Dominaria will finally move to untap so Zhalfir can phase back in.


You’re saying Teferi did all that during the opponent’s turn?!


Time mages can take really long turns, apparently like 360 year long turns (if I’ve got my dates right.)


He took extra turns.


He generated infinite mana and used [[ertai's meddling]] for 1456


[ertai's meddling](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/3/5/35c7e7fa-1493-4ef8-9cdb-b02b07a1ad85.jpg?1562053736) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=ertai%27s%20meddling) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tmp/61/ertais-meddling?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/35c7e7fa-1493-4ef8-9cdb-b02b07a1ad85?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Warning for Teferi for "slow play".


Blue players am I right?!?!?


I kinda hope Zhalfir gets a whole set with cards and mechanics that fit it well.


Visions 2 would be awesome.


Zhalfirians having to deal with a more fast paced modern Dominarian life. The Set


Fungi and Saprolings




I hope


I want more old school tribal in general. Saprolings/plant, elves/goblins/wizards etc etc.


New Slimefoot!


Some kind of enchantment that let's you summon Saplings every turn would be nice


Some onslaught block callbacks


Somehow, Braids has returned.




New exciting Slivers!


I just want hivemind slivers back. I hated predator style only controller buff slivers. Then I want a changeling set where they get all the buffs but add nothing to the field as a way to show adapting to the slivers and fighting them. IE Alien V Predator setup where the slivers may dominate a set then they become the hunted and buff cards that are hunting them.


I think/hope they learned their lesson on the art. All of the slivers in Modern Horizons were designed like the original slivers. As for mechanics, as much as I prefer the old symmetrical effects to the one-sided ones, I don't think we're going back. I'm gonna guess it's one of those things they changed with the reasoning that "it's confusing to new players".




We need to put every keyword in existence on them Even Storm.


Sliver with Banding, let’s gooooo (I know there’s a playtest card with it already, now we need to make it a reality and make everyone confused)


'Stormbringer Sliver' "...ohno..."


Phyrexian slivers that are also Equipment


Many of them don't use keywords, but grant abilities. And there are fewer limitations to "ability that can be used on a creature" than there are on keywords. So I'd say their design space doesn't really have much of a limit. See [Brood Sliver](https://scryfall.com/card/lgn/120/brood-sliver) for a good example of a non-activated ability, and [Gemhide Sliver](https://scryfall.com/card/tsr/205/gemhide-sliver) for an activated ability.


Oh god I hope you’re wrong. So many bad memories.


After not getting any in the last Dominaria set there better be some this time around. It's literally the one plane with Slivers.


No, Rath and Shandalar have Slivers


Rath is technically part of Dominaria now. Not a lore guy: but is this why Dominaria has Slivers in fact?


Yep. The Slivers actually went extinct during the overlay but in Onslaught block a group of wizards found a fossil and brought them back as part of the riptide project.


And just like Jurassic Park, it had some, uh, adverse results.


Nah seems fine to me. My sliver deck loves the onslaught slivers :p


Ah, yep. That sounds familiar. I think I have a copy of [[Riptide Laboratory]] I pulled back then in fact.


Not to mention there's literally no reason WotC couldn't make a new plane that feature slivers. No rule says they're endemic specifically to Dominaria and Shandalar.


I would love to see a plane dominated by slivers and some unlucky planeswalkers find themselves on a rescue mission to save some lost explorers of great importance


We know the hive of slivers brought to Rath (and whose children ultimately went to Dominaria) were brought to Rath by Volrath and the Phyrexians from another, unknown plane. We also know the Shandalar slivers are not related to the Rath/Dominaria brood, so there is another plane out there with slivers that actually look like slivers, instead of the Predator.


Honestly I'm hoping that we get a then thrid brood of slivers that looks different from both current broods, just to expand on the these fuckers evolve however they want to aspect. And also to add some existential dread of how many sliver broods are out there exactly? Like tyranids in 40k.


Yeeeessss, that would be extremely cool! As someone that likes both "og slivers" and "predator slivers", I can't wait for another, surprising evolution of them.


Even more so Eldrazi. The titans basically exist between the planes themselves and could appear anywhere


The only reason they went to Zendikar was because the Roil was such fierce untamed mana it was a tasty snack for them. Emrakul going to Innistrad was more of a long con grand schemes set in motion kinda thing.


They actually went to Zendikar because Ugin called them there. The creation of the Hedrons acted like a beacon to draw the Eldrazi in. This is also why Nahiri was able to call Emrakul to Innistrad. She already knew how to do it because she had worked with Ugin on the Hedron network before.


Rath is part of Dominaria so it's not really it's own place anymore. Honestly I forgot about Shandalaar though. That's fair.


Compleated Slivers!


I'd be happy with Modern Slivers reprinted with old art design.


What I *really* want are Phyrexian Saprolings. Fuck that would be so cool. But not knowing the story yet, that might be completely out of the question. If there's an incoming Phyrexian attack on Dominaria, as they've implied more or less, at least they might be a possibility in a future set.


Personally I assume Saprolings will be resistant to the oil and the existence of Slimefoot on the Weatherlight will be detrimental. We might learn more about it in Brother‘s War which we were told would show a broader picture on the conflict. I expect other parties to be included, some of which might get in contact with the oil.


The oil is only really a factor on Mirrodin because of the unique nature of the plane. The oil infects the native metal there to create a growth that's somewhere between metal and a living fungus, called mycosynth, through which it infects the living beings there, since they are already part metal. Heck, during the original Mirrodin block novel, there's some heavy speculation that the mycosynth is what caused the metal growth on native creatures there to begin with - but either way, the oil working like it does is something unique to the plane. This, however, did not happen on Dominaria during the Invasion, because Dominarians aren't naturally part metal. The plane is still, to this day, more or less covered in the stuff (Not everywhere, but some areas like Urborg have a lot of it, and it's certainly been nearly everywhere), and yet the people there aren't turning into Phyrexians - that has to be done manually. So no, the oil is not a factor for Dominaria, unless they start retconning stuff.


I sense Kaya not wanting to touch the oil might be just that.


I don’t know how much is retcon these days, or just incompetent writers that never read the old lore.


That’s why we get the „refresher“ to get an update.


I want a ghost/undead version of any character from the Weatherlight Saga.


Reanimated Gerard would be hilarious/terrifying/awesome. I know that he’s from way after the actual brothers war, so if they do a time travel to the past set I doubt we’ll see him. But if they do a collapsing of the time line into present time…. So we’re getting past/present/future mashed together, I could see some weird stuff coming from that.


That happened on tolaria


Yea. That was some of my favorite segments from the Urza’s books. The idea of Phyrexia being stuck in this sped up time sliver and then being able invade was mind-blowing.


After reading these comments, I’ve discovered two things: firstly, I have absolutely no idea how all these people know the story — I can barely read the cards correctly; secondly, I do not pity WotC at all considering how few of these comments are actually asking for the same things. No wonder no one is ever really happy with a set, everyone wants something different


you just absolutely spoke my mind, I have no Idea what tf is going on. I buy sets based on how much I like the setting. I don't even know where to look up the story...


unlike the last...decade? of continuity, Dominaria and all things OG/New Phyrexia are oldguard stories. You're seeing the MTG firstborn sharing their memories and hopes for continuation. This is the MTG equivalent of seeing Star Wars sequels instead of side-stories, which is why the comments are getting thicker.


I buy sets for the cards themselves lol and even then unless there’s a large portion of things I and/or my friends want we just go for singles. With how often these are coming out now it’s impossible to keep up with every one


I've gotten to that point. I used to buy a box and a bundle for each set but when there's 5-6 sets a year that becomes expensive! Singles ain't cheap either but the cards are guaranteed.


Idk I've read "pain lands" like 5 times scrolling through this thread. Granted one of those times was me but still. Seems like that is what people are expecting.


There are commonalities. Pain lands was one, I saw generically “artifacts” a few times and some people specified which ones they wanted. But it seems far from a consensus


Dominaria is amongst the most resonant and beloved names in the game. The last set there was an all-timer... exciting legendary theme, an entirely new card type (sagas), and top tier draft format. They can do any number of themes and mechanics there... I don't care which they choose. The only thing I want is that the set is polished and executed on as high a level as its predecessor.


Garfield being involved had a lot to do with that. Don't think he is this time though.


Fingers crossed it isn't just "Allies + Dominaria Masterpieces"...


Give me the allied pain lands for pioneer


YES this and Brothers War would be a perfect time to bring back the painlands. The only opportunity for the foreseeable future really. Although if Brothers War goes to phyrexia it is a chance to get allied fastlands in pioneer which makes my nethers all tingly


As a philosophical matter I want at least some of the dominara sagas to be reprinted as a statement of "yup, still telling those same stories!" Don't expect it though.


Would that mark the first time a saga was reprinted in a premier set?


Yea. No saga has been reprinted in premier sets. And the previous Dominaria-themed set was also the first one to feature sagas.


Has any saga been reprinted at all yet? I can't remember any of them receiving a reprint yet.


[[Firja's Retribution]] and [[The Akroan War]] were reprinted in Baldur's Gate, [[The Mending of Dominaria]] was reprinted in Zendikar Rising Commander, and [[The Eldest Reborn]] was reprinted in Commander 2019.


I can't remember any either, but I haven't been following all the supplimental products the last few years, so I didn't wanna write anything incorrect without knowing!


Pretty sure The Mending of Dominaria has been reprinted in commander decks


That's why this set needs a mystical archive/time shifted slot


The old border as a showcase frame. Dominaria seems like the most logical place for that (you could even argue that they technically already did it with Time Spiral Remastered). Since the last standard-legal Dominaria set was before they started doing special border treatments, this seems like it could conceivably happen.


I think they might do this for The Brothers' War


Yes please, especially if there are tasty reprints!


Old border foil basic lands please :)


Second this!


My hope is that the name of the set is a fake out and instead Dominaria is being ravaged by the Phyrexians and all hope is lost. As such Karn uses time travel as a last hope to go back to the "Brothers War" to undo the mistakes and save everyone. Karn was created by Urza for this exact purpose and the brothers war is the name of the next set.


Hasn’t MaRo already said it’s not a time travel set, it’s a set that is just retelling the brothers war? Why does everyone want to make it a time travel set, it’s legit a bad idea to anyone who’s actually read the books


For real. Just look at the last time travel set; everyone *loved* how that worked out.


Wizards needs to go back to books. In fact how cool would it be if wizards issued a 10 comic story of these 2 sets and you can collect them from getting booster boxes and bundles. I've always loved the lore. But they make it so hard to understand or properly follow. Including comics to bigger purchases would help bond players to certain cards how as they would be in comics. Hire me wizards.


Oh shit! Wotc hire this man.


I just want, in either Dominaria United or The Brothers' War, more viable Phyrexian creatures and strategies that aren't just infect. I love Phyrexians. I enjoy infect for how Phyrexian it feels. But people really dislike playing against it, and I wish there were other ways to "play Phyrexian" without neutering yourself to old, bad cards or unviable strategies.


May I introduce you to Yawgmoth, lord of Undying?


If they make cheap undying creatures with utility, yawgmoth may become the best deck in modern.


G for a 1/1 undying with ETB gain 1 life.


They also have a lot of proliferate support for making really big creatures so you're not tethered to infect with phyrexians but people don't really enjoy that because it's usually just atraxa and people really hate her. I don't know what they can do with dominaria's phyrexians as they've mostly been at best bad for everyone or at worst hurts you for a small bonus, I have a bunch of ideas for new phyrexia's phyrexians but until I find out which group of phyrexians are involved I can't really say what could be done.


>I love Phyrexians. I enjoy infect for how Phyrexian it feels. But people really dislike playing against it, and I wish there were other ways to "play Phyrexian" without neutering yourself to old, bad cards or unviable strategies. Word. A great friend of mine has a mean Infect deck and... We stopped playing against him, basically...


on the other hand I would love some more infect support to make it a viable modern deck again


Jeskai Teferi. +1 Bolt Untap Two Lands


That seems unreasonable if you ask me. Make it Helix instead of Bolt. He's Jeskai now after all.


Teferi, Caster of Snaps Flash +1 Flashback some bullshit out of your graveyard.


Hate you


At 3 mana


Hate you both


Phyrexian slivers please, elesh norn plansewalker.


If a single sliver becomes compleated, does the whole hive mind become phyrexian?


Of course. What remains to be seen though is if the "sliver ability" transfers to non slivers by virtue of their compleation...


https://gatherer.wizards.com/pages/card/details.aspx?multiverseid=126023 See necrotic sliver definitely proves there can be phyrexian slivers, it does appear to keep its sliver ability as well.


[[plague sliver]]'s flavor text points to a messed up scenario. I could see compleated slivers invading both Phyrexia and Dominaria.


[plague sliver](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/7/0/703d491e-b25f-44fa-8b76-b955a4e75ba5.jpg?1562918625) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=plague%20sliver) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tsp/124/plague-sliver?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/703d491e-b25f-44fa-8b76-b955a4e75ba5?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Where are our Sliver Planeswalkers? Terrible idea I know.


God, give me a Sliver PW that has similar mechanics with \[\[Grist\]\] and I'd ask for nothing else.


How do slivers reproduce? If a single sliver arrives to a plane, can they make more? A cool standalone grix-like sliverwalker would be something like... [passive] ~ is a \*/\* sliver creature where * is the number of slivers you control and "~ has all abilities of other slivers you control" in addition to its other types. [+1] Create a 1/1 sliver creature token. It enters the battlefield with your choice of a +1/+1, vigilance, deathtouch, haste, lifelink, flying, reach or trample counter. [-8] Creatures you control become slivers in addition to their other types.


Maybe slivers are like ants. If there's no Queen one of them starts eating the necessary things to become the new Queen. So that could be a pretty interesting concept for a transform sliver from creature to planeswalker. Something like "At the beginning of your upkeep if this is the only sliver you control, transform it"


I'd buy it.


I want cool Jumpstart stuff.


Same here. I hope they are really cool and not just a bit upgraded theme boosters.


Still hoping we get a mystical archive version of artifacts with old-ish borders. Not all legal in standard but useable in draft, increasing by the as-fan of powerful artifacts.


I think that will be in Brothers' War, not Dominaria United.


I'm excited for a new braids, and I'm hoping to see a compleated karn


Karn is pretty safe compleation-wise.


I mean technically isn't he the source of the oil, so he is already compleat


With Jin-Gitaxias' new method to compleat planeswalkers he may not be exactly safe from a new infection, but he was purified through Venser's spark sacrifice in New Phyrexia block.


Completed teferi!


Mishra tron lands, untap symbols, phryexian mana, affinity, slivers, praetors, and more. I want this set to cause problems on purpose yet be really fun to play. Edit: oh yeah, fetchland reprints and finishing the battle land cycle as well.


So you want a set that would make kaladesh and eladrine blush at the bans


I don't want any standard bans, but definitely auto ban the fetch lands in pioneer. I want problems to be caused on purpose *only* in standard.


This is honestly what I am hoping for Brothers’ War. Just a set full of totally busted cards, emphasizing enchantments and artifacts, to be consistent with Urza’s block. I doubt it will happen, but we can hope. I also foresee attempts to “fix” old busted cards that still end up going horribly wrong.


Honestly, if [[Nettlecyst]] isn't ban-able in modern after the new sets, I'd be upset


A rare land cycle that gets me as excited at the ones from the innistrad sets last year


You're gonna get pain lands and you're gonna like it or so help me god I will turn this car around and drive all the way back home mister.


One Modern playable elf.


To get to draft it a couple of times before people get angry and bored with it.


Spoiler Season talk during draft… ugh.


I got 1 paper draft of Capenna before no one wanted to play anymore. It had been out three weeks.


Prerelease only. The store wouldn’t support more, interest has waned in Standard so much so they ordered less. Specialty Sets get bought. Standard? Nope. I just want to play Limited once in a while.


I just need a new Radha and I'll be satisfied.


I always got time for a new Radha.


I have some of both, so here we go! I doubt Elesh Norn would do her own dirty work when she can send another praetor to do it, so we will see Sheoldred as this set's praetor. Despite the appearance on the surface, Pioneer is heavily influencing Standard design and will continue to do so for years to come. This includes land cycles. We have not had a repeat land cycle (except for temples) for as long as Pioneer has been a thing, and I doubt that will change very much. WotC has finally been finishing / reprinting full cycles into Pioneer and I think we will see much of that, like the fast lands on New Phyrex... I mean Marathon. But for Dominaria, there are two options, one I like more than the other. The easiest and most likely cycle reprint is the full pain land cycle, all with 100% new art. We haven't seen the old ones since Ice Age, and it's time that changes. However, we would need a frozen over Dominaria for that, right? So we would get the modern Pain Lands like [[Llanowar Wastes]] in DU and stuff like [[Sulfurous Springs]] in BW. But I have a more radical desire for lands. The last cycle is more likely, so that's the prediction, but I want to see a finished Urborg and Yavimaya cycle. It's super awkward to only have one in Pioneer but have both legal everywhere else. But they need a reason to reprint them. And they can only be printed into Standard on Dominaria. So I hope we'll see Benalia, Shiv, and Tolaria in addition to Urborg and Yavimaya. Lastly, I want there to be tons of tribal support. Don't take away from the main set, but Minotaurs and Wizards could use some new cards pronto. Especially a new Adeliz. What do you all think?


>We haven't seen the old ones since Ice Age They were reprinted in 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th edition.


Shiv would make an excellent Urborg style land, in that it's overflowingly rich with pure red mana so much that it even produced the world's only supply of powerstones. Tolaria is the most famous, but I don't know if lore-wise it would be the most appropriate. I guess if the island's magical properties turned all the surrounding areas to islands, that could work. I'm not sure if Benalia would fit thematically though, despite being the most important white-mana location from Old Dominaria. Maybe that's enough to matter, and gameplay relevance is more important than a slight creative stretch here. I agree with your overall idea though; it would be excellent if the remaining three lands in this cycle also belonged to Dominaria. I wonder if they would rather continue to space them out in specialty sets though. Urborg was from our first revisit to Dominaria and Yavimaya was from a similar revisiting of older themes and callbacks. Dumping the remaining 3 into a single set may be pretty heavy.


You can't have a red urborg, Valakut is too strong of an effect for that.


We do not need Ice Age for the pain lands, we just need the places. They were printed in 5th edition and onward with new art This is the best suggestion for a land cycle. Would love this to come true.


I'm really hoping sheoldred is dead and geth took over and that they'll save elesh norn for the inevitable return to new phyrexia so we can have a praetor with some phyrexian mechanic printed on it even if said mechanic is new to that set


I doubt they'd kill off such a beloved character off screen.


I believe RW has said they can't do the rest of the Urborg cycle cause of spells that destroy all lands of (type) existing for Plains, Mountains, and Islands


I mean [[Acid Rain]] exists and they printed the green one. Is there a "destroy all mountains" card? I'm not seeing one with that wording, just the ones that turn mountains into plains.


> Is there a "destroy all mountains" card? The reason WotC said that they probably wouldn't print any other Urborg variants in a Modern legal set was because of [[Boil]], [[Flashfires]], and [[Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle]] respectively.


The comment was specifically in the context of modern horizons when Yavimaya came out. If they ever did print the WUR versions, there's no way I can see it in a modern legal product.


Recruiter of the guard


More Kavu's and Kavu support, im begging. If we are going against Phyrexians what better creature type to return then the creatures that ate them?


Historic will be the returning mechanic from Dominaria. We'll see Sagas too but those are honestly a mainstay for Magic going forward imo. I am hoping we see Slivers given that this is the only plane with them but given that we didn't get them last time it's not really guaranteed. WotC wouldn't cheat us twice would they? The new Weatherlight crew will be back probably. Maybe they'll get new cards, who knows. They did a pretty poor job with them last time and none of them are terribly popular except for Jhoira(but she doesn't really count since she's actually a returning character) so they might not waste a lot of time with them. Ash will defeat Steven Stone in the Masters Top 8. Obviously we can't have the main character go down in the first round after they've hyped him so hard for being able to use all 3 of Mega Evolution, Z Moves, and Dynamax. Those are all safe bets though. Anyone could have predicted that stuff. Now we're on to the spicy stuff though. We're going to see Sheoldred trying to resurrect Yawgmoth and/or unite any long forgotten Phyrexian elements on Dominaria under her so she can make a move on Elesh Norn. All ten Painlands! Dominaria is the best place to print them and Pioneer needs the allied ones. The Caves of Koilos were also a big part of the Brothers war. Maybe they'll do Allied in Dominaria United and enemy in Brothers War. Everybody's favorite character from Eldraine is back. That's right, it's the return of ~~Gingerbrute~~ Oko. I have no idea what his plans are but he'll be there. And of course, Secret Wars wont be nearly as popular as Endgame because people don't know or care about these characters enough. I mean the Avengers were cool af but who cares about the Eternals? Certainly not me.


I forgot how much I missed painlands until you mentioned them.


They are surprisingly under rated. Always come into play untapped regardless of the turn, how many other lands you have, how many land types you have, etc... They're just so damn consistent. Yeah they ping you if you need colored mana but people have no probably taking 1 off fetches or 2 off shocks. Plus when you get to your other colored sources you can just tap them for a painless colorless mana.


I expect three things: 1) Dominaria: United releases September 9, 2022 just as committed 2) There will finally be a version of Ajani that I like 3) The gorillas' card on the box art will be awesome


Dwarf tribal!


New Kavu.


Nothing, because fucking Double Masters ist even out yet and i dont care anymore.


Wouldn't mind even a reprint of the old dominara lands. I want the same amount of product for the money I've paid in the past. Reduced packs per box for the same amount of money is scummy.


Not saying that you’re off base here, because that is scummy. But, both Baldur’s Gate and Double Masters are supplemental sets, and had different reasons (in addition to business reasons) for having less packs per box. CLB had 24 packs per draft box (same as Commander Legends 1) because each pack had 20 cards, and was meant for a specific style of drafting. I won’t excuse them dropping set boosters to 18 packs with 15 cards though. Double Masters has 24 packs just like every other Masters sets have had. This is their first trial with Collector boosters for a Masters set, and are trying (annoyingly) to test 4 packs instead of the VIP boosters from the first Double Masters. All that said, Dominaria United still has the exact same number of packs per box that all Standard sets have had, and will continue to have. Prices go up on consumer goods all the time, especially luxury consumer goods like Magic. Welcome to capitalism. As for wanting the exact same amount of product for the exact same money part… that’s a much longer and complicated answer. Because economics are ridiculously complicated. But it does nothing to complain on a forum about the price-per-amount of product, because nothing is going to change. End of the day, buy singles, support local.


The problem is they don't own the art to the alpha/beta land arts(or any pre-Mirage art for that matter). They could acquire them but I'm guessing it's not cheap.


I want them to delay it so my wallet and brain can get a break.


Pretty sure I'm in the minority of players who still enjoy standard, so I would say good lands. When we hit rotation we are going to lose a lot of pathways which have been important, as well as some decent man lands (Hall especially has provided decent support to more controlly decks that want a creature every now and then). An argument could be made that we shouldn't have as good fixing as we've had, but I've enjoyed it.


Just some solid lore to geek over.


Soccer teams getting card previews.


Legendary Ronaldo card.


Llanowar Elves


I don’t plan on buying it


I'm hoping for a few more Goblins for Pioneer. WotC keeps printing half a Goblin tribal deck into standard, then lets it rotate. AFR had some of the best Goblin tribal cards printed since the last Dominaria set. So we're due for a few more Goblins to be printed as soon as AFR rotates.


A [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] reprint. Dead serious.




[[Urza's Incubator]]. Please.


I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I want the set to be affordable (not like double masters) AND I want it to feel exciting like opening modern horizons 2 packs when that set dropped.


You’re asking for conflicting things that WotC/Hasbro will not do. Welcome to disappointment.


I expect Sheoldred to Compleat Teferi who will travel back in time to the brothers war and plant the seeds for phyrexia to be a multiversal threat.


Teferi starts the original Phyrexia that Yawgmoth finds.


fuck no


I just want it to be better than New Capenna.




I know I won't be able to build grinding breach for years because of the ragavan roadblock but I would be so pleased to get mox ambers while I wait.


A \[\[Feldon's Cane\]\] reprint.


Lightning Bolt


More parts of the world being looked at than the Domains, Yavimaya, Tolaria, Urborg, and Shiv. I'd love to know how Otaria is doing, for example.




New Radha. New Keld lore.


more otaría, pls!


I want dominaria to absolutely body the phyrexians. Like completely destroy them with ease. It'd be nice to have a story for once where the good guys don't have to fight through overwhelming odds to win. Ooh, and better colour balance in limited would be nice.


I want them to bring back the Future Sight border similar to how they did the old bordered treatment in MH2 and TSR. I love that border so much.


That they finally NOT release another overpowered Teferi planeswalker.


A new mox!


Artifact reprints


Wouldn't they save that for Brothers' War?


maybe I'm setting the bar too low, but I only play on Arena, so I just want the whole set to come over with no tinkering/alchemy on it.


It's a standard set, why wouldn't they? They've literally tried the "bring in like half a set reedited for alchemy" thing exactly once, like this week


Do you know how standard sets work?


Prepared for downvotes: I am least excited for DU compared to everything else this year just because of Historic from the last Dominaria set. While a stellar draft environment, I thought it was very boring because mashing random subtypes together is not a fun play pattern, or a satisfying strategy. I'm not excited for how enthusiastic WOTC is to continue bunching in the future. As if I wasn't sick to death of +1/+1 counters in EDH, now Modified is rewarding that even more. I enjoy parasitic mechanics that create divers decks.


I still don't know what Historic actually does. I can never remember it for the life of me. One of the worst mechanics they've made in a long time IMO.


Moving forward and less looking back


What does that even mean?


2-set block where it finally finds its Subinaria


Reprint T5eri into standard.


Reprint Wasteland into standard, you cowards!