking all Christians, but man, here in the south at least, many of them can be the most judgemental, hypocritical, and plain hateful people, especially when they all get together. There's this sense of moral superiority that just oozes from them.


Cilantro is the real Devils Lettuce here.


Nothing says weed like wet greens that smell of cilantro. Sounds more like wanted to get rid of someone they did not feel fit enough. Was white enough. Same thing. And no apology. There would have been no invite back as well if it hadn't gone public.


Have any of these people been to the supermarket? Do they call the cops every time they walk by the produce section and see fresh cilantro and parsley?


Hey, just starting from the "Drugs 'r bad, mmmkay?" mindset that these people quite obviously have and ignoring the fact that were talking about (not) weed, here... Aren't drug users kind of the _exact_ sorry of people a Christian group should _want_ to bring into the fold? I mean, Jesus liked to hang with hookers and lepers and the homeless. Isn't reaching out a benevolent hand to the dregs of society kind of _the whole fucking point of their fucking religion?_


No, you don’t understand! That would involve the religious crowd actually practicing what they preach rather than just acting holier than thou


I suspect it had more to do with her ethnicity.


That's a bingo.




... with cilantro.


I feel like cilantro was just too exotic for them so they thought it was marijuana. That and they’ve never seen or smelled marijuana ever at all in their entire lives. But damn do I love fresh cilantro and much as I love good weed.


Two questions- were they searching people before going into church? and isnt marijuana legal in oklahoma now? No way would this have anything to do with her darker complexion...


It's likely she was just carrying the bag in her hands, because, you know... Cilantro isn't illegal.


Yeah, I'm with you. There's no way *any* unknown herb would have elicited the same knee-jerk reaction if it was brought to the potluck by, say, a Tammy Johnson.


They just need to be told... God is perfect, Man is not, Man made booze, God made pot.


But Jesus did allegedly turn water into wine, and since he is God's son....


Hey, buddy Jesus ain't showing up at no party empty handed.


I am extremely sheltered in a lot of ways. I have never SEEN marijuana, much less tried it. But even I have seen pot leaves on shirts, signs, etc. Cilantro looks nothing like it!!!


Unless you're growing, you'll never see that leaf. Cured nug looks nothing like it especially if it has a lot of sugar. Now excuse me while I head to Taco Bell and the dispensary.


Sounds about white. An entire church of people unfamiliar with cilantro or menudo.


I fail to see what Ricky Martin has to do with any of thid.


I only heard one person in the video with an accent. And that was the one being kicked out. Perhaps they found a reason to boot her because they wanted a reason.


Yeah she seemed shady… …a darker shade-y.


> “They didn’t even let me explain! They automatically just accused me!!" I mean, it's a church, that's *kind of how they've operated for fucking centuries*. You can't really be surprised that the close minded group you attend is closed minded when they turn on you lol.


Bring in KRATOM and throw a wrench into everything!


"You smoked oregano?"