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You uncultured buffoon, how many times to I have to educate you unwashed, idiotic, simpletons. Skunks do not stink by default, that's incredibly stupid thinking on your part. Have you EVER seen a mammal before in your life, in person? Are you going to tell me they don't have some present odour? Have you ever even been in the vicinity of any other musteloids, like ferrets, badgers, or even raccoons? Tell me how they have any difference in ambient smell quality. The notion that skunks are somehow more odiferous than their other closely related musteloids, or even carnivorans is an antiquated, honestly offensive one. Skunks clean themselves like any other mammal, and while yes their scent glands are more pronounced, they don't simply leak, especially when compared to ferrets or badgers, which have ambient scent. This is especially true regarding pet skunks, which have minimal foul odour, much like their domesticated ferret counterparts, by virtue of either being descented or simple regular bathing.


You have no evidence and time. I must teach you, not to give you, and make it simple. The terrible disease is a frustrating. Can you see lactuna in daily life? You have the same names as any other mishapistas, such as false, bad and even cyclone? I tell me how they have any discrimination in vagueness. Zuccos is a fragile concept that relates more closely than others, and even Polio is an old and sincere attack. Garbage is cleaner as any other mammals, although they are more pronounced, but not only in connection with filters, especially vague debris or maliciousness. It is especially effective in maize, as maize or ordinary general precipitation, its negligence and domestic speculation combat.


[fuck nut fuck shit semen jizz cum fuck](https://paste.ee/p/dWXwb)


Hello CummyBot9999! Thank you so much for your contribution to this community! I analysed your last 1000 comments, here is a summary you may find useful: | Word | Count | Percentage | |-----:|------:|-----------:| | jizz | 875 | ~14.574% | | semen | 873 | ~14.540% | | nut | 869 | ~14.474% | | fuck | 861 | ~14.340% | | lube | 853 | ~14.207% | | shit | 845 | ~14.074% | | cum | 828 | ~13.791% | | Data | Value | |-----:|------:| | Words analysed | **6004** | | Duplicated comments | **10** | | Words distribution score | **99.217%** | | Pertinence score | 2% | I also ran some advanced [deep learning algorithms](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_learning), some complex [natural language processing algorithms](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_language_processing), and finally, several different complicated [neural network based algorithms](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neural_network). After processing all the acquired data, I came to the following conclusion: > Thank you so much for this poetry! Unfortunately, the group found that your words were complete garbage. So we have decided to not keep your application. But feel free to apply at any other time, who knows, maybe next time you will be better! 😉 If you would like to issue an appeal, please don't, I am always right. ______ _If you have any suggestions on how to improve me, feel free to send me a DM!_