Climbing. Not exactly Dying Light's parkour, but Spartans should be able to clamber over basic obstacles.


As an army vet, I will say that climbing over obstacles in full battle rattle is not very easy. It's doable, but you wouldn't be doing it often enough to warrant it becoming a gameplay mechanic, plus it tires you out and the added weight really throws off your sense of balance and makes it harder to not fall


I'd be amenable to a fatigue meter. You could monkey around with the weight of gear carried. Do I stick to my Tikhar and AK for mobility, or carry a GPMG and struggle to get around?


Now you're talking- more versatility in gameplay is always awesome


They've got that in Dying Light. You can climb/do tough physical things, but you have fatigue that you can level up throughout the game.


>EASILY reloading ammunition, I’d be fine if you needed a good amount of resources for it too, I’m not saying it’s hard to find ammo btw I’m just saying it would be coolio thats a good idea, really thought Metro missed out on having more movement, Would have loved to been able to go prone and to peek left and right when you aim


Just a manual save from other games, really makes it hard to get back into the game


Base building, or like assassins creed where you invest in your own base, in this case metro station so you get interactable amenities or people showing up with side quests and maybe quests generated by the stations maintenance


>Base building, or like assassins creed where you invest in your own base, in this case metro station so you get intractable amenities or people showing up with side quests and maybe quests generated by the stations maintenance I always wanted a metro game where the main focus is your station and you need to go out into the metro and gather supply's, defend your station etc etc


Try the kshatrya DLC for metro LL. Not quite what you're describing, but maybe close enough - and good fun either way.


Damn that dlc was so fun. Surprisingly scary too.


>kshatrya DLC for metro LL Already played it so I could 100 precent LL, no doubt one of my favorite DLC's in the whole series, just the atmosphere of the library alone. Really hope 4A will make a Metro game like that in the future


Play Chernobylite them or the one Last Light DLC


That's Chernobylite, plus there's a base building Metro mobile game iirc (not official)


what's the mobile game called?


I believe it might be Metro 2033: Wars. It's unofficial and I believe it's based more around the book then the game




In a linear experience such as metro, dialog options are not entirely necessary and would feel rather pointless (illusion of choice). But if you mean just a “linear” dialog tough, like your character talking during the cutscenes, or entering conversations with random people and learning more about the world, it would greatly add to the immersion.


Second one, maybe choices during your actual, y'know, choices.


I definitely would have liked it if Artyom wasn’t a silent protagonist. They got a voice actor to read his loading screen journal entries, so…. Why not have him talk in dialogue??


Yeah I can't stand games with a silent protag because it feels like characters are talking AT you and not TO you. I remember in exodus there's a part where Anna is like "come in Artyom say something!" And im sitting there like 🙄


A survival system i.e worrying about clean water and food and making that count to overall health, kinda like the long dark but more stream lined. I'd be real cool to have a base amount of health that med kits could replenish but also having stuff for like being dehydrated would make med kits do less or they take a little away from the base heath bar and something similar for food too


What if instead of killing you, hunger and thirst just give you debuffs, making it a tactical choice to restock on ammo and filters at populated stations or food and water?


That's kinda what I was getting at but I think it should be an option adding extra realism. It would be even neater to see different food items doing different things, like an mre covers all of the bases plus maybe a little hydration and take less space but they are harder to come by canned food is the next step but take up much more space and so on. I think it would be rad if new forms of gear attachments would be created to accommodate such necessity ( canteens a gimme)


The thing is, in the games, besides maybe exodus, artyom is never out long enough to justify that. You already have filters which are annoying and Beyond realistic. The time frame of most of the missions is maybe an hour or 2 generally at most, and food and beverages are plentiful if you pay attention. People are always eating and drinking in the metro.


Yeah but I'm talking about a game after exodus, I get that a game like new light and 2033 would make this mechanic impossible. It would be neat in something more like exodus thought it would mean an extra thing to think about like filters in the first two games.


The same idea as Fallout 4's village building. Lemme make my own station.


Imagine a post metro exodus, Hanza, Polis, Red Line, Nazis all collapsed, Only like 10,000 people left inside the metro and its an open world building scenario where you have to destroy mutant nests and then you can customise the stations and thst Think that would be such a cool idea


I think it would be cooler if all those factions where still alive. And you have to balance thing like diplomacy, trade, migration etc…. Maybe even join one of them. Come to think of it…. I made a strategy game xD. “4A GAMES!! WHERE YOU AT??”






That would be a lot of fun, something similar to fallout where the story changes with each faction


Stalkers inventory management, I know this would be very particular for me, the pace would be different but I’d say the stakes and immersion would skyrocket Also from stalker would love a survival system , eating drinking and more depth to crafting


For metro 2033/last light redux, a stealth system that wasnt like: (*sees grown up man heavily armed for 7 seconds in front of him*) What was that? (*but he turns off lights*) P r o b a b l y n o t h i n g .


yeah you would think people who lived in complete darkness for their whole life would be able to see a bit better without light


A voiced protagonist.


God this annoyed me so much in Last Light, if Artyom spoke he could have prepared the Spartans earlier on


Using bolts to distract enemies and affect anomaly's. Like in stalker.


Artyom's voice


Scavenging for equipment to use for melee weapons would be slick


More anomalies like in stalker. And it be cool if you actually had to fight the dark ones but not linearly. Some dark ones stalk artyom in the 2033 book and he shoots one.


I wish Fallout 4 and Metro Exodus would have a baby Edit: a threesome of Fallout New Vegas Fallout 4 and Metro Exodus


games that should bang


And are bangers


In hard-core there should be radiation accumulation that affects you as you go .


I dont know other games that do that but... I will love to see some realistic size vents. No giant place that you walk inside but small even more claustrophobic place that you slide inside head/leg towards.


Far Cry 2 had Explosive guns and since I've seen too many Kalashes,Ashots,Revolvers and Bastards.....idk I kinda want my gun to explode


Visit Chernobyl


Honestly I just want a fallout game but in the setting of the metro. I want to explore the tunnels, arrive at a station, help the people, trade, get quests, I want to travel to the surface and check out what's up there, I want to build a character. I think it would be a perfect game!


Just play Fallout 3 haha


Open world This would be the best direction for the metro series


Maybe some dialogue options, like Fallout


Fallout 76s multiplayer mechanics, who wouldnt want to be able to lead your own player made or preexisting faction while attempting to capture the metro, I'm a roleplayer in these games and I know there is just thousands of hours of potential in a system like that.


>mechanic from another post apocalyptic game that you wished was in Metro [This one.](https://i.imgur.com/n3qQRlU.jpg)




Also an open world game in the metro would be hella cool


On the fly mod swapping in fallout. Can't count the number of times in Exodus where swapping between my reflex sight and 4x scope on my Kalash and Bulldog were useful.


EASILY reloading ammunition, I’d be fine if you needed a good amount of resources for it too, I’m not saying it’s hard to find ammo btw I’m just saying it would be coolio


Artyom should talk


More variety in terms of healing mechanics. It doesn't have to be realistic. It will add on more things to the immersion. More than just stabbing a syringe and health full.


something like the farcry animations?


I was thinking along the lines of stalker and it's variety of med items paired with a more in depth healing like bandage, clean up, splints, just more variety of how you could heal yourself. (Of course with animations for full immersion) . Just convincing enough to feel like you are living in a hostile world.


Fallout New Vegas style RPG in the Metro universe with Tarkov mechanics