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Basic Korean translation: > So I did a lot of live streams from Napoli, right guys? > You see the Neapolitans are lovely people. > Like, for example, I tell them that I'm here to watch the game and cheer and they really appreciate that and like, compliment you and stuff, you know? > (Olympiakos Fans pass by, yelling/cheering Hwang Ui Jo, a South Korean footballer on loan to Olympiakos from Nottingham Forest, with a thumbs up) > But guys, I think it's important to keep in mind that it can be difficult for professional players to adjust to foreign environments. I think if we really show the players (probably referring to Korean players) a lot of love and support, it would be of a lot of help to them. > (gets mugged) Seems like he's a Korean soccer fan who likes to travel and cheer for Korean footballers who play in international leagues. Kim Min-jae is a Korean defender who recently started playing for Napoli.


=( poor guy


Korea is one of the safest countries in the world for anyone (foreigner or not) to walk around and do whatever they want even at night. You can see a lot of aspiring young people walk around streaming. It's unfortunate to see them thinking it's the same type of environment in other countries and getting attacked.


Yup, it’s regular seeing women and children walk alone at night in Korea. As a minority, you may get the occasional curious stare but you’ll never be physically attacked. Not the same in most city centers in Europe (especially south). Full of pickpockets, hecklers, and in this case muggers. That’s why it’s so strange to see some people claiming that Asia is more racist than the West, without the much needed context that violent racial attacks occur much more frequently in the West


I thought people say Asian countries are more racist was because many businesses and establishments will turn away people just for being from another country.


That's because you get all your information from reddit.


are you saying that isnt true?


One or two places depending on the country but if you're using that to say Asian countries grouping dozens of countries it only makes you sound ignorant. You realize "Asian countries" make more than half the world right? If we include India which it is Asia it's like 70% of the world. You really think someone isn't doing something in one of those population? Earn some money and travel more. It'll do you some good.


From my experience it's the opposite, Businesses will actually bend over backwards to have foreigners in their business and spending money.


The stats on racial attacks will always be skewed in a country that has more races.


Singapore has a lot of races in a tiny area but hardly any attacks.


Skewed would be the wrong word to use here. Greece is one of the most homogenous countries in the world (about the same as China) and these attacks still occur there. In absolute terms, racial attacks occur more often in Greece than in Korea, yes


But in China, ‘racially motivated’ attacks are not reported. It’s not even possible to get a statistic. No police keep such data, and the government is not interested.


You can’t really say the same about Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan or Korea


True. I mentioned china specifically because its government sucks.


The same China which is genociding Uyghurs?


China’s population is so huge that even at 92% Han their ethnic minorities are larger in numbers than the entire Greek population. But it’s interesting you chose China because even at 92% homogeneity it’s arguably the most diverse country in East especially Northeast Asia. Japan and Korea are far more homogenous. Japan is 98% Japanese and that other 2% are mostly Korean guest workers and western expats. Korea isn’t quite as bad but very similar with a small amount of expats and a rising but still small amount of foreign guest workers


The stats on racial attacks will always be skewed in a country that has more racists.


They literally go hand in hand if there’s not a lot of other races, you can’t have racists attacking them Koreans are as racist as anyone, just instead of being directed at black or white people, they do it to people from other Asian countries, because that’s who’s in there country


Koreans, Chinese and Japanese tend not to attack other races. You might get a weird or curious look if you are different, but no one will attack you on the street. If that is racism, then what is violence and murder based on race is?


Those are hate crimes my friend You can be racist and not commit hate crimes, this man implied there was less racial attacks because there was less racists, I’m just saying they’re just as racist as everyone else


I think you need to do a little more traveling and if you have or are going to tell me you have, strangely enough, you need to go outside of the bright lights of the touristy areas. Most cultures think their culture is superior to the others. It's basically American Sports Team mentality. My headsmashers are better than your headsmashers.


Probably just an easy target walking around with phone out not paying much attention tbh


Probably not. tbh.


>That’s why it’s so strange to see some people claiming that Asia is more racist than the West, without the much needed context that violent racial attacks occur much more frequently in the West You assume that attacks like this are what all racism looks like. Asia has an enormous amount of human trafficking (for sex and labor), slavery (most common on fishing boats), indentured servitude (construction, domestic work), and institutional racism (immigration and employment law), the vast majority of which is rooted in ethnicity and nationality and mostly aimed at other Asians because that's who they have racial history with. Large scale slavery and murder > some muggings/street violence Source: Living in Asia for 15+ years Edit: I'd be remiss if I forgot to mention the genocides and genocidal conduct in Myanmar, India, China, and Timor-Leste (and those are just the recent examples I can think of if the top of my head).


From my knowledge, being more racist doesn't mean they act upon it. It's probably more of a mix of stereotyping and racist thoughts where it's probably more accepted in Asian culture than it is in the west. An example would be viewing black people as primates. Probably more accepted in Asian cultures than it is in the west. Ignorance plays a big part but still, noone there is going to start feeling offended for the person there.


>That’s why it’s so strange to see some people claiming that Asia is more racist than the West, without the much needed context that violent racial attacks occur much more frequently in the West It's also strange to say Asia isnt more racist than the West based on the context that violent racist attacks occure much more frequently in the West because violent racist attacks aren't the only things that count as racism. It's so hard to say which county is more racist because so many countries have different levels of different racism types and so many bad statistics so when people argue this they're pulling numbers out of thin air based on stereotypes and generalizations.


Congrats you just brought up racism for no reason


Racial attacks aren't really due to the race in the south. It's mostly because they are seen as easier targets


Because of… race?


Racism exists in many forms, not just racially motivated attacks. Policies and systems that exclude or create obstacles for different ethnicities to find work, get an education or live well are often more pernicious.


It's really the rest of the world. Korea is amazing, super safe.


Racism doesn't only manifest itself by way of violence.


It's because the east is more than south korea? Try including china and India in your next assessment.


I would imagine race based attacks in South Korea are low because 95 percent of South Korea is Korean.


I lived in Seoul for 2 years and it honestly it really depends on where you are. Korea is one of the biggest consumers of alcohol and public drinking laws don't exist so casual drinking is everywhere. And as a result, a lot of scuffles can break out. I've seen plenty of fights break out in Hong Dae and Shin chon. And girls I know have been harassed in different parts of the city. The most common place was Itaewon and some were even dragged by strange men trying to get them into buildings. These events aren't normal though. They're few and far in between but they still happen unfortunately.


As a Korean who's lived in Korea for decades if you mind your business nobody's going to bother you. Especially outside of club areas, even so that's just club people being club people.


Yup. Even then a dark club environment full of drunk adults is completely different from a well-lit family-friendly sports function in broad daylight


Did you just call a soccer match a "family-friendly sports function"? More like a testosterone-fuled drunken brawl. Everybody knows that it can become dangerous - especially in the U.K, Germany and Italy.


Public drinking is mostly only banned in the US. So you are saying the whole other countries are unsafe because of drunk people. And you are mentioning incidents happened in popular pub/club district. I guess only koreans get drunk? What is your point?


Basically all of East Asia is super safe. I know so many people that grew up there and are completely oblivious to dangerous environments.


That’s not only Koreans but more Asians. I live in Taipei and l heard lots of stories of people getting mugged in Paris, Rome or London. They have to be told before they go to these places that you mustn’t show your expensive belongings as you do in your country.


This is like that pizza joke from the office. Very important to specify which Korea. That said most can just assume lol.


Yeah, this is terrible, but he got this false sense of safety in an absolutely random environment. I would not do that in any country I have lived maybe except Malta (a tiny country where you feel literaly safe as a 18 girl piss drunk walking backs streets to your home at 3 am)


I went to Malta to party and the atmosphere was generally unsafe, lots of fights happening especially around the clubs and the beach. If the men aren't safe I have a hard time imagining the women being safe. Edit : The other tourists were the real danger, saw more of them than maltese people.


Well you nailed it. Drunk young Tourists are dangerous, Maltese are like teddy bears from my experience.


Citizen of Malta found ITT


There are only a few countries in the world where you can be so open and not expect to be attacked or robbed. Guess Greece is not one of them.


Isn't Malta a maffia state? I thought they car bombed a journalist a couple of years ago


Sure, but he was talking about being a drunk 18 year-old girl, not a journalist.


You are right. This one random person on Reddit who had nothing bad happen to them equates Malta, the mafia state, to being safe.


Malta is a generally safe place with low crime rates. Sure there's a lot of corruption but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a mafia state. That car bombing was a horrible thing, but it was a one off occurrence and the people possibly linked to it are being investigated for it. Violent crime in general is far less common in Malta than in most other countries.


Basic Greek: -Wait wait -don't hit him -check the pockets While running they scream and laugh happy of their "accomplishment" -someone asks laughingly who put him the punch (meaning who punched him but in a way that a 17-20yo would say it or someone who barely finished school) Then they start asking eachother who has the bag. At first I was happy that they were so stupid that they forgot his bag but someone says -it's here 😕 -Then someone says check the phone The other guy says not yet but he still proceeds to uncover the camera and half his face is visible in the last frame. Really sorry for the guy. If he had asked any Greek if it is safe to visit a stadium on a match day he would probably know how dangerous it is. Probably will be easy for the police to identify them but really hard to get anything back from his things. The other hooligans will provide alibi even if they catch them. It would be easier to get his things back if he said he is a cousin of Hwang UI Jo. At least it wasn't PAOK hooligans. He would probably be stabbed even if he didn't resist at all. Please stay away from Stadiums in Greece or if you visit them be in large groups of at least 3 people. Even myself as a Greek, I have never gone to a match of my own team with less than 2 other people. And that was when I was younger and didn't understand how cancerous Greek football is.


yep. the result of decades old indifference of our corrupted governments to tackle the huge problem of violence in Greek sports. the tourists and even Greeks, should stay away from stadiums when there are matches with the big local teams, they are not safe places.


Why does this happen? Is it a die hard fan thing or are the people poor and it's easy prey?


Greek people are very angry. Basically 80% of greece is made up of mountains. And has thousands of islands. Imagine having to take a boat and climb up hills to go see a football match. Or go see friends. Climb a hill take a boat. Very frustrating If you ask me . I have no idea what I'm talking about and getting pretty high. Happy weekend


I'm only sort of high and this seems like a very solid theory to me.


Just good old fashioned hooliganism. Nothing to do with poverty. They tried to tackle it by having you register on the team to attend games but still these random attacks can't really be avoided. A reason why I also avoid going to popular games when I'm in Greece.


I mean the owner of Olympiakos, Marinakis, is essentially a modern-day mobster. Match-fixing, bribery, incitement of violence, drug trafficking, "mysterious" deaths connected to said trafficking... All *allegedly*, of course.


Same for Havana. Wife and I got mugged after a game just strolling back to town. Sucks, but ignorance can lure you into bad situations.


I happened to be in Manchester like 10-12 years ago, and there was a match Between PAOK and Manchester City. I was walking at the centre when saw a group of Man.City hooligans being overwhelmed and chased out by those guys in back and white. Soon after the police arrived and the whole area turned into a warzone. I repeat, because for British people that is inconceivable. Some group of visiting hooligans, out-holliganed our Manchester crowd in their home city. PAOK hooligans are the closest thing to Uruk Hai that I have seen in real life. PS. What's with that insane level of tagging? I have found PAOK written on a rock when climbing towards Helvellyn. It's everywhere across Europe.


Lol my friend was stabbed while on vacation to Greece.


anyone know if they got caught? (or how long ago this even was)


Holy cow and I thought Israeli ultras/hooligans in football are bad or dangerous holy cow


Seems that the further east you go in Europe the worse the football violence is. It bothers me as an English football fan, the amount of stick our fans take on social media when most other countries in Europe it is way worse. Around stadiums in England it is pretty safe, and despite us having invented football hooliganism, it's nowhere near as big a problem as it used to be.


A shame


Oh so I was not wrong when I thought I "knew" him. This guy lives in Venice but travelled to Napoli (and to the place where Napoli spent the preseason training) to follow Kim Min-Jae. Since the video is here I guess the police managed to get the mobile back. I hope he didn't get seriously wounded in the mugging


I'd say he was likely streaming which is how we have the video.


Really sad, man can’t even just walk around minding his business.


Got my phone jacked in Amsterdam by a guy on a bike whom I had my back turned to while talking on the phone. At least the dude had the decency to not jump me for it.


Not saying you've said this or anything. People think the US is bad lol


So what happened after?


Can't find any additional info.


They aren’t arrested yet,as far as I know,but their faces are out there. The only thing I know is that the team gave him unlimited entry ticket for a year as a public apology. Update: one caught,two to go.


That’s possibly the *worst* thing to get in compensation for this particular incident. I don’t know the guy in the video, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be spending a fortune on phones for the sake of his free ticket.


It’s an act of good faith.I doubt he will come to watch the games after this.It is what is.


Oh I absolutely get that it’s a gesture of good faith, but an offer of a replacement phone might be more fitting as making him whole again.


Dude, it’s not the team’s fault. They shouldn’t have to give him anything, but they did. They just gave him something that didn’t cost anything to the team and a fan could enjoy, an entry ticket


Eh, it is the teams fault to a degree though, they could do a lot more to combat hooliganism. Maybe you don't know, but this team is particularly infamous for it's hooligan fan base.


No news = probably ok


They went out for drinks and uploaded this video to this dudes fb page


It's olympiacos we're taking about. So nothing. They were probably even praised.


Can anyone translate?


I don't know Korean. Greek hooligans said more or less the following; Search his pockets, wait, stop hitting him and search his pockets. Give him one more punch (X2) Where is the bag? Which bag? Let me see the phone. Is it a good phone? Video ends


It’s very ironic because the Korean was talking about how friendly local fans are and how excited they get when they find out he came all the way to cheer for their team then he got mugged.


This makes me even more furious I wanna go to Greece now


Yeah. I assume there’s a foreign soccer player in their team. He was telling his viewers how lonely it must be to be playing in such foreign environment. He was also telling them to show much support. Then he got mugged. Its the opposite of what he wanted to show his viewers since he was going off how friendly people are here and they should visit.


There's 2 Korean players in Olympiacos' roster as of this year, indeed.


What, why?


I think he forgot a "don't"


Stay away from the area the streamer was in (Piraeus), its the main port of Athens, full of hooligans of this team who commit petty crime like this very often.


Well he was taking about Napoli fans, to be fair


He said "who did punch me" not give give him one more punch. Indicating that one of his friends hit him by mistake.


You might be right, I heard "Δως του αλλη μια μπουνιά"


To me he very clearly says "Ποιός μου έβαλε μπουνιά;". He says that after he's done running so there's no point saying hit him again since he's already left.


Yes you are right


That's cap. Greek guy said exactly the following: Where is the bag? X2 Someone punched me X2 He never said hit him or is it a good phone.


Yes he said about the phone just before the end of the video


The guy mentioned about his live stream in Naples and how fans there were really nice. Right before attack, he said football players from foreign countries can get lonely so if you cheer them, it would help them a lot and mentioned Korean players. And then he got attacked.


I responded under your comment.


Friendliest Olimpiacos fans


why do i feel like you're a greek fan of another team and that was just your attempt to say something. olympiakos has the least hooligans in greece compared to other teams along with the fewer hooligan crimes so that scene is rather rare


Wtf is even olympiacons


Greek football club


Is he okay


OP said in another comment he couldn't find any info on this


Which country did this take place in?


The name that is in the title looks Greek so I’ll say Greece


That's Greece, yes.


Does all of Greece look like that? Am I wrong or does Greece look a little underdeveloped. Im ignorant on Greece so I'm probably wrong but im curious.


It is outside of Karasikakis Stadium in Athens previous of a match of olympiakos (it's their home arena). It is madness because it looks about one hour before the match starts (Olympiakos - Freiburg 0-3). It looks underdeveloped because the areas around stadiums have very low land value because of all the crime that happens on match days. It is actually one of the best stadiums in Greece and it is a good looking area when there is no match.


Nope. It's just a nefarious neighborhood


Cool, thanks for the info!


Yeah most of greece is underdeveloped source: live in greece


yes, Greece is a shithole


\-posted by a turk


I’ve visited Greece and it was nice


Maybe just dont


Nah it aint that bad, yeah perhaps it doesnt have big cities but its quite developed considering its population


It probably is a random small neighborhood considering people dare to attack a random stranger middle of the street in the middle of the day. Also it looks like a average coastal city with infastracture(proper roads) and multiple story buildings. I don't know which part of it looks underdeveloped.


it's a third world country. a shithole. and i am saying this as a Greek.




What you mean by all, Portugal is literally one of the safer countries in the world


Average football hooligans. Human trash.


Average football fan.


Yah that’s what he said


Hooligns/Ultras != Average fan


It's the same picture...


I know him! He’s a tourist guide in Naples and a fan of the team (the fact that a Korean now is the team helps) and my mother a journalist even interviewed him outside the stadium. Sad to see he him mugged like that.




The last few frames of the two guys at the beginning kinda looks like they are starting to take action


The guys at the end are the ones who ran off with the dudes phone


Fuckin olimpiakos bastards. everyone should be able to watch football in peace


Wtf all 4 of them and in broad daylight next to a football ball stadium


Worst things have happened for football fans. Buses destroyed, people beaten and mugged, cars thrown over all because someone is wearing the opposite team's shirt. Greece is no joke on this


Southern Europe be like that it's crazy -- a southern european


Obviously, you aren’t Balkan. This is par for th e course


Greece is Mediterranean not Balkan.


Scum of the earth


Damn that last frame, just a fraction of a second before revealing his face


My definition of a hooligan is a person who meets with other hooligans, mainly after football matches to fight. Those guys are dickheads


Can we assume he got his stuff back as this video got posted online? I assume that the hooligans are not that stupid to post their own crime online


Could be a live stream


Friendliest gauros


Greece really fell off after the Age of Pericles.


Most peaceful Greeks


comment by a turk


“Hooligans” is a much tamer word than what they really are…


True that absolute mongrels is more fitting mugging a guy all alone hurting no one makes your blood boil they are scummy mongrels.


Προφανώς θα ήταν Ολυμπιακού ... ΠΑΝΤΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ... Welcome to Greece (what they said at the end is :who punched him?and they said it wrong to)


Oh and they forgot his backpack so they were disappointed 😂😂😂


Honestly what's wrong with (some) football fans. In my country alone a bunch of crimes are committed just because of this fucking game, burning down stadiums, breaking into a team's locker rooms and stabbing them, throwing rocks at the family of a coach (this last one was just a few weeks ago)...


Wish I had been there to help him fight. My big 400lb black ass would’ve evened the playing field.


Hahahaha thank gosh the Germans and French are subsidizing good behavior!


Sub name completely suits with the people of Olympiacos fans.


yeah sorry to disappoint but they where found those where paok fans wearing olympiakos shirts so whatever crimes they commit it would be olympiakos who gets blamed it also has happened a bunch of times before


I'm an Aussie Greek currently in Greece on holidays and I'm absolutely disgusted by their behaviour. This just verifies the behaviour of so called "fans" of the sport.


I was planning on visiting Greece. Is it as bad as people say in the comments?


If you stay outside dangerous areas (like a football club after a game) it's perfectly safe. Athens is probably the most "dangerous" city but it's still safer than most European capitals


I thought Greece was a fairly safe place. Can't even stay safe during broad daylight... damn...


Generally it is safe, however hooligans will be hooligans no matter the place.


Where did you hear its a safe place? Big cities aren't safe at all, especially not football stadiums


Hope did this video get posted if he never got his phone back?


He was probably live streaming. Which means the content was being uploaded online simultaneously.


Ah yess the soccer, that one sport where the World Cup is organized in an AC stadium built on the blood of slaves


He's in Greece where most of the old buildings were built by slaves.


Old like, the ones that are thousands of years old?


This was for Europa league not World Cup. Also F1 and LIV disapprove your point.


I don't like football at all but thats a shitty take. And, in case you didn't know, most monuments in all countries were made by slaves, not just that stadium


Average baseball fan


As a native Greek and olympiacos ex fan I would like to apologize for those brainwashed scumbags. They are the reason I stopped caring about football. Fucking trash. I hope our guy is well


This is why panathinaikos is better. L olympiacos


Yes because this would never happen outside leoforos lol


what did he actually say during the stream? poor dude :(


Why would they post that vid


It was like streaming


To be fair a lot of streamers are pretty annoying and like to film people without their consent, it's just one pos attacking another one in a lot of those situations.




A tourist will tour around, even if there's nothing interesting. Either way it wasn't his fault that he got mugged by a bunch of hooligans


I agree. Just curious I guess. That bend he is at gets a lot of accidents as well


Olympiacos has two Korean players on their team so I guess the streamer wanted to see them play


Olympiacos was playing and they have 2 Korean players on the roster. Dude wanted to support them.




What's Olympiacos?


Greek football team


I hate football fans I hate them with a passion. They’re all thugs fallen victims to demagogues


But but how do we blame immigration for this!?


only excuse is that those are not greeks by the way they talk you can tell their greek pronunciation isnt the same as a greek speaking the language idk why he says Bulgarians though they sound albanian


As someone from greece, I can confidently say that the muggers are definitely greek.


Greece is a shithole


Explains why it was flooded with tourists this year.


😎greatest football club ever💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿😎😎😎😎😎our superiority keeps showing with our strength💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾 cry about it Bulgarian 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭




Let me guess, turk?


Turkish but not a Turk.


You days he was steaming, right? That means people are watching live and the guys probably got caught


Its funny that whenever there's a documented crime (thief, battery, assassination) and we know the country, people automatically call it a third world country. If we got a video of every crime in Iceland and it got posted on the internet everytime, people would call it a shithole.