Quan: >”When our movie came out, the first phone call I got was from Kevin Feige, who graciously asked me if I wanted to join the MCU. And I called Jonathan and the gang, and I said, you know what, nobody wants to hire me except Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, The Daniels, and Kevin Feige. It's been incredible. 2022 is the year I will always remember because it's one of the happiest years of my life."


>nobody wants to hire me except Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, The Daniels, and Kevin Feige He can add the Russos to that list


Three all-time Hollywood icons and the hottest new director pair on the planet. You could do worse!


New? My guy, have you seen Swiss Army Man? Shits a masterpiece


That was such a wild trip. Nothing made sense but it just felt right.


dan radcliff was great, but damn paul dano’s acting style(?) shined.


It's, "sean."


Sean Paul?


Yea, I sean im - Pauls out back playin’ with his trucks in the sandbox.


I have but 2 movies into their career is still pretty fresh


If you haven't seen Interesting Ball, give that a shot, too. I remember seeing that right before Swiss Army Man came out and DANIELS has been on my radar ever since.


I respect Swiss Army Man but I hated that movie.


*Swiss Army Man* was one of my favourite films that year.


He can also add me, /u/johnla. Put my name next those other men dammit.


When theRussos are an afterthought, you know you're in the big leagues.


ok tho, but those are some pretty prestigious people looking for you...


That's the joke. He meant that somehow only the greats want him.


Cause he’s a god damn legend






I’m so happy for him


Aw that's so good. I truly hope that each successive year brings him more happiness, for many years to come. It brings me sadness for it took so many years to achieve what he deserves, but I'm glad he has made it thus far, to finally reap what he sowed many year ago. I am soo glad we got Waymond Wang with Evelyn instead of Jackie Chan (the original concept). I'm sorry (not sorry), but I despise that Chinese Communist Party shill, and if any of you had some dignity left, so should you. There's a clear line that should separate an Artist and their personal life and beliefs. But when their beliefs include full support of a dictatorship regime that does all the things we know they do... that 'artist' no longer receives immunity from judgement. Do your own research.


I wonder though, how much agency does Jackie Chan actually have? Is it possible that due to his profile and importance to the CCP he and his families are under tight control and oversight? But who knows maybe he is an amoral pos? I don’t know the dude. 🤷🏻‍♂️


He started going that way as soon as the CCP took over HK. Before they started exerting control and toyed with the idea that HK remains an independently administered zone. Basically, as soon as a boot was available to lick Jackie was licking it unprompted. For a long time he was seen driving cars with government plates. Likely meaning he won't be stopped for speeding or other things. As well as pushing pro China rhetoric all the time. In contrast to that chow Yun fat was a outspoken supporter of the pro democracy movement in HK and has not workeduch after. But is still. A public person. It might have hurt Jackie Chan's career if he wasn't a boot licker but he wasn't doing it at gun point.


Would you say the same for Chris Pratt or Tom Cruise who star and act in pro American propaganda movies? Which mind you is the country known for its militarism and bommbing of innocent civilians. Why the double standard for him only?


What double standard? Must I preface any preposition with any and all possibilities before stating an opinion? That would be a lengthy comment. Who said I liked Pratt or Cruise? Because thank you, I don’t. Scientologist Tom and religious nut Pratt whom are both misogynistic and neither near perfect, don’t get my tick of approval either. I don’t like those actors for their personal beliefs either. Do they make good movies? Sure, but I don’t go to the cinema to support their films, I’d rather wait till it’s free to air. You seem mistaken; I’m not American; I’m not attacking CCP and defending ‘merica best! Like you seem to have labeled me.


Do enlighten me on what Chris Pratt has done that is pro - American. I haven't been keeping track on all of his films. I just know that his MCU films are good, the Jurassic Park films are crap, and I did not see Parks and Rec... and he's likely not that good an actor.


American sniper and terminal list are the two projects they're referring to with regard to Chris Pratt Edit: Bradley Cooper was an American sniper not Chris Pratt. My bad


Bradley Cooper is the one on American Sniper, not Pratt.


Whoops. My bad


Chris Pratt was in Zero Dark Thirty which is what you were probably thinking of.


Chris Pratt was in american sniper? I dont recall him at all.


The Terminal List sucks, but if anyone is the villain in that show, it's the right-wing military complex. It's so non-political it's like every reviewer didn't even watch the show. Which is understandable cause it was garbage. Chris Pratt is religious and annoying about it publicly, but people are so desperate to make him some villain, they just make shit up. Dude is a goober who tainted the quality of his career by converting to the type of actor that no one wanted, but to say he is some homophobic, anti-liberal bigot is just ridiculous.


Jackie Chan is known in HK an anti thesis of his image in Hollywood. My uncle knows lots of people who know him and says he’s an awful human being. Broke my heart.


never meet your heroes


Jackie Chan's issue is not just about his political belief, but in reality he's an assholes that cheat on his wife, and abusive, neglecting his children. A total piece of shit. Yet westerners ignore all of that and only see his hero persona on movies.


Tbf Michelle Yeoh also has some controversies here in her home country (Malaysia). She's from a family of politicians, and has openly supported our incredibly corrupt ex-PM Najib before.


Never meet your heroes...


I’m sure Jackie Chan is doing fine despite your judgement lmao Still will go down as a Hollywood legend


* Cinema Legend *


I'm not sure if he is joking about the latter, but what does he mean by George Lucas? Does he mean Lucasfilm?


Yup. He was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Oh, I get it now.


I’m happy for the guy. He was the most impressive part of the movie for me.


The resurgence of Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan is the best thing about 2022.


Make Encino Man 2 you cowards!


poor caveman prolly had to get a job eventually. just imagine you're frozen for thousands of years and then you have to pay taxes but all you want to do is hang out in a tree and eat berries


Sounds like a Bill and Ted Face the Music type twist, catching up with someone who the real world caught up to.




I'm cool with a Sean Astin comeback, but the weasel can stay on the D list.


I haven’t thought about Pauly Shore in forever. He was kind of funny and fun.


"Father when can I leave to be on my owwwnn 💅?"


I've got the whole worldussy!


Worldussy sounds like something a female Ego would have


He can be the 7-11 guy. Wheeze the jui-uuce, buuuu-uhddy!


Brendan Fraser becomes frozen caveman lawyer and Ke is wrongfully accused of a crime by ICE who claim he is an illegal immigrant. He gets him off the charges and reveals the corruption in the agency. They celebrate by going to get ice cream where it is served by Pauly Shore who has a single, but memorable line at the end of the film. Encino Man 2: the end of ICE.


Can we bring back Rick Moranis next please


As far as I know his stepping away was a personal choice wasn't it? Not that people wouldn't cast him.


He was stepping back to take care of his children. I think he stepped away because his wife passed and balancing a career and being a parent is a lot of work. Then he came back for the mint mobile comml and for the honey I shrunk the kids tv show. But then he got assaulted randomly in nyc and has been low profile again since then.


What sick piece of shit would assault Rick Moranis?


I think it was random instead of a premeditated hit job, but I mean I get what you’re saying.


That's almost exactly what Chris Evans said.


At some point everyone on the planet started saying ‘passed’ instead of ‘died’ and now it takes me a few seconds longer to understand. What was wrong with ‘died’ folks? Too clear? Too unambiguous?


I read “passed” as more specific, usually meaning illness or old age. “Died” could mean dead for any reason. Maybe it’s just me.


I’ve seen people use ‘passing’ for everything from suicide to old age. I just think people are a bit skittish about being blunt about death.


Some people get weird at the mention of death. Idk why.


I know I’m not the only one but I have so much respect for Rick Moranis. That can’t have been an easy choice to make but he made the right one


I heard he’s supposed to be in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids show but idk


he was in a Mint Mobile commercial on Ryan Reynolds' channel a couple years ago.




Tis. But my god The Whale was emotionally exhausting.


I’m still mad about them cancelling batgirl. We deserved brendan Fraser dual wielding flamethrowers on top of a fire truck dammit


People are (rightfully) adding Jennifer Coolidge to the list after her speech at the Golden Globes this week.


I mean the schadenfreude involving Phony Stark was pretty enjoyable. Also, Midnight Suns is fantastic and my personal 2022 GOTY, pick it up if you like video games.


Nepo babies aren't making bank so they're bringing back talented actors.


I wanna see him suffocate Loki with kindness


It’d be dope if he’s just the most unlikeable asshole for the TVA. Dude showed so much range with just playing Waymond, I’d hate for him to be typecast as the jovial loving old man.


Absolutely. He played smooth Waymond and mousey husband Waymond fantastically both, and it'd be wonderful if he's actually allowed to show that range. Also the man's only 51, "old man" my foot.


and yet his best performance in the movie was the *I would've loved doing laundry and taxes with you* section or maybe I'm just a sucker for WKW


His monologue about how kindness is not naivete, but an active, combative choice in the face of an uncaring universe is my favorite part of the whole movie. Incredible.


That was the most picture perfect Superman monologue I’ve ever heard. James Gunn should be looking at that movie’s characters for the Superman blueprint because it’s on display perfectly.


Damn, I hadn't made that connection, but spot on.


https://youtu.be/O7YnbGszcb8 Kindness saves.


Nah, definitely agree. That's my favorite section of the movie as a whole, too. It's definitely made me want to watch the movie it's based on (_In the Mood for Love_) though a central plot point to that movie is infidelity, which makes it less enticing/interesting for me.


In the Mood for Love is one of my favorite movies of all time it's extremely sad though


I prefer 2046 myself but I can understand why people like In The Mood for Love more


Was that not smooth Waymond? If not my man was still looking dapper as fuck in that timeline.


That was him, they were talking outside of a showing of one of Eveyln's films


> Also the man's only 51, "old man" my foot. *Bless you*.


I believe his character may lie somewhere in the middle. The D23 trailer >!showed his character presenting a warm smile!<; I feel like that is ultimately a front to disguise not assholishness but a general apathy for people's problems. His concerns begin and end at his duties, and he'll happily tell you that you're doomed because his job doesn't allow him to save you.


I wasn’t sure if this was a serious spoiler or not but and this ain’t the spoiler sub but I’ve also seen the D23 trailer and IIRC >!either the trailer or scoopers say he’s a librarian for the TVA.!< I just figured that if that’s the case, he could be the insufferable asshole who wouldn’t deviate from protocol even if everything around him is falling apart.


Ah, so you're imagining someone like Dogma from Clone Wars?


Not really a big Star Wars guy but I was imagining him being a type who’d be the most frustrating passive aggressive coworker who just smiles condescendingly while snitching on you for being on your phone while on the clock. No idea if that resembles Dogma.


Goes from squirrel to eagle to fox to Evil demon 👿


I mean, the Loki is about the multiverse. It could be that we will see many variations of him.


I really hope loki S2 doesn’t focus on the TVA


I’d like to suffocate Loki with kindness too 😏


I call my thighs kindness


Kind knees




Question: Which one? Answer: All the Adult human ones. ​ And maybe give Gater-Loki a hug...


I stopped at ‘I wanna see him suffocate Loki…’ and gasped for a few seconds thinking it was gonna but that type of comment…until I finished the sentence lmao


I’m not sure if anybody on here has heard this, but one of his very limited non-acting roles was working on X-Men (2000) was as an assistant with the fighting stunt team, and Kevin Feige was an Associate Producer on that film! So there could be a connection there, too.


i think feige worked on all the fox marvel movies. irc, during filming of affleck’s daredevil, he was frustrated with the direction of the movie.


As he should have been. Movie was a shit show.


If I’m not mistaken Ke Huy Quan actually had a lot of roles working on sets, most notably he had spent a lot of years working with Wong Kar-Wai. All of the years he spent away from being on screen were spent still working in the industry, just in Hong Kong instead of Hollywood.


Hopefully Feige asked the directors to join the MCU too. Maybe for Secret Wars since they made the best multiverse movie probably ever.


The directors actually turned down directing the first season of Loki


They're on a exclusive contract with Universal.


So World War Hulk then :p




I wanna say that contract actually ends and hulk reverts back to marvel this year? Could be absolutely wrong but I thought I saw that somewhere. Edit: seems to be just a rumor based off SEC documents from the Paramount deal, and how they're very similar to the Universal deal. Rumor states the deal would theoretically end 15 years after the hulk movie (2008) so that's this year. [Comment explaining it](https://www.reddit.com/r/DisneyPlus/comments/l837g0/comment/gmml5q4/)


They turned down Loki Season 1 for Everything Everywhere All At Once because they didn’t have to give up creative freedom more or less


They may find they have a little more freedom if they tried now


There was more to it, but the gist of a conversation was that they’d rather work on things that they could build from the ground up instead of being told what to work with but i don’t disagree with what you’re saying just to be clear & I would love for them to be part of the MCU


Edgar Wright doubts this


I really wish we could’ve gotten Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. As Ethan Hawke said, Marvel Studios is incredibly actor friendly but not necessarily director friendly & that reputation is gonna but them in the ass unfortunately


"Director friendly" is what Star Wars tried and look where that got them. "Director friendly" is what got the DCEU asshole Superman, Batman using guns, and just an overall mess of pig shit. When someone is directing for a franchise, they gotta stay on the same highway as the rest of it. TV shows get different directors all the time and they can do their shit, but only within the lanes of the show. The MCU is just a much bigger version of that.


he said alitte more, not complete. marvel’s not going to risk a batman and robin, or superman 3, or man of steel, or batman vs superman, wonder woman 2, or black adam, or morbius, or spider-man 3, or amazing spider-man 1 and 2 in their mcu.


Then why did they have MoM feeling like a horror b-movie?


because sam rami filmed it in his style while not changing the story and/or characters? taika waititi did the samething with thor ragnarok, he just filmed it as a comedy based on what marvel wrote and had hemsworth’s support. i always assumed the reason with wright was that he wanted to make changes to the story and/or characters.


For example, Edgar Wright's version didn't have the Quantum Realm. Luis' montages were also a Peyton Reed idea, as well as the fight with Falcon. Ultimately, I think it's a good thing Wright left.


You ever seen a Sam Raimi movie?


Idk but that was a great movie


No offense but I hated it. But looking back, as a standalone movie, it was alright, I hated it because it reversed Wanda's character after WandaVision.


Really? I didn’t feel it reversed Wanda’s character. I only saw the movie once and the series twice. My interpretation of events: Wanda realizes she is the Scarlet Witch and her powers had been holding people hostage > she lets them go and takes the Dark Hold to better understand her powers so she can control her powers and not cause harm > the Darkhold being the Darkhold convinced her to do “the right thing” and get her children back at any cost. Essentially I didn’t see it as much as her choosing to be a villain as her being tricked and manipulated.


In WandaVision, we had seen her face her grief of a loved one dying and giving them up because that is the right thing to do. That her actions made people suffer and it is not right. MoM basically did this again, abeit in a worse manner. Yes, you can argue that it is the Book corrupting her, I get it, still doesn't change the fact that I felt like I was watching WV again, seeing the same arc.




She learned to give up her loved one in WandaVision, MoM basically was a repeat of the WS, abeit in a worse manner.


Ya know I think that was a great choice, because EEAAO is incredible


They’re extremely stylistic directors like Edgar Wright. I can’t see them being creatively handcuffed in Disney. Too many directors have walked away from Marvel / Disney for similar reasons or resulted in releasing a film that’s a shell of what they originally designed. Some directors can balance those politics (the Russia) others aren’t meant for that type of corporate environment.


I love the Daniels and their work, but their creative style is pretty incompatible with how the MCU operates. It’s not surprising they turned down Loki, and I’d be surprised if they’d ever want to cede creative freedom in the way that the MCU necessitates.


EEAAO could've easily been an MCU movie.


What could this possibly mean


Everything Everywhere All at Once


Well not really. Even if you drastically changed the concept of the movie to fit into the MCU narrative, it would lose most of the originality that it has and nobody would be talking about it. Instead of being the charming A24 movie with amazing performances from a non widely recognized cast, it’d be a typical Marvel blockbuster blowout with superstars in all the lead roles and look much similar to multiverse of madness, which is not a good thing.


One of them has technically worked with Marvel before, he did an episode of Legion that was really good


I still contend the MCU has yet to actually make a movie about the Multiverse. MoM was a movie that showed a Multiverse existed, but didn't really show many verses within it. We spent 0 time in anything that actually felt "wow, very different!" I'm rotting for MCU but they need to actually get into the Multiverse, not just pretend a futuristic London counts as the Multiverse.


Not to be pedantic, but there have been two movies (and two tv shows) that have very explicitly shown the multiverse. Maybe you don’t think it’s wacky enough, but “I still contend the MCU has yet to actually make a movie about the multiverse” is just like… an incorrect statement.


We've seen the multiverse, but we really haven't spent a ton of time in it. MoM showed very brief glimpses of some interesting places before landing on a 'verse that was a bit different. Everything Everywhere All At Once did the Multiverse in so many better ways


Ummm Sliding Doors is still undefeated.


Damn right. No one ever expects a Sliding Doors mention.


Coherence would like to speak with you


As an Asian kid from the 80s Ke Huy Quan made a huge impact on me. I loved him and was sad that there weren't more of him. I hope he's back to stay.


If you have not seen Everything Everywhere All At Once, please do so ASAP.


I don’t have showtime and it’s only available to buy for $20… Who am I kidding I’ll just have a few drinks and convince myself it’s worth the $20


There’s a free one month trial of showtime via Apple TV that I was able to do. Check it out if you can.


In one word. It's FUN. If you don't laugh and enjoy yourself, something's wrong


Probably the best movie ive ever seen


I openly wept in the theater in a way no other movie has made me cry when Jamie Lee Curtis plays Claire de Lune with her toes because she has hot dogs for fingers


I cried when the main villain talked about how she made a bagel and put everything on it


I got weirdly emotional when the one rock wearing googly eyes was chasing after the other.


“I put all my hopes and dreams, all my report cards, every breed of dog, every personal ad on Craigslist… sesame… poppy seed… salt.”


It's absolutely worth twenty bucks. The blu-ray that comes with the same digital copy is $15 on Amazon though.


If you went to the bar drinks alone would cost you that much! (Easy to convince yourself)


It’s also $5 to rent on YouTube, which you can pretty easily stream to a TV


Do it!! You won't regret it. Get ready to drunk sob though. Good luck


Check your local library. Most major libraries have a pretty decent DVD section with new releases. I've also seen it available at most redbox kiosks for a few dollars to rent.


Best film of 2022!


Yes! One of the best movies out there!


Easily my favorite film of the last decade, and that's versus a loooot of other movies.


I watched it tonight and didn’t really understand it or like it. I know I’m the outlier here, as like 10 people I know have told me to watch it, but I wasn’t a huge fan of it.


I get that. I have a few friends who were pretty “meh” on it. I personally loved it; the comedy, action, and heartfelt story were exactly right for me. Plus the creativity of the individual scenes/jokes.


Reddit has a tendency to circlejerk things, and Everything Everywhere is basically the Witcher 3 of movies according to every single comment section on this site and literally nobody outside reddit


“Literally nobody” = 95% on Rotten Tomatoes with an 89% audience score + a bunch of major awards and nominations?


Short round:" dr Jones?" Thunderbolt Ross:" who the hell is dr Jones?"


what movie did william hurt play a dr jones in?


Star wars episode 6: the last crusade


And knowing Ke Huy Quan, it probably went like this Kevin: Hey Quan, I saw a universe where you were in the MCU. Want to join? Ke Huy Quan: I wouldn't mind that. Living in a universe where I star in the MCU along side that guy from Crimson Peak.


Crimson Peak was such a creepy movie.


Guillermo doing what Guillermo do best.


His acceptance speech last night at the Golden Globes was so endearing.


What I appreciate most about this guy is that he encountered a hard period of Hollywood not finding him marketable, yet he refused to stop working in whatever capacity he could - knowing he brought something so unique to filmmaking. Kudos to you Ke


It sounds like he wanted to act this whole time. Is there a story behind why nobody would hire him?


Ke said in a roundtable discussion that after Indy and Goonies, he thought he would get more roles but that he had trouble finding work because there weren’t a lot of opportunities for Asian American actors at the time, so he went to film school and started working behind the camera. https://youtu.be/hJH2EyvvEBA He talks about it around 1:40 in this video if you’re interested.


I would also recommend the episode he just did on Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused. He gets into pretty good detail about how he got in and out of acting, the interim, and getting back into and how his whole life shifted. It’s so touching.


That acceptance speech at the globes was so beautiful to watch


Great! He’s amazing


I am very OK with him making such a big comeback.


OKIE DOKIE LOKI!!!! Hold on to your potatoes!


I'd love to see him play the exact same character he played in Everything Everywhere All at Once. And maybe a grown up Short Round, and Data. Hey, it's the multiverse. Why not?


I'm gonna have to try to watch this movie again. Maybe my expectations were too high.




Wow, that’s incredible. So happy for him


Love that guy. So versatile




Seriously why is no one talking about a Goonies reunion/reboot???


They did a zoom call together during the lockdown. Other than that idk.


Starring Thanos and Waymond.




This man has had a hell of year. I can’t wait to see him in more projects


He’s be a great Impossible Man.


Great casting again. I would expect his character in the Loki series will have many versions across the multiverse.


Short Round FTW!




For some reason I don’t like his voice. Great actor but his voice is annoying to listen to. Maybe I’ll like him more in Loki than EEAAO where he’s more frantic


Fuuuuck no more marvel shit.


Feige assked you to join the MCU: 😃 Its for the TV shows: 🙂


He can play a young Jackie Chan for his bio movie.