special place in hell...


This man went into the Owners backyard and stole THREE frenchies. He returned to their home telling them he knew who stole the dog and asked for a huge sum of money to return the dog. One got away and was hit by a car and died. They are still trying to recover one of them named Sky. I am unsure where the 3rd is. Greedy POS. EDIT* Looks like they did get the 3rd dog back by paying him the ransom. This was before they got the footage of the same man actually taking the dogs from their backyard. He wouldn't tell them where Sky is. EDIT*** SKY IS HOME!!! On Next-door the Owner posted an update: "yes so the guy that took her went to LA and sold her last night to a guy at a gas station. His mom actually saw the post and contacted us. Luckily they were goo and gave her back to us but not without paying money for her. The money doesnt matter just happy she is safe at home now."


>One got away and was hit by a car and died. Jesus fucking christ I feel bad for that family. This person is on a special level of scum baggery. Stealing someone's family pet is probably one of the shittiest ways to make a quick buck. Zero symptathy for anyone who thinks that is okay.


Going back to the family with a dead dog, one of the dogs, and then already sold the last dog - just so you can extort money from them is so disgusting I can't imagine who would want to defend or try to explain away these actions in any way. Anyone that can muster the popular buzzwords to mitigate these actions is as bad or worse than this criminal.


\>Anyone that can muster the popular buzzwords to mitigate these actions is as bad or worse than this criminal. I'm sure the imaginary person you're castigating feels really ashamed right now, as they should. However, I should point out that no actual person in the thread is defending this scumbag at all.


So, there is still a dog missing? Because I might have info, I believe I've seen this dog.


dog has been found! not without a fee though. Lowlife POS needs to get a real jobby job


Damn how much did they ask for ? They couldn’t call the cops ? Honestly at that point I might’ve taken matters into my own hands. Dogs are family and if you do that to my family..


This is why I cringe every time I see a video on the news about a family's French Bulldog puppies being stolen and they put up a $3000 reward and on the flyer they put *"no questions asked."* Well of course someone associated with the robbers is going to turn in the dogs for the cash reward. It's basically extortion. It's been happening for like 2 years now. It's happened before that too, but it's been an epidemic since the pandemic. It even happened to Lady Gaga when her French bulldogs were robbed at gunpoint. Someone associated with the armed robbers tried to turn in the dogs to LAPD to claim the $500,000 reward. LAPD advised Gaga not to pay the woman because she's likely a suspect, and sure enough, she was the girlfriend of one of the robbers.


And now that low life is suing Gaga because she didn't get the money and questions were asked lol.


Damn, one got hit by scar and died? That’s horribly sad. My God. Monsters.


It happens now and then with dog owners that don't have their dog on a leash too. People that don't leash their dogs have too much trust in the drivers in the city.


That’s when you tell them hold up and call the cops lololol


This is right where I live. I’ll be on the lookout!




Y’all got a good picture of the suspect. Was this reported to the police?


Unfortunately providing a photo to the police does absolutely nothing most of the time.


Last couple times I was in an MVA the police were only good for writing a report to give to my insurance.


I doubt the police would do anything.


Beat those cowards down. Hope you retrieve your dog


I’m so sorry that happened to you, hopefully the police can help locate the dog. Also post a picture at the dog parks!


That POS earned a beat down.


I hope there is a special place in hell for people who steal dogs


I can’t fathom leaving French Bulldogs unattended ANYWHERE these days, they are the top selling breed in the country right now and the crime associated with them is skyrocketing. This is gonna have to be a hard lesson for these poor folks.


Letting your dogs out at 1pm on a Thursday in your own gated back yard shouldn't be something you have to learn a hard lesson for.


Yeah but there also has to be owner awareness. These assholes will kill people to steal these dogs. On another note this breed shouldn't even exist anymore given they cannot conceive or birth naturally...


Crime exists. Unless the backyard is padlocked /barbed fencing the possibility will always exist. Protect your dogs. Even Lady Gaga got robbed!


It shouldn’t be. But it is.


Right? Multiple Frenchie owners have been **shot and killed** in LA county in the past few years, no idea why people think they're immune and just keep getting these dogs. It's sad but it's the reality


Bros gonna end up kidnapped himself and on a shirt.. Hope his family has fond memories of him.


Dude needs to get green lit and everyone who sees him just takes a free swing at him


fuck him i hope someone kicks his fuckin ass


Bum ass mf need to get dealt with


put that piece of shit under the jail!!


Deshaun Watson had really fallen


Look, if you're going to leave a high-demand purebred dog in a yard with easy access and visibility... This is going to happen. If I paid good money for a purebred, that fucker is gonna need to swallow an AirTag. Or I'm just not gonna leave them outside without supervision.


Ya! Like all those women wearing short skirts and make up, totally asking for it right? And catalytic converters? Don't get me started. All those idiots leaving their property that can cost tens of thousands of dollars out on the street where it's just asking to be victimized? Has anyone even thought of how the poor criminal feels? They are being called out on their behavior! What if he's experience mental health issues? If he goes to jail for a day or two, it can disrupt his entire life! /s for terminally stupid


Do you leave your wallet on the bar when you go to the bathroom?


I leave it open and write my pin number on a napkin next to it. Are you saying that leaving your dogs in your own yard is similar to leaving your wallet on the bar unattended before going to the bathroom?


I'm saying that leaving these very expensive dogs alone in a yard visible from the street is just like that, yes


You're right but it sucks we live among scumbags that will steal anything not bolted down.


Of course


The frenchie breed should not be in existence. They can't even breed or birth naturally....that's fucked up. On top of that how unethical these puppy mills artificially inseminating and cutting open a female frenchie multiple times before she dies....it's horrible and every time someone spend thousands of dollars on this breed they continue to fund these horrific operations.


Exactly. At this point shady people are involved in the Frenchie trade at all angles. It's a really sad, screwed up situation. I don't know why people keep buying Frenchies, they're so cute but it's just a crime riddled trade with lots of sick and hurt dogs involved


I won’t even let my mutts out, that’s due to coyotes though.


During the day time too though? The screencaps are from a sunny Thursday at 1pm. Your dogs never chill outside for a bit after being cooped up with all this rain?


I walk them and I hang out back with them. I let them out to do their business in the back but I have a ridiculous coyote problem in my neighborhood. I’ve heard cats at all hours of the day fighting for their 9 lives.


Totally understandable then. What part of town are you that they are coming out during the day? That's really fucked up. You must find animal remains all the time :(


I live on a hillside in Los Angeles now. I’m on this sub because I spent the first 30 years of my life in Long Beach. All over Long Beach, I’m there 3-4 times a week.


Ok that makes much more sense.


Thanks ButtholeCandies, stay dry!


Nice, /s blame the victim


Cut his thumbs off


y'all might downvote me into oblivion for saying this and i am NOT blaming the victim for this crime.... but it needs to be said: leaving dogs in a yard for extended periods of time unsupervised is a form of neglect.


If a dog is left outdoors, such as a secure, fenced-in backyard, and has free access to food, water, shelter, is not tied up, nor causing anything a reasonable person would consider a nuisance, it does not meet the legal standard of negligence/animal cruelty. The accusation of neglect is very serious. I have white racist neighbors who tried to bully my family for years, over our dog being in the backyard during the day. They actually really just didn't want us living behind them and didn't think we belonged; our use of our own backyard during normal hours is the hill they chose to die on. After years of hearing them threaten, cuss, write nasty anonymous notes/threats over hearing us exist, I yelled back at them for cussing at us over a single dog bark...they tried to call the cops and say we were shooting guns at their fence and claim we are animal abusers. Fortunately LBPD was able to quickly piece together that they were Karens making grossly exaggerated claims and did nothing. I'm sorry, when I read your post about "neglect", it upsets me so much and reminds me that my neighbors tried sending an armed police response to my house because we refused to let them dictate how we are allowed to enjoy our backyard. I've got a 6 year old and a 2 month old baby.