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It should be noted that trained Judas goats are also used by conservation officers to move a wild herd to safe locations. So at least, there’s that!


In Australia they use them like this. The Judas goat is first fitted with a tracking device, usually the goat is taken from the wild because it already has the skills necessary to survive the outdoors. Males are also preferred as they will range larger areas naturally in search of mates. The culling crew rely on the Judas to find other goats for them to kill, the goat seems to have a natural ability for being able to locate other goats over vast distances. So picture this, you're the Judas goat, you escape these traumatic humans who cut you and stick a chip in you. But as luck would have it you "escape." The wound heals pretty quickly and soon enough you've grazed and found some water to drink - things are on the up it seems, you've caught the scent of other goats in the area. After a few weeks you've forgotten about the humans and you're pretty sure this new herd is your new family now. They've accepted you in and shown you where the preferred drinking and grazing lands are. You start to hear a low buzzing which soon turns into a thunderous roar of helicopter rotars. A sunburned bloke leans out of the side of the chopper, hes got zinc on his nose and pretty sure hes smoking a cigarette too. Aims his rifle and systematically pops all of your friends and family in the lungs. Sometimes the head. Even the goat you was shady with, they kill that guy too. They. Kill. Everyone. But not you. They also review your chips data to coordinate new patrols in the active grazing lands you've shown them. Alone and traumatized you dust yourself off and as the days and lonely nights pass you by, a familiar scent gets picked up. Its another herd of goats to befriend... Cheers for the awards and cosmic good will.


More chilling than anything Shyamalan has done since sixth sense. I would watch this movie, we should cast John DiMaggio as the goats inner monologue.


That would be a neat story if it was a human who kept leading the alien invaders / terminarors / etc. to packs of survivors. Told from that person's pov they think they're just lucky to escape but unlucky to keep finding groups that get destroyed, until they realise...


Kinda reminds me of the lore in Left 4 Dead. Spoilers for an old ass classic: >!The Survivors are immune to the effects of the virus, but they don't realize that means they're *carriers* of the virus as well. One of the characters has a bit of a breakdown when they realize that they were probably spreading it to all the other people out there that have helped them along the way.!<


/s Oh yes, that's The 5G Identity. Coming out summer 2023. Followed by The 5G Supremacy, The 5G Ultimatum ... 😎


There’a a bit of Halo lore kind of like this. A human ship barely escapes a battle with the invading genocidal alien Covenant, and under normal circumstances that would be the end of it. Human ships always delete all star charts before they get destroyed and they never run straight towards a human planet, so the extent of human space is largely unknown to the invaders. In this case though, the escaping human ship was tagged with a tracking device, and the planet it escapes to ends up being wiped out by the Covenant, along with every other planet it visits along the way.


That was Jason Momoas character in Stargate


Oh yeah. I forgot all about his tracking chip. I thought he was basically being used for sport rather than finding other humans.


Goat Simulator 2: Judas Goat


oh shit


How do we make this happen? Should I call my state representatives and senators?


Call them and tell them all about the great idea you have for a video game but never mention it’s a video game. Talk like you’re actually going to become the goat.


Daniel Day Lewis them, genius


Sadly, I’d buy it just out of dark, morbid curiosity.


You tell others about this movie. They all download it. Unfortunately, the trojan in the movie sends out a signal to the "others" who come to harvest all those who watched that movie you recommended. You have no-one left to recommend movies to. Slowly, you build up a new online following to your movie review channel again. Just in time. You've found another really good movie...


This time, it's personal


This Netflix movie exists from about 5 years ago, but I can’t remember the name at all. From memory an invading alien army implants an American soldier in Africa with a tracker in order to find other human survivors. (Edit: many thanks to everyone with better memory than me! it was ‘Revolt’ on Netflix)


Lee Pace is in it. Revolt is a solid B-movie.


We should ask about this on r/tipofmytongue


I mean, if you changed the roles to humans instead of goats, and if you kept the existence of the tracking device hidden until the third act where it could be part of the big reveal/climax of the movie, if written, directed, and produced by competent people that sounds like a pretty good movie.


Nah keep the goats, make it stop motion and get Wes Anderson in on it lol


Directed by Ridley Scott


Starting Jude Law again?


Jude Goat


That's a perspective I'd never think of. Damn. You a writer?


That's kind of a plotline in the anime wolf's rain (but with a different animal)


Bro, are you okay? Lol


Are any of us?


Well, define *okay*. Never mind. No. The answer is no.




Not really. Help?


Or some Ozzy prick picks you up in exchange for a case of beer. Names you Gary and travels all over Australia telling yarns, jokes and drinking his own piss...just like a goat! You get somewhat mildly famous before experimenting with alternative medicine and dying prematurely.


It should be noted they do this to kill invasive goats on islands.


Damn! The more you know!


Judas goat: “ I like those outside jobs much better, I get to see those guys again usually” “ The factory jobs are weird though, I never get to see them again and I usually hear the faintest screaming in the background, with an unexplainable overwhelming sense of dread”


They also use them to exterminate feral goat populations. They use them to find the last few goats that evade detection since a few goats becomes a few hundred goats rather quickly and will wipe out islands native flora.


Yup, had a professor who worked w tortoises in the Galapagos and told us about this


Wouldn't those be Moses goats?


Yeah but not in this vid…😞


Thank you. I was so depressed reading this. As a species we are fucking awful. But also some people do good and put good into the world.


Do they get the Judas goat therapy for his betrayal?


He gets 30 pieces of silver.


What a depressing thing to learn today. The quietness of this video I think makes it even worst.


This is what celebrities are used for


Damn this comment deep


Damn this comment is sheep


Lamb, this content is creep...


God damn. I want to rip this comment to shreds as trying too hard to be deep or conspiracy-sounding, but fuck me I 10000% can see what the hell you’re talking about.


Honestly it went right over my head. Are they saying celebrities lead the general public like sheeps to slaughter?


They mean that people richer and more secretive (not Illuminati or anything, but just rich and quiet people) get managers to tell celebs things to say Basically getting the public to follow the celebs


They turn anyone they want into a famous person.


Actually, I love Chomsky for this. Specifically, his Manufactured Consent, which I think may touch on celebrities, but really touches on intellectuals, those in political and informational power, and how America functions as a society. It's an incredible sociological reading and I'm sure there are articles/videos of him summarizing it. The quote I remember the most is something like: "4 of 5 Americans are there to do what the people who know what they're talking about tell them-- they're the working class. The remaining 1 in 5 are college-educated citizens who tell the people below them what to do. But, really, they learn it from college which itself teaches them how to think and give commands in the first place; it's only a comparative super-minority that dictate what is taught to those 20% that keep everything in place."


Every since agriculture gave us an ever increasing production surplus, we have had priests and chieftains to take advantage of the rest of us.


Yeah no, it extends further than just American culture. There is no "free" agricultural society, and it's probably right to make an argument about how tribal societies fail at freedom of thought, too. I was just pointing to Chomsky because he's the most relevant figure in my mind.


Man I’m pretty sure priests and chiefs were holding societies together long before agriculture. What your talking about is human nature. Animal nature. It’s just life. There’s been a pecking order ever since one cell up and ate the other.


have you seen ads?


Wait until the aliens get here.


We’ve been here for a long time.




Fuck man. *Fuck.*


Silence of the lambs!!! *puts roast beef on face*


Another thing I’ve seen on Reddit that I definitely cant tell my wife about.


Extra sad that most of us support industry too, and normally look the other way :( I am guilty of this hypocrisy. I feel sick.


I had a similar realization last year. I have been vegan for a few months now and I absolutely love it. It feels so good to know that I’m not contributing to these atrocities and can claim to be a real friend to these animals.


I claim to love animals but still eat meat. There's been times where I've been eating meat, realised what I'm eating, felt sick, and not been able to finish chewing. After seeing what the dairy industry is like, and now seeing this, I think it's time I commit.


Go at your own pace, allow yourself room to fail and you'll do great. I've been vegan for a year now, and I've definitely had my fair share of times I gave in for sweets with dairy in them. I just shrug it off and remember why I made the commitment and try to do better. You got this!


It's easier than ever to cut animal products out of your lifestyle! I never thought I would go vegan back when I was keto, but I made the effort and it's been nothing but worth it 💕


I'd love to, I've been trying more and more to step away from meat. It's become too inhumane to treat living creatures like this


You don’t wanna know what’s happening off screen


The Judas goat is getting the sheep into crypto and losing all their money. He got me...


You can hear it say "to the moon" right at the beginning of the clip


Crypto go baaaaaaaaaa




Why though? To avoid making a conscious choice and continue blindly walking the familiar way?


Well that's sad as fuck


You want to know the first alternative to having them calmly follow another goat? Cattle prods. Lazy farmers use them because they're 3 feet long, yellow, and you can usually just wave them around after the animals first exchange with them. This post is so humane and gentle, it's suprising.


Yeah it is a lot more humane and incredibly clever how they worked out that animals can be trained that way, still sad as fuck regardless. Edit: spelling


You’re right…still a little bit of a sad face though


What would be even more humane is not slaughtering animals on an industrial scale.


Nah for sure, and it's even worse when you work in food and see how much food is thrown away every night. We kill industrially and still don't feed the hungry. It's a pathetic system we've made.


I spent several hours in a slaughterhouse as part of my job. Place produces 10k hogs a day. In and out of the wet harvest and rendering areas. I'm convinced it would turn many many people off of meat if they saw what I saw.


Same here. I’ve been up and down the meat processing chain in my work, if it can be slaughtered I’ve seen it done. More people should see the reality of it. I don’t think you can truly make an informed choice otherwise, people are too insulated.


People don't like to confront information that upsets them, so they will continue to be willfully blind.


They make it a crime to record video in slaughterhouses and most animal operations because of this. What’s so scary about the truth?


In 2018 it became mandatory for slaughter houses to have CCTV 247 in the UK


because it would hurt profits if people knew the conditions and life the animals endured to end up on their plates. can't have anything that could hurt profits on such a lucrative, dirty industry.


Yep. Slaughterhouse workers also have really high rates of PTSD too


Amputations, disease, etc. This is why most slaughterhouses rely on illegal immigration to staff these facilities.


not just animal cruelty but the filth


oh totally. I did a paper on industrial agricultural runoff impacts and felt so freaking depressed afterwards lol. more so than my usual environmental science classes.


> What’s so scary about the truth? Most modern first world citizens get queasy at the sight of blood. Even ethical hunting (eat what you shoot) makes some people feel bad. [Even long term hunters get squeamish from time to time](https://forums.gunsandammo.com/discussion/1984/i-still-get-squeamish-when-gutting-game-am-i-the-only-one).


Honestly food manufacturing in general makes it a crime to record. Yes, even tofu facilities won't let you.


I "worked" at slaughterhouse for 4 minutes, when I was young... Holy fucking shit, just walking through the facility was life altering experience. The smell, the sight of blood splatter on EVERYTHING and people chopping up corpses like robots, with no remorse. I told my job agency boss, that either place me elsewhere or I fucking quit. No way, I would spend more than half an hour at that place. The fucking smell (of starting decomposing meat coupled with smell of sterilizing chemicals) coated my lungs for rest of the day. The fucking visual input burned scar in my brain. What a fucking horror place


Did it convince you to give up meat? Genuine question.


It did for me 20y ago. I simply don’t wanna pay someone to keep this shit going. It’s too sad and awful :(




Videos of slaughterhouses are the exact reason I don’t eat meat


Do you have any links to one? It doesn't sound particularly enjoyable to watch but I feel like I should.


Dominion on YouTube


Seconding this one. Want to be and stay vegan? Watch Dominion.


I’ll second Earthlings. http://www.nationearth.com My partner recommended it to me when I was an omnivore and I always said no until I realized I listened to her point of view on everything but for some reason on this one topic I refused to even consider it. So I watched the video start to end by myself and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Never looked back since.




Thank you for making an effort in being compassionate towards other non-human sentient beings!!


What did you see?


I got to first see what goes on in those places when i watched that movie Faces of Death. It gave me a much better appreciation for the sights that we are spared from seeing, and the movie even calls that out too. Definitely a good watch if you have the stomach for it or if you’re just into disturbing stuff.


Definitely NOT a good watch lol


If people had to kill the animals they eat they would eat a lot less meat (if any).


I was blown away by this, sad the Judas goat probably doesn't even know what is really happening. Be sure to check out our new sub Reddit /r/blewmymind


*"my friends keep arriving and then disappearing."*


Happens to me all the time


Is there a Soylent Green factory near you by chance?


All I know is that at the end of the day, I get fed, so I don't ask questions. What do you know? Goats do understand American capitalism and political systems


But I guess the Judas goat gets to live because he has a job?


he is Cypher in the Matrix


It receives a bag of gold, don’t worry.


Top 10 anime betrayals




Promised Neverland-type vibes


Follow her like lambs to the slaughter…..




a little trolling


ITT people who eat meat who are sad about the meat they’re eating. You can’t have it both ways folks. If you eat meat, this is what’s needed to supply it for you. Make peace with it or change your diet.




The animals appreciate it. Please seek out any cooking or food guides you wish. There are vegan versions of everything. While not all taste 100% the same, you will discover many new dishes and foods that are far more enjoyable, healthy, and most importantly, cruelty free. The community at r/vegan would love to help you if you have any questions.


Pinterest is your friend for recipes, and r/vegan r/veganrecipes is super helpful as well! And my inbox is always open if you (or anyone) needs advice or tips (vegan for ten years!) Every day you go without eating animals saves lives. Thank you for starting 🙂


More like r/sadasfuck


Or /r/awfuleverything.


This is more r/sadasfuck seeing how they’re being lead to their death.


The fact that this needs to happen has me rethinking my diet... That's pretty fucking sad.


Very sad


What a terrifying life it must be for factory animals


Pretty fucked up.


all slaughterhouses are fucked up


No idea why you got downvoted lmao it’s completely true


Idk why but this post helped me just realize how clever the name Judas Priest is


This is the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen.


Well this is freaking awful


Been eating a lot less meat lately. This might be the final push into vegetarianism


Glad to hear that :) I would also look into the horrors of animal product industries like that of milk and dairy


I hate this


I saw a bunch of scared cows on a cattle truck, and it just seemed obvious that I had a moral imperative to free them... (and of course I didn't, because I also have moral imperatives not to steal, not to get my self beat up, whatever). So that left me thinking "damn, if only there was some way I could free these cows." So now I don't eat cows.


The realization that all those lively goats are running to get slaughtered makes me sick.


Thank you for posting this. People don't want to know about this industry. But we NEED to know. We are RESPONSIBLE for these animals and it is beyond disgusting what we do to the animals who are under our stewardship. Think about it, people. Yes, it's unpleasant, but please don't bury your heads in the sand.


Sure it's sad and all, but if it's happening anyway, this seems like a less stressful way to do it than prodding the animals. ...and let's be honest, almost everyone commenting here is a willing participant in making this happen.


Shit, it’s videos like this that made me cut almost all types of meat out of my diet. They just made me too sad


eating meat is not worth the suffering these animals go through


But bacon! Amiright? /s


This is one of those things that shouldn’t be a thing, that I shouldn’t have found out. Sigh


It's important you found out. People, specifically meat eaters, need to know what is happening on the backend of the meat industry so they are capable of making a fully informed decision on whether they wish to continue supporting it.


Exactly. Turning a blind eye because something is hard to witness doesn’t make it go away. I eat meat and I need to see where my food comes from so I understand the life that was sacrificed to feed me.


More like r/horrifying shit like this makes it all more clear how fucked up the meat industry is.


this just ruined my day


Kinda eerie watching them all run toward their deaths all hope filled


That's bleak


Well this is... dark


Lol you guys think this is fucked up? Read about [ventilation shutdown](https://www.vavsd.org/about). The meat industry utilizes the most depraved practices, I don’t even know how people think of shit like this, let alone actually do it.


fucking hate humans so much


That makes me feel so sad!


If you have a problem with the industry, stop supporting it. Otherwise stfu


This so much .. my lil family have made strides to consume less meat and especially seafood .. helps the environment as well ..


Kinda sad


Sounds like a politician...


This is the saddest thing...


This made me sad.


Ugh this really makes me sad and want to go vegan 😕


Maybe give it a go or just reduce a little rather than going the whole hog. That’s what I decided to do four years ago, and now I’m veggie. My BF isn’t but now considers himself “flexitarian” as he only ends up eating meat once or twice a year.


You can. Just do it... If not cold turkey (pun intended), just cut out the meat and dairy with little steps. Western countries have more than enough substitutes already, so it's just a decision.


Maybe try Veganuary or Challenge22.com? Going vegan is most likely eaiser than you think :-)


Impossible burgers are fucking incredible Vegan cheese isn’t great but you get used to it


It has gotten much much better in the past few years. Follow your heart, chao, and violife are my favorites right now.


He is also a strategy of calling goats off of Galapagos Islands when loan males would be on the island they would release a Judas goat with a tracking collar that was sterilized and she would eventually find the mate or the make would find her and they would come and take both of them in attempt to eliminate an invasive species of the islands


Welp... there goes my happy Friday evening buzz


If you find this sad: stop eating meat


>Extra sad that most of us support industry too, and normally look the other way :( I am guilty of this hypocrisy. I feel sick. nah people will really type out this comment, and then go right back to eating meat lol


People like to complain, but do not like to act.


God that’s sad. Did you see the first sheeps face? It was so scared.. fuck slaughterhouses.


Go Vege 🌿 Save lives! 20 minutes of pleasure is not worth a life. There are many meat alternatives that are delicious. Please make time and watch slaughterhouse videos to know the reality of how a life ends up on your plate. Best wishes to you


It's like their version of politicians. Nice.


This is so fucking sad


Awwwww, that's terrible.


I was happier when I didn't know this


Everything about this is fucking heartbreaking.


I should eat less meat


Good luck. There's a ton of protein alternatives out there. So many that it took me quite a while to find the ones I enjoy but with patience, I eventually found.


Yes you should


Whelp..I'm vegan now...thats about the saddest fucking thing I've ever seen


Exactly why I gave up eating meat, tastes so good but does it ever break my heart when I think about my animal friends.


I think sometimes about the massive amount of meat we have in stores. I worked in the meat department in Costco for 6 years and the shipments we got daily were massive. That’s one store. Multiply that by every Costco BJs Kroger etc etc etc etc etc etc then every butcher store grocery store deli. Then every McDonald’s Burger King Wendy’s etc etc etc etc etc. every restaurant and food truck. It’s almost immeasurable.


Worldwide we kill 70billion animals for meat EVERY year. And over a trillion of sea animals as well.


Two days after I went on a plant based diet I went to costco and I just stood there looking at all of that meat in the freezers... that is also in every store, in every city, in every state, in every country. That was the exact moment where I couldn't believe I spent 42 years of my life not understanding the gravity of the situation. I was never a vegan troll looking to fight about animals as food but I definitely *did not understand* ...until that moment.


Literally billions of sentient lives slaughtered every year in the USA alone. It is mind boggling and disturbing when you think about it in those terms.


When people ask why I’m vegan I just bring up examples like this. Perpetuating cruelty is a choice.


Seeing the meat documentary on Hulu (or was it Netflix?) changed me. The scene where they steamed a thousand pigs to death. Slaughtering the duck wasn't too bad (at least it was quick), but the screams of the pigs in that warehouse really made me take action.


Every time I see a story like this, it brings me one step closer to being vegetarian.




Sheri Lewis will never forgive you for this