holy fuck


well... shit


Jesus Christ "In its announcement, the organization said the decision was not made because of recent results or because of his own in-game performance, but due to “high reputational risks for the club.” In recent weeks, Boombl4 came under fire for social media posts made by his wife that seemed to show support for Russia during the invasion of Ukraine." [News article](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://dotesports.com/counter-strike/news/navi-removes-boombl4-from-csgo-roster-due-to-high-reputational-risks&ved=2ahUKEwjrxIzj-4L4AhWaQfUHHUExCVYQxfQBKAB6BAgPEAI&usg=AOvVaw0vxDnMYK1STVMjh2R9MnCX)




Leaving your wife due to her opinion on a war? I mean I’m vehemently again the war, but I don’t know if you can expect a Russian man to divorce his Russian wife because she’s been convinced the war is a good thing by media. Edit: some people here have clearly not yet found a person they love lol


People tend to forget that Russians only really get one side of the story. To ask a man to leave his wife because of her views is pretty crazy. Nobody was asking anyone to leave their partners for their views on the failed war in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's a really complicated situation for Russian citizens


I mean the guy above him literally said I hope he dumps her, I’m sure there are others like him that are thinking/saying this. I don’t think he should, it’s just an opinion and she probably hasn’t seen the other side of the story like you mentioned. Just wanted to clear up that you said nobody wants him to leave her because that dude blatantly said he wanted it.


Equally, people have to understand that a lot of Russians have access to outside information about the war and are against it. A lot of corporations and media have been anti-Russia as a whole recently, and it unfairly villianizes the people.


Views are important... I would totally dump someone if I found out they held certain views.


I mean EU and us ppl also get 1 sided view as well


I don't know about you but I've seen a lot of clips from Russian TV and heard what their leaders have to say about the war. How they deny some things and claim others. I've seen debates between people where one side holds the position that the war is the fault of NATO expansion for example. It is hard though to know the truth about the military losses. Those seem to be more one sided. But everywhere on the internet people are complaining about Russian bots that spread a quite different narrative. If you just get one sided view you're probably not consuming enough different kinds of media.


average redditor


What kind of shitty logic is this? His wife didn't do anything. People can have different opinions about politics. Did she send money to Russia to support them? Probably not, then let she say anything she wants.


I know I would dump mine in a second if she was anti vaxx, pro war, 5g conspirationist etc. No reason to share my life with crazy and toxic people


You're a fkin redditor my guy


Or he's a 19 year old college student with no life experience


Yeah and some of those opinions are shitty and make you a shitty person. Like Boombla sharing pro-war rubbish that his dumb wife spouted. Fuck them both.


Damn womens always ruining man's career


Not the first time look at device


Why, is he russian and he said somehting that could be thought of as "pro war"?


I think his wife has publicly said she supports russia in the war


Damn, imagine possibly ridiculing yourself in front of a crowd when proposing and then she cancles your e-sports career


His wife fucked his career big time


i mean getting fucked is her career maybe she mixed some things up


Is that true ? What does she work? Why doesn't she get cancelled or kicked out of her job ? What does big bom have to do with his wife political views


She's a porn star




look up LiQueen porn, she used to do porn but dont know whats her current job


lol that whore is fucking sick 😍😍


His source is that he made it the fuck up!


Lol, it's all over the internet bro. She's not even that good


Damn is it actually true? I was just memeing


She literally has videos of her getting fucked while sitting in loads of food lmfao Google it


But he chose to share her dumb views. That's his fault


weren't they getting divorced though???


they got back together


Seems like a stable relationship




i doubt that's the reason though, he's already spoken about what his wife said on social media and condemned the war.


Rlly ? ...... jesus....


Why though? I don't understand why Russians support the "special operation"


because only the russian state channels are showing news, and their news is basically fiction.


So is BBC, CNN,... western propaganda channels for sheeps. Maybe learn some history about Ukraine before spitting bullshit


Are u fckiking hilarious to compare bbc with russian state tv?




Nobody says the US didn't do horrible shit, it's just that Russia is doing even worse, the US had no reason to do the things they did, but neither does Russia, and btw lol, those news channels do actually report US crimes such as those you listed (even tho I fail to see the US's involvement in the Ukrainian revolts, or you claiming that the US and NATO killed 500 THOUSAND KIDS, that's 100 thousand less casualties than the entire amount of casualties France took during WW2, including military, children, elderly and women, proving that you pulled this number out of your ass). Western news channels will obviously be used to raise or lower public opinion of other countries, but in this case, the things that they're reporting or claiming are not far from the truth at all, meaning they're not overblowing stuff. Idk where this Anti West opinion that you have comes from, I checked your reddit profile and you seem to be really invested in arguing about this topic every chance you get.


bold of you to assume, but i do condemn the actions of the west in the middle east just as much as i condemn what russia did there and are doing in ukraine.


FCKING HELL, yes you watched it


Have you seen Russian state tv?


I mean just cuz one side is shit, doesn't mean that the other side isn't shit either, i never supported any invasions, doesn't matter if it's nato or russia invading, but propaganda in russia is stronger than in the west, because you are able to post this comment quite easliy, and a ton of peapole heard this opinion in the west, but simply do not agree


Oh? enlighten us with your "Knowledge" about Ukraine's history cus i remember how Kyiv already had churches when Moscow was nothing but mud and trees.




Hey y’all look it’s the laughing stock of the comment thread




Actual Nazis


I guess someone needs a divorce.


Not saying I agree with her but I’m not sure how I feel about this cancelling of people for having an opinion against what’s agreed to be correct.


If it comes to Committing war crimes and starting a war there is literally no room for discussion if its right or wrong. Fuck off


Again, you might believe they commit war crimes and someone else might believe differently. Same thing with Palestine and Israel where many will say Israel are committing war crimes but in that case it’s not welcome to say so. It’s fair that words have consequences and you will be met with criticism but banning/cancelling people for voicing their opinion I don’t think it’s right. Especially when it wasn’t even you who voiced it.


Are you serious? Why is the excuse always 'well, it's just their opinion'? So if it's my opinion that fucking children is okay, you don't think that my job should fire me? There's literally no line for you, it's just immoral to judge someone for their opinion?


That shouldn't really matter. Cancel culture is out of control.


Supporting modern day warcrimes ain't cool actually


Ofcourse not but he didn't do it, his gf did. Lynch her instead.


Why should he be punished for the views his wife has?


Yeah he could have chosen to leave her.


navi era 2021-2022


Navi Era 8/2021 - 12/2021


never forget the New England Whalers era of 1 game when they 2-0'd Furia at IEM New York


This is so weird when s1mple literally said recently that they are all people, they condemn the war and don't care about nationality, they're a team, etc.


The problem was his wife


His wife came out in support of Russia and he wouldn’t condemn it or stop it I guess


He did condemn the war and his wifes statement


That’s the case with the most Russian/Ukrainians but people prefer to stick to their double standards and politics. Almost everyone forgot that the Ukraine was one of the most corrupt nations of the world with an ongoing war from 2014…


Wasnt the 'ongoing war' also Russia being Russia tho


Yes Russia was funding massive propaganda campaigns in Ukraine and got a leader friendly to them elected in 2010 or 2012, then in late 2013 he backed out of an economic deal with the EU and it pissed off a bunch of people because it was clearly a decision made with Russian influence. After this people started protesting in the streets and the cops ended up killing some protestors which prompted their equivalent of congress to vote to remove him from power and hold a new election. When this happened the leader voted out escaped to Russia (ironic) and then Russia invaded the east of the country and started the chain of events that lead us here. The entire problem is and has been Russia for over a decade.


You act like it's all Russia, and not America and NATO fighting the proxy war with Russia over Ukraine. Know why Russia invaded east of the Ukraine ? To destabilize Ukraine after pro American puppet president was put in charge, so it is not suitable for joining NATO. And that was a result of NATO crossing the "verbal deal" they had with Russia in 1990 that NATO expansion would stop completely. But America acts like the deal was never made, just cuz it wasn't put on paper, and since then NATO had 5 waves of expansion, getting closer and closer to Russian border. Putin was also pleading months before the invasion began for NATO to give him guarantees that Ukraine will never join NATO, but they refused to give it to him and prevent the war, knowing that if Russia does attack Ukraine, they can destroy it economically with sanctions. America is at fault for this war, as much as Russia is. They basically sacrificed Ukraine so they could destroy Russia economically.


Ah so 5-head Russian move to get rid of NATO is to take offensive actions against non-NATO countries thus showing the world that the shield of NATO is justified and will actually prevent your country from getting invaded. Real genius fucking move from Russia since now they have even more countries joining NATO and are getting their ass kicked in Ukraine. Also the idea that Russia is allowed to invade another country because they want to join NATO completely ignores that country's autonomy and ability to make deals with whoever they want. If Ukraine wants to join NATO, the EU, etc. they are allowed to because they aren't Russia's bitch. So no it's not the US or NATO's fault that Russia decides to attack another country when they had re-assurances and NATO countries were already working with Russia in good faith efforts like Nordstream 2 to east any potential conflict. Russia was also a part of NATO's partnership for peace: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partnership_for_Peace If Russia feels that NATO is threatening to them it's because they have aspirations to invade other countries that NATO would prevent and that seems to be exactly what they are doing, and also what Putin's speeches seem to imply. I think there also seems to be a misconception about NATO in that it's not an invading force that makes country's join them. Countries apply for membership and can get approved to be a member. It's not like NATO has an army that is pushing closer to Russia with a goal of taking them over. This is a good video to watch that breaks down this talking point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d70Hz7x2rog


It's 'Ukraine' and not 'the Ukraine' Consider supporting anti-war efforts in any possible way: [[Help 2 Ukraine](https://help2ukraine.org)] 💙💛 [[Merriam-Webster](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Ukraine)] [[BBC Styleguide](https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsstyleguide/u)] ^(Beep boop I’m a bot)


Almost as if they got the corrupt russian plant out in 2014, which was the majority cause of it, and got invaded by Russia as retaliation


It is corrupt, it is a lot if things but it does not give right for Russia to attemp and occupy the country. Millions of people have to start their life over because of a dying man trying to leave his mark. He did though, history will remember him as a successor of Hitler and other “greats” who destroyed so many lifes for no gain at all..


It sucks that Russian citizens, athletes, artists are getting discriminated against simply because they are Russian. They have no say in what Putin does, and even if they said something, they would face serious consequences in their home country. And it's not easy to just uproot your life and move somewhere else


Yes if you are born into the wrong time place you are fucked.


As it indeed sucks, I still find it pretty fair. If my country were to start a fucking war, I would be pretty ashamed


Agree to disagree I guess. I mean, they really can't do anything about it. I don't think it's fair that civilians will have a worse quality of life, either Ukranians or Russians and everyone else, too


Wlecome to the real world alice, where this happens at every level of society. Banning Russian clubs/athletes etc. Is not to hurt them its to put pressure on the leaders. An unhappy population that starts a revolution because they are getting fucked is much cheaper than a full scale invasion. Not to mention it prevents a world war/nuclear war. I do feel for the russians that are against it, but its year of complacency that got them here.


It's 'Ukraine' and not 'the Ukraine' Consider supporting anti-war efforts in any possible way: [[Help 2 Ukraine](https://help2ukraine.org)] 💙💛 [[Merriam-Webster](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Ukraine)] [[BBC Styleguide](https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsstyleguide/u)] ^(Beep boop I’m a bot)


“S1mple literally said”..boombl4 himself literally said nothing about the war, so he’s ok with it I guess


you don't have to announce you're against/pro something lmao


Well if yor friends city is getting bombed I would say its normal to announce something. I guess he prefer Putka to S1mple


Reputational risks?


Navi is a Ukrainian org… having people associated with the org who openly oppose Ukraine was never going to fly… is that hard to understand ? He chose his gf over his org (which is totally reasonable)


He has a new gf? Since the last divorced him 1 month ago


Same girl, back together. Really got proposed to after a major then divorced and sank his career for the foreseeable future


that’s some simp shit right there, wonder how long they’ll last


Idk about simp shit but it’s def lame. For all we know he got her pregnant or some shit and can’t dip out lmao


See, if they had had a healthy relationship all the way through, it would not be simp shit, since you can def prefer your wife over your career, however, she literally divorced him and was disloyal to him, but then he gives everything up for her again LOL. that is simping imo


not even a simp, just a cuck


It's much worse, his is cucked so hard I am starting to believe this is his fetish


true you’re not wrong, but damn


Look at him compared to her. Would it ever happen if he wasn’t a top esport athlete?


Implying people can't get together because of personalities or the like. Not saying it's the case here but that view is kind of shallow.


bro she‘s a pornstar i don‘t need to elaborate on him being a simp, do i?


Give me the marinara


Break up and get back together twice a month for the next 3 years


Will Smith energy


Don’t forget she is a pornstar and former prostitute


Sauce or lie


[Saucey waucey](https://suj.nu/en/actor/maniac_alisa)


"A young man pisses in Anus of future wife of the world champion in Counter-Strike". Im fucking dying


The video titles are fucking brutal




80000 rubles a night.


So like $5, got it




based response




know your audience


White is bad for PR. I don’t care what people do in there life, but you think differently of people who do things like that and if I was running navi I wouldn’t let that fly…


i mean i dont want to attack boom's body but as soon as i saw her gf i knew why sher was with him and not because of his personality which is probably super nice


Well that confirms the simp status to me. He must be beta lmao


As a casual who hasn't paiduch attention to the pro scene, i had no idea about the Ukraine stuff tbh


Man... Now that's the end of Navi


NOOOOOOO not daddy Boombl4 :((( 🍑🍑🍑


Damn. He was an amazing player. I hope he can find another team to be with.


No is not, he is the worst player of NAVI


This is the Navi player I care about the least, hope electronic stays


He was the reason NaVi was my favourite😪


I never doubted the Somali legend. Conter stirk > wife.


he was one of my favourite players, and his career was practically ruined because of his wifes stupid opinion about russia. half of the players are literally ukrainean, I don't think they hate eachother.


Electronic is next gg


Doesn’t he have children living in Russia? Different situation, it’s understandable if he doesn’t want to uproot them


Electronic leaving means likely means s1mple leaving. They have been together for many years and s1mple probably will select Electronic over Navi considering how he has already achieved his dream.


WhY aRe yOu RuSsIaN?


When you’re Russian, and your wife is Russian and she is pro-war, this is what happens.


Yes makes me very happy to see this


you're one sad guy


War crimes, raping young girls, murdering civilians in the street, that’s sad. And supporting it is disgusting.


none of that co-relates to your previous comment? you said you were happy about someone loosing their position in a team, just because someone they know is pro-russia


yep,and its just hilarious


For people saying omg politics!!! Realize .. everything is politics! Your local supermarket is politics. Your education is based on politics.. it is everywhere and in everything. Keeping him would be just as politically charged. The team has made a decision to stand with Ukraine. And make decisions based on that 🤷🏼‍♀️ Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦


He’ll find a Russsian org. He’ll be fine.


Aw fuck


wow....just bravo


Emilia hult 2.0


his wife is a ex-wh0re :) and supporting russian agression agains Ukraine.




Unless he is spouting some indecent rhetoric on their platform this should be considered a crime motivated by discrimination. I don’t support Putin or anything ladies and boys; just saying I doubt BOOMBL4 is doing anything wrong (other than being Russian). As for his wife making certain remarks in a public forum that may actually validate their actions. Probably should find a more stable woman to put a ring on.


He sucked super hard, the team was unbalanced with him in it.


ofc, his side weighed about 600kg


Damn so many people jumping to conclusions


It's the csgo comm after all


Thats actually extremely disappointing. His wife didn't even support the war. She just said, "I love Russia" after returning from an extended leave. She didn't support the war, and its not like she said this today, she said it like 2 days into the war. It's hard to get mad at her, let alone her husband who probably didn't even find out about the tweet until after she posted it.


Yeah. Calling this supporting the war is such a stretch. At minimum they could have asked her to put up a statement. But kicking him right away is such an impulsive decision


He doesn't plays well?






It's probably because he didn't even read the whole snippet of the article


LOL all she said was "I love Russia"


Really love this guy as a player, this really sucks but it's an understandable decision


Because of his *wife*??? So he hasn't even said anything. The red scare's rearing it's head again, jesus christ.




Ffs I know why and understand why but this is just some cold war shit all over again and it's really frustrating. Let sports and esports be as they are and keep politics out of this.


it is not “cold war shit” retard, there’s actually a hot war going on, people are dying, being raped, their houses destroyed and they are deported to mordor. So kindly stfu


And did bombler4 do any of those?


"mordor" jesus christ can you fucking reddit retards for once stop with your child fiction association and talk like an actual adult, boombl4 has nothing to do with this he is just some fucking playing a shooter and if that somehow correlates to real life crimes then I'm a fucking war criminal


Wow, its only bad when Russians do it, when its Israel or USA its fine


Reputational politics risks for an e-sports org! what a joke. his wife is a grown ass woman and he should not be accountable for her actions anyway.


Now remove Electronic... Now remove Perfecto... Perfection...


he is ***by far*** the least talented player on the roster. not sure why any NAVI fan wouldn't be celebrating his departure rather than loathing it. his replacement will likely only be an upgrade.


Yeah facts, I would say he is currently mechanically the worst igl


when electronic and perfecto as they said they do not want any ruski players anymore


They didnt say that tho. They said no players based in Russia (who pay taxes to Russian government). Electronic and perfecto are probably trying to relocate to another country like navi asked. Whereas boombl4 probably didnt want to move and got benched as result. Which is understable from both boombl4 and navi imo.


Yeah it’ll be hard for perfecto though cuz he has like 6 brothers and sisters and electronic is raising fam


Remember, no Russian. Good for them, it would be just a matter of time until Russians get booted from esports too. Hope Electronic and Perfecto got relocated and does not support Ruzzia's war.


bruh Booml4 doesnt support the war, his wife said some shit about the invasion on VK


Yes, and supporting a literal invasion of another country is just a minor misunderstanding in a relationship, like which side should the toilet paper face, right? Either he stands behind his wife's stance, or he doesn't find supporting war a problem in their relationship. Both enables the actions of Putin, so I condemn both.


Lol clearly you've never been in an actual relationship before


I agree, it sucks for the players, but that is just how it is. Unlucky for them to be born on the wrong side of the war, but if they don’t take the iniciative and leave Russia then they shouldn’t represent a Ukrainian org. Or any other non-Russian org for that matter


Right? Their CEO said back in March that anyone not wiling to relocate from Russia will be booted. They had the time, I am sure they had the money too.


Much like the dinner table, politics should not be discussed, and it especially should not affect a persons position in life, it’s his personal stance. Him, his girlfriend, his father, his mother, whoever the fuck else, should not affect his standing in his career.


what if he was pro rape or something, still let him be the face of navi?


Yeah, except this is not about politics, this is about war and killing innocent civilians. So in this case removing him was the right choice.


he personally did not kill anyone, and also has no say in what Putin and his army does


The thing was the orgas said they pay his wages and the taxation goes to russia and they dont want to give money to russia.


this world becoming so soft bro wtf


Condemning war -> soft Ok buddy


Utter bullshit


Its okay to support Ukraine but not Russia? There are no winners in war.


Fucken idiot


In actuality he just performed like shit lmao


Against FaZe.. he and electronic carried them through the entire major


I don't follow e-sports. Did this neckbeard actually do anything bad or is this more "muh Russia!" punishment against people who have nothing to do with Putin's war?


electronic and Perfecto on the same team are also Russian. he is getting dropped for his gf's open support of war in Ukraine


So he is getting punished for a statement he didn't even make?


Navi told the players that they have a choice to either move out of Russia, or they'll be kicked. Considering his wife openly supports the war, he probably is not gonna move out of Russia, so he got the boot. Easy as that


>Considering his wife openly supports the war, he probably is not gonna move out of Russia, so he got the boot. So he is being punished for another thing, based on assumptions?


Nah, real reason is that he is by far the worst player on the team and they wanted an excuse to kick him without just straight up saying they kicked him


Electronic is next and perfecto will move to the Ukraine