What kind of video games do you other INFP’s prefer? And what system?

What kind of video games do you other INFP’s prefer? And what system?


Open world exploration games. Anything like Skyrim basically


You and me both👍


This. Elder scrolls online or conan exiles as well, but i played morrowing-oblivion-skyrim as well, and looking for new ones but i can't find.


Witcher 3 for me!


Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing almost exclusively


^^Pssst ^^play ^^stardew ^^valley


I was just gonna comment that. It’s like all those but combiiiiined 😍


Oooo yes I used to play it all day and fall asleep on Harvest Moon. Something about it was so calming. My brother and I would fight over playing the game 😂 I also play Animal Crossing a lot til this day, over a decade later. First time I played both was on the game cube. Ah that was my favorite gaming system. So short-lived.


I really enjoy RPGs, anything with character customization and rich story lines. My current game is Baldur’s Gate III at the moment and even though is early access, it check marks all the boxes I want in an RPG. I play on PC so I can mod RPGs to my liking (immersion and aesthetic mods). But, when I play with my boyfriend who is an ISTP, we can kick some butt on Warzone or just sail together on Sea of Thieves(:


I've been wanting to get Baldur's Gate III, but I've been hesitant because it's so pricey for a game still in early access. Then again, it seems exactly like the type of game I'm into (I *love* Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc) Would you say it's worth the price in early access? Or only if your already a fan of the series? (I haven't played the other games)


This was actually my first Baldur’s Gate game! I agree with you, the price can seem a little steep. Personally, I think it was worth it. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have replayed the content they currently have. I get to try out classes I’ve never played before to understand them better. With mods, it can help add more hours of game play too. I am currently taking a break from the game until their next major update which is rumored to be soon! If you liked Dragon Age, you’ll most likely love BG3! Also, I love your username!


Thank you! Not many people catch the reference! But yeah, I might just have to go for it... I'm tempted every time I open my steam wishlist lol


My friend is obsessed with BG iii xD (who is also another hyperactive infp lol) She loves Astarion btw LOL And I wish I could play xbox with istp just like you, but he got no time for me lmao


Baldur's Gate 3, yessss!


Big single player open world. Botw, horizon, witcher etc. Also metroidvania's.


Are Metroidvanias games like hollow knight? Because I’m super into that. Love the other games you listed, can’t wait until I have a switch to play botw


Yeah games like that and Ori and guacamelee. Hope you can get a switch soon. Game is amazing just finished my second playthrough this last weekend.


I loved the ori games! Ty I hope I can too


Yesss Ori and the blind forest is my current fav game and im playing through will of the wisps :))


I highly recommend Red Dead Redemption II then, it sounds like it could be right up your alley


Botw is my favorite!


It is amazing. My favourite game ever. I just run around, take pictures, get killed by lynels. The way it should be, ya know 😂


Yes, definitely! I love riding horses and catching different ones and naming them. But, I’m also currently trying to get the motorcycle which is proving challenging for me!


Yeah, the one hit kill thing made me stop and I'll get back to it... someday. For now it's just run around in my Tingle outfit and try to fill out the compendium




What is the best MetroidVania of all time? Other than Metroid or Castlevania of course


Ugh, for me depends really. I love steamworld dig and guacamelee. They're both short and replayable. But I've also put over a hundred hours into hollow knight.


Kinda goes against what you said, but my personal favorites are Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Metroid Zero Mission lol. Played tons of other metroidvania-type games but nothing compares to those two.


I’m the SimCity and Sims type of INFP


have you played Cities Skylines? it's so good, I've sunk hours and hours into that game


I love these kind of world building games


I love it


Phew, I thought I was the only one


Survival horror mostly. Some text based or choose your own adventure.


>Survival horror mostly Hell yeah! Same


I love the concept but I couldn’t finish Outlast when I tried it lol. I don’t think I quite had the guts, but it’s been a long time. I also love games where your choices matter and affect the outcome


Telltale Games. The Walking Dead games are so good. I have them on PC and Xbox. Their Back to the Future game is also fun.


The Fallout franchise?


Ah man, I felt silly not being able to play outlast but it was freaking nerve wrecking for me, I did not enjoy being in that state of mind lol


Yes! I absolutely adore Little Nightmares 2!


Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Legend of Zelda, No Man's Sky, Elite: Dangerous...mainly rpg, exploration and beauty types, dark or not.


Those games are all fantastic and I've been hooked to all the Fromsoft games for years. I play pretty much everything but horror and RPG are the types I play most.


For sure, and I'm eagerly awaiting Elden Ring, though I wouldn't mind if they ever did another Armored Core.


I love No Man's Sky and I have just installed Elite: Dangerous


Idk if you're into the backgrounds that are shared in r/nomansskythegame but I absolutely love the work u/Huldera does with pictures from the game, they're simply amazing.


I'll check it out, thank you.


I like relaxing games, Not really into monster fighting or anything. That's why I play Minecraft in peaceful mode. Some of my favorite games are ACNH, Minecraft, and others like it Also dress up games are really fun to me


Yea non-competitive games are the best. But at the same time, I really enjoyed Monster Hunter World. Stressful, yes. Beautiful, yes.


I used to spend hours playing dress up games as a kid! I feel this. I have to be in a certain mood to do violent games which is infrequent for me.


I love everything you said plus story based games!


I like rpgs. Assassin Creed, the Witcher, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Red Dead redemption, pretty much anything medieval or historical, and The Sims. Oh and Tomb Raider, Uncharted, The Last Guardian.


Which assasins creed is ur favorite


Right now Odyssey. I cried when a certain character died. Turned off the game even, for like 3 days.


i’m really good at mario kart wii


Heck ya!


Late to this post, but it kind of upset me that I had to scroll this far to find a mention of Mario Kart.


Old school final fantasy, open world stuff like GTA, Skyrim, HZD, story driven stuff like Last of Us, RDR2, strategy sims like Civilization and SimCity, and chess.


Dragon Age, Mass Effect, COD MW. Eta: i forgot a bunch but I liked skyrim and ESO. MMorpgs can only hold me for awhile vs single player rpg lite or fps and FPS is mindless braindead fun when I am not deep into a book series. Also, my list is nowhere near exhaustive nor lists all the games I've ever played.


I'll say it cuz you're all too scared of the truth. Interactive art.


My favourite game is don't starve/together. I also like Stardew valley, the elder scrolls and fallout series. I don't have a good Pc to play, but these games don't require a good Pc. So I think I have the same taste as you I guess? Solo adventuring/RPG, survival with resource gathering/crafting


Story based games mainly, better if dialogue or choices have an impact on the plot in some way. Well, I kinda play most genre when I can, it's difficult chosing several ones haha I also have an affinity with beautiful games like Spiritfarer, artistic indies, horror games (mostly psychological, if there's a melancholic atmosphere it's perfect. Silent Hill like I guess? I also liked The Medium this year), every game that have a good story and an interesting art direction. Or are fun like Evoland or Stanley Parable, sometimes. Gameplay is not that important, even though I love discovering new ways to play. Oh and Dragon Age is my favorite rpg franchise! Anyway, games that have the ability to help me escape reality when I need to.


Red Dead Redemption II sounds like it could fit your preferences a lot. There aren't choices extremely often, but they have considerable impacts on the ending of the game and how your character is perceived


RPG’s usually like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Mass Effect, Undertale, Fallout but also loved BOTW. PlayStation and Nintendo switch are my favorite consoles


Generally big open sandbox/freeroam games and multiplayer team games. So that mostly comes down to open world driving games and team-based shooters.


INFJ but I looove open world RPGs, Skyrim, breath of the wild, Mass Effect, Horizon, and recently Dragon Age are some of my all time faves. I almost always play for narrative alone on the easiest mode because I’m not patient with learning combat and would like to go around feeling like a god while doing fetch quests lmao


No shame in playing how you want!


Red dead 2 on pc *chefs kiss*


I like multiplayers FPS (Overwatch/Valorant) and horror (Dead By Daylight/Phasmophobia). But my favorite is probably “pick your choices” adventure games (Until Dawn/Life is Strange/Detroit Become Human/The Wolf Among Us)


open world rpg's. preferably fantasy!


JRPGs are my go to. Some of my favorite series include Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales of, and Persona. I love the story-driven nature of these games and being able to become immersed in a character's journey and feel their emotions. I also like that the genre has many INFP characters 🙂


Me too! I love rich storylines with some interesting gameplay. There’s always some inner struggles within the characters that I think it’s relatable especially for INFPs. I always like to picture myself as one or many of the characters. Besides, it’s literally a fantasy world that we can only imagine to be in


Open world for sure!!


Mostly the common stuff as im just as a casual player- NBA 2K (I play basketball IRL), GTA, and COD is my usual rotation. I am picky about system though- since i’ve been a kid i’ve never liked Playstation’s Square/Circle/Triangle/X controller buttons so i’ve always stuck with Xbox


Open World Action RPGs, Open World Shooters, and FPS Shooters


Solo adventure games are my shit, and I love a good shooter/fighting action. I need a story, I need adventure, and I need action. Uncharted 4 is therefore my favorite game ever!


I play a lot of Destiny 2 and Rocket League with my friends, but I also play lots of RPGs, mostly open world ones, but my favorites are Fromsoftware’s “Souls” series of games, they’re challenging but fun and the lore of the games is concrete enough to be consistent but also open enough to interpretation that I can imagine how things in the world might work. I’ve got all the consoles (series x, PS5, switch) and I’ve also got a middling PC that I mostly use for Magic: The gathering Arena


A bit of a mix, but usualy games where I have some creative freedom for storybuilding, and to Play with magic, or games with an intresting storyline. Modded Skyrim is a go to, Tyranny is an RPG I found amazing story and setting, Warhammer games, Xcom. Sci-fri and fantasy games where I can to a degree make my own stories, as me also being an Avid pen and paper roleplayer and gamemaster, along with dreams of maybe one day getting into writing, it's the stimuli of making stories that hit's me good, and the system is second (also means I'm actualy pretty ingaged in lol atm, great lore for runeterra, and my friends are getting pretty annoyed about listning to it😂😂)


I move around a bit. I like Civ games, especially older gens, open world RPGs, survival crafting games. My top favorites are team based games, either shooters like Rainbow Six Siege and Modern Warfare or squad coop like Left for Dead, World War Z and Aliens:Fireteam. I'm also a dabbler in mmos like FFIV.


Nier: Automata


I’m vibing with Genshin Impact atm. Survival games can be pretty enjoyable too when I get a chance to play them!


Jrpgs are my favorite types of games preferably Nintendo Switch and ps4.


... Wet Hands... beautiful piece. Oh, it's Minecraft. Also Terraria. Got to try both mobile and pc. They can be played alone, or alone with your friends. Could be a generational thing than an INFP... Perhaps both. Yeah, definitely.


Anything that keeps me involved and invested in story... Mostly single player AAA narratives like God of war, Ghost of Tsushima, RPGs like the final fantasy series and dragon quest series


I really loved online rpg but than I only had fps game for like two years so I am hooked


I love open world games, and survival horror games. Some of my favorites include The Forest, the Red Dead Redemption games, Darkwood, and Spiderman


Role playing games (huge fan of Morrowind), as well as survival horror. Also still a sucker for Animal Crossing. I also play a lot of Civ, but almost exclusively peaceful if I can help it. I like to focus on peaceful expansion and either culture or science.


I don't play much genres but I love rhythm games, played tons of them in my phone too. My faves are deemo and project diva. Genshin is my ideal game (excluding the gacha) with there being elemental powers. Also I'm currently playing honkai because I heard the story is good and I'm enjoying that so far.


I actually rly love fighting games! I also rly like platformers such as ori and Celeste


I’ve been really into Rimworld lately! I’ve always enjoyed RPGS, survival and colony building games. Any type of game that allows me to experience, simulate or mold the story of a certain town or character is really appealing to me. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, I’d describe Rimworld as a mix of the Sims and Prison Architect with a heavy dollop of survival and “moral relativism”. I’d highly recommend it!!


I have about 2200 hrs. played in Rimworld, would recommend, lol. It's like modern version of dwarf fortress, improved so it became a masterpiece of it's own. Not to mention great modding community.


I like fighting games, 2d and 3d platformers, games that get you lost on good worlds and stories, and anything with fun combat or movement


I grew up on the old school Final Fantasy games. Single player RPGs for ever. Square still does a good job with that generra.


Most competitive games I played were For Honor and Starcraft 2


Me too!!


I like single player games with big decisions and different endings but I’m still up for online games


Xbox one: Halo, Destiny 2 and Minecraft as of right now


Pokemon, BOTW, Skyrim and World of Warcraft


I love PvE shooter games and interactive rpg survivals/crafts etc I play Mass Effect, Genshin, Battlefield (just to name a few)


Big fan of open world stuff any console really. A few favs are Halo, Rage, and Minecraft


Fromsoft games (Dark Souls, Bloodborne) are my absolute favorite. I like FPS games too, especially Overwatch. Indie games, like Stardew Valley, Undertale, Hotline Miami, Hollow Knight.




Dark souls?


I'm weird and prefer to watch game walkthroughs on YouTube rather than play them myself, but my faves to watch have been Little Nightmares 1 and 2, Breath of the Wild, and currently watching through Dishonored. I'm just always blown away by the amount of art and the attention to detail that goes into these games. Such a huge creative feat.


I really like pokemon and Csgo. Sou.ds intereatimg since both are on the opposite sides on the spectrum of competitiveness but hey atleast i have fun sometimes


I like story focused open worlds, Death stranding is an experience like no other, specially if you're into landscapes


I like melee weapons and games that let me play as a knight. I like it when there’s slaughter and story both. But mostly gameplay because I fall asleep if they talk too much with unskipable cutscenes. I also enjoy hack and slash and some rpg‘s.


I’m a “games as expression” and “games as narrative” guy. I love me RPGs with character classes or that actually change how characters see and interact with me or options that let me express how I’d approach an obstacle in a way another player/character wouldn’t. WoW’s character classes meaning different things in their race’s culture or playing a melee specced character in _Fallout_ just for example. On the other hand, maybe a game doesn’t let me play as a proxy representation of my inner desires but takes me on a grand, emotional journey across distant planets or magical worlds. Like any number of Zelda games. It’s for both reasons that, outside of video games, I love D&D.


Pokemon, Indie games like Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps (my personal favourites as graphics are so aesthetic!) and Hollow Knight


I like mmorpgs, something with long term goals that i can work towards. Elder Scrolls Online and WoW are my comfort games, but i like to mix it up as i get easily bored, so i play some Dead by Daylight or Sims 4 in between.


DRAGONVALE HAHAHAH played in 2013, stopped and played again last year. not rlly adventure but i like the graphics and breeding diff dragons


My favorite types of games are survival horror and open world fantasy sandbox mmorpgs with action combat system like Black Desert. I love being able to explore and craft, it really does feel like real life.


My game tastes are all over the place. I have a soft spot for Nintendo, as Zelda is my favorite series of all time but have a PS4 and PC as well. I also love JRPGS(Persona, Final Fantasy), chill games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, card and board games(Hearthstone, Slay The Spire, MTG, Chess), classic point and click adventure games(Kings Quest, Monkey Island) and building/management games(Cities Skylines, Railroad Tycoon, Minecraft). I’m down for anything with cool worlds to explore that have a distinct style, or games that let me create those worlds. Lately I’ve been playing a ton of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Incredible art work and a interesting and complex story.


When I play video games I somehow turn into an ESTJ so im just gonna say strategy/competitive games


The Elder Scrolls franchise. I can make all the decisions I want a thousand times over! Plus glitches are fun to watch.


still obsessed with League of Legends, other than that one of my all time favs is Life is Strange


I love creative stuff like Dreams, LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft, etc. Also social-ish stuff like GTA online and some MMOs with nice worlds to explore, like GW2. I liked ps3 in its glory days because free online gaming. Edit: I forgot to mention games with really good stories/worlds, like Bioshock.


Hi, I'm using this as an excuse to tell y'all about Spiritfarer. It's artstyle is super cute, and there's a mechanic to hug your friends (and cat), I love it to death


Anything with cool combat when it comes the videogames im a adrenaline junkie so i play fighting games like dragonball fighterz and guilty gear, fps, roguelikes, competitive multiplayer games and some single player games with cool combat like insomniacs spiderman games or the arkam series


I really like platformers. Ratchet & Clank, Sonic, Spyro etc. But I also won't say no to a good open world game. Like Horizon or Spider-Man


I like games with amazing immersive stories. I will take story/world over graphics anyday. ​ Games with such rich and cinematic storytelling like God of war, Red Dead Redemptions. ​ I love games where your choices affect the story and the people around you cause it really makes you think. Games like the Infamous games, and telltale games. ​ ​ I also really like RPGs where you can build your own character open worlders partichally. ​ Cause even though I'm probably gonna play with my heart and be the valiant hero like usually if I'm playing Skyrim i ushally play the same sword wealding heroic Dragonborn. BUt I have the choice if I wanted to to become this powerful powerhunger Sauron type figure a dark lord if I really wanted to. ​ I also really like RPGs where you can build your own character open worlders partially.lly if I'm playing Skyrim I usually play the same sword welding heroic Dragonborn. But I have the choice if I wanted to become this powerful power-hunger Sauron type figure a dark lord if I really wanted to.


open world games, fps shooters, fighting games, and games that i can play with my friends.


I switch games a lot (typically every 2-3 weeks) and I tend to focus a lot on them during this time, so I really like solo competitive games where you can see yourself improve like fighting games, card games and, right now, pokemon's competitive side ! Sometimes I'll end up focusing on something way more chill tho like skyrim, stardew valley or BTD6, even just Tetris or rogue-likes (Isaac for example). Walking simulator and story based games are awesome too, but you can't really play them as much as I would like to. I don't really have a preferred style of game, I mostly play whatever feels good to play currently


Strategy games like Fire Emblem, XCOM, and Civ. Big open world rpgs like Skyrim, Witcher 3. Most stealth games, whether it's first person or real time tactics: Thief, Dishonored, Shadow Tactics, Desperados 3. All sorts of adventure and visual novel games: Shenmue, Life is Strange, Ace Attorney. Use to love Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. When Valheim first came out, my friends and I started a private server, and I sunk in 150 hours in just a few weeks. That's probably my favorite gaming memory from this year, and I wish I could relive that. We all stopped playing a long time ago because there was nothing left to do.




I have a PS4 and desktop PC. I just finished Ni No Kuni 2 and also enjoy the Saints Row series. I play Sims 2 and 3, House Flipper, and tons of mobile idle tycoon games.


I really like fighting games, boomer shooters, and Soulslikes/Metroidvanias. Guilty Gear Strive has taken up a decent chunk of my year thus far.


Yeah, mostly RPGs. I like The Sims, too, I play it a lot. My favourite games ever are the Assassin's Creed series games. I also play GTA, Minecraft and things like that. And I love co-op games. I've recently started playing It Takes Two with my sister and we love it. I love anyhing that has a lot of imagination in it, that is why I play Assassins's Creed, too. My favourite one is Odyssey. It has so many beautiful colors in it, I like the main character, and I absolutely adore greek mythology. It's a game that I think I've always wanted. Also, I can't wait for the new Harry Potter RPG. Oh and I love stuff that you maybe only play once. The cute ones that are an adventure and have great visuals like RIME. I loved that game. I know you didn't want such an in-depth answer but I just got back to gaming for a few weeks and I'm excited over it.


I like JRPG’s a lot. I’ve been on a quest to finish all the Final Fantasy games since last year. I like the Fire Emblem series too.


I loooove fire emblem games. I also love some indie beautiful games, smash and some exploration and crafting games too (I recommend no man's sky).


I really love game called "Life Is Strange" and I like games with open world like minecraft. Also like to play GTA V from time to time


I *cannot* play video games, they make me anxious!


Aww.. try something relaxing.. like *Behind the Frame*. Its nice and passive.


That looks really cool! Once upon a time I also LOVED Sypro the Dragon. :) but none of that scary stuff with mystery, pursuit or guns. Or war. Or death. Or post-apocalyptic anything. Or cars. Lol!


So no Resident evil then :P


I think I love what you love. if you haven’t played it yet, valheim super scratches that itch for me. And last game I couldn’t put down was Resident Evil Village, in case you haven’t played it yet and are ok with that genre. Highly recommend. surprisingly can be beat in a single sitting, if you are determined enough. Otherwise I play: - Horror. Exciting/fun, and it helps calm my anxiety. I’m super into Dead by Daylight. - Detective/mysteries. Painscreek Killings on Steam was incredible, also loved visual novel kingpins like the Dangonropa and Phoenix Wright series’s.


Popular casual pvp like LoL OW. Sims like Stardew Animal Crossing. Walking sims like Stanley parable.


Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, State of Decay 2, Fallout Shelter, Battlefield, Assassins Creed. All on xbox babey


That’s a fine lineup compadre


My top five in order would be portal 2, breath of the wild, superliminal, portal, and mario odyssey


Haven’t had much opportunity to play video games but am currently playing Stardew Valley! I also have watched several play throughs of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 and highly enjoyed those 😋




Open world's, story based games. Used to really like JRPGs but they have to really grab me or else I drop them after a few hours. MMOs and other Co-op games can really drag me in. Specific games/series: Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, BoTW, Dead Cells.


Mainly shooters but I like a mixture of both. I played Red Dead 2 for while and then moved on to Outriders. I loved all the Gears.


I’m not much of a gamer, but I like Animal Crossing, and I used to play sims and Pokémon go. My boyfriend and I played (switching off) Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, and superliminal. And I think I played Life is Strange with my brother. I watched my boyfriend play Resident Evil: Village and helped him find all the items. If it weren’t for my boyfriend I probably wouldn’t have played many video games because it stresses me out. But I enjoy the stories and I like mysteries. Edit: I also played Portal, Sort the Court, and The Stanley Parable on my own


I use a PS4 when gaming. I love puzzle, survival/horror and adventure games like Little Nightmares 1 & 2, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Subnautica, FNAF and Until Dawn. Or just regular adventure games with higher difficulty like Cuphead. And of course comedy like Little Misfortune and Untitled Goose Game! But right now my absolutely favorite game of all time is Little Nightmares 2!


Otome games, rhyme games, RPG games, open world games and any game that has a story


Fps games, mostly tf2. I play phasmophobia as well. And cause my laptop is limited, I'll add Roblox to the list.


Im not sure what genre Shadow of the Collosus falls into, but that would have to be my favourite of all time. Following that would be Bloodborne and Skyrim.. But my preferred system is Pc.


Open world rpgs with animals or pets preferably! Animal Crossing, Genshin Impact, Slime Rancher, Harvest Moon, BOTW, Stardew Valley


Sports tbh


I love big open world games like skyrim, oblivion and fallout new vegas. I'm building my own open world game too at the moment!! Gonna be a first person shooter in a post-apocalyptic world with survival, horror and sci fi elements.


DayZ is the perfect INFP game haha hours of calm wandering and looting and enjoying the scenery and then suddenly another player appears or you hear gunshots nearby and you have a panic attack.


Story based games, RTS and TBS games, I also play a number of popular esports games like LoL and Rainbow6!


I play rust on pc. My preference is competitive shooter games. That sounds kinda wrong for an INFP i guess but we arent all the same.


Team games but without the mic (I’m not ready yet) oooooo and definitely some interactive stuff like sims


Can't do first person combat games. Not that kinda coordinated. I am trying with cyberpunk but that's only because i am interested in the story. I wonder if this has anything to do with my Se function being my supposedly least utilized function. I like exploration, problem-solving, and creativity based games i guess. Preferably with cute graphics. Such as: we love katamari, hamtaro: ham ham heartbreak, hamtaro: rainbow rescue, zelda: majora's mask, harvest moon, stardew valley, and animal crossing. Also party games like mario kart, super smash bros, street fighter, dance dance revolution, etc.


I have a Switch and Stardew Valley is my fave ❤️ Just started a new file tonight. I love it so much If anyone has any similar game recommendations for Switch, I'd love to hear them!


I love every game with a big impact. Weird, touching, emotional, maybe even a bit scary, and full of twists (e.g. Doki Doki Literature Club or Inside). I also tend to like indie games in general


I love sandbox games and open world rpgs like terraria or ac odyssey. I also have a soft spot for games like destiny and for honor.


Stardew valley


Classic World of Warcraft just does it right for me. If I could only play one game for the rest of my life then this would be it. For competitive/esports my favorite is Rocket League. Single player/story - Last of Us 1 and 2


I'm into games where you can explore, create & discover new things (basically: an open world) For example: BOTW, skyrim, minecraft, sky: children of the light, and more But I also like horror games and fighting games where tou can move freely (Naruto ultimate ninja storm for example) (Fnaf too)


Freeroaming games with interesting mechanics like shadow of the collosus or red dead, or smaller scalen action adventure like last of us, but some of the best games I played in the last years are indies, outer wilds is one if not the best videogame I’ve ever experienced.


Single player RPG with a lot of choices and depth of characters


I don’t play many games but I love open world where I can do whatever I want, like Skyrim and Lego games. The exception is The Last of Us which has a killer story


Pc player, I love indie games such as What Remain of edith finch; Mutazione; this kind of stuff. But also racing games


In recent years Walking Simulators such as Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Firewatch etc… Find them relaxing and immersive.


Dark souls the systems, lore/environments and Badass armors. Jrpgs old school anime titties and fan service turn me away from the story. I'm only 21 but have a love for competitive fps on PC, Witcher 3 and fantasy. Pretty much anything with a good story You should play Earthbound very fun and easy play through deep near the end. Currently playing secret of mana next is gonna be Chrono Cross and some psp racing games on my hacked vita. I'll get into almost anything if a friends are really into it. I like to see what they see in a game


Does candy crush count? 🥺


I see I seem to be in the minority, but I really like FPS's. Apex, Valorant, Battlefield, etc. When I was a kid I played the shit out of the CoD series. My second favorite would probably be open world exploration games like Skyrim and Oblivion.


I like indie games. I feel like Spiritfarer was made for INFPs, and Rime


I have played a lot of Dying Light, but after completing it on "Hard" it has become repetitive. So waiting with excitement for the release of DL2. Have just completed Half-Life Alyx and I'm doing a second run to get all achievements. I also enjoyed the new Doom, it really lets you get out some aggression when you get to maul a demon with a chainsaw. Played some RDR2 for some time, but don't feel like it at the moment. Same with Baldurs gate 3, its still in development. Fantastic game, but big updates breaks save games, meaning you have to start over. So lost interest for now. If I feel like relaxing I have played Surving Mars, Stellaris, and one more space strategy game, it can't remember the name of right now.


Halo, Metroid, Skyrim, a lil Stardew.


Sims 3 and Pokémon


Far cry , fifa , assassins creed


I love open world RPGs and grand strategy games mainly, but I mostly enjoy anything except sports and racing games.


Open world driving games, shooters. My favourites are gta5 and Forza horizon 3 and I've been playing a bit of splitgate


Sims 4. And Nancy Drew pc games


I like the farmer sim games. Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley, even Animal Crossing, those sort of relaxing games. Sometimes I just load the game and stare at the visuals of the game, imagining and daydreaming that I am part of the game’s world.


I love narrative games, like Stanley Parable or Gone Home, Outer Wilds use it, but with exploration an it's a beautiful experience. Btw, Gone Home and Outer Wilds make me cry, specially the second one, when I hear the soundtrack, the mixed emotions invade me and it's wonderful. Also ultra modded Skyrim, I have a problem haha. And the Metro series, I specially like hearing it in russian (I actually trying to learn it for that game)


I usually play RPGs. I like a few visual novels too. I also prefer it when the game is more story-orientated, though I wouldn't say it's a necessity for me as long as the gameplay's at least good and it keeps my attention and entertains me for a decent while. I'm open to most genres, really.


just started playing pokemon (again, after so many years) on a 2nd hand ds i bought and i spend way too much time on it


I like minecraft a lot


I used to be that one guy in a League of legends ranked game trying to calm everyone down so that they stop typing and play the damn game. It took a long time to realise this wasn't worth the stress. Now I mostly just play TFT, Battlefield V and the occasional game of Fortnite




I like playing Minecraft on peaceful :)


I like strategy games, and single player adventure games as well.


My favorite game is skyrim, but I also play league cause I'm a slave 😐


Farming simulators, RPG vibes, and general cozy games! Stardew Valley and the entire Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory series have been my absolute top choices for the past 17 years. Recently started Spiritfarer and it is so sweet and I love how unique all the characters are, I can’t wait for it to make me cry! :’) Also a huge fan of Genshin Impact, Breath of the Wild, and (very confusingly) Phasmophobia 😂


I like to play mmorpg’s and never speak to the other players. Ha.


I really like the game sky: children of the light and minecraft ^^


Super keen for BF2042 later this month. There's something about competitive FPS games that just put me in a state of flow


Open world exploration games, Im really into Genshin Impact atm.


Anything with a good story ig? Stuff like Genshin Impact, or visual novels are really the only games im into lmao


Single player with multi-player options. Mmos. Rpgs. Fps. Open world. Survival. Fantasy. Turn based. Pc or ps4 or something with cross play. I dont play with many people 😆


Roguelikes, arpgs, mmorpgs, but also stardew, Minecraft, terraria, slime rancher, cute stuff


Single player open world exploration games and suchlike with a strong narrative (Last of Us, God of War, Horizon, Witcher). Baldur's Gate 3, though not yet finished, has been an absolute blast to play, especially as someone into D&D. I also love me some weird shit like Fallen London, Sunless Seas, Sunless Skies, Cultist Simulator. Prior to about six months ago I was purely a Playstation player but now that I have a better PC set up, I use that a lot. Lately I've also been into using emulators to play old Pokemon games. I have a bluetooth controller for my phone (you put the phone into the controller and it connects) which has been a lot of fun for that.