Cheater with skins in flying scoutsman

Cheater with skins in flying scoutsman


I’m still waiting for the day they implement a better anti-cheat… seems like we may get HL3 before that though


How does VAC not automatically check on bots like this? Especially when everybody reports them?


it might check, but they are using undetected cheats so it doesnt really matter if vac checks or not


This is exactly why this game is dying, I have a video saved of 2-3 people on agency with some type of invisible cheat. Can't see them at all. I only got lucky a few times by firing a awp in the direction the gun shots came from. Yesterday I played MM, I was clear on ramp being walled from a guy at outside red crate with a scout. Accounts like that should be automatically banned, IDC how much money they've spent on the game.


well the game is not dying but eh ok


Most cheaters have skins. Makes people think they’re legit. Is that guy cheating? Naw, he’s got $200 in skins.


This is my friend btw he’s cheating for years semi rage etc doesn’t get banned just saying I’m rlly surprised to see him on Reddit


oh then i might have some bad news but i guess you will see within the next days


lol hes been doing it for years currently he plays legit in matchmaking tho and was just doing this for xp, its automated


This guy is a legend