The most profitable move after investing in crypto is forgetting that you invested in crypto. Edit: Thanks for the awards! Do good every day Edit 2: And thanks for the additional awards! I've never got any before, so this nice


Yeppers, forget you invested or stop looking at it everyday 20 times a day constantly. 😵‍💫


You're only looking 20x a day?


I like looking at the ride a couple times a day, at the end of it I know it’s the best ride I spent money on. Personally I spend what I normally throw away once a month that I would have spent once a month and invest it and it’s still turning a profit so that’s a win.


Same. Although I used to do a lot of drugs and such. So I used to waste all my money. I’m not addicted to crypto, but saving money just to earn interest that didn’t even come close to matching inflation just seemed almost as pointless as wasting all my money on partying. I’d rather put it on the line with the potential to make quite a bit more than inflation. All my extra cash lately is going into Doge, but also other solid cryptos like DOT, SOL, LINK, VET, RUNE, LUNA, ADA, MANA etc.


This is the ONLY way.


Can confirm, bought Etherium about 5 years ago, right at a peak, plummeted the next week. Forgot about it for about 2 years then sold everything, should have forgotten about it longer


I wish I remembered this a few years ago!


Now is you a few years in the past, friend


Crypto in general is only 10 years old roughly. This is still the very beginning of it all. Imagine if you had a mutual fund from the NY stock market when it first started in or around the 1800's. Don't get it twisted like crypto has seen its day and that's all their is, because you couldn't be more wrong. Edit** thank you for the Gold :)


Couldn't agree more! This is loterally the next step in money as a concept, and it's going to change the game in ways we can't even imagine yet. 50 years from now some nerds will look back on these days like it's the effing wild west


Nice big picture comment right here, needed this


Money / Bank regulation is very young in comparison. Didnt start in the US until I think the 30's! Maybe later. We don't need to regulate coin, we need to deregulate all currency! They used to use spices for currency!


I couldn't agree more




I can confirm... my life got easier when I quit trading and just held long term..


I had to learn that lesson a few times sadly. I eventually got it down haha


Crypto? I know that name🤔


This is the way


This is the way!


And it saves your sanity 😆




I have forgotten it. But I check the charts every day.


Agreed 👍


I still have my make it stack for doge, I believe in it. I think the dog coin run is still a long way from falling off


So what? Were you just as concerned when dodge was under $0.00006 for years? Stand strong because the digital currency world hasn’t even reached its peak yet. There’s still very high possibility that Doge will increase in value above its highest mark.


I believe all currencies will rise once crypto reaches masses.


That’s where meta comes in I have a feeling that’s gonna have to do a lot with crypto and getting it around the world… scary idea but it might be good for crypto 🤷‍♂️


Yup that’s where I think we’ll have Zuckerberg to thank. And sooner or later the government will come out with a list of “safe, government backed” coins and the pumping will commence, because unfortunately that’s how the masses are moved through news and media. We’re still early. Only less then 20% of America’s population has crypto. It’s only a matter of who the players are BTC ETH DOGE etc etc and when it will happen. I’ve been holding and adding to my crypto portfolio since 2 years ago. Doge since last year December. #hodl


I think it’ll rise in about 2 months


What makes you think this? It’s been hovering around .30 for a good while now. Starting to get pretty impatient with it myself. It’s doesn’t seem to be the coin of the month anymore.


aside from being a meme, and a method to tip, It doesn't serve any real purpose or solve a problem that other coins are not already designed to solve.


So which of the hundreds of crypto coins actually solve problems?


This this this!!! Doge has zero utility.


Take a trip to BK and order a whopper, then you’ll see where DOGE is going.


Ok brb


[BK DOGE](https://share.icloud.com/photos/0AVJA0wPV-WBgXMQXzdkHvQ4g)


OK, have it your way


Patience is key.


… and Doge is the door.


Well said Shibe.


Bonk patience






Time to bonk


This is the way


This is the way.


Being as patient as I can, hoping for a huge pump, but it just feels so dull lately


Get a grip. You understand traditional investments were like 4-5 percent a year… thats 12 months, 365 days. You want 5x in 3 months? People used to wait 30 years for 3x. Have some realistic expectations, it looks ridiculous to call it dull. If you bought a few months ago at .18 you’d be making fat returns. Understand the market. Do more research.






Yup. Exactly. Each time it hits a consolidation phase, the average price is just a little higher. Why not give it another year and see where it goes?


Bitcoin is pumping, so money is going there. When Bitcoin starts to level off, alts will pump.


Been hearing about "Alt season", here's hoping we pump


Me too bud. RN is technically BTC season I think. ETH is it’s own entity at this point 🤣 but after BtC season is “large cap season” then “Alt season”… the seasons can flip at any moment tho. Doge is on the cusp of ‘large cap’ IMO.. I know it’s top 10 but it’s still tiny compared to the real ‘large caps’.. I’m sure someone will disagree so do your own DD..


How much growth you think we have left on a year or so? 5x - 10x?


Lol what? .50 would be cool, .75 would be outstanding. People acting like it has the growth it had from 0.006 to .6 is happening again. I don’t see it hitting $2 for awhile, 18 months or more. You realize 10x is $2.50? Lol


2.50 sounds plausible to me. in 18 months we'll be in the bear cycle.


It all depends on the market, 3x is a definite safe bet by the end of cycle, 5x is speculative, 10x or more is shooting for the moon but that’s what we do on this sub.


$28 - $34 is my expectations.. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll have tons of haters but it’s totally possible this run. The stock to flow is being followed by doge almost to a ‘T’ (BTC’s first run)..


You think doge will hit $28-$34?




Can you do math?


i like the way you think


You’re joking right?


Crypto historically moves in 4 year cycles. If that trend continues then beginning of next year is when the bear cycle starts.


This is an alt season. Alts like saitama and many others are absolutely booming. Doge had its time and may again one day but without a real catalyst, it's sitting this one out.


Crypto is in its very infancy. We haven’t seen anything yet…


Yea and institutions are not buying doge.


Except Elon, Newegg, Taco Bell… if by institutions you mean banks, then why not just stick to fiat?


buy something with lower cap then, problem solved


like what?


dogebonk is honestly probably the right answer, its still super low mc and has even better marketability and memes than doge as much as that may hurt to hear. Theyre going on a huge marketing campaign and at such a low mc i dont see how this doesnt minimum 10x,possibly 100-1000, whereas doge it is almost imposible to get even more than a 2 or 3x. im still holding a small bag of doge but the potential gains are definitely far less.


I mean bonk has hilarious memes


Like some others already mentioned, I would recommend dogebonk. Seems safe enough, just don't overrisk it of course.


Dogebonk is bonking




Is that the Doge Bonk I've been hearing about?


Relax.. forget about the value for a few weeks, have fun. People will desperately want it when its above a dollar....


A few weeks LOL. This sub makes me laugh. Maybe a few years and it can touch a dollar. Unlikely but more plausible than in a few weeks. This sub is nothing but a bunch of kids wanting to get rich quick. Sadly that's not how investing works. If people believed in doge they would be happily accumulating at these prices. Not posting rockets everytime theres a 4% move and posting WhEn mOoN? Everytime it drops.


But that’s actually how it hit .74 a bunch of kids trying to get rich. Remember the game were playing here


a bunch of kids and 1 billionaire troll


We’re 👆🏻👆🏻 but yes you’re right 😁🙌💎


>forget about the value for a few weeks, have fun If you think this is a proper investment, we shouldn't just "have fun" While losing money nor stop paying attention to money.


Ive had Doge early, and I’ve held ever since it got close to a dollar. I watched money float away as it sank back down and down. So I’ve been holding for quite some time. Getting pretty impatient with it.


Zoom out and see


I mean we’ve moved the floor up! I’ll take where we’re at now over where we were a week ago. Consolidation is part of the market. Doge has moved into a more long term hold


What do you think about where it could go from here? I know it's inflationary, so is it critical that people continue to see value and buy in forever in order to see sustained gains? Again, I'm not really sure about any of this - very new, but that seems to be the way of it. Could become a stablecoin, perhaps?


stablecoins have near zero movement, no bitcoin derivative will ever become a "stablecoin". but maybe you had a different word in mind....


Nah, I'm no crypto expert - I don't even play one on TV. I just use words I don't really fully understand but see a lot, and when I misuse them, people are typically more apt to provide immediate correction - which some people take umbrage with, but I actually find rather helpful. That said, what would you call it?


I was thinking that you might have meant that the value stabilizes. Which if so, I agree. Most of the top 10 cryptos that can maintain their top 10 status will stabilize over time. You can kind of already see it with Bitcoin.


But stabilizing value doesn't mean it won't move. Just move a lot slower than the historic and infamous crypto market volatility.


Market price is purely the most recent buy/sale price.


Research the 4 year cycle. This bull cycle could be closing eoy. Also, if ur new to crypto look at counter arguments to doge so you armed with all the information you need.


How exactly does Doge consolidate?


Dogecoin will 4x but dogebonk will 1000x I have researched this with my phone tablet windows and Mac computers so I'm qualified for dobo exponential rise




How can you buy dogebonk?


Pancakeswap, but use bonkswap.com it’s easier


Wtf time square? I keep seeing this coin everywhere, looked at the chart and it's quite a grower but where do you even buy it?


It's insane how this got a billboard they really are dedicated arent they


Woah that's pretty crazy for a microcap


Its only the beginning baby


wtf is dogebonk? How do they get a bilboard and not doge? Is that on binance?




oh so it's pancakeswap? How did this thing grew so big?


I’m not exactly sure. But while I like Doge it lacks memes and community involvement. It’s like showing up to a party and you’re the only one with beer. The moment I heard about DOBO on this subreddit I checked their telegram and I found much excitement with their community and memes which is all I’m here for tbh.


Not gonna lie, I’m there for the money, but the memes are the best I’ve seen in any memecoin community. Definitely going to gain traction. We’re early boyssssss




Infinite growth fueled by superior memes.


It exploded on 4chan recently, and has grown from a few thousand users to over 14000 in just a week. People in the telegram and reddit are super commited to making it moon. Just wait until it hits exchanges.


oh no way


We were at .23 like two weeks ago, every week Doge has new news, now robinhood and Burger King this week! Doesn’t anyone realise that every week there’s new additions to doge, 1st quarter of 2022 there’s a space mission funded by Dogecoin! That’s huge, Elon hasn’t announced Tesla acceptance yet, there’s a doge foundation for a reason and it includes vitalik. Think about it. Buy the dips and hold!!!


I have a few bucks in $doge (well, I think $14), bought in right before the big SNL pump. Bought it on Robinhood, haven't extracted any profits yet. I hear it's mineable, inflationary, and already has a pretty high market cap, which - if we're talking about seeing big gains - seems to diminish the likelihood of something like a 10X from occurring. Would a 2X or 3X be possible from here, or is that FUD? Should I be expecting something massive despite the indicators to the contrary?


DogeCoin still has opportunities to increase in value - it is after all, supported and held by the richest man on the planet, so there are always opportunities to grow and I think if Tesla started using DogeCoin for retail purchases or even internall a d with supply chains then you could see significant group. But that is of course speculating on something that might not happe .


Well, since the coin is a meme to begin with and there is no utility behind it, there is nothing behind it driving its value up besides its community. So unless millions of people hop back on DOGE the price will stay pretty stagnant. And since crypto has gotten even more popular, and people are educating themselves on crypto, no one is seeing DOGE as a viable investment whatsoever. I sold all mine for SOL, at $28, now $215. A project with lots of utility and innovation will 10x and hold its price.


There are now more than 4.5 million doge holders


I honestly feel like these questions are only asked by people who have no idea what Doge is, how long its been around, the work being done by the devs, or quite frankly not read any DD on it. What you fail to realize with all of these fake Dogecoins out on the market is they have not been developed as a currency, they have no history and quite likely no future. They were created by people who wanted to cash in on the Doge frenzy that began January of this year with the one and only intent to make quick money from people who think this investment will make them millions and then cash out. I have seen no evidence of any of the fake coins being adopted into the markets like Doge. No companies want to touch the stuff, no people want to trade their things for it. All it is in my eyes is a racket where people think they can buy a lot with actual fiat, and then trade it once it skyrockets for their fiat back. Its a hyperinflation game of chance and everyone wants to get rich quick. Just chill tf out, hodl, and relax knowing that you're invested in and behind something that is good, wholesome, fun, ironic, and making institutions think twice about discounting the power of the little people. I do hope for people's sake that these fake coins make them a lot of money, but what are they gonna do once they do? Imo I'd say they're going to buy Doge, the coin that they wanted to mimic in the first place, but who knows. I sure don't, the future is a mystery... just wait for the outcome.


Just check this out: https://twitter.com/bonklevoss/status/1455656072694444041


Delete your crypto app and use a ticker app to check once or twice a day. Also check doge subreddit daily, if you see tons of posts with green in it maybe take a look, otherwise just try and forget about it for now. That’s my strategy at least


Tons, I was early and you are too!


Love how FUD gets 700 upvotes. HODL, ya ninnies.


Easily doing another 10x soon.


I yolod into dogebonk. I don't think anyone here has heard of it but I am CERTAIN it is the next big thing in the crypto memesphere


Doge is the first big meme coin, but I'm just not sure if it could still moon...most other doges are scam though. So being in doge is still the safest play for the meme part in your portfolio.


I agree but im thinking about diversifying into a few meme coins as long as this bullrun is still on. I feel a little late to the party


I hear ya, I did buy a little bit of dogebonk(DOBO) just in case it actually makes a run. Made some decent profits already. All this profit is going into the real doge of course, but the dogebonk community feels good so far.


doge is tried and tested at least you wont get rugged


What's the main concern in a coin that's at risk of rugging? That way I can look out for the possible scams - I like to do my own research (as everybody loves to say).


positive things to look for are locked liquidity, renounced ownership, good organic community etc


Alright - maybe a stupid question, but you got any possibilities I can research that have those things? The market is so saturated with memecoins anymore - it's a little hard to cut through all the noise.


Alright - maybe a stupid question, but you got any possibilities I can research that have those things? The market is so saturated with memecoins anymore - it's a little hard to cut through all the noise.


Very true, but still have that itch I need to scratch by holding a possible moonshot.


that's called pump chasing... do you know how to do it?


I'm pretty sure pump-chasing is not allowed this month. Gotta wait until December.


I heard of it before but why dobo and not one of the million other clones? I know in the end this is gambling but any reason for bonk?


Memetic energy is very high in dogeBONK


Well it's a coin revived by 4chan/reddit mainly because of the meme potential, so its 100% being pushed by a community now. Token distribution is also quite good. Check for yourself on bscscan: 0xAe2DF9F730c54400934c06a17462c41C08a06ED8 There are lots of scam so be sure to have the official contract on dogebonk.com, the one above is copied from there.


after seeing the absolutely mad amount of dobo shilling I thought, is anyone actually buying this? are these real people? even now whenever i see it mentioned I'm like, that's gotta be a shill, right? not calling you a shill but i finally understand why people hated doge in the first place


If you aren’t from the United States I apologize for making assumptions, but if you are, I’ve got a question. I’ve been trying to find where people are buying alt coins because a lot of the larger services like Binance don’t offer the ones I want. I feel like I’ve been kept out of the alt market because of these limitations.


DOGE is the all original irreplaceable plentiful mineable asset with international recognition, huge and growing real-world point-of-sale presence, nearly universal support among exchanges and the list goes on. It's the real deal and that's why everyone is trying to copy it endlessly. NO substitute!


Hey listen closely...musk is launching Doge1 into space in the 1st quarter in 2022 The mission is paid for in Dogecoin. The coin will get massive exposure in the runup to the launch.


Don't forget elon is funding space ex with doge. Hodl hodl hodl.


huge pump soon


Gotta remember an empire is built placing one brick at a time.. we’ve made tremendous progress.. just keep laying bricks down and we’ll be at the top


Doge grow slow.


As long as Elon is alive, Doge will thrive.


No doubt it will go up. More alts will come and go. Some will be successful, others won’t. Question is: can Doge be useful in addition to being hilarious with great memes? Our devs are working on speed and fee reduction to make sure the answer is “yes.” On top of that, Elon has supported us time and time again, even mentioning 2022 is the big year for Doge. Imagine a world where: - Doge is practically free to send - Doge sends instantly - Tesla accepts Doge - SpaceX flies to space using Doge Suddenly a 500b market cap doesn’t sound too crazy.


Im in both and im convinced both will go up. Its just unfortunate doge has taken as bit a hit from elon and china


Doge hasn't done anything yet


Sure it has it pumped hard before SNL and then tanked leaving lots of investors bag hodling


Half of these meme coins is hanging off doge's balls. Just Hodl.


Only %3.9 of the population owns crypto , Boy


diversify your portfolio: grab some BTC and LTC, according to the creator of doge they are our "forefathers" support them too, they are doing well, also, doge is in a great position, being accepted along with the big boys of crypto, check the burger king free DOGE, BTC, LTC giveaway, we are still in this for sure, also the richest man in history believes in us too, so thats pretty cool


Possibly but all investment require patience!


We are all doomed. At least we have each other, right guys?


Doge = $1


Doge is forever.... Dodge will be at the moon and mars. Doge is as strong as Bitcoin.. Dodge has already prove that has value. It is better to grow slowly no like a 🦑


Chill!! It’s all a waiting game.. I’m holding 200k @0.05 and still holding.. I say early next year will see it hit $1 the momentum will return to doge.


Ha! We have nothing to worry about. This thing is at full temperature and ready to explode upwards. Expect the unexpected!


Do your research, make some educated bets on what seems valuable, buy a whole bitcoin or as much as you can. Then wait to take your grandkids to the moon for Sunday ice cream every week. Hodl! We all win together!


1. Never invest with money you will miss, or money that will have emotional influence over you. 2. Investing is just the trading of money from the inpatient to the patient.


I think a dollar is reasonable. Could take a year, could take 5 years. Put in what you don't need or what you can afford to lose and just leave it be. I have about 8k coins and I just check the price about once a day usually.


Dude. Don't worry. When Doge1 is launched in early 2022. We will be indeed on the moon.


Yes it's got upside. First, I need it to drop so I can buy more. Can we do that?


It can easily 10x. Just give it 30 years or so. But you, like most on here, aren't happy with it going from 0.005 to 0.25 in less than. 1 year. You want it to 10x from here in the next few days. Good luck.


I hope so


Bro shut up and HODL


Never under-estimate the future of DOGE. Just HODL and buy the dips.


Success in any crypto is good for all crypto at this point. We need to keep making the non believers believe


I see dogebonk(DOBO) is getting some traction, perhaps something for you to look into also. I just bought a small bag just in case.


Doge has been consolidating beautifully 🚀 might get a pump this week folks hang on to your hats 🥵 but long term I think doge is for real


We’re going to the moon no doubt 🐕🚀🌕


Whale will raise it when the market is in doubt


As a rule of investing, don't invest into anything you don't plan to hold for at least 5 years. If you believe DOGE will grow in the next 5 years, then buy into the project and think about mining the coin to secure and expand the network. If you don't have faith in the project, then don't get into it.


I know Doge will be $21 one day. That’s why I don’t pay attention to short trends and just focus on building a positive community around it


Yes man, doge will go up soon, we can flip bitcoin this year, just hold


I hope so, been holding since $0.08, just want to go back to the hype before SNL and have fun with it


Tying your cause to a celebrity is always a bad idea Bummer about snl




Where do you think all the money is gona go when the fake meme coins rugs get pulled. Doge is solid and we have long term things for wait for, the fakes are a pump and dump and all that money will flow back into true coins like bitcoin ether Doge etc


What are some of the fakes out there that people should be watching for? I personally don't have a lot to lose on this stuff, so if you can provide any insight for myself and others, I'm sure we'll all appreciate it.


First of doge is a meme coin, dont let this person fool you. There are no "fakes" either, just don't get into a pump and dump and hold the bag, doge ended up as a pump and dump though so if you're willing to buy doge nowadays, you shouldn't have a problem buying anything else.


Can't see why not, we have the backing for a lot of institutions and elon musk that none of the others have


Of course, you can see what happens when Elon chooses to bonk you down a few notches via Twitter, ha. The Elon giveth, and the Elon taketh away. Tough to ride that razor's edge.


Well, I have a theory, Tesla partners with Hertz, Hertz buys Tesla model 3 for rentals, Hertz accepts Dogecoin as payment method for renting. Doge runs up to $1.50. Should that sound good?


That's a 10x for me. I like the sound of them apples. How likely is that? Something in the works, or just kind of a possibility?


Hertz is said to buy 100k tesla model 3. They also have Tom Brady featured in their commercial. Check it out on Youtube. Its pretty exciting. Big News if Hertz does accept Doge. https://youtu.be/0w-_GBAiajE Let's go!


What utility does doge provide besides a currency? What causes doge to pump besides an elon tweet or currency adoption?


Doge is going to $5.00


Not really. Doge has been dropping steadily out of portfolios. In Robinhood for example it’s gone from being in 80% of users portfolios to like 30%. Those numbers aren’t exact, can’t find the article anymore. But the title was something like “investors falling out of love with Doge.”


Yes, just hold. These same questions were asked about BTC, ETH etc. Don’t look at it for the next few years. It’ll go up.


Absolutely. There will be a huge jump in the near future. The catalyst is yet to be determined. This crypto is extremely trigger happy. It’s linked to way too many indicators that people who even hate the coin and don’t even hold any are keeping their eyes on it.




In Musk we trust.


Nah, doge is done imo, Binance is trying to revive it but I don't think it's gonna work - just move to the next dog coin (dogebonk?? :)))