if op is hot it’s okay if not please do us a favor and cover up




oh 💀


Don't be a piece of shit.




In the same way that I don't slut shame him, I don't fat shame.


truth hurts


One day you'll come to the realization that being an honest person means knowing when to speak up. And not knowing when, and speaking up anyways, makes you an arrogant asshole. Until that day, I wish you an unpleasant evening, and a lifetime of almost moldy groceries


Damn. The almost moldy groceries. It would make me feel bad for the guy, if he didn't have such a massive stick in his ass making him feel high and mighty for being a dickhead


This sounds like someone who’s not hot would say- (blonde bimbo voice)


There is a 100% chance you are more hideous than anyone who's fun enough to think about wearing that outfit.


nah i’m cute


Fuck off




if you can't get anyone just say that lmao


you definitely ugly


no... I think it’s just you dude


The wings would get in the way at a crowded party.


Yeah every other part of it seems fine. You will definitely be ‘the girl with the f-ing wings’ (or more likely, ‘the girl who was wearing wings for two seconds, then ditched them’) if attempted in a crowd. Also probably more appropriate for a party than for going to section or whatever.


Yeah, no one wants to be the one who knocks over people's drinks


The idea that the most memorable thing is the wings on this woman is crazy to me


If I get wrapped in the face with them it will be very memorable.


admittedly, i feel like most people dress more low-key, but it's SO cool- do what you want to!!! don't hold back just because you're worried about "too much." i'm a firm believer in dressing bold lol. the only thing i'd worry about is the wings, like another comment said- they might get damaged and make it hard for u and others to move around. but you could probably make them about as wide as your shoulders and be fine!!


Tbh it’s Halloween. Even if you show up to class like that I don’t think it really bothers anyone, if anything it just makes them go “wow sick Halloween costume”. At a party it’s expected to wear a costume so I think you’re covered


Frat party is appropriate. I’d bring an alternative outfit if it’s too much. Like maybe a gold shawl, you cover your shoulders, and take off the wings, and suddenly you’re a Greek princess or something idk make it up


Get mini gold wings


It’s never too much on Halloween


this would be adorable, but if you're partying, keep the costume in mind. it's going to be crowded so the wings would be troublesome, and make sure that it's made out of durable material so if people bump into you nothing falls off of the costume, also make sure that you're going to be okay with carrying props bc at the end of the night it might get annoying


Looks cool, but the wings might be problematic at a party


Fine for a party, for class I'm a little shaky on. Mostly bc no one wears costumes at my college for class, so while the costume looks great, I can just imagine how awkward it would be to be the only person in class wearing that (maybe less if it's a lecture hall). But for a costume party, go wild.


I think it also depends on the class in specific Last year I went as the headless horseman and so I had a cape and gloves and a blood soaked cravat and dress shirt, but my classes were all people I knew from my major and so although I was the only person dressed up, it was pretty fine because that was exactly something that everyone was expecting me to do and glad that I did


Go for it! Do what you want! Respect for putting in effort


Hey gator!


Howdy Gator!


Probably not the best group of people to ask OP. 90% of these people just finished beating it to stepsister porn. Ask your classmates or other people going to the party


Literally!! Reddit is the last place to ask something like this lmao


that's a dope costume!


Depends. For class? Maybe. Some colleges actually have a dress code (mine does) and the professors would promptly kick you out. Not everyone does though so check out your rules. A party? Not really, though depending on your local weather and the type of party you're attending, you might want to make sure it's practical. Like if it's cold where you live maybe you should add a shawl or some extra fabric. If the party is crowded and/or there's going to be a lot of drinking maybe you'd want to wither minimize the wings or ditch them all together so they don't get in the way.


Why would it be too much? Too much for what? To whom?


Cool until autumn arrives


Wear whatever you want. How the fuck cares idk!


That looks logistically annoying. Best of luck.


You do you!! Bet you’ll look amazing! Maybe smaller wings so you don’t knock everyone’s drinks over!!!


You’ll fit right in


If you are going to a Halloween party, I think you would look really cool!!


Not at Kent state. You just made we wanna go back and dress slightly offensively. And as others said. NOT TO CLASS. to party only.


This will get you some serious attention.


Depends on the party honestly. If it’s a frat or sorority party no. Most people don’t dress up as well as this


Have fun but be practical.


Yes it is. Btw I love her


Maybe, but it’s a great costume!


if they think it’s too much they can go find less. looks awesome! be the star of wherever you’re going


If you can pull it off then do it, fuck the haters


If the party will be crowded, ditch the wings


Think about your comfort, and if you wouldn't mind being in a crowded space with a costume like that, than go for it!


If its more of a kickback then yea


Just be careful of Corona and put a mask on if you are in the more infectious countries.


You. Do. You.


Its September




r/historymemes leaking


Kinda depends. That might not be considered appropriate if you’re on campus, mostly because of the fake bow and arrow and potentially the wings too if they get in the way of others. If you plan to wear it on campus, just make sure you’re not violating any university rules. But other than that stuff, I’d say go for it. I’m all for creative freedom, but I also wanna make sure you don’t get into any trouble.


Uhm no, she looks amazing


That’s YouTuber Amber Schol, not OP.


I think its waaaay too much, but hey, most ppl here say its ok so go for it :D


Go take this shit to tinder, this is a place to actually talk about college experiences and complain about professors.




I don’t think the American sense of Halloween is celebrated in most countries, so it isn’t a part of the university experience


It’s one day with no school break that is barely celebrated. No one at school dresses up or anything. I expect this stuff to be only at private parties




Never gotten invited to anything in my life, never will probably. Never felt the need to attend anything social as an introvert. Staying home is content enough for me, and I have been getting plenty of that recently ;)




Because first amendment free speech? I don’t really like parties, hate them mostly. So loud and stuff. The true meaning of halloween has been long lost. Reading a scary book, or even a scary video game or movie at home while decorating your room, having fun with candy. Now people these days just get on tik Tok and party during Covid and call it “Halloween”.


That isn't the "true meaning" of Halloween any more than dressing up and throwing a rager. The only difference is that one is something *you like* and one isn't. Staying home is valid, but there's no need for some pretentious bullshit about how your preference is the only authentic way to celebrate a commercialized holiday. Let people enjoy things (outside of COVID times).


My preference is the only authentic way to celebrate the holiday. Everyone needs to follow my way or they are wrong!




Most schools are like this...


trying too hard. just put on a flannel shirt and be a sexy scarecrow.


No, but it is a bit much to post on Reddit. Cmon bud




90% of the traffic to Reddit is for pornography…


Shee yeah you should be good but you’ll definitely get lots of attention.


Depends on how lucrative you’re OF is


I teach at art college - you are WAY underdressed. Hope you go to college of accounting or something?




Is she supposed to cut them off??? They are a part of a woman’s body. Not sure why it’s supposed to be a secret.


No just cover them up and hide them more. Very revealing, have some decency in public. Makes you look like a “s”, when no one wants to see all that in public sometimes.


I don’t want to see a lot of things I see in public, but I deal with it like an adult. Boobs are not inappropriate btw.


I know, I’m fine with breasts obviously but I wouldn’t recommend wearing that in public is what I’m saying. It’s somewhat lewd and I’m sure some people like kids or whatever don’t wanna see this.


In college you can show up naked and it’s ok ☠️




You will be a step above the usual Halloween Ho in terms of creativity in your costume. However, that's not saying much.


What a rude ass comment. Why does a women who feels comfortable with her body have to make her off tops a hoe. If a women wants to show off her body that doesn’t make her a hoe. People express their sexuality in different ways, putting a women down for this is ridiculous. Just because you couldn’t ever get a women like this doesn’t mean you have to put them down. This outfit is beautiful and creative. Halloween is about dressing up an having fun. Just because it shows a little cleavage doesn’t make her a hoe. You don’t even know her. Hop off.


Women going full hoe down on Halloween is very widely known and accepted. Showing your body off in a revealing costume is what it is. Everyone knows this... except you? It's called the sluttiest night of the year for a reason. I've never had a problem with it. I personally just don't participate. Free the whole nipper if you want, Idgaf, but dressing sexy on Halloween ain't news anywhere


Nooo rock it, that is fabulous!!!


It's definitely creepy when you think about it. Here's this creature with wings and she plucks them out to make arrows of her body to shoot at things. It'd be too much if she had wings of toenails or teeth, for sure.




You’re an engineer who couldn’t shut a trunk. Watch your language.






No cussing on this subreddit. I don’t cuss and I hate people who cuss.




Ur getting banned on my Christian Minecraft server!!!


Oh don't worry, I'm retarded too. What was the age old saying?... Takes one to know one. Yeah checks out.


Looks cool. Wish you were at my party. Damn.


Honest truth? Youre gunna get alotta boys beating off to you after that


WEAR IT! Everyone remembers the coolest costume.


Do you have her body? If you're fat, plz no.


if you don’t want to stick out, yes. everyone usually dresses pretty lowkey. maybe without the wings. super cute though


For a party or night on the town, whatever floats your boat. I would highly advise against wearing pretty much any costume to class though (unless it is a very subtle one that could pass for everyday clothes). Most professors would not be thrilled with something like this, and it is the type of thing that is pretty memorable.


Maximum effort!!


I think it’s perfectly fine but don’t wear the wings. If you do then make them small enough so that they won’t bump into people as you walk. If you’re going to a party that can be super annoying to others.


Would definitely slap the shit out your wings if they got on my face


Is this content right to be on this subreddit, or is it just karma farming barely connected to the subject of r/college ?


Definitely seems cool for a party, but would be iffy for class.


Too much


Haha hello there, picture of Amber Scholl


PLEASE DO IT !!! i miss seeing a lot of costumes like when we were kids


This is cool as hell and I wish more people at my campus went all out like this The wings are the only concern- if you’re going to go to a huge party they could get in the way or hit stuff. But I would at least bring them along to have to wear if you want to get in any pictures


Not for class but for a party


No, this is a great idea!


This outfit is absolutely beautiful!! It is so creative and well thought out. I think it just depends on your personality. I hope you feel confident enough to wear this and ignore any haters that couldn’t come up with such a beautiful outfit like this one. Halloween is about dressing up and having fun. If you want to feel like an absolute goddess, go for it!!!! Fuck what anyone thinks or says, you will look absolutely stunning in this costume and will turn so many heads, but just know you will then heads for all different sorts of reasons too, heads in awe, jealousy, sexual responses, etc. I’m an empath so for me I would be feeling everyone’s different feelings & it would be too much for me, I personally don’t like to stand out, I wish I did and I’m working on that part of myself but if you can handle all the different attention then absolutely yes!!!!!! All the power to you!!


Depends, if it's an outdoor party with plenty of room I'd say go for it. If it's in doors I can see the wings getting in the way by knocking over drinks, hitting people while dancing, or just making it difficult to get through narrow halls or doorways.


I’ve been two a grand total of two college Halloween parties, and, pulling from my extensive experience, you’ll definitely stand out so if that’s what you’re going for— do it! It’s a great costume. The majority of people I’ve seen dressing up at college pull something along the lines of Jim Halpert and slap a name tag on or something else subtle, but that could also be college specific.


One year I wore a costume with wings and was referred to as “wings” at a party for the whole night


You look amazing, fuck the other costumes. I bet u would get so many compliments!!!


As everyone is saying it totally depends on the situation. I think its definitely too much for class. The wings would be super annoying for everyone else. Also you need to think about where you go to school. I go to college in the Midwest and I would never be able to wear any costume so exposing just on the simple fact of the weather outside. It generally is freezing on Halloween and we've even had snow. So just think about your comfort levels and adapt.


I say it’s fine but Halloween isn’t for another month and 20 days


This is so dang gorgeous. I'd think this was so cool if I saw it. Maybe to prevent them from getting in the way, you could stem the wings higher up on your back and have them angled down instead. I think wearing these wings for an extended period of time at a party or something would get annoying. Post pics if you end up doing it!


A little, but dress whatever you want. You look gorgeous!


No. Do it!!


You look so gorgeous!!!!


Aren’t your tits hurting? Let me help


Prof here. Thats a bit showy for class. Not really appropriate for that setting.


In class yes at a party no


Is there a link for this outfit or is this home made? Asking for the girlfriend.


It's amber Scholls DIY!