Girlfriend and I split-up, grad school is taking over my life - prepping for my first solo adventure in the Ozarks to escape for a bit and do some kayak fishing

Girlfriend and I split-up, grad school is taking over my life - prepping for my first solo adventure in the Ozarks to escape for a bit and do some kayak fishing


If you can, buy a water filtration system to get rid of all that water


Was going to say the same thing. I just purchased this one for only $60. [Katadyn Gravity BeFree3.0L Water Filter](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H3X962R/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_uAo9EbN74PKCS) They have a 1L version as well that might be better for soloing.


I like the sawyer squeeze mini. Super light, and I can have several gallons of clean water in just a few minutes, though I never take much more than a 32 oz nalgene bottle with me when camping, since most campsites I find are next to rivers/lakes.


Not OP, but just ordered one. Thanks


Cancel your order and get the Sawyer Micro. It's actually a tiny bit bigger than the mini, same weight, and much better flow. I've used the Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, and Micro and the Micro is by far the best. It's the same flow rate and filter life as the Squeeze, but the same weight as the mini and only a hair larger (still smaller than the Squeeze)


Is one micro enough for two people (husband/wife)? We are going to be canoe camping for the first time soon, no portaging and just two nights. Is this the micro you were referring to? Sawyer Products SP2129 Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System, 1 Pack https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07HBMC32Y


One is enough. Only need two if you both want to squeeze together


One is fine, but definitely get an extra pouch when you order and take it with you. It’s very easy when using them for the first couple times to get cocky and squeeze too hard. They will break easily like this. Great product none the less.


Yep, that's the one. The way I use them (screwed right on top of a Smart water bottle of dirty water) you'd need one for each person (unless you don't mind sharing) but the flow rate is sufficient enough for two people to use if you're using a different water storage method


I got the Squeeze and my entire rig is about 7. [Here is my setup](https://i.imgur.com/kaikHgg.jpg). I'm still tweaking it slightly, but for the most part, this is what I use on a regular basis. I had the Sawyer Mini and the flow rate was just too low. So frustrating to use.


What are those bags called ?


Evernew. You can find them on amazon. Really durable and light. I have the 2 liter bags.


CANCEL CANCEL! Just go for the regular size, mini absolutely BLOWS in comparison. Edit: sorry, I panicked...someone already told you.


Really? What makes the regular better than the mini? Is it just better flow? Does the squeeze bag not pop? I've popped 2 with my mini.


The bags are the same, but my guess would be that they’re popping because of how hard you have to squeeze the mini. It just clogs so much quicker than the regular sawyer and the price/weight difference is pretty minuscule.


I love my sawyer squeeze. I always bring water with me (full day hikes), but I keep the squeeze in my pack in case of emergency. Super light and easy to use. The water pouches are awesome and it's cheap.


I’ve been through a few of them and the befree is now my goto. Although I use a much smaller one, 800ml.


Every time I see threads like this I always feel like they’re set up marketing campaigns. Anyone else?


Is the marketing campaign “I have never packed for a solo trip so I’m going to bring everything I own”? because that’s all I see. Lol Edit: It also is just completely ridiculous to bring four gallons of water if this person is going to be, ya know...on a river. They should be using a filtration system.


In case you weren’t aware marketers and companies are all over reddit. When someone asks “what should I get” and someone else pops a link with a specific product it raises flags to me. I own a e-commerce company and also market for my friends company for commission so I see threads like this and they just seem set up. It’s not hard to buy old accounts and it’s not hard to sway the conversation in a way that looks natural to promote your product. I don’t market on reddit, but I know that companies do this all the time on here and it makes me weary.


I’m aware. In case you didn’t know, humans love to talk about stuff they “know” about lol Hiking and camping gear is one of the most “no you should get this, no you should get this” hobbies of them all. Edit: I mean, I just made a few comments about water filtration and idk, my profile obviously doesn’t belong to a company lol


I have this filter and it's great. Especially if you are in a kayak as it recommends filling it away from shore and in a deeper area.


Small scale systems like lifestraw and sawyer are great, but they do not remove viruses so you should be careful if you are in an area with water that could be contaminated with human waste.


A drop of bleach per gallon of water makes it safe to drink


Are waterborne viruses common in the USA?


I am not sure how common it is. Viruses like Norovirus can survive quite well in water that has been contaminated with human waste. So pristine glacial runoff? Probably safe. A suburban river that gets commingled with waste water due to antiquated sewers? I wouldn't trust it.


Yes, good idea to get a filter that works no matter where you are.


It’s generally NORO or dysentery and you usually get them on frequented trails like the Appalachian trail and other popular long trails that have drop toilets and shelters. (Because legit, shit is the main carrier in these situations) You can probably illustrate why on your own but all it takes is a fly landing on poop with noro virus and then landing on something you touch, then you open your granola bar and BAM! Shitting your brains out. Lol also with those trails you have people going into those toilets and then walking around the shelters effectively spreading shit everywhere. Pair that with limited hygiene and you’ve got yourself a party! On the contrary, I knew a few people that have never filtered and never been sick, I know people who filter all the time and still got sick. 🤷‍♂️


Generally no. Like /u/one-son-of-liberty indicated it is usually only an issue where water sources are contaminated by waste. Human waste is the worst of course, but cattle waste can be bad. Noro has been brought up and you never want to get that, but you especially don't when you are in the wilderness. And it is incredibly infectious. It takes a very small viral load to make you sick. It was the big cruise ship nightmare before Corona. I had it once and couldn't even keep water down for the first 24 hours. It was a few days before I could handle any solid food at all. The first 6 hours or so I was shitting water and puking into the sink at the same time. The other three people I was around when it hit were sick within a day.


Idk where you’re going in the Ozarks but it’s common to have sewage run off into water ways. There’s an E. coli breakout almost yearly somewhere on the Lake of the Ozarks. And less frequently on the waters systems to the south. That said I’ve never gotten sick swimming/floating in any of them.


I'm an east coast guy. OP was going to the Ozarks. Just about all modern filters will take care of E. Coli since it is a bacteria.


That and/or buy a 6 gallon water container from the walmart camping section. Cheap, holds more water but in a single, compact space, and quick to refill at spigots.


I'm a fan of the [Sawyer](https://www.amazon.com/Sawyer-Products-SP129-Filtration-Squeezable/dp/B00B1OSU4W/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=sawyer+filter&qid=1593111012&sr=8-3) system... Just don't go with the "mini"... The full size has much better flow.


Heheh I have the mini. It works great for one person but if I had the opportunity to buy again, I would go for the one you are showing.


That's exactly how it went for me. I find the bigger one to be easier to backflush, too.


May not seem like a big deal but I seriously bogged down my kayak once before I got a water filter.


That must be a massive kayak


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Looks good man. Should all fit in that Purina bag for sure.


Lol thanks. My mom's been doing a lot of sewing since she's retired. She has chickens and has been re-purposing feed sacks - never one to waste!


Even the kayak?


My cat goes crazy for Purina


Hey - sorry to hear about the break up. 2020 is an unforgiving cast iron bitch.


I've never heard the phrase "cast iron bitch" before now, but I will use it until the day I die. I love finding new insults.


Idk guy. I ain't flushing what you're shitting.


I guess the sayings' true. In the poker game of life, women are the rake man. They are the fuckin' rake.


You're welcome! (I heard it in a movie, can't remember which one)


[“It's not easy being a cast-iron bitch. It takes discipline, years of training... A lot of people don't appreciate that”](https://www.quotes.net/mquote/243) Abyss, 1989


THANK YOU!!!! That was going to keep me up at night.


No shit ehh... Right before the pandemic my 7 year relationship came to an end. What a shitty year...


Also break up during pandemic- life sucks at the moment. But hopefully we’ll make it. 2020 can suck a fat horse testicle.




4 years for me. We’re not alone


7 year relationship over in March, here. Quite an adjustment going into the quarantine.


Same except mine was 2.5 years. Just moved across country for her too. Fuck 2020. Hope you're doing ok with your breakup.


I appreciate it. Yeah, ours was 2.5 years too. We both tried hard and realized that to compromise any more would turn both of us into something we weren't. It's for the best, but it sucks - extra hard, with ketchup...


Same, still living together too 🥴


2 year relationship ended a few weeks ago for me. Honestly makes me feel a little better that we’re not all totally alone.


Dude...he gets to go kayaking alone! I’m sorry he HAD a girlfriend


Oh yeah. Don't go into business with Marty.


Came here to see if the comments had any good suggestions for OP, and instead I found gold.


Nose gold.


Don't go into business with Marty's wife either. Or his kids. Do go into business with Ruth. She's F'ing awesome.


Ruth will guide you through the woods. Run from rows of red flowers.


I don’t know shit about fuck..


My favorite line!


I hope they make a spinoff show after ozarks is over and it's about ruth in her early 30's as she becomes a ruth-less leader of her own ozark criminal venture.


I could see it. No holds barred tough but gentle badass.


I’ve been there, buddy. (With the breakup. Not with the Ozarks, kayak or fishing - I’m more of a UK solo hike kinda guy.) Chin up. Enjoy your time away. I find it’s impossible to be down, even alone, when on an adventure like that. Safe travels and will look forward to seeing what you catch! 🎣


Don’t forget a pot just in case!


*the pot


Some pot*


Some more pot


All the pot


Who are you to wave your finger?


You must have been out your head






Yeah. Some pot always helps me relax


If you’re going out alone, make sure to take a full charged charging block, and to tell at least some family members when you should be back, stay aafe and have fun 👍😄


Ya leave a rough map w someone so if you end up in Butt Reynolds movie, they'll know where to look.


Ahh yes, Butt Reynolds. My favorite actor.


Have fun brother! I love camping in the beautiful Ozarks though I tend to avoid them this time of year. I prefer backpacking and it’s humid as heck in the summer! Should be nice if you’re near water however.


I've spent many a night in the ozarks getting over a girlfriend. Feel for you man, but this is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Good choice on the hikers. Oboz makes some good quality footwear.


I've had these for about a year and have put on quite a few miles. First time splurging on a decent set of hiking boots - not disappointed!


I'm sure you've already thought of this but bring the best fucking tick spray you can find. Last time I was in the Ozarks hiking, I looked down at one point and had no less than 50 ticks on my long socks. I haven't ever screamed so loud.


You can also buy sulfur powder off amazon and sprinkle it all over your pants legs. It makes you smell like an old egg but I mean... Ticks.


Most of Missouri is pretty bad for ticks. At least our Lyme disease rates aren't as high as the East coast. Sawyer makes a Permethrin repellent that you spray on your clothes and gear and it kills/repels ticks and mosquitoes for 6 weeks or 6 washes. Picardin lotion/spray is also good to use on your exposed skin.


Holy shit, seriously? How have I never heard of this? Where do you get it?


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001ANQVYU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Jjs9EbCPGHQ0C They even sell the spray and lotion in a combo pack.


Thank you so much!


Seconding this as a former Arkansan. You'll appreciate the nature more if you aren't being eaten alive by bugs.


This year is exceptionally bad. Been out twice. Ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes are worse this year than recent memory.


The chiggers are HORRIFIC this year. I don't know what it is about 2020 man but nature has had enough of us


We're going to need to see your fishing gear before passing judgement.


Seconded, I’d like to see your kit too.


Niice , Ozarks lucky you. I just have the Yorkshire Dales to Bimble around. Looks like a lot of weight there, how far are you hiking?


I'm car-camping. My grandparents have some property down there in heavy timber. So nothing too crazy.


If you keep track of what you don’t use that will help you pack for your next adventure.


" I'm leaving Into the woods to lose my mind and find my soul"


Nothing mends a broken and cleanses a tired brain heart like being out in nature! Enjoy!


Good looking set up! 😎 I hope you enjoy yourself.


Good luck mate and have fun!


Unbelievably good fly fishing on the rivers just south of dams like Bull Shoals, White River, etc. I’ve fished all over the world and this is no doubt in top 5. Enjoy!!!!


I hope you enjoy it. Just be careful if you make any trips “into town.” We are having a pretty big outbreak at the moment.




My mom does quite a bit of sewing so I asked her to re-purpose a blown out pair of jeans into a pocket to hold my binoculars. It wraps around a backpack strap and keeps the Zeiss from thumping up and down.


It looks like a binoculars case to me.


Ha! Asked the same thing...


I see a squadron leader tin. You a pipe smoker?


Yes sir! The ex hated it, so I haven't been able to enjoy a good smoke in 2.5 years.


Right on bro!! Fuck her. Puff away!


What river?


Let's hope it's a lake. OP said "solo adventure".


nice setup. have a good time man! get out there and enjoy yourself. breakups are tough, but on a trip like that, it’ll be the last thing on your mind!


We have the same boots


Is that a book about a guy riding a unicorn? Awesome.


Buffalo river? Backpacked the buffalo river trail spring break 2019 and it was a beaut. Sorry about the break-up, never fun. But enjoy the solitude of nature my friend (also watch out for ticks, blood-sucking bastards).


Louis Lamour eh? Never read him, is he good?


My grandpa gave me like 100 of these. I haven't read any yet, but I figured this would be a great time to start!


What's that on the right that looks like the back pocket on a pair of jeans?


Haha, I'm glad somebody noticed it! My mom does quite a bit of sewing so I asked her to re-purpose a blown out pair of jeans into a pocket to hold my binoculars. It wraps around a backpack strap and keeps the Zeiss from thumping up and down.


Yeah man I was wondering the same thing. Cool pocket. I have to carry my heavy stuff in my normal pockets and it makes my pants sag :(maybe I'll make a backpack pocket thing.


Where at in the ozarks?


Dude brah, I live in Memphis. You want someone to hike, kayak, and fish with. I'd gladly meet up in the Ozarks with you


Love the blue jean thong.




Just got back from hawksbill crag in the Ozarks, have fun!!


So pretty there! We live in NWA and like to try and make our way there every fall that we can


I went there this last weekend with my dad for fathers day, we camped out on the crag after hiking "gloryhole" and then another one the next day. Try to make it during the summer and camp out there, the fireflies are to die for.


Ooooooh I imagine so!! We will put that on the to do list


Which Ozarks? Missouri or Arkansas?


Pls tell people you know where you’re going since it’s solo! Enjoy :)


If I was backpacking I'd ditch the cooler. Take liquor of it was for beer and a crystal lite pack or something to ur liking but similar, mio squirt stuff is okay. Then the other water suggestion of sawyer. I mini, some hate, best perk is backfulsh with a standard smart water bottle nozzel cap and carry 1 for clean and 1 for dirty water, ibalso have a bag i hang from a tree to fill bottles with at camp. If that is for food get farm eggs that can go a few days un refridgerated. Canned shredded chicken for tacos on that sweet stove. Tuna patties, Lipton rice or uncle Ben's 90 min rice, oats are good pulls. Freeze dried food is lightest but not always the best. Other canned foods would be okay for the cooler ditch. I overland with a fridge In my ladcruiser and day hike at times. I've done some the 36mile camp hike weekends too so kinda a mix of experience and not the best but hope it helps.


I’m married with three kids and almost mid-40’s. I can’t do that stuff anymore so even though life seems to suck right now, enjoy this part of it.




From arkansas ! Where you going in the ozarks




No water out there that's potable?


Go and find your self, from now on you be you


Good on you - have a great trip.


Mother Gaia will soothe you


Take lots of pictures so those of us with kids can love vicariously. Safe travels!


Looks like it will be a soothing and therapeutic trip! Stay safe and I hope the best for you!


I’m glad your bringing the bag of Purina


Where in the Ozarks are you going? I live near Arkansas and need some ideas of places to camp in


Where at in arkansas


All the way east. Near the 40


Bring extra socks. Pack more than you need, and then pack more. Also sunscreen. I forgot it on my first trip and my neck got so burnt.


What’s that jean material thing next to the water? Looks like part of a pair of pants??


What kind of water filtration do you have? That water would last me a couple of luxurious days outta the back a' my car.




Tell me more about that jean pocket


Stay safe and stay sane


Who’s gunna carry all that?


Been there with Grad School taking over the life... and getting my butt ninto the outdoors is the only remedy. Have a good trip and stay safe! Come back ready to tackle the world.


I live close to the spring river in the hardy area


Is that a Pelican Clipper 100x?


Close! It's the Bandit!


Just enjoy your time


How many years are you going for?


Get it bro. Best thing after a break up is 100% alone time in the woods man. As men we recharge while alone in nature.


I wanna go


Bringing a mule?


jack's fork was an awesome float


Good for you bro. Hope you have a good time!


Awesome get it my friend, take some soul time!


Tell Bateman I said what up


I would pick up a sawyer mini or some other water filtration but otherwise dope. I just hate carrying water in/trash out.


Stay safe and have fun, if you're gonna be gone for a while let somebody know or some rangers.


Hope you have as much fun as I had on my road trip! Got laid off so I took off towards Utah on my own. 13 days and 6000 miles later I was back in Florida, such a great experience!


sorry to hear about the breakup... but glad you're taking the "pack it out" thing literally... just... you know. It issss Abit weird to carry out your pee ... hopefully the 4 gallon jugs are enough


Ooh, I love solo camping! Can I join?


I always wanted to know, when people go solo camping do they pack a flare gun in case anything extreme would ever happen?


I don’t see any mountain money!! What do you use Pine-needles?


I don't a lot about these kind of trips, is that too much to carry or is that normal?


Hell yeah bro keep your chin up shit will work out! Sounds like a dope fuckin trip!


Same place dude, it sucks.


If you need to chat I’m available. Break-ups can suck.


You my friend are a genius!!! It's funny, I was just telling my wife last week I want to do a road trip to the Ozarks. I have a "Southern Appalachia" pinterest board and for some reason I got inundated with pin suggestions for the ozarks. As I was looking over all of them I was floored with how beautiful it was. I love massive rockfaces and waterfalls and like every other picture was a waterfall, cliff, lake w/ cliffs. Your trip sounds like the perfect break. I hope you have a wonderful time. Also, get yourself a Sawyer squeeze kit that comes with the 3 collapsible water pouches but buy a few more. It's really as good as they say it is. And in case your water gets contaminated your not completely screwed. 2 is one, 1 is none.


Girls come and go but fishing is forever.


Dude, life starts now!


Nothing like some natural healing 🌲🌳🌍🌏🌜🌚


You can diy an attachment so it works like a siphon. But yes I usually boil my water first then siphon it to my canteen, bladder, vestibule etc.


Just remember, men don’t need women to be happy. Find yourself out there, best of luck op


I don’t see the rods 😭


Writing from the Ozarks rn, it is very hot so just bring a lot of water and put on a lot of sunscreen. There are a ton of fish in the buffalo if you get the good spots, good luck!


Looks good but I'd replace the cooler with a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. Dont tie in a tree but rather put some stones in the bottem of the pail. Drop in your food toothpaste deodorant or anything that might smell good to an animal put your lid on and drop in the water and tie it off


Lighten up as much as possible and you will have a far better time.


Be careful, going on a trip alone can be dangerous! Make sure people know where you are periodically throughout the day


Ozarks, huh? You seem to be missing about 5 gallons of bug spray and several bottles of calamine for the chiggers. Otherwise, looks awesome, man. Enjoy the time!


Watch out for Jason Bateman!


Oh man. I wrote so much of my comps, my proposal, and my dissertation camping. Not sure if that’s your plan, but the peace and quiet (and beer) really helped get the words out. Luck my friend. You’ll be just fine.