Ppl won't care that you're Tunisian they will mostly see you as Muslim (assuming that you are)


You'll find 0 opinions about Tunisians, Algerians and Moroccans. Those countries have no impact or special interaction with the Greek public and no special ideas are formed around them.


Depends on where you're from. Algerians and Moroccans are not well regarded both in Greece as well as in other parts of Europe (i.e. France etc etc).


"build my life with a Greek woman" ...i dont want to dissapoint you but this is a very optimistic thought


Why? can you elaborate? (Im white and I have a Greek nose )


I think he is mainly refering to the financial hardships Greece is facing right now.


I do not seem to get it, It means It would be hard to have a Greek partner due to financial difficulties Greece is having?


And build a life, rent or buy a nice apartment, own a car, have babies.


Most wouldn't really know the difference between Algerians, Tunisians or Moroccans. they would just understand that you're from an Arabic country.


What do you mean by 'Greek origins'? If you have documentation of a Greek ancestor you can apply for citizenship. You may need to talk with a lawyer for specifics, but if you can get Greek/EU citizenship -- legally -- you won't have different treatment. Now as far as Greek society is concerned that is different. It really depends how well you adjust. Do you speak any Greek? How fast can you learn? That would certainly impact your life here. What are your qualifications? What type of job are you looking for? There are certainly (religious) conservatives in Greece, like any other place, but there are also people who would not care about your background (or religion if you are not Orthodox) -- especially in major cities like Athens or Thessalonica. My view is that Greeks are generally suspicious of strangers (not tourists obviously), but after they get to know them, they can be pretty accepting. Edit: Deleted the last part, because from your answers it does not appear to apply to you. Best.


I have sent you a message, please check it,


The greek nose part make me baffled though. How is a greek nose according to the Tunisians?


Well, a Greek nose is internationally recognised as bulky and with an arch on the top of the nose bridge. Generally it's hawk-like in shape.


Tunisians are indistinguishable from Greeks in appearance. > Tunisian background I don't know what you mean by that. You mean that you are a devoted Muslim ?


That my culture is different, not talking about religion. Plus I know Greeks are conservative and orthodox


This depends on your age group as well as your social/educational/professional background. Yes there are Greeks that are very conservative and religious, but the same can be said for most countries nowadays (except probably some Northern European counties). Religious chasm might be a potential problem but in most case it shouldn't present any kind of issues. Culturally I do not feel you will find that many differences.


I don't know if this will disappoint you, but many don't know where Tunisia is on the map. Let alone knowing that you have Arabic culture.


Who said I am Arab? Arabs do live in the Arabic peninsula.


There won't be a distinction all Arabs/ Muslims are seen as the same. Considering the high rate of immigration the past few years , racism has raised accordingly.


Depends entirely on your own socioeconomic background and the background of those around you, honestly. Most people won't care, some might be racists, some might be fascinated with the country. In general, you should be fine, especially if you're in and from more cosmopolitan circles.


All three you mentioned are seen as people that draw knives way too easily. Also drugs. And we cannot really distinguish between the 3 nationalities.


In my previous job two of my colleagues were Tunisians. They were super friendly and always ready to help me in times of need. I can't speak on behalf of other greeks but I have the best opinion about tunisians thanks to my ex colleagues. If coming to Greece is what your heart desires, I suggest you go for it. Every place has good and bad people. Some will like you, some won't. It's fine. You do you.


We don’t have any strong feelings towards Tunisians tbh. We weren’t taught anything historically in particular about you guys, other than you existing on the Byzantium’s peak map, but most people won’t even make the correlation. You have really high chances of just finding someone in Athens (depending on your appearance), within particular girl groups you’d be seen as another way to piss off their parents, but Idk if I’d want to built my future with those kind of people. Chances of finding someone who likes you for you, would be the same as in the UK and major european capitals though. Don’t be surprised if girls around your age mostly care about their school&career though and won’t be actively looking for the building your lives part.


regarding appearance, I went to Greece and many people thought i'm Greek, I am white+Greek nose. Regarding girls, what do you mean by ' particular girl groups you’d be seen as another way to piss off their parents,' ? any particular way Greek women are characterized? I mean how does it work there?


I categorise them as normal people, racist extremists and people way too into anarchy & the left without knowing a whole lot about it (even though they base their whole personality on it). These type of girls belong to the last category. Blue/orange hair, facial piercings, visible tattoos, studying something with no potential & getting their life funded by parents. They also tend to wear combat boots during the summer, idk why. Can be found in exarchia cafes after 9pm cause they only attend school to fail at some exam


Oh i stayed at Exarchia, I know exactly what you are talking about, those communist cafes are full of them, it was funny, I asked a random group of people at night where Can I eat Gyros (I was looking for directions), a girl told me that I should try to eat falafel and go vegan instaged,(15 minute lecture on veganism) but i then got to try my first greek gyro.


So you are going to Greece with a tourist visa hoping to find a partner for a permanent visa?


Dont worry greeks dont even know what Tunisia is...


I am sure you guys are better than americans in geography


you will either receive "tunisia? i love mohammed salah!", or "tunisia, isn't that the country near uruguay?"


Aslema labes ? love Tunisia most people here I know are well educated and very open minded I also watched a lot of choufli hal.


By the way, how’s Tunisia man? Is it fun to go for vacation? I’m asking for real


Yes, it is actually great, it looks like Greece, but Muslim Greece, the beaches are nice, it is cheap, people might want to sell you stuff over-priced souvenirs since you are a tourist but it is i guess everywhere, you should know the art of lowering the price. ​ also make sure to go to a hotel not too cheap if you do not want to be dissapointed by the quality of the hotel, believe me


I’m sure the food is awesome!


We don't have any distinct feeling towards Tunisians. Propably everyone will guess you're Greek if you don't speak.