bro teacher was 100% impostor like its pretty obvious she died on purpose so she wouldnt look sus


👉 give him that you love of milk him to someone to come around Wednesday.


So yesterday when I got to my class, a guy with a gun went into school and he was shooting around. Our teachers told us to hide from the obvious impostor. But I got up to do my job, but someone said get down the cuz they were stupid. I cried "I need to pack my bags" as loud as I can. The impostor killed my teacher and sold my class. I hid and he killed everybody with a gun. It was my favorite animation to kill, so I pulled out the closet I hid to see it. Then he saw me, but I knew he was not there because he hit the fake house like who kills someone in front of the teammates? Anyway, I got to the directors' room and I called an emergency meeting with his phone and called all the parents. then I said red sus but none seems to understand my reference. I said amogus but they looked at me weird. but the extravagant came and we hid. Those who didn't hide were double-killed like an idiot. When the imposter left the room I shouted "reported" but nobody seemed to understand my joke. I left the room and saw the impostor go and kill with a knife. I don't like this animation so I didn't care. Then the cops came in and killed the impostor, but I said, "You can't kill the imposter that you're a pirate" and took the imposter because it's my fav animation as I said, and killed the cops.


I like how the original is so badly written that this doesn't change much.




this happened last tuesday


Where is cummy