Some days I wish they add post game text chat on console so I can say gg and other days I see posts like this and am thankful that console has no post game text chat.


If your on the same console people will message you account, happens all the time on Xbox, the game ends and you get massages from one or more of the survivors trash talking you. You rarely get GG's because it's to much effort to leave Though sometimes someone will be nice at the end of the game, if your struggling people will sometimes try to give genuine advice.


I'm on Xbox and I send gg wp to every other xbox player in my lobbies 100% of the time. Because it's nice. Even if I don't appreciate their playstyle still try to be positive anyways I try to remember good plays by people to compliment them on too.


yeah i remember a trial where i had a very good blight game and one of the survivors at the end messaged me on ps4 about how it was still fun for them. I ended up playing survivor with them afterwards and still do occasionally when i get the chance to play the game now


I’m assuming the trash talking you’re referring to mainly comes at high MMR because I haven’t had to deal with much and I’m pretty shit at the game.


I've never been above green rank, but most of the people who do it are green or higher. Here's the thing, the better you are the more likely you are to annoy the survivors and incite trash talk. And high rank people are more likely to pull that "survivors rulebook for killers" shit.


Yeah they only do it to people they know they were lucky to beat, same as cowardly t-bagging at the gate when they know they can’t be killed.


This is very true actually. Before I came onto this subreddit and understood DBD etiquette I used to teabag at the exit gate (I know I know I’m sorry) only when the killer was really good because it made me feel like I overcame such a huge challenge and wanted to flaunt it in the killer’s face. I obviously don’t do it now but you’re 100% correct in that people are only toxic to the people who’re really good.


Oh you sweet summer child


Sometimes if I feel like someone is mad or being toxic I send a gg just to make sure we’re on good terms. But mostly to see if I pissed them off-


Tbh I get more ggs than toxic comments, I only got a person trashing me for using lightborn and one swf that went out of their way to tell me I’m shit and tried to invite me to a party.


But then you’ll find that most of the toxic people don’t have messaging available with non friends, so it remains the same.


I turned off messages from people not in my friends list, and boy has it saved me some hassle lmao.


Got a hate message last night after getting a 4K with legion. Guy told me I was a turbo virgin and I should go outside and stop playing the game lol. My legion is like level 21 and I was running shit like that perk that lets you see people on the ground. I did NOT have meta perks except rank 1 Pop. I basically just made sure everyone had the bleed effect and I swear the guy that sent me the hate message must not go against legion cause he kept getting downed by the bleed.


Just what a turbo virgin would say.


Well are you a turbo virgin?!


Dude even just saying GG pisses people off. Can’t count how many times my friends and I just say gg and it’s sets someone off.


I was playing one game, and ended up downing a survivor twice before downing another (I was not intentionally tunneling, I had went after another survivor and hit them but I ended up running into the survivor I had already hooked, so I downed her again) she then DC and proceeded to spam message me (I'm on ps4 btw) some survivors are just extremely toxic and can't cope with losing.


I had a similar situation but the survivor that was angry with me messaged me once every week asking me how I enjoy tunnelling. It’s funny how long you can stay rent free in someone’s head like that well after the game.


This game has a pretty heavy masterrace problem. So while i agree i would want to join the gg fun game squad. I acknowledge that pretty much every other game we’d see console omegalul and various derogatory slander. And a bunch of people stating that’s why they were so bad and such. Regardless of the gameplay or anything regarding the match. To be honest i think behavior knows this. Sadge


Are you okay?


Most players on PS4 that I know either turn off their ability to be messaged and go private, or they sent ridiculously hateful message. One guy hit me with a couple of hard rs in a message because I won as killer. Sadly the toxicity remains.


I play on Xbox and no one dares to even say a swear word because if you report the message, the person gets an instant communication ban. I’ve argued with people who message me a few times and I love the moment when they say call me an insult or swear. When I get bored of arguing I say “alright mate, enjoy the comms ban” and then report their message.


But we do have direct messaging and that's almost never pleasant


One survivor had a melt down at me and tried to invite me to his Xbox part 3 times Yeah I’m happy Xbox doesn’t have post game lobby chat


I wish they would give me the option not to play with pc.


If you’re on console you can turn crossplay off. If you’re on PC you have no choice lol.


No I don’t want to play with pc. The other cross play options are good.


I’ve had cross-platformers message me on the Xbox app after the game. If you’re toxic, you’re toxic


I’m a survivor main and this sub makes me sad for killers, I’m sorry you guys get toxic survivors. :(


I think I face an equal number of toxic survivors and toxic killers, but toxic survivors hurt more because there are four of them and one of you. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I usually play survivor with friends, so if a killer is being unpleasant in game or saying awful things in chat, I can just laugh it off with them. But when killers get picked on, they're always alone and outnumbered!


I have around 3000 hours as a killer main. I ended up getting way to tired of the typical trash talking survivors and moved to a survivor main. Hell I was live streaming and had about 70 people watching, ended up meeting the WORST DISGUSTING PERSON IVE EVER MET ON ANY GAME. I ended up wiping the floor with the survivors in the game while they where stream sniping (which I don't mind) Calling me slurs and everything you can imagine, I started laughing and obnoxiously anime moaned "oh yeah call me more slurs". They then claimed I'm a creep and a peddo. The survivor went and told their swf I asked them to moan and call me daddy. So now I had 3 others in my chat calling me a pedo and ended up getting me temporary banned on twitch (false reporting) and got contacted by Sony saying I basically got a strike and was at Risk of loosing my whole account. Sent the twitch clip to their friends in which one of them apologized to me profusely and mentioned the group is disgusted with their friend for lying. Fuck playing killer after that. I enjoy playing survivor, 4 months as a survivor main, never got a single message from a killer calling me trash.


Toxic (especially cocky) survivors breed toxic killers. Toxic killers piss off decent survivors and they become Toxic after dealing so much with it, they are Toxic to killers trying to vibe and piss them off. Is not an exact but... pretty close


The only tea bagging / clicking I’m fine with is the type that’s blatantly a “chase me” invitation, if they do it after a vault or pallet it’s toxicity, if it’s the start of a chase then I’ll lean forward and say “Oh it’s on bitch.”


i usually just stare at them in the middle of a field, just watching them


Myers main found.


someone used to having to spell it myers to avoid EGC censoring found <\_\_<


as long as killers oblige teabaggers by chasing them it can't not be used by survivors as a bait tactic, and any tactic will be used.


Usually when someone is so obviously desperate for my attention, I try to find what they're distracting me from. Usually it's another survivor who managed to sneak back to the generator I just walked away from.


Eh the only time I've had that is a loop God trying to bait me. I learned my lesson. Clicky clicky equals ignore and wait for them to let their guard down. Then face camp. F the game. You might take it in good spirits but that flashlight clicker thinks they trolled you and you're salty and they love it.


I’ve become that survivor… I no longer survive trials


When they are good and start tea bagging or whatever I just leave you be. If you're good ate dodging my hits and trolling me you probably want me to follow so you can distract me. And since I play blight I just run through the map and go to someone else.


Yeah being a cunt to the killer in endgame is pointless But what do you mean by "bully" the killer?


Oh you know, t-bagging, clickeys, the usual. Sometimes hate mail because I loaded in the same game as them.


There's nothing wrong with trying to have fun but bullying the killer as in literally going at post game chat saying "ggez so ez eziest match in my life, get skill nub" while after they and all their friends escape then yeah... That's just low and I do hate when people do that, I usually yell at my teammates if they are rude to the killer when I see the killer is new/inexperienced or played fair and won. It might be a good thing that they have mosquitos flying around trying to get a flashlight save than them doing gens and nothing else. I get that looping an* inexperienced killer for gens upon gens and trying to get their attention is a bit toxic but frankly.. there's nothing else to do in the game as survivor to have fun. They didn't continue playing DbD for thousands of hours just to hold M1 all round so without survivors there would also be no killers. Vice versa. It is sad that there are people who go with a 4 man group just to ruin a killer's night, I've had to face those squads before and it was no fun but at least they weren't doing gens. Usually if I see a killer give up on the match after looping them I just go back to them and let them hook/kill me and apologize in post game chat. I want others to have fun as well but I also want my fun but it sucks if it depressed the opposite party.


>There's nothing wrong with trying to have fun but bullying the killer as in literally going at post game chat saying "ggez so ez eziest match in my life, get skill nub" while after they and all their friends escape then yeah... That's just low and I do hate when people do that One of the worst feelings in DBD is when I'm casually playing a losing match and throwing out nice compliments about the person that's outplaying me ... only for them to behave like a degenerate asshole in the post-game chat. *Especially* when I'm not even running any gen slow-down *at all*, am rotating hooks, and extending lost-chases just to gain practice. Thankfully, it's not that common. However, I really can't help but wonder if those survivors are **trying** to make killers act worse.


Yeah, that's very scummy. Like typing ggwp and getting an "ez" as a reply. lol


I typically fuck around a lot doing tome challenges and things like that and there’s nothing worse than playing a fun match that I manage to drag to a close game with a Janky ass build because I wanted to try and optimise my time and get 20 gen kicks in one game (so I lean into it with brutal strength, oppression and eruption to make it fun) and I get a bunch of asshole survivors telling me how shit I am at the game. Like sure I could run ruin/undying/tinkerer/pop and just make survivors lives miserable but who wants to live that life every game?


It happens more often then it should (trash talking/ toxic survivors) Idk if survivors just have it in their head that the killer isn’t a player past the screen and they’re truly a villain. Instead of seeing it like blue vs. red situation. Maybe it’s the adrenaline of escaping? Idk BHVR should definitely be looking into cases of this sort of abuse but they won’t considering they can even fix their lag/hacking issues.


I like talking to killers/survivors accordingly to their own behaviour. If someone was toxic, I'll tell them. If someone did really well, I'll tell them too. Just now, I had a game against a Billy on solo queue and I complimented him because he played Billy very well. But someone who oppressively tunnels me down at 5 gens, refuses to let me play the game, hits me on hook, facecamps etc.? I'll tell them to get a tent and take a trip to Yellowstone. Survivor squad bullying me? Bold of you to assume I'd let you live. Seems like your little plan didn't work out. I want to foster good behaviour and skill in the game by positive reinforcement, and call out bad behaviour (not skill, no need to be mean) so they know someone noticed. If a game was average, I'll just give the good ol' "gg wp all" and move on.


Any other killer mains here that don’t camp at all? Cause apparently it’s every single one of us


I don't. Only time I'm ever around a hooked surv is because they swarm me like bees to a broken hive. Other wise, go ahead n get yer buds. I'll chase you for unhooking.


Hook, do a wild spin for BBQ auras. Go to the aura. Lose a chase because I suck. Repeat


the only time i “camped” was when i hooked a claudette and spent the entirety of her second hook looking for a survivor that was nearby. i felt so bad when i realized i was only a few feet from the claudette the entire time 😭 i wanted to apologize post game chat but she was console


I’ll camp at end game because what else is there to do? I’ll also duck back to a hook if it’s ten seconds from stage 2 and they’ve not unhooked the poor sod - they took the risk of leaving them there for 50 seconds and I’m not gonna reward them for that risk.


Yeah, I think people often confuse camping and facecamping. There can be value to guarding a hook. Gens all done? Why would you leave the one objective they have apart from exiting the match? Survivor struggling next to a nearly completed gen? Where do they think you're gonna go? Your objective is to get hooks, and sometimes sticking around a hooked survivor is the best idea. That's not toxic! It's different from hooking someone at the beginning of the game and just staring at them until they die, ensuring neither of you have a fun match and neither of you get any bloodpoints.


Yeah, I was playing with a buddy today and we had a face camping trapper, literally nose to tit with the survivor on the hook, didn’t even put traps out, so we slammed gens and when they got close to dead dived the hook, baited a hit (he wasn’t smart) and then traded one of us. Went back to slamming gens and then the other of us repeated and traded. Ended up with him getting a 1k and every single one of us outscoring him. How is that fun for anyone? This not being nearly the same as repeating the same action once a door is open naturally because you actually played the game up to that point


I'll camp and tunnel. Not every game though, and certainly not when the game has just started and little to no gens have been completed. This is my groundwork as to why I camp and tunnel: 1. Survivors already slammed 3-4 gens out on me and I can't get pressure, easiest way to get pressure is to get someone out of the game. 2. If survivors are beelining to the hook, I'll camp it and attempt to 1 for 1 3. I'll tunnel someone if they play stupid and try to get aggro off of someone else. If you've done other game actions since I hooked you (healed, worked on gens, etc), you're fair game. I'll also tunnel you if you try to pull some BT bodyblocking shit on me to prevent your unhooker from getting hit. 4. I'll camp at EGC if I have no more pressure (i.e. fully healed survivors or 3 people up) 5. I'll camp you if you're being a shit (window/pallet spamming, constant bagging/clicking)


I “camp & tunnel” literally every killer game ive ever played. -sincerely, all the survivors postgame.


The game itself is doing a fine job making killers quit the game lol


The meat grinder. Higher MMR killers quit. Then the system is forced to match low MMR killers with high MMR SWF. And then they quit.


At that point just force open the gates and go on your phone or something to end the dreaded match. That’s how I get by


Most matches, the survivors don't say anything, probably because I get paired with console players most of the time... so it's pretty infrequent that I get insults thrown at me... When I do play against other PC players, they're usually supportive. I had a streamer call me a "Mad lad" for running Rancor on Bubba and actually killing the obsession with it. But I did have this one match where the survivors were super altruistic, every single down I got, they were like locusts coming for the flashlight save. I was running Save the Best for Last and with how often they were going for saves (Every single time), I began baiting out pick ups. Downed one person, baited pick up, other survivor came, downed them and even THEN another survivor came for a flashlight save. Of course, I didn't pick anyone up yet, it was too dangerous... so they ended up all getting slugged. They told me to kill myself, "Imagine playing like that". I was just chilling, playing a killer I had never played before.


Imagine everyone running to me, getting them down and letting me hook every single one? Sign me up. They made those plays, you optimized 😎👉👉


I understand that and you understand that... but being told I should... "Slit your throat" over it feels bad. :(


Bruh, *hugs* Legit so many people here defending that behavior too. Prevailing attitude seems to be "go play another game" not "our community needs to be better to one another".


I really wish this to game would make it feel that getting less than 4 kills is alright. Instead you either only 1 if no kills and get called trash, or get a 4k and get called trash. There is no winning.


Gonna sort by controversial real quick


Is anyone *actually* uninstalling after a stranger on the internet told them to?


i guess that hardly happens but i can tell you that the only (!) reason i, and it seems thats the case for some, dont play killer more is the asshole behaviour i see in every second game from survivors. and im a survivor main (99%). and ive played this game so far over 500h without being an ass to someone once as a survivor.


I love playing killer, but there’s definitely a point where you just go “nah that’s enough for today, imma go hold mouse 1 on a gen for a bit”. Its surprising how much more relaxed survivor is


im always surprised that my survivor friend is like "phew that was enough for today" after some rounds whereas i havent been stressed one second playing survivor. then i do one round of killer and after a minute im like "oh god. why...?"


I just find it kinda boring to try hard on survivor and I can’t do it all that long before I wanna to play killer. I enjoy playing silly builds to go with whatever tome challenge I’m doing which makes it a ton more interesting.


I fully understand bullying is an issue, and I get anxious when I play against PS survivors as well. But I'm not going to stop playing because a stranger tells me to. But that said, I'm on console so I rarely have to deal with salt other than in game BM.


"Trash killer, uninstall." "Ok" pikachuface.jpg


Love it when people address one side or the other as if theyre one hivemind entity lol


Listen at this point I am 99% sure that every single Meg is controlled by a machine designed to teabag and flicker their light


And usually suck ass tbh. It's the people with Meg's perks that you have to watch out for. In my experience, usually Steves.


Not to mention drop shack pallet on sight and refuse to run borrowed time


Which is exactly why I switched my main to ace, I hate the stereotype that comes with being a meg main :/. The majority of megs I've played alongside with fit right into that category


Killes aren't even the only ones who get mean messages. Other surviors will message me because im over here doing gens while they take turns getting hooked or I opened the gate to leave because im on dead hook and they're trying to get out. Like yall probably get the brunt of toxicity but other players get it too...


it definitely goes both ways lmao


Huntress main here; If you tunnel, camp, and BM (nodding at, or meleeing your hooked survivor that you're about to facecamp), survivors aren't going to like you. I refuse to tunnel, I won't run NOED or Iri head on principle because both teach bad habits and they piss off survivors, and rightfully so I believe. The only time I'll ever camp is if I know a survivor is gonna' go for a stupid save right in front of me, right after I hook, and I'll down and hook them, giving time for someone else to save the one that they just tried to save. I played a few rounds of high mmr survivor today, just because I wanted to test some meme builds I thought up and goof around. 8 out of 10 matches had facecampers and tunnelers in it. 3 of which were face camping bubbas; all 3 of which I made sure only got 1K which was ALWAYS me, so everyone else could try to get some enjoyment out of the game. During my face camping Bubba matches, the survivors told him to uninstall, and I kinda' agreed with them. My point is; I play this to have fun. Which means nailing really cool snipes with my hatchets, being in chases with survivors that test my brain and overall savviness. If I can get kills as a byproduct of doing that, great. (Most of my games I get my 3K, as I usually let the last survivor go through hatch, unless they're being toxic, then it's a 4K). Being toxic is uncalled for, but if you're being toxic or ruining fun for others, expect it, or change. I'm a Killer for the most part, but I try to be compassionate towards survivors. Nobody acts the way they do for no reason.


I think both sides need to be more like this, I think we can all agree chasing the is most fun thing in the game. More people need to play for fun rather than to win


Is iri head toxic? Post-nerf iri head has always seemed fair to me, you get 1 chance to down somebody, you mess up & that's it. - A survivor main


I play killer pretty infrequently but I was a pretty good nurse when she came out, and even then I didn't have salty survivors in the aftergame chat. I think I've literally only had 1... maybe 2? but definitely only 1 match where survivors were actively trying to 'bully' me - fast vaulting everything repeatedly, doing clickies (wtf is with this name lol) and not doing gens - and this stuff pisses people off, why? it's literally the most inoffensive thing in the world, some killers really need thicker skin, but thats besides the point. I don't camp, I don't tunnel, I don't try to do dickish plays, I don't use meta perks (Did you know there's much more useful perks than bbq and ruin? shocking!) and I never get salty, toxic survivors. Sometimes I don't win, that's okay, sometimes I get 3-4 mans and thats alright too. Sometimes losing is my fault, not the fault of a survivor pressing the ctrl key over and over, and more people need to understand that too. Play toxic and you bring toxicity, don't be mad when you're reaping what you're sowing.


I’ve quit for months at a time because of that teabagging and flashlight clicking bs. But end game chat is way worse; I know I’m not good, but is mocking me and calling me names that much better? I’m no longer a killer main because of this, on top of that.


“Don’t act like a cunt.” “Why?” -this comment section


Whenever i see a post like this i just want to remind people this goes both ways. In the last few weeks killers camping and tunnelling at 5 gens has become a standard. Just last night i meet 2 of the worst killers in a very long time. 1 of them has 3k hours and 7800 comments on their profile. After going through it for a bit this dates back to 2019 and it’s all camp and tunnels comments. So please stop. Both sides have equal toxic people. If i get an evening filled with toxic campers it may happen that later in the evening i will get toxic myself and bully a killer. So yeah both sides suck


This. I fully believe the people who point it at one side don't play the other equally at all. Both sides suck, and this is just the way it is in the big picture. Granted I'm the type of person who doesn't get bothered by the negative things on both sides, but pointing the blame towards one side is just incorrect.


It’s very true. When i play killer i get a bunch of teabaggers that switched to a flashlight in the last few seconds of the lobby. When i play survivor the first guy caught will die due to camp and tunnel. Neither side is fun these days


Agreed. It's aggravating to see the constant "us vs them" mentality in parts of the player base. 1 thing I commonly see is that people who have a bias towards a side, will passively defend their toxicity whilst berating the other sides'. A small amount of people will go: "I hate x side because everyone on that side are toxic pieces of shit!!!" A larger amount of people will go: "Even though I agree that both sides can be toxic, x side is generally less toxic because most people there are nice." Same thought, different execution.


For real, if you wanna stay neutral and see both sides of the coin, you have to leave it at "I agree that both sides can be toxic."


The game forces us to go META on both side for an equal chance of winning


There's a difference between using meta perks and actively bullying survivors by hardcore tunneling or facecamping. Run all the meta perks you like, I don't mind. But if someone kicks me out of the game in the first two minutes despite having ample opportunities to go for anyone else, body block me and taking me hostage, facecamping and thanos punching me repeatedly in the face for not immediately going down in a chase, I'm sorry. That's not meta, it's not even helping you win 99% of the time. I play a lot of killer, consistently win and don't do any of that crap. Not to even mention the people who go immediately ham on you once you wear your pride charm and/or play a PoC character.


Meta perks is fine. It’s dull but that’s what meta is. But killers are just as toxic if not more toxic than survivors at times


The worst thing a killer can do is facecamp you until you say screw it and leave by killing yourself on the hook. The worst thing survivors can do is send you to a terrible map and hold the game hostage until they get bored of not letting you play the game for around fifteen minutes.


Killers can do the same thing. Send you to a terrible map and 3 gen it. I’ve had games that lasted 45 minutes because of that


If they are holding a three gen you can just let them down and hook you to get out rather than wait 45 mins. Worst case scenario they slug you for four and you bleed out. Killers don’t have this option if a survivor team doesn’t wanna leave the game


So you saying survivors will leave 1 gen up for a long time so they can bully? That never happens. Even when i get send to haddonfield by 3 flashlights and after 2 chases 2 of them also have balanced landing I’ll just stand in a corner and wait for them to finish gens. Once they are done i open a gate and they are forced out. That sure as hell lasts shorter as well. Both sides can just surrender and end the game earlier. Try and see both sides of the same coin


You didn’t see the post on here the other day of the streamer and buddies holding a game hostage by hiding for 50+ minutes? It might happen rarely but it’s an option the survivors have that the killer doesn’t. I am seeing both sides of the coin.


That’s a 1 in 10000. Killers 3 genning happens very often. I’ve seen a video of cowsiam and his friends doing a hiding video as well with throwing pebbles. The reason it lasted so long was that the killer kept running around. If he had just stood still in a corner the streamers would have quit their bullshit and just do gens. If you interact with assholes like that who will hide the whole game you give them the satisfaction


Most of the time a killer locks down a three gen it’s on the survivors. Very few killers seek out and protect a three gen from minute one, it’s an opportunistic action to capitalise on survivors who don’t understand that diversifying their efforts is the way to win a game. If you seek out and break the three gen early in the game it gives them a lot less opportunity to take over a limited area


What is a terrible survivor map? I can name tons of dogshit killer maps: Bedham, Mother's Dwelling, Haddonfield, The Game, Gas Heaven, Family Residence, Thompson House, Cowshed, etc, but I can't name any maps that are killer sided except for maybe Dead Dog Saloon, and that isn't nearly as awful for survivors as the others are for killer. And a killer can try to force a three gen, but if they are just deciding to say screw it and do that, then you have four healthy survivors to do three gens, with an entre map of unused pallets. Spread out and everyone touch one. If he chases someone off, everyone keep doing theirs. If he comes back and kicks the gen, run back and start it back up. It's annoying, but doable and shouldn't take 45 minutes for anyone involved, including the killer.


It all depends on which killer it is. Shelter woods is a killer map and so is one of the other macmillan maps that’s rather small. A killer can easily 3 gen and hurt the survivors a bunch before they actually get to do the last gen that’s part of the 3 gen. If the killer has pop it can easily mean game over cause each down means 25% of a gen gone.


So now you're arguing that some killers have good maps therefore survivors should not be able to make any mistakes by three genning themselves while the killer plays the game normally. Gotcha. Play killer for any length of time and try to force a three gen. That shit does not work if survivors don't eat glue.


Yeah read w/e suits you best. You really refuse to see both sides has toxic assholes huh. Perhaps you should take a long look in the mirror


it’s not that easy to 3 gen though, if you’re teammates are not new to the game, most people are gonna try to lead you away from the 3 gen. It’ll be a stalemate for a long while until they start eating away slowly at the 3 gen. Doing a 3 gen is hard against decent/good survivors. If forcing a 3 gen was a guaranteed win then you’d see most people do that instead, but it’s not that simple.


No it doesn't.


Yeah cuz they are getting sick of yall. I almost never get camped when I play surv but tbf I rarely play it.


Likewise here. I’m getting sick of being a man down with 5 gens up cause some asshole camps and tunnels the first guy on the hook. Tbf most of my killers are Russians/vpn Saudi Arabia


This stupid mentality ^ is why this community will always be cancer. Grow up friend you're not in a war.


Or don't slam gens in 3 minutes, hide with Spine chill and iron will constantly, get 8k points a match and spend 3x the time spent in game waiting for another lobby. If I'm a survivor and the killer is obviously new and has no hooks by 2 gens I'll go and find them and get into the actual game a bit, get slapped around and chased, instead of playing Gen Simulator 2021 with the new Hide in the Corner DLC, with a touch of classic Escape Without Being Seen mode


So there’s only one playstyle now? I LOVE stealth because it makes me feel like I’m in a horror movie. I play this game like a final girl experience not like a waste someone’s time simulator. The devs even said they view dbd as hide-and-seek.


At times, sure, but do you feel satisfied getting 8k points per match and few hooks by the killer? Fair enough youre meant to kinda hide often but if you're obviously winning with few chases then go and get some bold points


I do feel satisfied with 8k bp because I play for fun. I also do get a lot of boldness points because I run the boon perks pretty often, which is good for my team otherwise I would be running self care.


I played as trickster a few days ago because I have like 3 games with him (before sbm) so I wanted to lose on purpose as long as I do a challenge, I got newer survivors that I could tell weren’t good at all but were trying their best so I made sure to let them all leave. We must protect the innocent ones.


As if the toxic survivors ( or killers) will listen to a post on Reddit when most of the community isn’t on Reddit


Yeah I've had a lot of tea bagging and such although yesterday and today havnt been bad. Did have a guy jump the gun and called me a "fucking hacker" but then he looked at my perks and apologized. Still the fact he jumped the gun so quick was shocking xD


I trash talk the tunnelers when drunk…. But that’s about it


One time on xbox I was losing so bad but I didn't want to give up, so I did the only logical thing that seemed right, which was camp and tunnel a little, I knew the survivors were too stubborn to leave and I ended up with 3 kills, my last 3rd kill was hilarious because they were teabagging at the exit gate and still manage to get down, hooked, and killed, when they were inches away from escaping. After the match, it was brutal, I was getting messages from three survivors all telling me that I'm garbage, a horrible person, I should kill myself, and using complicated word play to sound smart and make me look dumb, I couldnt keep up with all three of those guys texting me, the constant emojis and large caps of words, I told them all that I was wasting my time with them and that they could have the last word, and every last word was about how garbage of a person I was. I just wanted to play the game to the best of my ability, and I improvised and got lectured because didn't choose to get tea bagged at the exist gate, I had a breaking point after that day and took a long break. I have a lot more stories like that incident but there's too much to say.


Literally, even sore winner's in this game put me off. Played earlier and got a 2Kill, the 2 survivors messaged me to tell me how trash I was.


Bully ans insult killers -> "OMG queue so long... Where are the killers? :("


The amount of toxic survivors has made me a toxic killer


I’m just gonna say, if I get out against a face camper, or tunneler, that bitch is getting a GG EZ. Or if I’m the only kill 😩


Turn off end game chat?


Face camping and tunneling are worse for game health than anything a survivor can do


I'm a killer main, so when me and my friend go up against a bad killer as survivors, we are always polite and sometimes offer advice on what they did wrong, so they have a better game next time.


The community is toxic, and BHVR does nothing to try and fix it


What can they do?


I just tell them to go seek out a therapist 🤷


Entitled survivor’s get on my nerves so much. That particular group of players are so aggravating. They have double standards when it comes to playstyles, and think it’s okay to DC because the games not going their way, therefore it’s justified. Amazing, healthy community we got. /s


> please stop telling every killer you play with to uninstall. Killers: *uninstalls* Survivors: “why are the queues so long recently??”


If the killer uninstalls the game just because a stranger on the internet told them to, it's their fault, not the survivor's lol. Like yeah, it's toxic, it's unnecessary, and they shouldn't do it. But they didn't force the killer to quit or DC or uninstall. It's their own choice. If I choose to DC after getting facecamped, it's not the killer's fault. I'd still be the one choosing to forfeit my points and a chance of escaping. Casting the blame to others is pretty dumb.


Yea, you should just learn get over the near constant hurtful comments, insults and abuse instead of leaving for a healthier atmosphere if it bothers you /s


I'm not saying how it should be, I'm saying how it is. It's literally impossible to convince or force the entirety of the community to be a certain way, especially by a reddit post with little traction. Especially not when it's an accusatory way. Dbd is toxic and competitive. Don't like it? Really, don't play it. It's never going to change. Should it? Yes. Will it? No. People don't go on the internet and play games to be told what to do by strangers. They go on the internet to get *away* from strangers who tell them what to do. What you want is literally impossible.


You know this isn't going anywhere, right? This game is permanently and totally fucked and toxic.


Killers if you don't want such long queue times during the day, stop being so mean to survivors!! See how stupid it sounds?


Hey killer mains, you like playing this game right? And you want to keep playing this game without waiting 10+ minutes in the queue only for all 4 survivors to give up on their first hook and you have to wait again right? Then please stop facecamping your first hook of the match regardless of how many gens are done. Or tunnel them if they do manage to get unhooked, or that "tHeY fOrCeD mE tO" etc etc etc. We all know there's a time and a place for camping, anyone with a shred of sense knows it's usually not necessary at 5 gens This always has and will always go both ways. One guy plays against a toxic team or killer, they go into the next match feeling shitty and they play toxic themselves to vent, thus the people in that match suffer as a result and the cycle goes on


I play on console so I dont have the end game chat


No, but I’ve gotten more than my share of hate DMs from survivors after a match


My account is not 18 so some messages are hidden for me


I think the fundamental reason for this problem is that there is no community consensus on which role is stronger, despite every DBD tournament confirming the game is strongly Survivor-sided. Many players argue with the assumption that Killers hold the power. ["1v1'ing" the Killer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvuDPuZIov4) \- by Otzdarva [DBD Tournament Play](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYWgYl1nPzE) \- by Scott Jund


Fuck why are all y’all that play this game so fucking soft? Like are you that much of a pussy that if someone tells you to uninstall you actually uninstall Jesus Christ y’all are like 2 year olds


Stop tunneling and camping then.


That isnt that common, but almost every other fucking game there are toxic survivors.


Really? I rarely encounter toxic survivors when I play killer and survivor. You know what I I face every other match as survivor though? Tunneling and camping killers.


Complete opposite for me. Maybe its an mmr thing?


It's a reverse bell curve. Tons of toxicity at low MMR because of dumb children, tons of toxicity at high MMR because of dumb adult children that know they can do whatever they want because their perks punish being punished. The middle ranks are people having fun and goofing off.


Possibly. I am a legacy player, so I can assume my MMR is decently high due to experience. It might just be more common at high and low MMR--like a bell curve.


A legacy player complaining about “camping & tunneling”? Yikesssss


Yikeronoses, that is so unwholesomerino. How could you be such a heckin chud!?!? Don't you know tunneling and camping are valid strategies, and if I want my 1k, I have to face camp?????


> Don't you know tunneling and camping are valid strategies, and if I want my 1k, I have to face camp????? Yep, a killer intentionally throwing the game for a 0-1k to deploy their shit “valid strategy” is grounds to tell someone to kys….. 🤦‍♂️ This is why I prefer the high mmr/comp scene on this game. Survivors are good and enjoy being tunneled. They know how to work as a team to rescue a survivor getting camped. And it’s always a “gg” in postgame. As opposed to users like you and others on this sub who can’t make a chase last over 30 seconds, watch and stare as a teammate gets camped, then screech autistically in the post game. Jfc you claim to be a legacy and you still play this game like a 200 hour.


> Yep, a killer intentionally throwing the game for a 0-1k to deploy their shit “valid strategy” is grounds to tell someone to kys….. 🤦‍♂️ I am pretty sure he was being sarcastic and where did you read in his comment about telling others to "kys"? Dont be offended and try to win an argument with baseless assumptions.


> I am pretty sure he was being sarcastic and where did you read in his comment about telling others to "kys"? It was an example of toxicity OP might have been talking about. I didn’t explicitly imply that he says it. Though it wouldn’t surprise me. > Dont be offended and try to win an argument with baseless assumptions. ? Did you read the entire conversation where he made a baseless assumption.


>Jfc you claim to be a legacy and you still play this game like a 200 hour. The pot calling the kettle black. Nice projection. It is obvious you are either new, or bad at the game. I couldn't care less what about your wrong opinions. I bet you also complain about survivors using "clutch" perks, like; BT and DS.


Me: I don’t mind getting tunneled because I can usually punish the killer and loop them for 5 gens You: HAHA you must be new or bad at the game Yea we’re done here, I don’t want to drop myself to your standard and argue with this level of stupidity. >I bet you also complain about survivor using “clutch” perks Nope.


At very high MMR the game is incredibly survivor sided so the biggest balance you can leverage as a killer is to tunnel out one guy and win the 3v1. It’s not a fun way to play for either side which is why I fuck around enough to stay out of the top MMR strata


Have you tried getting gud, scrub?


Console life 🤠






Found killer mains down voting u haha


Yes /j


This wouldn't happen if Killers had more control/power over the game instead of spoon feeding already good Survivor players.


Playing well is bullying


You gonna cry?


Kinda sounds like you need to grind through the bs to get better. This post comes off as so ridiculously whiny, video games might not be for you if you get this mad at them. Imagine thinking players in a game have this much control over your own emotions lmfao.


This one time I got face camped so it's all okay. Or How does my taunting you matter lololol


I’m having a harder time finding matches with survivors as killer. How bout you don’t use cheap tactics like camping because it’s pushing the survivors out.


This post will show them!!!! 😎😎😎


Better than just sitting and hoping




Bruh, moris don't work the way they used to


"Hey killer mains, do you want this game to die? Maybe stope hating on all the swf groups and camping/tunneling and maybe you will be able to find matches faster. You are ruining this game for us survivors who just want to work on our repair skills so we can get hired by home depot"


You sound like someone who would be at the expense of an old COD Gun Game Knife Reactions video


But dude, there's too many camper killers. They really should uninstall!!!!!


that is half of the reason I don't play this game anymore (the other half is the grinding for perks I just wanna play with builds not run shit perks for 20 hours)




This is why I think they should add the setting, for at least killers (hell even survivors, I read a lot of dumb shit as killer and survivor sometimes) to hide chat, so that there is no opportunity to read toxic shit. That's a start, next would be prevent stuff like flashlight macro and teabagging (obviously care has to be done to not prevent crouching to avoid projectiles).


Honestly, I've gotten more git guds from jackasses here than my 3 years playing dsr. What does that tell you?


I usually don't pay attention to the post-game chat. As for players T-bagging in the game or pointing and laughing, I just use my anger to get better so that one day, I can pretend to be a horrible killer and then make them rage quit.


I used to be a nice killer, go for as many hooks as possible, extend the game so everyone can play. Until MMR got introduced and now I either play survivor or when I RARELY play killer now, if I think i can win by camping because i got 1 on hook and 1 downed nearby and 2 gens pop then i am gonna camp since there is nowhere else i need to be


There should be a different que for SWFs where you have opt in as a killer


I honestly don’t know why people get so toxic at the end. I remember distinctly the first day I played I was trapper with noed and someone says “toxic ass killer. What is this? Your first time? Noob using noed” I was familiar with the game because I watched a lot of hybridpanda but never expected this response. I then replied “this is my first time playing”


Should just be a hard gameplay mechanic for every 5 rounds of survivor you have to play one Killer.


If I say anything that isn't GG or something positive it's usually "are you ok? What did X do to you?" because the killer was smacking people on hook and face camping. Ignore survivors that trash talk.


Why is it that almost every match is full of really toxic survivors who tbag and are just in general rude but also complain when a killer uses good perks, when they too use meta perks?


The cherry on top is when other survivors notice their toxic friend, and leave them on hook for their 2nd mark


That's funny because during this entire Blood Hunt event Killers have been the worst kind of sweat & ignorance all wrapped up in one. Example: I had a Huntress today who ran Iri and proxy camped every hook. At the end two of us got out and she started immediately complaining how the match was soooooo boring because all we did was hide. Ofc we all hid. She was running Iri to try and force a 4k. No one was having fun that match. Then the Huntress tried blaming us all for being bad because we would just "run in circles".... No one would dare try loop her so I got no clue where she was coming from. Either way all the Killers are being super entitled atm because of a little extra BP. Keep your short queue times if this is how it's gonna be. At least when I play Killer I'm not an insufferable and selfish gamer.


Hi, Survivor Main here! Just wanna say that I will pummel the love into every killer I see. They shall get all my items for they deserve to use toolboxes, They shall grab me from the generator because I refuse to run from it, AND THEY SHALL KEEP THIS GAME BECAUSE I WILL KEEP THEM PLAYING UNTIL MY FINGERS CAN NO LONGER MOVE THE JOYSTICK.


On pc I just hide the chat unless I want to type something or to check if certain people say something if something happened in game or it was a good game. Can't waste my time with dumb people


Honestly completely agree, the end game chat is a big reason why I stopped playing, the toxicity in this is absolutely horrific. People really can be harsh


Chill :D every time some survivors teabagging me. Every time they died after the last generator. Sometimes, even before and after the game, they did not write anything in the chat :D:D