This was made by [@tizzyent on Tiktok](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML7xRUKy/). He’s an American writer, director, editor and filmmaker who has over 4 million followers on the app where he regularly posts videos voicing his opinion on real-life topics. Edit: He has a [Youtube channel](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) too


Good one ;)




An intelligent fella this man.


Ya. I’m mixed and always felt the double standard, but this dude makes the most compelling argument I’ve ever heard. Pretty reasonable.


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he actually does have a youtube channel though, with some of his short films. [I promise this isn't a rick roll](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC038JeP3y7yy_mf-RCwM2g)


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Bastard. Lol. I was all excited about the YouTube channel bc I love this guy, but I don’t use tiktok anymore. Good one, though.


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Well done 👏


I have stumbled across his content. He raises very good perspectives imo.


An intelligent fella this man.


Perhaps so, but I think the point here is you shouldn't have to be all that intelligent to use common sense and the simple facts before you to come to this conclusion, you just have to put aside the hate and see the truth for what it is.


I totally agree. It is nice to have someone articulate it in a concise manner like this guy tho. Helps the stragglers not get caught up in the political mumbo jumbo. Slices right to the point


yeah intelligence is also being able to simplify a complex or muddled situation. it’s really good, straight to the point and needs to be said.


As someone who hasn't grown up in America "black pride" never made sense to me. Like "blonde pride" and "average height pride" it just seemed to me like yet another group of people making an identity out of something mundane and talking it through the roof. Having these "simple facts" allows me to make sense of it, rather than doing what I used to do and just fill out the blanks with things from my own experiences and ending up with some inaccurate explanation that in reality did nothing for my understanding.


It's still really well articulated. He put to words things I've never been able to adequately explain.


Very true but I think it takes some intelligence to do that. I see far to many people who seem unable or at least unwilling to do so.


Nice idea, unfortunately that isn't how humans work. People learn what they are taught, and a LOT of people are taught to be racist. We require an external influence for us to begin to reevaluate thought patterns that are ingrained in us. It also helps that the guy is a middle-aged bearded white man, because that external influence needs to match up with learned patterns of trust and respect, which again have been ingrained in us since early childhood. It's our brains' lock-and-key mechanism that allows his words to even get through the door for someone who has been taught hate and disrespect.


As a white male in southern Louisiana, with an extensive mixed family (white, Latino, & black). I’m am afraid it’s going to take a massive disaster such as a meteor strike or some thing of that nature, even something as outlandish as an alien invasion, in order for the world to come together collectively and understand that there is only one true race. And that my friend, is the human race


Well, a pandemic didn’t work so we might as well try a meteorite.


I vote aliens. I think that would be effective.


Second. Lol aliens would definitely be better


I've said it for years, the only time we will see all humanity united as one is when we are united in a common hate for something not of this planet.


More interesting than a meteor at least


A meteor would just be Don’t Look Up irl.


So there’s another target for the racism?


Pretty sure a lot of people would be joining the aliens team as it's their right as a citizen


On the side of their ship, "Butthole Surfers"


Watch torchwood (off shoot of doctor who) children of earth. Even aliens can't help us, I'm afraid


I love Torchwood.


I only started DW a few months ago (this year, Feb I think)went thru those, then TW, then Sarah Jane then class. Never knew I was a fan. But Torchwood gutted me on several occasions. Pull you in S1, gut punch S2, by CoEs end I'd given up on humanity, and then they brought the pedophile/killer in and I'd sink so low...but I go back and watch . I mean, Capt Jack...I know it's all deeper than that but we have to agree he's just a very pleasurable person to look at.


All of those stir up emotions. And yes, Jack is very easy on the eyes. That damn smile…


Dimpled chin, those eyes! I'm a grown ass old woman and when he is both showing Gwen how to shoot in the first or second episode, and then when he's describing to the Sicilian dude how he'd kiss when they were looking out the window...like DUUUUDE. That and he seems like a really happy person irl too. Love him more than I should.


If anything the pandemic probably taught us that a meteorite won't change anything. At the start of the pandemic, everyone seemed to cooperate out of sheer self-preservation. As soon as that self-preservation was no longer threatened, not only did they go back to being selfish and confrontational, people actually doubled-down on anyone who didn't share their views. As soon as the meteorite is destroyed, the vultures will come in and get as much as they can or sew division for the dumbest possible reasons. ​ The only thing that MAY unite humanity on a persistent basis would be to no longer be the dominant species on the planet, and even then a concerningly large amount of people will still double-down to protect their own self-preservation at the cost of the human race, ala Walking Dead.


>understand that there is only one true race. And that my friend, is the human race All the other animals: "Mr Stark i don't feel so well."


People need to take some biological anthropology. That shit made me realize how silly we all are


We’re all basically the same on the inside.


Yeah, I get this guy's goal but the message is so simplistic that it is misleading. A great example of heart being in the right place and the message being off. My family is a huge melting pot as well and its a blast...and complicated.


simplistic? misleading?


Please explain? Simplistic, sure, it's a complex topic and the video is one minute long. For a one minute long video on the topic however, he explains it very well. But misleading?


Beatifically said. It’s scary to think that it’s only under such extreme singular threat that people will band together…. or else we incentivize self destruction with each other on something as superficial as the perceived color of your skin. It’s scared to think of the the day we truly destroy ourselves to the end of no return.


Uhhh you stole that from Reagan! Lol jk but yeah His UN speech in 87 was essentially this.


This man is always so well spoken and calm. Very, very well said.


Exactly! Great man! Very well said


Why in the fuck did he only say Blacks were the exception though?? INDIGENOUS PEOPLE have been robbed of their cultures too. I'm tired of racism towards the Native American people for fucks sake


He probably didn't think about that. I'm sure he agrees with you 100%.


Black people are the exception in terms of being tied together by the color of their skin and not their ethnicity.


How is this next level?


It’s next level because it’s an immensely calm, logical, and reasoned explanation about the differences between white and black pride, and why one is celebrated, while the other is detested. It does all this, without simply attacking a group of people, which is, even when you’re intentionally attempting to avoid it, is really easy to fall into. This is a really good explanation, and takes legitimate effort to truly come up with. I couldn’t have phrased it better.


Every black person in America has a shared experience no matter what country they come from, the culture, religion and their upbringing. Black people from London, Cairo, São Paolo, and Brooklyn all came to this country and are all the same person. They all think the same way and feel the same things. /s Robert Mugabe is a great kind person. His skin color is your only problem with him. People need to study more global history. The same horrific things happen everywhere in the world.


You gotta be trolling. Bk is America. No we don’t all think and feel the same things what sense does that make. Our people in the past and we today go through BS. We all attack it differently. Only the human race can save us from ourselves. Honorary African American


This is what I was thinking. Two people being black will give them similar experiences with racism etc., but that doesn't mean that their upbringings will be the same. They will be raised surrounded by different food, cultures, and people, and it would be quite ignorant to say, at least in my opinion, that these two black people have the same culture.


Also it doesn't attack anyone (except those claiming White Pride) and explains it nicely. A lot of discussions around these topics devolve into quoting crime statistics in isolation or demanding shame for the colour of your skin and sex.


because the bar is very low these days


Just be proud of whatever you are. Don't let a person on the internet tell you what to do and how to feel.


Well said


I wouldn’t say that. I think it's stupid to be proud of things you didn’t choose. I didn’t 'want' to be White, and a Black person didn’t 'choose' to be black. You can be proud of your achievements. For example, you can be proud of your university degree or your gold medal.


As long as it’s not being “white”.


Nothing happens at the end. Stop telling me to watch to the end.


I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.


I regret to announce this is the end! I'm going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.


*Gasps and murmuring*


Lol. This is racist boys. He sits here and explains how everyone else "pride" comes from their ethnicity and region and then say "except black people". That's racist. Then makes the assumption all black people are descendants of slaves, ignoring that [1 in 10 Black Americans are immigrants](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2022/01/27/key-findings-about-black-immigrants-in-the-u-s/) who by the way, are typically more [successful than American-born black Americans](https://www.blackenterprise.com/black-immigrants-in-u-s-earning-30-more-than-u-s-born-blacks/) and uses the example "they could be from warring tribes" like...uh...is that the only way he views Africa and Africans? This is insulting & racist. Then completely ignores the difference between black American culture vs black culture in the UK or Germany, whose cultures are much different. Also Racist. He literally sits here and groups a bunch of people together while making assumptions about them based on their skin color. Racist. Then says no other people were treated poorly in the American society the same way black Americans were. Literally, Japanese Americans were imprisoned in the 1940s only because they were Japanese. Don't even get me started on Irish and Jews in America. Wait...totally forgot about Native Americans.


I'm amazed at how many idiots are here.


Me too bro. Me too.


You even provided evidence. That rare on reddit. Usually it's just "trust me bro"


As well as that Native population that was effectively wiped out almost entirely. Is slavery worse than total annihilation of a people? So many out of touch statements in a single video that will be blasted in an echo chamber forever


The entirety of Ireland was enslaved. Scandinavians have been enslaved, the chinese have been enslaved, tribes were enslaved and massacred by conquistadors. The black experience is not unique, but it should be respected and we should learn from it. By saying there is no white culture, we are not learning from it.


But, but, didn’t you hear how CALMLY he explained everything?!?!


Funny how Asians are also discriminated against a ton but no one cares about it. Yes they might not have been slaves but they have been incarcerated to internment camps where the conditions were frankly terrible. Everyone makes an uproar whenever there is racism against black people and there’s so much support for BLM but I don’t see shit when it comes to discrimination against Asians. It’s all good and dandy to promote equality and stuff but when you advocate for a particular race more than others that’s when it leaves a bitter taste.


It's also technically racist. Remember kids, any race, gender, and age can be super racist!


Facts I'm a white dude but at a certain point we all have to accept that people belonging to a certain country or ethnic group have all been oppressed at different point in history for some reason we should focus less on how recent or significant the event is and more so that racism as a whole is applicable to everyone and Is wrong no matter the circumstances




>but when you advocate for a particular race more than others that’s when it leaves a bitter taste. This just isn't true. People advocate for whatever cause they want. Perhaps **you** should be advocating for Asians or whatever cause you like. Just like there are breast cancer awareness groups and nobody says to them "you aren't talking about this other disease that also kills people". >but I don’t see shit when it comes to discrimination against Asians. So start a group to do just that. A couple of women saw something and started BLM. Others started advocacy groups for and against abortion, for and against gun violence etc. >Funny how Asians are also discriminated against a ton but no one cares about it. By the way, [Biden signed a landmark anti-Asian hate crime law](https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-sign-anti-asian-hate-crime-bill-law/story?id=77801857) last year.


Asians, Latinos… the list goes on. But it’s only trendy to support BLM for these people


Do you not remember the whole StopAsianHate thing from a year back or so? It never reached the same level as BLM, but there are some people who care


That isn't exactly true. There were news stories and public outcry for weeks about racist attacks on Asians during the ealry months of the Covid pandemic. Same thing after the terrible murders of 8 women (most of whom were Asian) in Atlanta.But you are probably correct that racism against black people is recognized more often than that agaist others, and that must be frustrating. Even if that is true, though, it just means that we need to do a better job for others.


To be honest. Im American. But i don’t really know who i am as the united states is a conglomeration nations, peoples, and cultures. Sure i know my heritage, but when i travel to other places in the nation i don’t identify as that type of American. I feel lost. Or searching. But there is no one American culture even. As this guy said American black culture is like one of these other cultures embedded within the United states.


I totally understand that feeling. What helped me was seeking out resources on the different cultures I came from, specifically related to their time in America. To understand more about what their experiences would have been like and the contributions they likely made to the country helped me feel more secure in my heritage and identity.


Maybe it is the American culture as a whole to feel lost but have a family of tough love . We are all in this boat weather we ride it, rock it, or sink n swim.


Tizzy is what dumb people think is a smart man. He’s problematic and brigades. He rushes to judgement without evidence. He might be right, sometimes. Be wary of this man.


Americans are obsessed with race.


And their sexual preference. Think of how sad a persons existance must be when their entire being is valued on what they find sexually attractive.


Goes way beyond the obsession


I live here. It's soooo annoying. BUT as far as I can tell, it's mostly on the internet. Race rarely comes up in day to day life. At least not where I live.


How is this “next fucking level”?


Has this guy ever read up on how the Irish were treated?


I'm sure he's aware. But that too does not translate to "white pride". It translates to Irish pride or Irish-American pride, or both.


and as he said, there is an Irish culture and an Irish pride. They were not targeted because they were black, they were targeted because they were Irish


they werent robbed of their irish heritage. they knew who they were and where thay came from. most black slave were seperated at birth and family lineage as well as geographic heritage was all lost to the world.


yes we were robbed of our irish heritage, my name has been anglicised, I speaking fucking english, we are not allowed to have Irish language signs on our streets because the British do not allow us to, you have no idea what you are talking about


Jamal Jacksons' last name came from the human trafficker that held his family — there's no way for Jamal or others like him to uncover what their ancestral surnames were. When black babies were born there were economic considerations on whether or not *it* should be sold or held onto until it could work — not to mention people would literally look at a baby and conclude immediately it should be designated for enslavement due to legally designated inheritable status (the first kind of model for the enslavement of it's kind — thanks Virginia). Today in 2022, Black people — rich, poor or in the middle still face racism informed by what was *done* to them while the descendants of those who trafficked human beings and separated feelings get the benefit of the doubt based on social caste. It's not the same. To use a metaphor; drowning is drowning, yes — but 1) Drowning in 50 ft *is categorically worse* than drowning in 10 ft, as the chances for catching air is higher for one group than the other. And 2) If everyone gets pulled up by 10 ft, you now have one group that's no longer drowning and the other group still drowning by 40 ft. Again — I don't know why you need something to compare to reach baseline levels of empathy. I also, don't know why simply can't reach empathy. If you can't be humane, how human are you really? Dig deeper please, you're supposed to be good at this inherently, and if you still find yourself struggling to find empathy ask yourself what's missing in yourself and in your culture to be able to do so. Best.


Yeah, but you know you're irish. You're culture was not treated that way cause of skin color, but because they're irish. So it's irish pride, not white pride.


But you do know that you’re Irish. As in you’re aware that’s your ethnicity, right? What the guy in the video is talking about is not even knowing what your culture is to begin with.




I imagine he's aware, but that doesn't have anything to do with the question he's answering. This isn't about who has the biggest sob story, but about where specific identities came from.


Video went right over your head, huh?


I had a similar thought when he said "no one else has" Obviously this is categorically untrue if taken plainly without context. Having your identity and culture stripped from you has happened to nearly every culture and heritage at some point in history. Sometimes worse (worse as in numerical value, as in, a larger amount of people from that demographic have suffered from that.) Just ancient Rome is a prime example. Sometimes not so worse. What's important to note is the context. When looking at the timeframe in the United States, the Irish had indeed a similar experience. However, that didn't last nearly as long and the numbers pale in comparison. Does that mean we can ignore it? I say no. However, this doesn't impact the message he's trying to send at all. That's a strawman's argument.


He said that you could have pride based on your culture and specifically mentioned “Irish” as an example.


They had it bad yes, but thanks to their skin tone, they were eventually able to assimilate into "white" culture and escape discrimination.


After hundreds of years of enslavement. https://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/the-irish-slave-trade-forgotten-white-slaves/


What’s your point?


TL;DR: black people can't be racist. Cool story.


you definitely didn't watch the video huh


What about the jewish? Surely they have been through the same amount of misery too, right? And not just the holocaust


That's something I have been wondering too. You don't see Jewish appreciation month. I think it's because it didn't happen on American soil, and that's the excuse behind why they don't have any recognition. I would also agree that the holocaust was overall worse than slavery. BUT. Slavery also lasted way longer than the holocaust, so that can make it more memorable, and painful. Why not have a mix of the two? We can call it "Extremely mistreated ethnicity/religion month!"


Yeah, I've been surrounded by the history, values and trappings of Scandinavian-American culture since I was born. It's a big part of who I am, and my connection to the generations before mine. My relatives melted into the American melting pot but maintained many Old Country traditions that live on. It's not about domination or supremacy-- just a sense of pride in one's cultural heritage. It's healthy, in a plural society like ours.


He’s actually incorrect. In that context white means of European descent. Regardless of their present or historical culture they share an ethnic connection. If a “white” person takes pride in their ancestors and their achievements then that is abbreviated to “white pride”, in the same way African American Pride is typically abbreviated to Black Pride. So he’s wrong. White is an ethnic reference not a cultural one which even he admits when he says “usually”.


you know it was africans who sold africans to the europeans to be used as slaves




And they only have themselves to blame /s


You know it was tribes selling enemy tribe members. Also can yall stop with the whataboutism. It literally breaks every point you never had.


Everyone knows this. It's not a "gotcha" and it doesn't change anything about the racism that happened in America as a result


So smug yet so misinformed. Just like all white people are not a homogenous single entity, so is the same with blacks, Latin, Asian etc. thanks for your bullshit.


What the hell is this?! Facts?! Common sense?! I’m not on Reddit for this!


you are mistaking facts with opinions. at no point did he reference a particular event in time and even managed to use several logical fallacies in a single phrase.


But not every black fella has American experience tho


do you know each Latino country have his own culture its totaly diferent live in Argentina to live in Peru. Most of you said Latino Culture when really tou talking about Mexican culture, or any central american culture.


Latino generally I thought meant Spanish speaking new worlds people who, at least in the US, share some common ground in how they are treated and what hurdles they face. It's a more generalized term and then can be broken down to more nuanced groups when relevant. Similarly while there is black culture in the US there are still more nuanced black groups for different country/ethnic groups. White pride just doesn't seem to fit and as this guy noted I think it has largely to do with its connotation with white supremecy but also that white people in the western world have been the oppressors not the oppressed. The pride movements are often ment to counter the oppression of your group.


This is hugely American focused. Can you have Jewish pride or native American pride. Did Latin America suffer no genocide by colonial powers to have pride in being Latin American. People should treat people with respect regardless of ethnicity by the content of their character not the colour of their skin. I find no pride in being white as much as I do in the fact my hair is brown or I'm English. Edit. While I'm working this through in my head, are first generation immigrants from say Zimbabwe or Nigeria to the USA not entitled to feel black pride then? As they may have no ancestor's who were horrifically treated during the trans Atlantic slave trade? It appears to me this is simple by his own definition African America culture not pride in skin colour. This thinking doesn't track unless I'm missing something?


\>there is no united white culture>there is only national culture and national pride I am sorry, but the fuck? Ya know that "roman law", "Christianity" and pretty much everything before 18th century (aka before nationalism) is a common western/white civilisation? Yes, including the renaissance and scientific method as a whole, as well as industrialization. Modern education in itself is an achievement and a prized gem of the white european culture. Sure, no such thing as a common white culture, not like Bible was the fundamental text known to every single European regardless of the location or ethnicity and the basis for common culture, as well as architecture, common code of laws, customs and traditions.


Romans and early Christians didn’t look like the people who have portrayed them in film and on television. Rome was a melting pot.


And Christianity started in what is now known as the Middle East


Yep. I doubt many White Supremacists would actually be comfortable inviting Jesus into their home


Isn’t the oldest Christian practicing country in Africa?


The oldest surviving church is in Syria, the tradition says the first church ever was in Jerusalem. The is evidence of early adoption of Christianity in Ethiopia but the timeline isn’t solid afaik.


What Rome exactly? It is 600 years of social development. Are we talking republic "if you are not a latin roman, you are a barbarian and/or slave", or early empire, or late empire?


I think we obviously would be talking Early Christianity Rome based on all the preceding context.


Not all black people have had the same experiences… southern blacks have a different history than northern blacks have a different history in Michigan than in Washington state. Not to mention more recent immigrants from the Caribbean or even Africa. If you can’t have pride in too broad and inclusive a category, the argument in the video, that black pride is too broad and inclusive. I disagree. While I think it is weird to have pride based on your skin level melanin … you do you. Pride is fine. Forcing other people down is not. For any race.


No....I don't agree with this. Ppl can have black pride or white pride. It doesn't matter, it's just a coined terminology. People can be proud of their skin colours. It doesn't matter. Black ppl weren't the only civilization in history to have been slaves. Romans built their full civilization on slaves. Obviously other white cultures were robbed. Pegans adopted Roman religion and culture, then the whole world almost switched to Christianity or Islam by force. Almost all cultures were "robbed" through conquest .


More race baiting. Black pride is okay because their experience is different than everyone else's? No shit. Latinos experience was different than asian immigrants. Bet the native americans experience wasnt similar to anyone else's either. Even within the "black" subset it's not the same. Stop making excuses for why this race or that can do ______, but not any other.


At what point did he say it's okay for why this race or that can do \_\_\_\_\_ ? He literally just said why black pride is more important than something like white pride / power which is more so a racist / hate thing more than a pride thing


White American culture is a real thing though. Denying its existence helps to sustain white supremacy


can you explain high level what exactly white american culture is?




White savior complex? Just sayin...


If white culture doesn't exists, explain beach themed bathrooms.


A unique experience no one else had? Um read history. Every single color of people have been enslaved at some point. Hell people are slaves today. Like not only prisoners in America but far worse all around the world. What America did in the past was awful but a lot of us died to stop it. It’s not perfect today but maybe let’s focus on the actual slaves that are working, starving, and suffering today first. If you actually care about slaves that is


So white pride doesn't exist because there's no white culture but black pride exists because there's no black culture? ("They were robbed of their culture") I agree with the first part, there's no white pride cause there shouldn't be pride based on your skin colour, but then he goes on to justify the existence of black pride ignoring exactly what he just said.


Well there *is* european culture but


but what? and isn't europe a bunch of different groups?


With their own culture


I think white people from different countries that met in America kinda had the same experience together too... I know he's trying to make a point but he's still wrong but people are going to deep throat and tickle the balls of this nonsense.


What a load of shit


I followed this dude for a while till I realized his hate for those who saw things differently then him was higher then his desire for things to get better. He frequently posted videos asking people to make the life of white supremacists harder and I was down for that. Then he started grasping at straws and opening the hate umbrella. He started doing videos where he would berate politicians on things like speech or spelling faux pas, and when people pointed out to him that this is not a product of their politics but a real problem for people on both sides of the isle and many Americans in general with disabilities he doubled down on stupid and said “ no one cares about you. I have a million followers. If you want to leave no one will even notice. Block me!” So I and many others did, but it is clear he was right. It did not effect him or his popularity at all.


“Pride (superbia) is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins on almost every list.” Whether your black, white, rich, in the military, gay, tall, skinny, clear complexion, have a nice lawn, can throw 100mph, drive a Tesla, have a high credit score, 100k followers, graduated Dartmouth… Keep your pride to yourself and the world will be a better place.


This applies very heavily to america, black people here in scandinavia are not decended from slaves, they are either first or second generation immigrants and don't usually share the same experiences.


Am I or am I not allowed to be white and proud?


White people don’t have culture but can have their own ethnic or regional pride based on “cultural identity”…. complete contradictory…Guy is dumber than a bag of dicks


TLDR: White people come from a large number of cultures and places. Black people, on the other hand, are a homogenous group. His explanation for why "white pride" is dumb applies perfectly to "black pride". No race is a homogenous group of people with shared experiences. I assume this isn't his intent but he's basically saying that because some black people in America are the decedents of slaves, they all have a shared identity.


“White people have no culture” this is just a nauseating take 🤦‍♂️


That guy has a very soothing voice




I always felt like nobody should ever feel proud of what they are born, but rather have this feeling whenever you have accomplished with your circumstances. To compare, i feel the same way when people cheer for their favourite sports team, you never contributed to their win, but somehow they feel like they won themselves, as if they were part of the team


Pride is a feeling, you can feel pride for yourself or friends or people you've never met. Of course being boastful about achievements of others is not a smart move.


I'm English (and White). My 'White' experience is unlike the 'White' experience is nothing like the American 'White' experience, and also nothing like the German or Fr\*nch 'White' experience. In a way, my experience is more similar to an Indian-Pakistani British or Black British who are from my social class. We grew up in the same environment and we share the same culture. We drink beer and we watch football. This man made a good point, 'pride' originates from culture, not race.


This guy is Joe Rogan with a beard. Self righteous smug asshole who is nowhere as smart as he thinks he is. "you can't have white pride'' lol. Bitch i can take pride in whatever the fuck i want to. Who the fuck are you? The pride police?


next level self-loathing maybe. this guy watches bbc cuckold porn. that is for sure.


Isn't this entirely based on how we name races? If the white race was called the European race, would they have pride? If the Asian race was called the yellow race, they would not have pride?


Black people dont have the all have the same experience this is ignorant there are aboriginal Australians, Haitians, people from Africa, people 10 generations removed from Australia- all black in color but not the same But no your dark, so you the Black immigrant from South Africa who lived under apartheid is the same as someone from Harlem because you look the same to ME- the ignorant white


I disagree on one point. Just because Asians have differing cultures does not mean that they do not have a shared experience as Americans to which they can base a radial pride on. Same with Hispanics. Part of this is because the culture of intolerance in America among certain groups does not distinguish one Asian culture or one Hispanic culture from another in their treatment, but also because cultures from the same geographical area populated by a specific race generally share common themes which are universal among that race. However, even if you argue that Asians and Hispanics didn't lose their original cultures the way Blacks did through slave trading, the big one he left out is Native Americans. Regardless of tribal identity, we certainly do have a shared, unique, American experience which binds us all. When I'm in Tahlequah for Cherokee National Holiday or some other tribal event, I meet people of different tribal affiliations all the time and we most definitely have a shared experience, or when I visit family in South Dakota and visit with Lakota friends. We all have a racial identity formed through a common historical narrative of cultural erasure, systematic relocation, attempted genocide, economic oppression, and forced assimilation, but also similarly themed spirituality, art, relationship with nature, community, cultural preservation and resilience, and on and on. Having a culturally distinct identity does not preclude you from having a racial identity.


I never had to really consider this until I met a colleague who explained to me how she struggled with the labels “Black” and “African Canadian”. She was a Canadian (2nd gen.) whose parents immigrated from Africa… yet to be “African American/Canadian” implied belonging to a group who’s roots were in this continent much longer than her family was. Same with being black… she was a black woman but culturally, she didn’t identify with the culture.


If you want to know where you come from, do an ancestry DNA test… coming from the foster care system this is the only way I could tell where I come from being white.


Aren’t there plenty of other ethnic groups who were similarly robbed of their history culture etc in a similar manner?


Involuntary aspects of an individual are not really valid avenues of pride or guilt. Pride and guilt arise mostly personal actions. In fact in the case of guilt, by definition it can only be experienced as a result of ones own actions or failure to act. ​ The major exemption to this is rebellious pride. The gays march in pride because they're marching in opposition to the members of society telling them they should feel shame for being what they are. And the same could be applied to any minority to the degree that society at large doesn't want them to march. But rebellious pride is not the same as pride in self or action.


Yeah he's wrong. There is white culture, it's called Western culture. The woke garbage is really bad. For God's sakes, where did all these ethnicities and nations he mentions come from and what do they share? What about all the great philosophers and literature, forms of government, family dynamics, etc., that all come from white people? And how they are shared cross-nationally and in many respects are all at the very foundations of each of these Western nations? What about holidays like Christmas and Easter that are so clearly a product of white culture? What about music like Beethoven? How about the fact that Christianity is white culture in and of itself and that's why, for example, Jesus was depicted as white (because the people who worshipped him were white) and they then spread this religion all over the globe? Come on? What's the agenda here to so badly lie about something like this? People who don't know anything should not pretend they do and that's most people. If you don't know history or philosophy don't fucking talk like you do to millions of people. Fucking donkeys man.


Even though our opinions almost always match, i can not stand this dude. He has holier than though, unfailable atmosphere about him that drives up the fucking wall.


"Watch until the end" is always my cue to not watch at all, no matter the content.


I legit can't stand these idiots coming out of the woodwork with their incorrect hottakes. Clearly he's not well versed in philosophy or history to say there's no white culture, only ethnic/national culture. For fucks sake, all the places he mentioned a white person is "allowed" to have pride in are all western cultures with a similar background and foundation that is unique to western cultures and that is essentially white culture, or European culture to specify it. Like quit with this fucking propaganda and woke shit. You help nobody by lying about shit you know literally nothing about.


I mean native Americans.


Slavery isn't unique to African Americans.


Ugh sure this is just blatant next level racism but okay


People have an inherent desire for sameness, be it racial cultural or whatever, to have a sense of belonging. I have not traveled far for long that much, but whenever I did me(and everyone else it seemed like) sought out specifically people close to home(even if they were from another country). This guy would not say "there's no such thing as white heritage" if he had ever been to china for a couple months. His take is kind of wholesome, and his criticism on the actual white pride movement is obviously on point, but everything else he says is kind of just conjecture and made up.


White black brown yellow pink or blue, if you are not proud to be whatever you are. There is something wrong with you. Doesn’t mean you are racist to be proud of your life. Every single random thing that has happened to let you be born, be proud. Be kind. Be loving.


Amen brother! This country needs a big helping of Empathy. We ALL are so so similar we might as well all be the same person. It’s not the small differences that are the problem. It’s how our cave men brains handle stress and reality. It makes nothing burgers like race religion or sex seem like an attack on ourselves if we have a troubled life. Sadly that’s common but with enough empathy we can make so many things better.


With empathy great things are possible. People tell me I “see things through rose tinted glasses.” I think that’s a sad way to look at life. I get their view but there’s so much more to see than that. Human beings are capable of great love. Love and kindness to one another is the most powerful energy available.


Idk, Starbucks is a cornerstone of white culture.


Love it!!


Indigenous Pride ✊🏾 Mixteco


it's incredible that us people is still stuck in this discussion almost in 2030.


Was this on FOX news?