>Yemini asked his followers to donate to his legal fund so he could “live another day for the next fight”. Of course he did - what a bleedin' grifter!


Chopping board NFTs coming soon!


Supreme Court threw the book at him.


Just make it a rug so its fitting when he pulls it.


I wonder if Mr Yemini will be publishing the details of his use of donor funds, or his financial circumstances that require donations following his inability to establish that anything has happened requiring legal intervention.


**Narrator:** *of course, the wife-beating racist dog Avi Yemini did not and will not publish the details of his use of donor funds, or his financial circumstances.* edit: spacing/typo


Maybe he could just get a real job and fund this fight himself instead of expecting his gullible followers to fund it? I guess we can't have that. Grifter has to grift.


I'm pretty sure he'd sue himself just so he had a reason to cry for donatiuons. The millions he got from the proud boys probably aren't worth much since the bitcoin crash.


> instead of expecting his gullible followers to fund it? But that's what gullible followers are for.


How else can he fly around the world??


It worked for Friendly Jordies, although the situation was a little different


Looks like his career as a journalist is on the chopping block


Journalist is a strong word haha. Grifter is more accurate?


I swear he said “dot con” when he read out the legal fund address


Malk, Now With Vitamin R!


*chopping board


He can just reuse the one he threw at his ex-wife


He’ll argue in court that there was no knife though.


I’ll concede the chopping board though


They really threw the board... I mean book .. at him


tl;dr wank stain who isn't a journalist tries to sue government for not giving him a press pass; fails.


What defines a journalist though?


Going by your post history, I don't believe your question to be genuine. Nevertheless, a journalist should present news and information that is of importance to the broad populace, and should seek to maintain integrity and balance throughout. Avi is a wet cardboard box of logical fallacies and gotchyas that is purely dedicated to pushing a niche view and only seeks out current events so that he may manipulate them into reinforcing his world view.


It is a genuine question. I was wondering on what basis someone gets a press pass, whether its payment or prestige or whatever else but for what it's worth i agree with you on Avi.


Fair enough, maybe I unfairly judged you. Press passes are granted to 'legitimate' and well-known news organisations. It can actually be difficult for smaller independent news organisations to get press passes even if they have genuine intentions. There's definitely no motivation to give them out in a fair and transparent manner.


So how did all those LNP muppets get press passes?


>> Press passes are granted to 'legitimate' and well-known news organisations. >So how did all those LNP muppets get press passes? they are employed by "well-known news organisations" :(


>employed by "well-known news organisations" employed by well-known "news" organisations


i was trying to unhighlight the "*legitimate*" word but i prefer your unhighlighting much more


Have a think about it. If you were holding a press conference, would you invite only the outlets you like and risk your bias being called out?


The Broadcasting Services Act (1992) defines a journalist. That’s Commonwealth legislation. I believe state evidence acts do as well. This flog wouldn’t even meet the definition of citizen journalist, let alone a professional one.


But but BUT, he’s got a camera AND a mic!


These days if your trawl reddit, tiktok, kmart mums page etc then write up a catchy headline like “the real truth about…” or “fans lose it over…” then you are a News.comaua certified “journalist”


Anyone can call themself a journalist, but only a journalist puts "journalist" on their tax return


The press pass which is given by the government?


So only people employed by specific news organisations get them?


As long as they have the seal of approval from the government? The press pass.


That's a dumb af appeal to authority. I guess only the journalists Trump gave access to are "journalists" in US then.


I don't know about USA but in Australia journalists parrot what the government tells them. In return journalists get press passes, questions and interviews with politicians which boost their career and they don't get sued or jailed like that Friendly Jordy incident. It could be worse they have not killed any journalists here in Australia (that I know of). I checked the article and it called this man a "A controversial YouTuber" a "controversial right-wing activist" but it never once called him a journalist. I read the comments here and people are seething. He must say things people disagree with and clearly the government does not approve of his views. I know that Friendly Jordy had bad things to say about the lady in charge of NSW and her deputy and they both resigned due to corruption. From your comment it sounds like you don't know the government is the authority.


“The media is now all owned by Dan Andrews” - bahahahahahahah This is when you know the guy is just an outright fucking bullshit artist. A mentally ill intellectually disabled mushroom could see the Murdoch media fucking HATES Dan Andrews.


Dan Andrews actually died when he fell down the stairs and was replaced by a puppet clone ready for the great awakening


Please don't insult the mentally ill (like myself) to this cretin.


background: https://cookerpedia.org/wiki/Avi_Yemini


OMG - that website is like what would happen if the Chaser crew were on speed 10/10


you mean that guy who abused his partner with a chopping board


I just spent an hour reading that website. Wow


balanced… This (below) is a more balanced and cited thing for who this person is. We don't need to counter people like this with unbalanced bullshit. The objective facts speak for themselves. [https://en.everybodywiki.com/Avi\_Yemini](https://en.everybodywiki.com/Avi_Yemini)


Don't need to read a Wiki to know he's a dipshit.


Ignorant people are not in need of information. But not everyone is intentionally ignorant.


Are you insinuating that he's not a 300g, 4'1 garden gnome


I thought everything on the page was made up, but then I saw the height and realised at least some of it is based in fact - how scary, I bet he doesn’t even need to report the number of chopping boards he owns to the police.


>Yemini was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is one of 17 children. Good god


Proof that quality beats quantity when it comes to parenting


Golden. Sadly very accurate


Just fall in a ditch and fuck off already Avi


“…giving Daniel Andrews complete control of media in Victoria‘s corridors of power” bro what the fuck you been smoking


Well...he's a shit stirrer....so....


So maybe he’s huffing his own jenkem!


Yup remember when he banned Peta Credlin and Rachael Baxendale from asking shit questions at his covid pressers? Oh what's that? He didn't? And what's that? News Corpse still attend his pressers? It's almost as if grifter and professional victim (and chopping board enthusiast) Avi isn't a journalist at all.


If he doesn’t understand how that statement defies how the media works, he shouldn’t be a journalist.


It's as if little Avi gets off on humiliating himself.


now, now, no need for kink shaming


What if your kink is being kink shamed?


That's extra.


You can shame them, but not for the kink.


Stupid little prick.


Weird, News Corp slander Dandrews from pillar to post, especially in the lead up to the election, and yet they never had an issue getting press passes. Maybe, just maybe, its because the likes of Avi, Topher and Rukshan aren't actually journalists, and are just glorified vloggers.


its funny you mention Newscorp; news.com.au is Newscorp, but even this article is written to make this Yemini guy look bad. how much of an asshole do you have to be to get Newscorp to argue against a right wing take.


They don't like competition


These smooth brains act as if Dandrews wasn't getting fucking grilled by "journalists" during his daily pressers during 2020. Especially when that bumbling idiot Peta Cretin was throwing factually incorrect opinion pieces at him. But no tell me more about how Dandrews controls the media narrative. The same narrative that had news media trying to present the last election as a close race to drum up interest.


I still remember "Rachael". Never seen her face, but she's got a thing for Dan Andrews.


Here ya go: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/author/rachel-baxendale


NewsCorp isn’t that big on these arseholes. They aren’t that influential, they have no power and they’re too unpredictable. NewsCorp loses nothing and probably gains something by not being kind to these cookers. In the end though, NewsCorp only does what is beneficial or profitable for itself, like any other conservative body or individual.


I mean, this is the guy who admitted to throwing a cutting board at his wife’s head so like. Pretty big asshole.


glorified? seems a bit much


This guy is a clown


Can we please send this guy to oblivion?


Or yeet him into the sun, either/or really.


Just reaffirmation that while YouTube definitely has it's place, people on YouTube aren't journalists. Especially this wife beating sack of shit.


> people on YouTube aren't journalists. SIX News would like a word with you


There are genuine accounts that do real journalism, and there are those who claim to be journalists when they’re not. There are also those who claim to be comedians and are for sure journalists, and so on so forth. Traditional media is dying and people need to begin to learn what an actual journalist does


What is a journalist? What is a comedian?


Six News probably isn’t dumb enough to go to the Supreme Court in the hopes of a press pass. 14 year olds are smarter than Avi.


Nah he's not much better. Him and his followers are puerile hacks


Leo? You've got to be kidding me. Dude puts many *seasoned professional* journalists to shame.


His contribution to Twitter changes has been "haw haw, the gold tick is a piss tick"


friendlyjordies is pretty good tbh. i could never stand to watch his stuff because i find his voice irritating, but from what little i’ve seen about him, he’s fairly unbiased in his criticism, and he’s exposed a lot of corruption across the entire political spectrum i think there’s definitely a place for independent journalists that can only really exist through social media, because any journalism through a large organisation is going to be biased and edited however that organisation likes.


He is biased in his criticism lol. He is super pro-Labor. It doesn't devalue his important investigative journalism work into the corruption of the LNP, but like any news source it is important to be aware of the biases so you can filter their work through them. I can't imagine him doing a video critical of the Labor party, so if you were to rely on him as a sole news source you would potentially miss out on some important information.


I'm not a fan of that break down he had on twitter because he was talking some mad shit about the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union and someone corrected him about it. Just kept crying "it's not a real union! Real unions are made up of workers!" and completely ignoring all the people who pointed out that the union part is just a name, and it's a charity made to support people who are dealing with abusive jobseeker companies (Which jordies *himself* has covered before). Literally all they do is break down the laws surrounding jobseeker responsibilities in easy to understand terms so people can advocate for themselves. Dude was making unhinged tweets about how everyone was being mean to him, and how people in the AUWU were "drug fiends", and how the unemployed should "just get a job" it was a bit pathetic. Nobody is without bias, Jordies is great, but he's a bit of a labor mouthpiece. Labor has no intention of getting rid of these exploitative jobseeker agencies and has similar beef with the AUWU for these reasons. So ofc Jordies had to come out against them too haha.


He's stated many times that if you want to find anti-Labor stuff, just go to the media. Why does he need to criticize a government that faces nothing but criticism in the mainstream media. His job is to do what the media don't do, which is to criticize the Liberal government. Every source of information is biased, because by looking at one source, you're implicitly not looking at another.


Except he criticizes the Greens as well, which already see no end of criticism in the mainstream media. His job isn't to do what the media don't do, his job is to criticize Labor's opponents. Which is fine, Labor needs someone in their corner, and he, true enough, *is* the only person holding the Liberals to account. You can't say every source of information is biased, it's possible to present two sides to a story. He doesn't, that's fine (Liberals have their side shown enough), his niche is there and important, but we really shouldn't pretend he's not a little bit of a mouth piece.


What? He's anti government. ​ I'd like to see where Avi is pro Labor considering he's based in Melbourne and those lockdowns we all went through.


How did you come to that conclusion from his videos? He is so pro Labor. Getting all dreamy eyed talking about Jack Lang. Hanging out with his homie Kevin Rudd. Grateful to the police and fire brigade for helping him after those scumbags firebombed his house.


I watched the shit he posted in the Covid lockdown years. Didn't watch any personal vids.


I only saw some of his journalism ones. Not a fan of his humour really, but at least he was doing something to hold the government to account.


What humour?


He's not a journalist.


People that write for newspapers or news programs on television hardly have a right to call themselves journalists anymore, either. You can write Youtubers off if you like but Youtube is a platform and nothing more. There are plenty of people with integrity that operate on Youtube. Not so our national news outlets, however.


Cocky cunt




Avi was unnecessary - just inserting himself into covid and black lives for the notoriety - hopefully this means he’ll get a real job and contribute like the rest of us


Ha! Yes, I'm sure he'll get right on that. The situation's not totally helpless though, he could still get hit by a bus.


Yeah- I’m now realising how naive and optimistic I was earlier


Lol. Eat shit dickhead.


text from article (*mostly reposting so the text is recorded forever on reddit*)... **‘Press freedom is dead’: YouTuber’s complaint after Supreme Court dismisses press pass legal fight** A controversial YouTuber has suffered a humiliating loss in court after suing Victorian parliamentary officials over their refusal to give him a press pass. A controversial right-wing activist and YouTuber who sued Victorian parliamentary officials for refusing to give him a press pass has lost his fight to overturn the decision. YouTube personality Avi Yemini took legal action against three officials – including former Victorian lower house speaker Colin Brooks – after he was denied media accreditation in July last year. Yemini – who is the Australian bureau chief for far-right Canadian media outlet Rebel News – claimed the refusal denied him natural justice and procedural fairness. He also asserted the person who made the decision lacked the authority to do so. But in a humiliating setback, the Supreme Court on Friday found Yemini had not established the decision to refuse his media accreditation was made by someone acting beyond their power or was made in jurisdictional error. The application was refused. Yemini, whose full name is Avraham Shalom Yemini, wasted no time in responding to the decision on his social media platforms. “The Victorian Supreme Court has upheld a decision to refuse me a parliamentary press pass, giving Daniel Andrews complete control of media in Victoria‘s corridors of power. If he can do it to me, he can do it to anyone he wants,” he bemoaned in a tweet on Friday afternoon. “Press freedom is dead.” In a video posted on the Rebel News Australia website, Yemini asked his followers to donate to his legal fund so he could “live another day for the next fight”. Yemini sued Mr Brooks, Legislative Council president Nazih Elasmar, and parliament’s Serjeant-At-Arms Paul Groenewegen after he refused to provide the reasons for refusing his media accreditation in October last year. He asked the Supreme Court to quash the decision and allow his original application to be determined according to law. Court documents reveal Yemini used a National Visits Media Card (NVMC) to gain entry to Victorian Parliament’s grounds for a press conference being held by Premier Daniel Andrews in February. He was escorted from the grounds by security and banned for a week. A subsequent application for a media pass was refused in July, with solicitors for Mr Groenewegen’s telling Yemeni's legal team he was “not obliged” to provide reasons for the decision. Yemini argued Mr Groenewegen had refused his pass but later submitted an “unknown person or official” had made the decision. Supreme Court Justice Tim Ginnane ultimately found Mr Brooks made the decision to refuse Yemini’s application and he had the authority to do so. “That decision was an exercise of parliament’s privilege to control access to the parliamentary precincts and the decision was within the exclusive cognisance or jurisdiction of parliament,” he said. “The media accreditation scheme is not created by statute, nor resolution of the houses, it is an exercise of that privilege which has existed from ancient times. “The exercise of that privilege is within the exclusive cognisance of the parliament and can be exercised by the speaker acting on its behalf or acting through an authorised officer.” Justice Ginnane also found reasons did not need to be given because the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness did not apply for the speaker’s decision. “This proceeding is not justiciable, because it falls within the exclusive cognisance of the parliament of Victoria as it involves the exercise of the privilege to control access to parliamentary precincts,” he said. Yemini is a contentious figure in Australia’s media scene, boasting thousands of followers across his Facebook, YouTube and Twitter platforms alone. He became well-known for his coverage of prominent protests, including anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne. In 2019 he was convicted by a court for assaulting his ex-wife by throwing a chopping board which hit her. Victoria Police were forced to apologise to Yemini in June for wrongfully arresting him at several protests while he was working for Rebel News.


And yet, on this very thread, some have stated he's left leaning. Never heard about the Vic Pol having to apologize for any wrongful arrest. But then, don't care too much about anything that goes on with pretenders like that.


> And yet, on this very thread, some have stated he's left leaning. narrator: they were liars. he's self admitted nazi editor: *now watch people jump in to explain he was being ironic/sarcastic/how we didnt understand how he was making a joke despite him telling us accurately what his beliefs were*


Dude no one said Avi was left leaning. That other guy was talking about friendlyjordies.




Dude learn to read, the comment you're talking about (that you responded to like 5 times in a rage) literally started with the words "friendlyjordies is pretty good", did you just black out and skip that part or something? They never mentioned Avi once, you moron.


This dude's also a coward.


You mean the guy that threw a chopping board at his wife?


Haha. Eat shit fuckface.


This is the most appropriate response.


Dude is nothing but a conman, fleecing gullible people at every opportunity. A grub.


LOL suck shit


I have two words. Fuckwit. Oh wait that’s one word. Fucking fuckwit.


Who's this guy?


Oxygen thief


Take my fucking up vote


Convicted wife basher


i believe the correct term for him is "Avi the wife beating racist dog yemini"


In law we have a saying: the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Never been more fitting.


Is this guy that had his bodyguard push people that he approached away? While they were eating or something?


Yes, but he needed a bodyguard........why?


because he's a scared little man


because possum needed to protect senpai


While i dont like wife beating garden gnome children with small brains and smaller pp, if you cant eat without random people approaching you, i think its ok to have a bodyguard who keeps people away.


Avi was the one approaching others while they were trying to enjoy their meal and being an outright pest. He only has a bodyguard so he can run away from fights he starts. Filthy little grifter he is.


Ahh that makes much more sense and seems more in character.


This dudes a shmuck.


Avi is exactly the type of person that would throw a flare at a soccer match.


Since when is Avi fuckwit considered a YouTuber?


Today I learned Far Right Rebel News is a Canadian media company.


Sucked in to the woman bashing grifting mouldy fucking turd.


Cunt is a fucken pest lmao good to know


Of course this tosser is begging for donations again


A real dick head this bloke


It's funny how he hangs out with cooked antivaxxers while being fully vaxxed up. Source: his friends have big mouths and don't know when to shut up.


He wished he could be as good as his brother. Avi hangs out with Qanon trumpanzees who see pedos everywhere, but his brother is an actual lawyer who gets pedos sent back to Australia to face court after they run away.


Waiting for the media to leak this YouTubers address


Never heard of this guy before?


Probably for the best, he just goes around harassing minorities, marginalized people, etc. to grift extreme right money.


He’s a very well known wife beater I believe


Couldn't have happened to a nicer dwarf


It’s weird that far right, which ideologically is all about oppression, is constantly saying how they are being oppressed. The projection is mind boggling


Yes, but not THEM! The point of being into oppression is to be on the happy end of it!


The more I see them the less convinced I am that they understand their own ideology. Let’s say they win, most of them will then be heavily repressed. Im not sure that is something they have considered.


Their emotions decide for them how reality is.


wasn't the idiot also known as Avi the wife beating racist dog also suing PR Guy again after losing that last case? is anyone keeping a running total of the number of time Avi the racist wife beating dog has lost in court now?


Yes! https://twitter.com/exposingnv/status/1604375398791335936?s=46&t=1VKDOu3wVtfSyojYMV5sug


great work :) thanks for that.


This is all part of the grift…


Wow, the reporters at [news.com.au](https://news.com.au) are really after that guy, whoever he is. The number of times they use the term ‘humiliating’. I think it was pretty humiliating that after all the campaigning Newscorp did against Dan Andrews, it was revealed to the world, that Newscorp has about the influence of a uni campus newsletter.


They didn't call him a Nazi, Right Wing Conspiracy theorist or a convicted wife basher and they quoted his Anti-Dan conspiracy theory rants without fact checking him..... Honestly they could have gone to town with this clown but instead reported it heavily in his defence. Avi's useful idiot for them, he can push their agenda and they can stay at arms length and say 'we're just reporting what happened'


He may be many things, but he’s not a Nazi. That has a specific meaning. That is an overused term in 2022 that no longer has any shame of falling foul of Godwin’s law. He’s jewish after all. This is American thinking, It doesn’t work over there. Exaggerating your point to the absolute extreme, to the point where your spouting misinformation in the hopes it hammers your point harder, isn’t a way of convincing others of your viewpoint. Just means you emphatically shout into the void.


Isn't this the guy that referred to himself as "the proudest Jewish Nazi"?


[https://mobile.twitter.com/sarkysage/status/1441045860578562065](https://mobile.twitter.com/sarkysage/status/1441045860578562065) In his own words... Yes. He is a Nazi


[its this guy](https://www.dropbox.com/s/7tbeq7y8xpv7nzf/72921789_617360718794922_3364001785625706496_n.jpg?dl=0)


This brought a tear to my eye! What art! Congratulations.


I didnt know wife beater avi was a journalist. Isnt he just a propagandist and grifter preying on peoples misfortune to fleece his grifted followers.


He's a much a journalist as that US turd Alex Jones is. Propaganda mouthpieces.


The guy is a parasite and a wife-beater. The quicker he is out of the country the better.


Wife beater who ignores journalistic ethics tries to sue government for denying him a privilege reserved for those who at least pretend to follow journalistic ethics. This clown is how I know the nuffy right fringe will never hold any real power




This guy should disappear.


Sucked in fuckhead


Get owned bitch


Nor a fan?




Is this guy still around, I thought he had handed in his pass after the pandemic ended.


[A little joke for the little man.](https://www.dropbox.com/s/c619m5vif82t5i7/71897779_10156574351376347_2387137123695198208_n.jpg?dl=0)


Aaah...good old Avi Yemini. You couldn't [dream this guy up](https://youtu.be/1cim_2cFmv4) LOL.


Wow reading about his upbringing. I feel sorry for the guy. He sounds like he needs therapy to recover from childhood trauma.


Look Avi is a nutter but it's crazy to me that Press is approved by the government. What if in some crazy spectacile Avi was a decent bloke trying to expose real corruption but isn't taken seriously/doesn't have access to parliament. Can anyone tell me if there are journalists that have access and don't push a lib/labour/green narrative and are actually objective?


You might notice, no one is preventing him from doing his "journalism", which mainly and to consist of Trump style scamming of his audience. The speaker of the House of Representatives simply declined to issue him with a pass to allow him additional access bring what any member of the public has within Parliament House. The court found that this was legal.


It's about evidence, not whether you're decent. If you have evidence rather than slurs then you don't need the pass.


LOL what if! The entire issue in a nutshell. Don't care if journo's have preferences and push them, that's not the issue with this bloke.


Fuck Wax is a retard


Press pass? Why does any Australian citizen need permission to ask politicians questions, they are paid by us and should be held accountable by any of us.


You can submit questions to your MP and other members of parliament, you are not however entitled a physical presence via a press pass to cover parliament for monetary gain.


I think you'd find that most countries have the same thing. Prevents things like objects being thrown, assassinations, and general mayhem. In other words, keep out the chopping block throwers.


Didn’t someone throw a shoe at George w bush ages ago?


Yep. And considering the charge against Avi for throwing a chopping block at his ex....the ruling makes sense.


Because you can't expect every dickhead that wants to hurl stuff at a premier just rock up like that, pretty clear isn't it? You apply and someone will consider it.


You might notice, no one is preventing him from doing his "journalism", which mainly and to consist of Trump style scamming of his audience. The speaker of the House of Representatives simply declined to issue him with a pass to allow him additional access bring what any member of the public has within Parliament House. The court found that this was legal.


Damn ,I’m not a huge fan of avi but it’s obvious this sub is full of full blown lefties


>I’m not a huge fan of avi sensible people aren't a fan in any way of Avi the wife beating racist dog Yemini. >but it’s obvious this sub is full of full blown lefties it doesn't have anything to do with political leanings but that you've decided it does is weird tbh.


Trust me, you don’t have to be a leftie to hate avi. He is not a journalist and he talks shit.


Ok cooker.


What’s a cooker?


Cooked in the head, fried brain. In other words, a little bit nuts.


Seems harsh for an observation


Not if you'd ever watched the shit he posts.


nah. He's a frothing far right maniac, self describing as a jewish nazi, known for ripping off thick right wingers and beating up his wife with a chopping board. Cooker is mild. ​ But you probably knew that, as you're here defending him. Also i note you like Joe Rogan and are obsessed with fighting.


Poor Avi, how can you me mad at someone that committed domestic violence after all? He's a victim of the system, clearly.


Me too but this is reddit, left wing central, avi was much better when he just a shit stirrer, he is now a full blown dh.. asking for money from the back of divvy van says it all.


Does anyone have Avi Yemini fake nudes