OK well I should have searched better. Here is a post showing how it works: https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxyzflip/comments/pdfmbd/how_to_use_google_pay_with_the_flip_folded_short/


This method works on and off for me, unfortunately. I just use cover screen os, launch the wallet app, then pay.


You don't need cover screen os to launch Wallet from the cover screen, just use Good Lock to customise the apps on your cover screen, it works really well.


I keep reading that people have got it to work, but at least in the UK (not sure if it makes any difference) I've not managed to get Google Wallet working from the coverscreen in any capacity, however Samsung Pay works pretty sweet (but not with Monzo Bank -\_-)


Yup my bank also has issues... ugh


I got it to work for a while, but then had issues where it didnt think the phone was unlocked so made me open the phone, unlock it, then re-open Google wallet. It just got annoying and wasn't consistent, so I just added my card to Samsung Pay and its worked as it should ever since. Wish I could get a smooth experience with Google Wallet though. Coming from a Pixel I despised having to use any of the Samsung apps.


I just got samsung pay via curve as apparently my bank (virgin money) don't work on samsung pay