I bet if they paid Biebs to not perform, he wouldn't perform That's the first rule of international terrorism


I thought the first rule of international terrorism was not to talk about international terrorism


I thought the first rule was to be attractive ?


Don't mince you're words... Just say it. You think I'm ugly don't you?


We've been meaning to tell you but it's a difficult topic. No one wants to hurt your feelings, but just yesterday an airline pilot was flying too low and saw your face. Now 85 people are dead.




You'd think that Hamas would be in favor of making the Israelis suffer, but apparently there are some places where even they draw the line.


I came here to say this, but apparently I am not the original comedic genius I thought I was.


Originality is over-rated. But karma goes to the person who is the *first* to make the very obvious joke.




What In the *fuck* does based mean?! I keep seeing it and no one will explain.


Opposite of cringe


Here, take our consolation upvotes


Clearly Hamas is on Team Britney


Hey he was garbage as a child but biebs kinda rips these days.


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Most child stars suck because they're being controlled by some corporation or label.


Most adult stars suck for the exact same reason


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i mean, hasn't the middle east endured enough


Is this real life?


Is this just fantasy?


Caught in a landslide


No escape from reality.




Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality


Open your eyes


Look up to the skies and seeee...


I'm just a poor boy


I need no sympathy


Cause I'm easy come, easy go


Little high little low,


Anywhere the wind blows




The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel... From their website.




The Israeli Government policy isn’t a race


Hating Israel ≠ Hating Jews Similarly, Hating Palestine ≠ Hating Arabs There has got to be an onion skit of social media users lacking basic logic skills but the only one I can remember off the top of my head is the one about high schoolers lacking object permanence skills




not untrue, but i think we're observing this from afar without reasonable perception of whats actually happening. israel is protecting itself in response to the thousands of rockets and mortar shells fired on them from the gaza strip. >Since 2001, Palestinian militants have launched thousands of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip as part of the continuing Arab–Israeli conflict. The attacks, widely condemned for targeting civilians, have been described as terrorism by the United Nations, the European Union, and Israeli officials, and are defined as war crimes by human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The international community considers indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets to be illegal under international law. >From 2004 to 2014, these attacks have killed 27 Israeli civilians, 5 foreign nationals, 5 IDF soldiers, and at least 11 Palestinians and injured more than 1900 people.[citation needed] Their main effect is their creation of widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life among the Israeli populace. Medical studies in Sderot, the Israeli city closest to the Gaza Strip, have documented a post-traumatic stress disorder incidence among young children of almost 50%, as well as high rates of depression and miscarriage. A public opinion poll conducted in March 2013 found that most Palestinians do not support firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip, with only 38% favoring their use and over 80% supporting non-violent protest. Another poll conducted in September 2014 found that 80% of Palestinians support firing rockets against Israel, if it does not allow unfettered access to Gaza.These rocket attacks have caused flight cancellations at Ben Gurion airport. >The weapons, often generically referred to as Qassams, were initially crude and short-range, mainly affecting Sderot and other communities bordering the Gaza Strip. In 2006, more sophisticated rockets began to be deployed, reaching the larger coastal city of Ashkelon, and by early 2009 major cities Ashdod and Beersheba had been hit by Katyusha, WS-1B and Grad rockets. In 2012, Jerusalem and Israel's commercial center Tel Aviv were targeted with locally made "M-75" and Iranian Fajr-5 rockets, respectively, and in July 2014, the northern city of Haifa was targeted for the first time. A few projectiles have contained white phosphorus said to be recycled from unexploded munitions used by Israel in bombing Gaza. >Attacks have been carried out by all Palestinian armed groups, and, prior to the 2008–2009 Gaza War, were consistently supported by most Palestinians, although the stated goals have been mixed. >Israeli defenses constructed specifically to deal with the weapons include fortifications for schools and bus stops as well as an alarm system named Red Color. Iron Dome, a system to intercept short-range rockets, was developed by Israel and first deployed in the spring of 2011 to protect Beersheba and Ashkelon, but officials and experts warned that it would not be completely effective. Shortly thereafter, it intercepted a Palestinian Grad rocket for the first time. >In the cycle of violence, rocket attacks alternate with Israeli military actions. From the outbreak of the Al Aqsa Intifada (30 September 2000) through March 2013, 8,749 rockets and 5,047 mortar shells were fired on Israel, while Israel has conducted several military operations in the Gaza Strip, among them Operation Rainbow (2004), Operation Days of Penitence (2004), Operation Summer Rains (2006), Operation Autumn Clouds (2006), Operation Hot Winter (2008), Operation Cast Lead (2009), Operation Pillar of Defense (2012), and Operation Protective Edge (2014). I've discussed this with a few of my friends who have family in Israel, assuming your position at the time, and they brought my attention to this. From their perspective, they let Palestine breakaway and form their own democracy, and they went and elected a militant hamas terrorist government, who neither listens to reason or calls for peace, and also often acts without majority support from their people/constituents. Israel claims that it takes great precaution in its attacks in response to the rockets, to ensure no civilians are harmed. and most of the time, that actually does appear to be very true. but not all the time, and that is indeed concerning, and very much atrocities that can be considered war crimes. But to look at this as though the only party in the wrong is just not accurate. Hamas is targetting civilians, pretty much 100% of the time. Israel claims to always avoid this, yet a handful of attacks have indeed reaped tragic civilians casualties. at the end of the day, neither party should be fire anything, but absolutely never should civilians be the target if they do, nor even at risk of being caught in any crossfire. the conflict is complicated, but only calling out israel, without condemning hamas for these needless attacks that provoke, just makes us seem unaware of what's actually happening. theyre both very much in the wrong. hamas doesnt seem to realize that theres another way to get what they want. terror isnt going to solve anything


You lose terrorists status when you reach the government. Otherwise by your own definition, just the attack on USS Liberty by Israel is enough to call the Israel a terrorist government.


“I have no real argument, so I’m just going to call everyone who disagrees with my views an antisemite.” That’s you… that’s how you sound.


Anti Israel isn’t anti semetism. Do you know all the atrocities Israel committed against Palestinian civilians. There are even anti Zionist j ws


Palestinians are semite too. How is this shit anti-semitism. Cheeses Christ!


BDS isn't on its face anti-Semitic but anti-Semitism was a pseudo-sciency way for a German guy to justify hatred of Jews and that's all it means. The fact that the semitic language family includes Aramaic and Arabic doesn't change the actual definition of anti-Semitism.


Calling someone anti-semitic just because they don't support israeli cruelty, murdering and stealing Palestinian lands is absurd since Palestinians are too Semitic.


You're extremely bad at reading 1. BDS is not anti-semitic - opposing the Israeli government is not anti-semitic. 2. Anti-semitism means "hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people." It does not refer to any people who aren't Jews.


Yes. It is. It boycotts even small businesses of individuals who happen to live in Israel. That’s not about government.


Israel =/= Jews This message brought to you by a Jew in the US who does not support the Israeli government.


Antizionism is not antisemitism


Basically boycotting Israel due to their crimes against Palestine.


But not Egypt for some reason


Honest question in good faith. My understanding is that Hamas and Palestinian Authority are oppressing the Palestinian people by using all the money and support and redirecting it to terror aid. Can someone explain to me why this is wrong?


It's a bit more complicated than that. Israel also encroaches a lot on Palestinian land and annexes portions. Also, there are claims that Israel is committing apartheid on the Palestinians. If you have time read the human rights watch report on it. It's a bit long though https://www.hrw.org/report/2021/04/27/threshold-crossed/israeli-authorities-and-crimes-apartheid-and-persecution


Ty, just like most things. The truth is usually somewhere in between


Yes, Hamas isn't an angel either. Poor Palestinian civilians are caught in the middle unfortunately


Yes where their governments pay their people to terrorize israeli civilians.


That happens on both sides, with Israel also taking the land and houses from Palestinians. Like literally dragging them out of their house and locking the door


Have to point out that HAMAS was originally financed heavily by Mossad to destabilize the PLA.


The truth requires a lot of careful study of details that various parties would rather keep hidden or forgotten. For instance, Hamas exists largely because Israel thought it would be useful to build up a religious opponent to Arafat's secular PLO, as long as they were mainly attacking the PLO. Then when Israel and the PLO formally recognized each other at Oslo, a powerful Hamas was waiting in the wings to be the principal source of anti-Israel (and anti- Palestinian Authority) terror [Source](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2014/07/30/how-israel-helped-create-hamas/) Arguably, there is a cynical symbiosis between Hamas and the Israeli right wing: > But, as Aaron David Miller, a Middle East expert at the Woodrow Wilson Center, observes, a strange, self-sustaining relationship remains. Israel's hawkish government — comprising many politicians who have little interest in seeing the creation of a separate Palestinian state — dwells on the security threat that Hamas's crude rockets pose. Hamas depends, Miller writes, on "an ideology and strategy steeped in confrontation and resistance." And so, he concludes, they are "two parties who can't seem to live with one another — or apparently without one another either."


If you knew anything about the UN you would know its bullshit, just look at their human rights comitee. They never sanction the countries like Russia that opress democracy or what really matters.


Human rights watch is an independent non profit organization


They do. But people are only mad when israel oppresses Palestinians. Other Arabs are allowed to.


>Can someone explain to me why this is wrong Can you explain why it is right? Most of us live thousands of miles from this place and can only know what has been fed to us from multiple sources who each tell a different story with a different agenda. Welcome to the Post Truth Era, where nothing is true and everything is permitted.


I agree with this statement. “My understanding” just means my world view based on what I’ve read and seen in my life. I completely understand that doesn’t make my view correct. I’m just trying to understand the world through an empathetic lens


one thing to consider is israel deprives lots of Palestinian areas of basic necessities such as sewage and water infrastructure. alot of these areas are fully surrounded by israel and thus completely cut off. regardless of what hamas or terrorists do; its always going to be a response to structural violence that will inflict far greater harm than some small bands of militias will ever do


Just curious, when would the Truth Era have been?


Not wrong. The truth is still that if Hamas and The Palestinian authority put down their weapons today, there would be peace. If Isreal put down their weapons today, they would be Annihilated.


How did you manage to learn such a scripted response but never pick up how to spell Israel?




In short, the response to that claim falls along a few seperate categories, and I will not make judgement on them. 1. They don't/it's overstated 2. They wouldn't have to if Israel were not as persecutory as they are 3. It is a lesser evil than that of Israel's actions 4. It does not excuse Israel's action and is not generally brought up in good faith My personal opinion is that trying to pick a side to explicitly support only damages the situation further, and a neutral third party needs to force them both into brokering a non-violent resolution.


I honestly don't get your summary and your conclusion. Especially point 2, 3 and then 4. But yeah, you have to sperarate Hamas and the PA. But looking at the claims regarding the money it's pretty clear. Back in the days Arafat was a master of this, just look at his villa. Corruption and money laundering is key problem of the PA. It's undeniable. Hamas is a Terrororganisation. I mean where do you expect that they will put their money? Just look up what a Qassam rocket cost. 2. What a weird a phrase. And Israel wouldn't have to anything if Hamas didn't do anything. It's sadly not how it works. It's a pretty naive fallacy. 3. Calling to kill all jews, using kids for their propaganda, targeting civilians is the lesser evil? Tell me more. 4. Yes it does not excuse Israel's action but neither does it excuse the actions of Hamas and the PA


The IDF is literally **directly** responsible for the creation of the extremist politics in the Palestinian territories. https://theintercept.com/2018/02/19/hamas-israel-palestine-conflict/ They created an international boogeyman so you would make this exact uninformed argument trying to paint it as some sort of "They're as bad as each other!" bullshit. No. Zionists can go fuck right off. Take some territory on the moon or something where nobody gives a fuck. All they have to do is come up with some bullshit theological claim and they'll all flock there. Edit: it's absolutely hilarious this is being downvoted so much. It's not a conspiracy theory, in that link you'll literally find an ex IDF general admitting "Yeah we're responsible for that".


In reality it’s the Arab league boycott of Israel that git spread under the name BDS to western countries… now actually Arab countries are breaking the boycott and signing peace deals with Israel one after the other.. the movement is basically singling the Jewish state out and trying to hurt it economically. Which also hurts Palestine, as the two economies are tightly connected.. (Instead of supporting peace movements, and organizations, like when you actually care for the two sides..


Arab countries absolutely do not give a single shit about Palestinians. They only see them as props to attack Israel with. Everybody criticizes Israel for keeping the Palestinians trapped, but nobody ever mentions the fact that Jordan and Egypt are willing participants in that too.


Palestinians should focus on their own economy instead of screaming about Israel for the millionth time. Get the airport in Gaza fully functional.


They'll need Israel's cooperation to get the airport functioning. Which is highly unlikely to happen unless Hamas agrees to allow Israel to inspect the contents of incoming aircraft for [banned goods](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_imports) like weapons and [chocolate](https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-intercepts-23-tons-of-chocolate-it-says-was-intended-to-finance-hamas/).


I think you're missing nuance between trying to "single the Jewish state out and hurt it economically" and trying to economically pressure companies that are specifically exploiting Palestine and damaging their people, their resources, their economy, and/or their land. It's not just a boycott of random Israeli companies who are all doing their own thing completely separate and irrelevant to Palestine, as if the goal is just to be anti-semetic or something. I'm sure some other country could use it to hurt Israel's economy and join for that reason, but that's not all the sanctions are, even if someone chooses to support it for more base reasons.


Justin Bieber is exploiting Palestinians? I don't think so. It's just bad music, that's all.


Though its rather interesting how there's no BDS of China or Russia for what they're doing in Xingjian and Chechnya.


It's also interesting that Pakistan is [literally an apartheid state](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/pakistans-separate-but-equal-elections_b_3270567/) that holds "separate but equal" elections for Muslims and non-Muslims, just like South Africa used to have for whites and non-whites, where the minority group is only allowed to run for a separate parliament that has no real power. By contrast, about 15% of Israeli parliament members are Arab-Israelis. And yet, when you ask people to think of an apartheid state in the Middle East, approximately zero percent of them will even mention Pakistan at all.


Well then what if you phrased the question to “what’s an apartheid regime in South Asia?” - because Pakistan isn’t in the Middle East.


No one gives a shit about Apartheid in Pakistan, and you know exactly why.


You say that as if Americans know geography.


I said it because your comment gave the impression that YOU don’t know geography.


Technically you're right when you say that Pakistan isn't in the Middle East, but that's nitpicking. It's close enough that it can reasonably be considered part of the region.


People tried to boycott Disney for filming mulan in Xinjiang


So no organised campaign against all Chinese companies?


There are no goods in the world that don't pass through China. Explain how to boycott them and still eat dinner and maybe people will join you.


All I'm hearing are excuses.


Needing to live isn't an excuse. It's a basic reality. If your worldview can't mesh with the base of Maslow's pyramid, it's a shit world view. I make 40k a year in a place where a 300sqft studio apartment is $1500 a month. Please explain how I can physically survive and also touch nothing that was created with Chinese resources? Explain that and I'll be happy to do it


It's almost impossible to boycott China. Many of the goods labeled 'made in *insert western democracy here*' have supply chain roots in China, they are everywhere. Chinese parts are EVERYWHERE and its not necessarily easy to track down whether or not the chip in your American made whatever was sourced from China or not. Contrast that to Isreal which has a much smaller, more specialized economy (IIRC tourism is a huge part of it) and a boycott starts to look like a much more efficacious avenue for applying political pressure. There's even historical context given in the boycott of South Africa. No doubt the CCP is bad, maybe not quite Nazi bad, but you could certainly make the comparison. Unfortunately out predicessors made a faustian bargain with China to help fuel modern American consumerism. If we want out we better be ready for a deep recession, like the supply chain shit but if the boats never actually got there and the shelves stayed empty for years. As for Russia their major export is gas (Id have to go out of my way to buy anything made in Russia) and you don't really get to chose what pipeline your government hooked up to your heater.


That's a lot of excuse making.


That's not a lot of argument making.


> It's not just a boycott of random Israeli companies who are all doing their own thing completely separate and irrelevant to Israel, as if the goal is just to be anti-semetic or something. This nuance you're appealing to does not actually exist. The BDS website specifically teaches consumers how to identify barcodes that label *all* products of Israel. They consider every single company from the state to be complicit - they just only list certain companies to maximize impact. >The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) calls for a boycott of Israeli and international companies that are complicit in violations of Palestinian rights. Virtually all Israeli companies are complicit to some degree in Israel’s system of occupation and apartheid. We focus our boycotts on a small number of companies and products for maximum impact. We focus on companies that play a clear and direct role in Israel’s crimes and where we think we can have an impact.


Doesn't the second quote literally describe the nuance I was referring to?


You wrote that they aren't looking to target every random Israeli company. The website blatantly states: 1. Every company is complicit 2. We boycott any complicit company Therefore, they want to boycott everything from Israel. Where is the nuance here?


The nuance is 1. The reasoning and purpose for the boycott 2. Choosing companies focused on based off clear and evident crimes that will also have large impact Lets say you and your cousins mugged me, and then you bragged to your family when you got home and everyone let you. I then go to the police and report you and your cousins. All your family may be complicit in some sense of either watching, or not reporting you, or maybe taking some of the money, or lying to cops, or maybe they even asked you you to go do it. Hell some may have even mugged other people or wronged me in the past too. I focus on you to the police for the clear winnable case with impact. Further more, I'm not just randomly anti Jimmy's family, and trying to single you out on the block because I don't like your house or your name or something. You've literally committed crimes against me and I have a specific justifiable reason for taking you to the police. In systemic problems, there can be many contributors or complex actors that play a role in the flawed society and system we live under. However, to still effect change, you focus your efforts on those who have made the most clear cut examples of the systems transgressions that you can create the most impact from choosing.


Listen, I personally think it's great that you hope that the largest anti-Israel boycott is a precision campaign to specifically reform the country's foreign policy and not a broad, ham-fisted attack on the livelihoods of roughly a third of my entire ethnic group. If you personally want to stop buying products from companies that donate directly to people like Netanyahu, you have my blessing. But that's not actually what they're about. The aim is to convince people to completely cut themselves off economically from Israel. They have a curated list of companies that they think are the most effective boycott targets, but they openly support boycotting *all* companies. It's possible that a good chunk of people who subscribe to their campaign are carefully picking only the most complicit companies to target - but that is not the organization's stated policy. Just read what they write.


I think part of the issue here is that there aren't many easier alternatives especially for random citizens of other nations. Your fear is you don't want innocent employees or citizens of Israel hurt by sanctions that should be targeted at their government and not private sector, you fear for the livelihoods of families caught in the crossfire. I sympathize. But for most people that hear about the atrocities overseas, they don't know how to help. Boycotts of random goods they find, whose creation and purchase funds such harm is an easy understandable entry. Just as you don't want to support companies that use slave labor, or destroy the world, such as Nestlé, Raytheon, the United fruit Company of the past, the East India Company. People can donate to charities they have to investigate, write to congress to stop sending military funds or if they live within the nation itself and are Israeli not Palestinian they can protest their government for drastic policy changes. But influencing foreign and domestic policy is no small task, and in many instances, attempts can just be ignored. Using your own choices and power, a voluntary boycott feels to many as the most concrete and obtainable small act to pressure for positive change in a power structure. I for example don't support the trade embargo on Cuba as an example of ham fisted and ill intentioned sanctions and blockades put on a country to suffocate its economy and essentially hurt its people for no other reason than existing independently. Cuba is an example of an embargo made on a government level that would have the power to use other peaceful tools of diplomacy, and yet chose a ham fisted approach. It's also an example of trying to strangle an economy just because, and not even really to pressure sincere humanitarian changes. It does not focus on any particular example or company for any notable reason, it does not discriminate, nor does it pretend to. I guess what I'm getting at here is, what else would you possibly suggest for people to do?


We should fund Palestine instead. Also, they need a missile defense system to defend their hospital, schools, and religious structures. Everyone should agree since these are purely defensive systems.


Oh no not *my* ethnostate


> We boycott any complicit company Is a blatant lie or you’re just incapable of reading the text you cited. > We focus our boycotts on a small number of companies and products for maximum impact.


Such as existing?


Yup, that totally sums up the conflict. /s


That seems to be the chief complaint


Couldn't possibly be the settlement of Palestinian land by Israeli settlers against international law, or arbitrary killing of palestinians by the IDF, or the fact the Gaza strip is basically an open air prison that Israel refuses to allow access to and from. Let's not fool ourselves, Israel is a hypocritical aparteid state. Nobody is mad at Israel for "existing". That is such a dumb uninformed straw man argument.


> Nobody is mad at Israel for "existing". That is such a dumb uninformed straw man argument. Tell that to Hamas, it's in their charter.


Such as forcing palestinians out of palestinian land for almost 100 years


"Palestinian lands". Sure bud totally not Ottoman or English controlled lands.


A land where jewish people lived even before the Islam existed


Jewish people lived all around the world i dont think thats the point. What im trying to say is they only decided they really wanted that piece of land when it was declared a jewish state.


s/ How can you commit crimes against something that doesn’t exist?


They want to boycott Bieber for crimes against humanity.


Big Dick Syndrome


Blind Deaf and Stupid


>Blind Deaf and Stupid 0/10


Well, if it’s for Hamas cmon


All these jokes are like 10 years late lol, Bieber is just a normal pretty successful pop artist now. There are much worse acts you could make fun of


Exactly. Looking at you, Travis Scott at Astroworld concert incident.


The Hamas spokesperson was quoted as saying, "We condemn Israel and wish for it's destruction, but even then, could not inflict the agony of the Bieber upon them. Allah is merciful and rewards mercy; to inflict the horror of horror's upon anyone would be _haram_". EDIT: haram for harem


Haram is the word. Harem is something totally different.


But is a harem haram? 🤔


While you're technically right, it's not actually two different words. Its the same root word. A Herem is called that because it is forbidden for most men to enter there. A similar concept is Mahram, men who are forbidden to a woman in marriage (and thus can see her without her hijab). Hebrew has a similar word Cherem (with a guttural ch. Not like church) which means excommunication because such a person Is forbidden from the community.


Who cares what terrorist hamas have to say.


for some reason i read “bts”


Good to see that Hamas are willing to fire rockets at civilians in Israel, dig terror tunnels to murder Israeli civilians, etc. but subjecting Israelis to Justin Bieber is obviously just to cruel in their eyes.


Should we listen to the taliban too?


Lol fuck Hamas


Because of course they do…




Really I thought the opposite would be true. Like if Hitler says “you should hate Jews” that would automatically make me think “maybe I shouldn’t hate Jews”


I think that's the joke.


classic reddit mindlessly shitting on JB lol


F Hamas!


Fuck Hamas, holding back their own people from progress. This is total nonsense.


I’m shocked Hamas had time to comment on this, what with all the time they spend placing rocket sites on top of hospitals.






Leave it to the Washington post to spread Zionist propaganda without the slightest hint of integrity. All of this is to hide a horrific shooting for no reason of hundreds of people. One that for the record, the school begged them not to do and that they have no militants, weapons or jack shit there. Begged for a window of opportunity to evacuate and were denied. Then they claimed it was a stray Hamas rocket...then all investigations proved they actually shelled them with mortar 4 times in quick succession. THEN DID IT AGAIN shortly after. \- Source 1 for "proof": the IDF \- Source 2: Israeli intelligence agency \- source 3: official statement on IDF blog \- source 4: the UNRWA says it found weapons in it's school. What the link literally says: >The Secretary-General convened a UN HQ Board of Inquiry (BOI) on 10November 2014  in order to investigate a number of incidents between 8July and 26 August 2014 affecting or involving United Nations personnel,premises and operations, including the report of the presence ofweaponry at this school. The Secretary-General released a summary of theBOI report on 27 April 2015 (S/2015/286). The summary indicates **that the items found were not rockets** \- source 5: UNRWA found 20 rockets in a different occasion in an other school. * it was a) a vacant building not in use * b) In this vacant building once again, wasn't rockets. >The summary indicates that the items found were not rockets; the Boardfound that a 120 mm mortar tube, a mortar bipod and twenty 120 mmmortar-round containers, with ammunition, were discovered.  \- More sources for "poof" include "The Washington Institute for Near East Policy" an explicitly pro-Israel think tank based in Washington, D.C Absent from this article, conveniently: \- [The Human Rights Watch investigation](https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-mideast-gaza-war/human-rights-watch-accuses-israel-of-war-crimes-in-gaza-idUKKBN0H60YD20140911?edition-redirect=uk) about the shootings in these schools, which **were not vacant**, or nowhere near a militant. >Human Rights Watch, which called in its report for “all parties in the armed conflict in Gaza” to take measures to minimise harm to civilians, said the attacks on the Beit Hanoun and Jabalya schools “did not appear to target a military objective or were otherwise indiscriminate”, while the third strike, in Rafah, was “unlawfully disproportionate”. > >On its website, the group noted that Israel had opened five criminal probes, including one into the Beit Hanoun incident. > >But it said: “Israel has a long record of failing to undertake credible investigations into alleged war crimes.” They essentially did the usual narrativ, this part that the Washington post exclusively deals with but no one takes seriously >Israel has long accused the 47-member state council of being biased against it and says Hamas militants, who launched rocket attacks on Israeli towns from residential neighbourhoods, bear ultimate responsibility for Palestinian civilian casualties. Equally absent is the long history of falsely claiming human shields to hide intentional war crimes \- in 2006 HRW investigated [19 incidents involving 53 civilian deaths in Gaza that Israel said were the result of Hamas fighting in densely populated areas and did not find evidence for existence of Palestinian fighters in the areas at the time of the Israeli attack.](https://www.hrw.org/report/2010/04/11/turning-blind-eye/impunity-laws-war-violations-during-gaza-war) \- then investigated 11 more deaths that Israel said were civilians being used as human shields by Hamas. [Turns out it was a bunch of Palestinians waving white flags, four of whom were children.](https://www.hrw.org/news/2009/08/13/israel-investigate-white-flag-shootings-gaza-civilians) \- This is the follow up on WP's bullshit article. The one that was supporting the IDF false claims. On April 27, 2015, [the United Nations released an inquiry which concluded that Israel was responsible for the deaths of at least 44 Palestinians who died in the shelling and 227 were injured](https://www.newsweek.com/united-nations-israel-responsible-deaths-gaza-schools-325668) The details of that shelling alone are MIND BOGGLING, because the school begged the IDF for a window of opportunity to evacuate, because they were supposed to shell this other location 800 meters away, and were ignored. resulting in 11 being killed, including seven children, two women, and one UN staff member. Additionally, 110 were wounded, including 55 children and 31 women.




he said nothing about human shields… you’re just chomping at the bit to fight someone


Israeli blew up hospitals....


…that had rocket launchers on them. The real question is, what kind of monsters use their own people as human shields?


What's more evil? Hiding among innocents, or bombing the hell out of the innocents anyways?


A nation's first duty is to its own citizens. Ethical or not, it's an easy decision to make once you realize the truth of that statement.


Hey, remember how Israel bombed the fuck out of a journalist's HQ just because they wrote mean things about Israel? And they claimed they had "totally real evidence Hamas was totally hiding in the basement. We just can't show you any of it" Or when Israel on the regular shoots, rapes, and murders innocent civilians for fun? Admitted to by their own soldiers? Which are then protected from any repercussions? Israel's attacks have nothing to do with Hamas being a legitimate threat. Israel is so propped up with US weapons they could flatten Hamas in a day if they wanted...but they are *just so convenient.* In the same way all the migrant trains disappeared magically the moment Trump won the presidency, support for Israel's crimes against humanity would dry up overnight without a convenient boogeyman to use.


my statement still stands in response to the situation where Hamas is using a hospital as a human shield while launching missiles from it. Its not meant to be an excuse for everything Israel has ever done. That doesn't mean I agree every statement you've made is true, but that's not the point of my comment.


> my statement still stands in response to the situation where Hamas is using a hospital as a human shield This is literally a fabrication without a single fucking proof. Only the IDF claims it, and just like the last 5,000 times they claimed it, they never presented actual proof. Israeli drones have no brains i swear to God. Just say you support genociding Arabs and get it over with.


What about when they used white phosphorus on civilian targets.


Oh how convenient it is that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, whose fates are decided by Israeli government, are non-citizens and legally stateless! What's the word for this situation? it's literally **Apartheid**


Then why was Israeli bombing its own citizens lmao. Those innocent Palestinians were technically Isreali.


don't humour him. "Palestinian human shields" is a myth. It's a known fabrication to dehumanize them and justify Israel's war crimes. [here's more elaborate resources on this.](https://decolonizepalestine.com/myth/palestinians-use-human-shields/) As a side note Israel made the same claims when it invaded Lebanon, as did the US occasionally in Iraq. Both never proven but used to justify the intentional targeting of civilian infrastructure. If anything, the Israeli [Dahiya doctrine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahiya_doctrine) **is** to target civillians and expensive, crucial infrastructure. Entirely by their own admission.


Did they know the launchers were on public places in the first place? Or did they just track the rockets origins? I wouldn’t say Hamas are “evil” because they use their fellow citizens as cover, but I’d say they are cowards. Before this thread gets out of control and people call me a bigot against radical Muslims. Both sides have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.


That the IDF claimed to have rocket launchers on them.


Hamas themselves admitted to it. [Hamas Quietly Admits It Fired Rockets From Civilian Areas](https://theatlantic.com/article/380149/).


"Quietly" admits? * The guy publicly declared that the the launching was far from the schools and they the location was changed quickly. The IDF claims is "they're literally on top of hospitals". * Urban warfare is not "human shields". Every single time IDF claims this after they intentionally butcher entire hospitals, the most Zionist maniacs can present is "urban warfare happens in urban area" * Human shields are when you kidnap and force civilians to surround a legitimate military target to render it illegitimate. Or to force them under gun point to take up dangerous military tasks in their stead (like checking for bombs and landmines by throwing them in). There is no proof the Palestinian side ever did this but thousands of documented instances of the IDF doing it. * Gaza is a flat urban terrain, a heavily crowded city. everywhere is "residential areas", minus tiny farm plots on the edges. By israeli logic they cannot by definition ever resist because it is impossible for it to not be "hUmAN ShiElDs" Example of actual human shields [ 13 years old Muhammed Badwan kidnapped and tied to a military IDF jeep](https://m2w4k5m5.stackpathcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/human-shield-gaza.jpg) here's [IDF officials admitting to using Palestinians as human shields 1,200 times](https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/israel-gaza-idf-used-palestinians-as-human-shields-1200-occasions-in-last-five-years-say-israeli-defence-officials-30483468.html) (between 2014-2009 alone)


Thank you! Somehow the oppressed are always rebuked for resisting, but never the oppressor for oppressing.


This has been known for like, 2 decades? Nowhere in the article does it state they launched rockets from hospital rooftops besides IDF's claim. I'm pretty sure they can't even launch from building rooftops anyway because the rocket mounts needs to be drilled into the ground.


Did they do that with the Al-Jazeera building or was the Anti-Apartheid pieces they were writing too dangerous to the ethno-state?


Fuck Hamas


F Hamas. They’re not helping. Are Palestinians suffering? All signs say yes. Still, Hamas isn’t helping. They have another agenda.


Hamas and BDS aligned. Does this tell you anything?


So do Israelis


I didn’t know Hamas were such ardent Beliebers


Wait, why is this in this sub? This is very predictable and not surprising.


How is this in any way appropriate for this sub?


You know you're on the right track when Hamas joins you


At first I thought BTS, the K-Pop group. BDS is a political movement to isolate Israel.


That's what I thought, I knew there was a B*S group just couldn't remember the middle initial.


Not to isolate. To put economic pressure on them to stop bombing Palestine (further) back to the stone age. It has nothing to do with racism, or the idiotic idea the Isreal shouldn't exist. BDS is the only way we, in the western world, can put pressure on Isreal to stop killing their neighboring children. To stop bombing schools, and hospitals. To stop expanding in to land that doesn't belong to them. To basically be a neighbor that people will want to live next to. But that's not going to happen. As long as the US is making so much money supplying the weapons, and Isreal keeps screaming antisemitism, then this isn't going to stop till the Palestinian people and culture are completely eradicated. And everyone who keeps buying Israeli products will be complicit in the genocide.


The founder of BDS literally called for the elimination of Israel.


Also, he LIVES in Israel.


He's a singer just trying to make money and share his talent. No reason to make this political, folks.


Lmao *talent*


His talent was being scouted by a scummy label while he was very young and easily manipulated, like the tens of artists before and after him.


JB jokes are kinda played out tbh, it was funny for a while but it’s just old. We all know he makes shit music, I think we should be thankful he’s been less in the spotlight since he got married


This guy is a singer ffs. Not a politician. Its not like he tells people to march against anything. He just wants to be able to have his fans attend his concert. Dont make everything about your politics


Rockets go BRRR




Decolonization go Brrrr


You know, I support this merely because it would make one less Bieber concert.


First time ever I have agreed with Hamas!


If Hamas hates him, now I kind of like him more. Damn you Bieber! You were supposed to be the bad guy!


I didn't know Hamas was on reddit, Downvoting posts. Fuck Hamas. Send more downvotes please.


Every time two idiots in this comment section debate whether BDS is antisemitic, an Israeli baby and a Palestinian baby both die.


what really needs to happen is a double booked event in Palestine and Israel and someone needs to order 2 million snow cones to bring the people together


It seems like people have no idea what the hell hamas is. How is this not the onion worthy?


Beiber is still doing concerts? I haven't heard his name in years.




If Israel doesn't like the boycott - all they have to do - is ... STOP THE NEVERENDING NO END IN SIGHT ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF GAZA (UN says it is illegal, even the Pope agrees) - that would include no more Gaza massacres. Like the one in 2014, where among others, 577 kids were slaughtered by the Israeli IDF - some of them sheltering in UN compounds - didn't help em.


Gaza is the one part of Palestine that Israel *doesn’t* occupy, dude. Like the whole drama over Gaza is that they pulled out and Hamas pretty much immediately took control.


Israel doesn't occupy Gaza lol. There are exactly zero Israelis in Gaza, and it has its own government.