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This interaction is gonna be confusing to this monkey for a long time.


*I wanted to get rid of Hubert. But the skinless monkey god said no*


*skinless* lol


Fleshhh and booone


Rooock and stoneee


If you don’t rock and stone, you ain’t coming home


3 other voices all at once ROCK AND STOOOONE!!!!


Did I hear a rock and stone!?


For those about to Rock and Stone, we salute you


The naked overlords returned him.






No fur?


I've always wondered this when I see people helping stuck or lost animals. Do they *know* the hairless ape helped them? Do they think it was just another harrowing escape that day to add to the natural selection of life? Do they brag about getting their head unstuck from the fence and then escaping the slow titan that approached and grabbed them?


Apparently elephants understand. https://www.thedodo.com/elephants-travel-humans-help-1353631970.html


There is something so cute about it being phrased as a wild elephant and his two friends, instead of three wild elephants lmao


Waow, thanks for this!


Owen Wilson??




Corvids do! Crows ravens and magpies (and more) share to future generations of there babies when they know someone or something is safe. They communicate it to one another.


Idk if a baby crow fell or was pushed out of its nest from the tree in my garden. My dog at the time (poor little love has since passed) protected it from the cats in the area and alerted me when I got home. We we fed, watered, kept safe and took it out on daily ‘bobs’ until it could fly. I’ve had crows nesting in that tree ever since so I can believe that. It’s been 8 years and I still find the odd ‘treasure’ on my patio too from time to time.


Yeah can confirm this too. We had a huge tree filled with crow nests, had a friends bird dog over a few times (picked up the crows without hurting them) and the crows moved over to the next tree xD but next summer moved back when they realized our dog can't do shit to them xD


She did it for a few different types of birds over the years, mostly after high winds and storms. Always just sat facing away from them. Now the crows have gotten that complacent that they’ll be on the grass when my kids are on the trampoline or they’ll sit on the fence just chilling and watching. Some dogs are just natural caretakers like some people are, there will never be another dog like her, she would have made an amazing mother. My kids really want another dog since she died last year but I know that non will ever measure up to her so I can’t bring myself to get another.


So true, some are just extra special <3


This was the one family (that I'm aware of) that I had in the back of my mind when posting this.


One time I helped a bunch of baby goslings hop up a curb. It was leaving a business complex at a busy highway and the mom was up top clearly distraught that her babies couldn't make it up. I got out and started helping and she was screaming the piss out at me until I propped the first baby up and she immediately stopped her hissing and honking. Once I got all the others up she was totally calm and was literally bowing at me, repeatedly bowing her head down until I got in my car and left so some animals definitely know.


They seem to understand and to turn passive to allow the humans to help. In this situation though the mom seemed very confused at whether this is a trick or something and didn't know how to act in order to save herself and the baby.


It makes me wonder too, as most times if a mother drops a baby, it's leaving to as a sacrifice to escape predators. So, given she probably dropped it _due_ to the humans, it was likely extra weird they were giving it back


Your tribute displeases me. Take it back and next time bring me your finest banana.


Yes, you could see her struggling between her maternal desire to get her baby back vs her survival instinct to run away from the skinless ape predator.


Maybe she was thinking 'why is this dude handing me some random baby'. Hanging out in a tree, no family ties and responsibilities....suddenly some jerk hands you a baby and legs it.


Based on the number of various videos I've seen on Reddit, interspecies help doesn't seem that rare, so it's reasonable to expect some animals may be able to understand it.




Imagine a titan showing up and just dropping off your lost child.


I’d be confused happy terrified and confused all at the same time


That's the exactly reaction we seen on the little primates face.


The pure shock on her face! Like what? You’re giving it? Back?


He should have known he was going to shock the monkey. But there was too much at stake.


That feeling after you smile at a joke and then realise the reference is 40 fucking years old.


What's the joke?


Peter Gabriel did a song "Shock the Monkey" back in the early 80's. I quoted some of the lyrics.


I think most of Reddit is references to stuff that goes way over my head.


Everybody's got something to hide, cept for me and my monkey.


Would it make you feel better if I told you I sang *shock the monkey* when I saw your words? (In Peter’s voice, of course.) Or would it make you feel worse if I told you I was over 60? But, I guess I kind of have to be since that came out almost 40 yr ago. 👵🏻


In the falsetto, I assume?


Only reason I know that song, is because our sound editing teacher made us remix it as an exam. I probably listen to broken piece of it an hundred time.


A remix? Don't you monkey with the monkey.


There is one thing you must be sure of. I can’t take any more, darling!


Don't check out the cover by Coal Chamber with Ozzy Osbourne.


Well at least we didn’t have to watch the monkey get hurt


I actually wonder the psychology of these moments, like I doubt many animals have gratitude. I’ve heard corvids do, like they acknowledge good deeds towards them. But this tamarin, I wonder if she perceived the scenario as her scaring off the human or if she has the capacity to acknowledge the action.


Eh, I think you’re underestimating animals, particularly primates. Im pretty sure this is a marmoset and definitely not a Lion Tamarin, but these are fairly smart animals that are particularly well versed in social dynamics like reciprocity, punishment, and altruism. They 100% have the ability to feel gratitude at some level. Whether this particular interaction involved this or not, I don’t know. May have just been too frightened and confused to process those things in the moment, but they engage in reciprocal behavior and altruism all the time.


Any animal that lives in social groups can understand gratitude and justice. The only way those societies function is by depending on each other for reciprocal helpful behavior like sharing food and protecting each other from predators. Gratitude is an evolutionary trait that helps us recognize when we’ve been helped and motivates us to help others. When they are treated unfairly they recognize injustice and become frustrated. There’s an experiment where two monkeys are rewarded for a task, but the researchers give one monkey cucumbers and the other one grapes. The one getting cucumbers was fine with it at first until he saw the other one getting grapes, then he gets frustrated and throws his cucumbers back at the researcher. Pretty funny but it shows humans are not as special as we like to think. We just have better language and tools. Monkey fairness experiment: https://youtu.be/-KSryJXDpZo


This is the common marmoset, not a lion tamarin (lion tamarins have a huge mane), but anyway, you are underestimating how intelligent primates are. Even the common marmoset, which is a relatively dumb for a primate is still a extremely smart animal. They 100% have complex emotions, and are highly social animals, which live in tight family groups.


Kind of like if a massive grizzly bear walked up to you, and offered you your wallet that you didn't realize you dropped.


I can’t think of a better way to explain this than that. Well done.


"I'd, uh, give you a reward, but I don't carry cash."


But that's just how they say like "no problem, have a good day"


Just like Perry the platypus, one sound for a world of words.


I am Groot.


No you're a revolver


So possibly an Ocelot


*"I've never seen an ocelot!"*


Babou! He remembers me!


We. Are Groot.


"Das my kid... But how take back from big scary animol?" *takes baby as soon as it's on the tree*


Gigachad bear


Yes, excellent analogy for these miniature ape-like raccoons, young man. Well done, indeed.


It's a Marmoset. **NOT** a Lion tamarin.


More like that scene in Ice Age where a mammoth walks up to you and hands you your missing child.


Even more so. A grizzly might weigh 6-7x what an adult human weighs and about1.5x taller . A human is 100-150x heavier and 5-6x larger than a tamarin. So a literal Mastodon might be closer in scale.


I am imagining a Trex just walks up and gives my wallet back.


Sir, this is a Jurassic Park.


I'd have questions like, "T-Rex? How did you pick up this wallet with those tiny arms!?"


Word of advice, they are a little sensitive of all the jokes made about their arms so its generally considered in bad taste to say things like that. Especially to their face, you might get fukkin' eaten.


I wouldn't be scared at all if it had the voice of Ray Romano.


What about his brother then?


Maybe a bit more than 5-6x larger


But that's not my wallet


If a grizzly bear offers you a wallet, you take it.


And you raise it until adulthood.


The wallet?


Yes. Don’t question the bear.


There’s still an arm attached to it…


Is this your driver's licence?




I found this ID in this wallet


So this must be your wallet sir.


But it's not my wallet.


I feel like that is something Ice Bear will do.


More like a massive grizzly walking up to you and placing the bag of food (that you tossed to get away from the bear) down next you and then leaving. The mothers drop their babies intentionally to get away from predators. The mothers are too slow with their babies to escape predators so it's either they both get eaten or they loose the baby, get away, and have another.


Parenting 101 right here. Lol


i would say more like an orca walking up to you


If orcas could walk I would be pooping my pants at the sight of one.


wtf bro, wtf bro, wtf bro, wtf oh nvm thanks.


" What are you doing? That baby ain't mine!!" "Fine i'll take her to her mother"


"That is not my bushbaby!"


Return to monke? Return the monke.


I never seen a animal so offended to have it’s child back lol


Mum was glad to finally get rid of it and now they force her to take it back... :)


You never saw my mom in Walmart when the associate brought me back to her.


What are you doing? I don't have any ki... oh yeah I forgot.


We’ve all had those days, right fellow parents? Right? Right???


Yeah, but he keeps finding his way back


You dropped this ma’am.


I love the way it clings to its mom.


shocked/ glad he survived falling from a tree!


“tf” - monke


I left it there for a reason. - monke


DNA test results just came in.... he ain't mine. - monke


Reminds me of the gold digger song.


The mom was like "uh this mine?"


Yes, she looks like, "Damn, I thought I finally got rid of the little squealer!"


Little shit won't clean his room. I warned him!


Reject man returning monke


TIL Tamari - a kind of soy sauce Tamarin - a monke Tamarind - a sweet bean Tamarindo - a town in Costa Rica


Tamarind is very sour. Not sweet


Compasionate humans must really be a trip for wild animals. "Wait, you're not going to eat me alive!?! The fuck is this!?!"


monke really was like "don't talk to me or my son ever again"


This monke definitely locks her car doors and crosses to the other side of the street when humans pass by.


I mean have you *met* humans?


Can you blame her?


This made me laugh so hard!


The mom was like “Why are you giving it back? I left it there on purpose. I’m done. All he does is complain and poop”


i saw a video like this aa long time ago and i remember someone saying that when this happens, it's likely that the mother abandoned the baby intentionally. i don't know if that's true or if that's something these monkeys really do


some animals do it on purpose. it's their way of saying "eat the baby, don't eat me!" cause the mom has a bigger chance of making a new baby than the baby has of growing up and procreating.


kangaroos do this


Humans: "I would die to protect my kids." Kangaroos: "Yeah, naw."


To be fair, dying to protect your kids only makes sense if you know someone else will take care of them until they can take care of themselves. That's the case in a human society, but not the case with kangaroos.


If I were looking a Dingo in the mouth I'd probably do it too.


Postpartum depression can be a bitch


Well also it's terrified you're using it's smaller version as bait to catch and eat the bigger meal easily


not sure if it's true to this monkey breed but it is true for some animals. some birds will literally push their baby out the nest and leave it for dead on the ground if it detects that it's sick or isn't fit for survival. kangaroos are especially famous for it. they literally kick the baby out of the pouch if they're being chased and they don't come back for it even if the baby is perfectly healthy. australia has an entire kangaroo joey rescue just for these "orphans"


This kindov makes me wish I lived in a place where monkeys just ran around in town like squirrels.


I have a very love/hate relationship with monkeys that I wish was more love because they're so cute, but they can be absolutely vicious. They're naughty hearted creatures. I've had monkey's steal my shoes, throw poo and pee at me (they're amazingly fast and accurate, one actually managed to poo in my beverage once), I've been lunged at, chased, and even straight up threatened by a pack of baboons when they decided they wanted what I was eating (they apparently really like cake and biscuits). If I had to choose between squirrels and monkeys, it's squirrels every time.


... and I thought the squirrels were bad for eating each other.


Say what now


Yeah, it's disgusting. They'll straight up go to neighboring squirrels nests and eat the others babies. Or fight and adults will eat each other. But we don't get baboon chased so. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)


yo bro you haven't seen those videos of people's scalp being torn off by monkeys without provocation squirrels everytime


I mean... NO I saw them grabbing kids and chasing people


Monkeys can be viciously violent with one another.


I dont like most breeds of monkeys. I used to like capuchin monkeys because I thought they were cute. Then one day at a zoo we were watching one and it kept jerking off while staring at us.


It was establishing dominance.


What kind of life do you live? Please tell me more.


Just did a lot of traveling to monkey hotspots, even now that I'm dreaming of a trip, it's naturally to another jungle with surely more monkey shenanigans.


I just made a comment a night or two ago on another thread about how fucking horrifying baboons are to me. I saw a documentary forever ago that had one stalking some flamingos, and it jumped out at them and grabbed one by the neck and started crunching on its head 😳 I'd never really seen them in action until that, and it was really unexpected for me and made me petrified of baboons ever since. [Here's the clip](https://youtu.be/kUe1cTi_Ix4) for anyone interested. Be warned it's pretty old now so the quality isnt the best, but still pretty crazy to watch


I promise you, you'd hate it.


Agree with above commenter. Look up Singapore and how they have monkey attacks every year. That is before the fact you are in a tropical country with 33+ \*C or 90+ \*F temps with 85+% humidity.


Or look up india and its infestation of big langur monkey with there whole fucking family just running around on roofs and roads. You open your front door and one would be just chilling there . https://imgur.com/gallery/ppNQwKG


I think in the early days of the pandemic when the whole world was locking down, there was a city in Thailand that had a huge urban monkey population. Normally, these monkeys were a nuisance to the locals at worst, but when fewer and fewer people came to feed them (because of the lockdowns), the monkeys became hyper-aggressive to the few humans still around to feed them.


I dunno...potentially seeing monke roadkill would probably activate grief neurons I never knew I had.


I was just thinking this baby was lucky he wasn’t squished. He blends right in with the pavement and he’s so tiny.


you think you do, but you don't there's entire youtube videos of tourists staying in such areas. the monkeys steal their things and throw them in the ocean. they steal peoples food and other belongings and destroy it. they damage their cars, ripping off the side view mirrors and shit and piss all over them. one lady thought it was cute one of them took her phone ... and then he smashed it against the pavement and destroyed it as she stood there in shock now miles away in a foreign country with no phone. another monkey pulled another tourist's hair and wouldn't let go and she just stood there screaming in horror and pain. trust me. you don't want to live in a place where monkeys just lul around. they're terrible and dangerous neighbors in numbers


Common Marmoset. I actually helped hand rear one at the zoo I used to work for. Amazing little creatures. Grateful dad right there for the help haha


How intelligent are they? I know it’s a short clip but judging by the way the momma seems to be in disbelief it leads me to assume that they’re at least mildly intelligent


They're pretty bloody smart, like most monkeys.


All primates are very intelligent, as they are closely related to us. Common marmosets, as far as monkeys go, are not particularly that intelligent, but they are still smart compared to your average animal and live in large family groups, which usually protect each other. The mother was probably scared by the human, but she is likely grateful, as the young usually don't separate from the group


i thought he was a squished lizard at first


Thats a marmoset


You’re a marmoset.


And you’re a towel!


Jesus Christ you're Jason Bourne!!


Username checks out




he's a healthy bathroom.


Marmoset there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my marmoset.


>Thats a marmoset ​True. This is a [marmoset](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmoset), not a [lion tamarin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion_tamarin).


Nice marmot


what a timorous little beastie.


this is wholesome for sure, but seriously, everytime i watched a video about a human giving any baby animal back to their parents with bare hands, i'm always afraid for them! what if they get bitten? what if they get rabies? like for real, at least protect yourself first before doing any good!


I thought it was some weird lizard on the ground at first.


Some marmosets never forgive a favour


"We will remember your kindness, human" *skitters away*


First time I watched this - aww omg so cute After a few months on reddit - I bet he traumatizes animals for follows and likes...


I unfortunately think this about pretty much every “feel good” story i see online. Especially of it’s conveniently edited to show the “kind act”. Are we expected to believe all these people were conveniently filming and it just naturally happened. Or did these people see the situation and then stop and think. Hey i better film this so everyone sees how kind and great i am. Idk, perhaps i’m just a bitter and cynical [email protected]


Healthy skepticism to hold, although in this video for example, it's entirely plausible that they saw a cute baby monkey and decided to film because everyone loves to film cute baby animals. That they saw the monkey, decided to rescue it, return it to it's Mum and also film the whole act is probably for the motivations that you surmised, (look what I did everyone). But hey, they want people to see them doing good, and I don't find that so nefarious or distasteful. It's not something that happens to you everyday and it probably felt great to do that. Wanting other people to see your proud moment just doesn't really elicit too much contempt from me, it seems understandable. It's a very contextual and fragile line because if they'd added some sanctimonious text or awful music or narrated what they did, even though they're ultimately doing the same thing I'd probably think they were assholes.


I agree. I also think that people often document these things to keep the memory of what happened. Regardless of how good you felt in the moment when you helped an animal, you probably won’t remember it as much a year after it happened, maybe you won’t remember at all. And then you stumble upon the video or the pictures of what happened, you remember it, maybe you can even watch it happen again, and it feels good again. I don’t think it’s much different from people taking pictures and videos of enjoyable moments, vacations, engagements, weddings, etc. You want to have a little piece of that event stored forever, available for viewing whenever you please. :) And you might as well share it with others, it made you feel good, maybe it makes them feel good as well.


not gonna lie I just don’t think that’s the case. This shit happens all the time and we conveniently have our phones to ALSO record the good deed, I’m sure that shit happens and people take opportunity but idk man I just don’t think the majority of these videos are comprised of people setting up a shitty situation just for the “internet points”. I just don’t see that being the mainstream move, and agree with you that it is a very bitter and cynical outlook. Stay strong in this confusing world bröther. Much love.


Not a lion tamarin though


I *just* got rid of that… thanks


I like her demeanor. “Hey give me my… wait wh-… let g-… ah than… thanks? Thanks.”


Could have also just walked away. Then the mother wouldn't have been scared to come and pick up her baby.




Damn.. so this is how the monkey pox outbreak started..


She was like "Can I really have my baby back? You're not trying to harm me?"


"Thats not my child, I'm single heh" *puts it on tree* "Now you've forced my hand damn it"




I like to think that the animals understand when we are trying to help them. But who knows.


I was working in my front yard when a hawk carried off a squirrel. This is not terribly unusual where I live, but after an hour or two a baby squirrel poked his head out of a nest in the tree near where the squirrel abduction occurred, and the little guy barked at me. I looked up, he made eye contact, barked, and then started climbing down the side of the tree facing me. Every couple of feet he would look at me and bark. I walked over to him, held out my hands, and he snuggled right into my cupped palms. I started googling. I made contact with a wildlife rehab org near me, and they gave me advice and supplies. I raised the little squirrel orphan until he was old enough to release in my back yard. He came back for treats daily for about a week, then every other day, then weekly, then we didn't see him again. Months later, suddenly there he was waiting at our back door like he was expecting a treat. I went out, and he climbed right up me. I noticed he had an injured paw. Again I contacted wildlife rehab. They said the paw would have to be amputated and he wouldn't have much chance after that. They recommended he be euthanized. Well, we broke ranks and went the google route instead. We found some medicine at a local pet store that helped a lot. We kept him a couple of weeks (that's all he could stand - he was full grown now and did NOT like being back in a cage) until his paw was successfully healed. We released him and never saw him again. But trust me, some animals absolutely know humans can help them if they are in dire need.


My dude. Good work.


You are the reason squirrels don't fuck with us.


This looked like an example where they really *didn't* at all. The little baby did seem to actually hold on to the guy's hand though, but I think they just instinctively do that.


She said "tsttssstsrrtssstsssst." "Thank you, good sir. Do you know about our Lord and Savior tubin roobah?"


Um. Ma'am? You dropped something


Imagine it wasn't her baby and now she's like *awwww shit* I gotta take care of this thing now




That’s a common marmoset