Imagining my lungs, finally enough to quit.

Imagining my lungs, finally enough to quit.


Day 10 and I've been coughing up yucky stuff today, my lungs are cleaning house. Sucking in smoke on a daily basis can't be good for us ever. Keep it going!


Make it to one week and your entire personally will come back


This is true and I can confirm! I smoked 7 years since I was 13. Today is 7 days sober and my life is forever changed. I feel more motivated I have a better attitude! I’m showing love better and not ignoring me deep rooted feeling that I block away. I forgot how beautiful this life was.. I was stuck in the storm clouds now, but now I’m floating in gigantic ocean and even tho it’s scary the waves are small and I know eventually I’ll end up on dry land.


Reminds me of how I quit smoking nicotine - by putting a pic of diseased lungs in my wallet. Seeing it everyday was great motivation. My preferred THC consumption was edibles so the trick didn’t translate, unfortunately. Best of luck to you!


Great choice, 29 years old here and after about 3 years of heavy daily use with a bong, I've had some sort of lung infection I've been trying to get resolved with my doctor. I've quit and I'm on day 31 now with no going back of course. Can't even go on walks any more my breathing has gotten too bad. Hopefully it can get taken care of, but just a reminder to anyone else contemplating quitting.. do it. Weed is a lie and anyone using it daily I'm almost gaurunteeing you it's not helping with anything you think it is, just quit before something bad happens to your health. Good luck guys :)


Omg yes! I was putting diy filters over my pipe with a rubber band and it would get so clogged halfway through a bowl that I had to change it. I was too addicted to it to stop but it was motivation to cut down, I’d think of the surface area per day I was adding. One month down today!!!!! I haven’t coughed up stuff yet really.. so that feels weird. I hope my lungs can clean themselves. Great post, great community let’s keep crushing it


This is a great post. Yeah I've definitely thought about how my lungs are probably shriveled up black charcoal bricks at this point - hopefully not that bad, but it ain't good for sure. I'm gonna try to keep this in mind, the gross lung thing and the why am I doing this to myself part. I love the silly stoner memories though. Lol Sir Bongsalot and Ralph Nader. Let's keep the fun memories (to the extent we can remember!) and ditch the bad habit. Thanks for sharing this.


Yea when I think of the amount of resin build up in my pipes and bongs it makes me literally sick to think how my lungs are looking after 14 years of hard daily smoking. A great reason to quit. I’m on day 4 man. You got this. The first few days are def the hardest. It will be worth it to feel like yourself again for the first time in years


Sorry but this brought back a memory of when I was younger and we'd built a huge bong out of like 4 or 5 big spirit bottles,, it was awesome and we named him sir bongalot. He was great but after a while a black residue started to form in a chamber and it was like the black ooze monster that killed Tasha yar, we had to cut it out and tbh none of us really touched a bong after that lol. ... well done for quitting I'm about a month in now,,, you got this guys


I have some fond memories like that of a gravity bong we made back in the day in college. We named it Ralph Nader. Lol good times